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Leftypol Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/alunya.png, country type: custom, valid:   13521

Anyone use Leftypol?

Anonymous Comrade  13527

Anonymous Comrade  13536

does going there just to call posters there fags count?

bear 13585

The real question is if anyone uses bunkerchan, and I think no one is cause that place feels like a ghost town that one time I remembered it existed and visited

Anonymous Comrade  13599

I occasionally lurk there

justcomingthrough  13701

what fo you think?

Anonymous Comrade 13826

The user count drops every day. It is experiencing a slow death like 8chan /leftpol/.

Anonymous Comrade 13911


there is a discussion of the anti-idpol rule going on atm

Anonymous Comrade  13927

finding a new more elaborate way of fucking shit up, can't wait

Anonymous Comrade 14254

Chronos will have to pry Alunya from my cold, dead hands. /leftypol/ might be through the shitter, but I will go wherever the black cat of communism is posted.

Anonymous Comrade 14255

File: 1615135972341.jpg (383.08 KB, 1200x1600, Alunya Spray Paint.jpg)

Alunya is an anarchist tho.

Anonymous Comrade  14269

as much as rodina is a college catgirl
she's not

Anonymous Comrade 14273

Please put in the bare minimum amount effort to research your retarded lifestyle before posturing on an imageboard, thank you.

bear 14316

She is a cat

Anonymous Comrade 14359

Alunya is meant to represent revolutionary left in general. There is a separate anarchism catgirl.

Anonymous Comrade 14427

File: 1615187228916.jpg (32.79 KB, 500x413, 5d2fd8a06b108ec2518c130b8309e3…)

Cats are anarchists.

Wrong, she was meant to be the mascot of /leftypol/.

Anonymous Comrade  14428

True. King is the one who made her. There was a screencap of him talking about this. Saying that alunya was supposed to be the mascot of non-sectarian leftypol.

Anonymous Comrade 14464

Alunya was created collectively by /leftypol/, King was just the first to actually draw her and probably the one who made the thread that sparked her creation, too.

bear 14511

File: 1615230535908.png (132.56 KB, 1787x514, Alunya Creator Intent.PNG)

But idk, I haven’t really seen any evidence that it was King who created Alunya or at least was the one who drew her

Anonymous Comrade 14526

File: 1615234111337.png (1.07 MB, 1350x1250, 1431957455916.png)

It was someone from GETchan as far as I remember, they wanted to create some propaganda about interboard solidarity, maybe picture related, and that's how the issue of a mascot arose. Someone posted that it should be based on sabotabby, somebody else came up with the name, etc. Yes, she's the mascot of a non-sectarian board but that does not mean that she cannot be an anarchist. If you think about the character just for a second, it is simply undeniable.

Anonymous Comrade 14527

File: 1615234397786.png (918.46 KB, 3200x1800, 1431207170208-1.png)

And yes, this predates that image by at least a week, but as far as I can recall it was just "bonus" and not the reason for the thread.

PB 14559

File: 1615245496713.jpg (2.23 MB, 2152x3048, p015.JPG)

She was 100% made by King. Because I remember at around the same time we chose cute lenin (and then idea of Tania) as a the mascot for /ref/. (Also image from which the drawing came from, popular on old /ref/).

Anonymous Comrade  14565

>anarchists claiming shit because they never create anything
>"i can't imagine anything else being the case so it is true"
k, you can have her
not even a loli, who would want to bother with that

Anonymous Comrade  14615

Actually there's a whole set of loli drawings for alunya and rodina.

Anonymous Comrade 14616

If you want to act like a stupid shit, go back to Bunkerchan.

Anonymous Comrade  14620

Hi anon. You may want to spend some time chatting here and getting familiar with the board.

Anonymous Comrade  14625

File: 1615290788274.png (141.78 KB, 370x358, 1518289078931.png)

projecting much
lolified alunya?

bear 14681

File: 1615328598980.png (62.42 KB, 784x160, ea77d63a522dd1d10cc26a7a0adc0a…)

Alright, some evidence has shown that may point to King being the one

Anonymous Comrade 15153

File: 1615652078354.png (166.38 KB, 459x556, eb52f8775d21238fdfab544a8725e7…)

This exact exchange happened a while ago on /leftypol/. Very same thread >>14681 was posted in.

>>14526 refer to >>14273
Anarchism attracts roleplaying morons like shit attracts flies.

Anonymous Comrade 17494

I hardly used Leftypol, so I don't know what else I can really say.

Anonymous Comrade 20742

File: 1618740048307.jpg (88.28 KB, 850x400, leftypol.jpg)

I used to more years ago. I was introduced to it by my best friend and comrade. Not so much anymore, but I occasionally visit. Have been on /GET/ more tho.

Anonymous Comrade 20895

File: 1618820233032.jpg (58.79 KB, 474x793, sadlunya.jpg)

Hello, I'm anon and I'm a /leftypol/ user.

So, I've been hanging out on lefty more or less by default, since it's the biggest leftist chan. I've never been quite comfortable with its brown streak though, and the last weeks I've had the impression that things have taken a turn for the worse. This could be subjective on my behalf, or it could be some stochastic effect, or it could be that some bona fide /pol/acks found the site and started shitting it up, or some combination.

Be that as it may. This morning it turned out (check the /meta/ board on leftypol for more) there's been some power struggle between more reactionary and more progressive (or "normal leftist" as i would call it) moderators seemingly ending with the former coming out on top. It might be just downhill from here on.

Imma be frank and say that I've had some aversion to /GET/ and /ref/ for various reason: low activity and uglier and less functional design than lefty (sorry!) and also the to my sensibilities rampant namefagging (I'm a bit of a grumpy conservative oldfag when it comes to chans). Nevertheless, the way my beloved /leftypol/ is going I just might start pestering you instead.

Apologies for the emotional blogpost, I just needed to express them feels a little. :(

Anyway, what should I do to fit in here?

bear 20897

File: 1618822239433.png (635.5 KB, 640x480, Chillin’.png)

> Anyway, what should I do to fit in here?
Honestly, just don’t be a prick and you’ll be fine, for the most part

Anonymous Comrade  20900

just don't be too serious, you can be an asshole just fine, i'm giving plenty of example of that

>there's been some power struggle between more reactionary and more progressive (or "normal leftist" as i would call it) moderators

that's because leftypol has a "lol both sides :D" attitude when it comes to idpol, which will always favour reactionaries
on top they pretend that the old clique that was deliberately created around space_ through leftpol doesn't exist anymore and just let them all in and continue to make it their own place
just like they accepted pyongfag "stepping down" without his access ever being removed, and like the rat he is shows up the moment space_ installed his clique
they are too fucking stupid to ever follow through with anything and celebrate themselves over the most half arsed "victories" that were handed to them as distraction

>haha lol i'm a transhumanist everyone else is problematic (clapemoji)

retardation in their very clever ironic shitposts should give it away but people like the big brain centrists watermelon or caballo still want to hug it out with these guys, which is just a bunch of lgbt and "pedo" obsessed unironic nazbols, strasserists, terfs and incels

Anonymous Comrade 21045

File: 1618917586282.jpg (177.95 KB, 850x755, 1617517142223.jpg)

You're such an actual faggot revisionist who doesn't actually know much of anything and should just shut your idiotic trap for once in your life, but, we all know that you wont. You don't have the slightest idea what really goes on and you shouldn't behave like you do. You are a liar and a fraud and should anhero as soon as possible.

Anonymous Comrade  21061

how about you piss off back to /pol/ you massive nazbol asslicking faggot?

Anonymous Comrade  21063

also try actually addressing a single thing supposedly "wrong" without lying your retarded little bitch ass off you butthurt little /pol/ack cuck, all of this is accessable information in all of the shared chatlogs you dumb cunts put out yourself sucking each other off
to this day you want bunkerchan to come back, including it's CP, /pol/ and incel spamming because all you thirst for is some medium amount of traffic to own reddit or whatever
your entire profile consists of nothing but appeasing /pol/acks to "convert" them without challenging their views, just look at that christcunt faggot thread crying about "how do i stop blaming the jews? i struggle for one year, also i studied marxism for 2 years i know everything now!" and all of you dipshits suck this faggot off in desperation to be validated by /pol/
fuck you stupid bitch, you have no spine, you are a fucking coward, a sad little terminally online bitch larping about politics that you do not understand
your "go anhero" is sad projection about your state of mind, you are so fragile and insecure about your own beliefs you have a meltdown when someone takes a shit on your daydreams
your only real option to cope is suicide and you know it, just do it already and be done with out

Anonymous Comrade 21066

How about you quit the force you fucking glow nigger.

I shouldn't have to because it is quite obvious to anyone reading this shit who was there, but,we can start with your ahistorical bullshit about pyongyang and his access: First of all, space never told any of the peoples' champions that he didn't totally remove the dudes perms and that wasn't found out until right before space kicked everyone out. It must be easy for a 400pnd 40 year old virgin larping as tomoko to talk shit about people when he has never put in a day of work in his life much less lifted a finger to even code one line of code on anything. Kill yourself you fucking faggot.

Anonymous Comrade  21069

lmao fucking clown ass bitch
nobody would be retarded enough to pay your dumb ass so there is no fear that you dumb shithead don't kiss fag ass for free
>First of all, space never told any of the peoples' champions that he didn't totally remove the dudes perms and that wasn't found out until right before space kicked everyone out
blatant lie, this was out in the open and everyone on GET knew, all the peoples' champions knew

Anonymous Comrade  21070

you dumb little shithead faggot
not only did everyone know
it was publicly available knowledge
this shit was in the logs for anyone who bothered to check to see you little fucking retard
fuck off /pol/ack

it's even in the fucking wiki you little lying piece of shit
go back to your pathetic cope board of nazi asslicking faggots you illiterate twat
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  21214

File: 1618983730340.png (43.7 KB, 1794x277, the average leftypolack 5.PNG)

there is so much of this
these people patting each other on the back
reaffirming their retarded beliefs
nobody talking back, challenging them
and they are in full on denial about them being nazis dressed up in red

leftypolacks are the lowest form of far right scum.

Anonymous Comrade  21215

File: 1618983741493.png (132.94 KB, 1812x220, the average leftypolack.PNG)

Anonymous Comrade  21216

File: 1618983752303.png (78.04 KB, 1277x221, the average leftypolack2.png)

Anonymous Comrade  21217

File: 1618983763034.png (11.08 KB, 1486x101, the average leftypolack3.PNG)

Anonymous Comrade  21218

File: 1618983774384.png (115.23 KB, 788x406, the average leftypolack4.PNG)

Anonymous Comrade 21221

File: 1618989866388.png (21.46 KB, 645x973, 1613868794684.png)

>yes hello, i'm a semi-illiterate reactionary and i'm in full support of eugenics pointed at conservatives and the low IQ ppl
>FUCK democracy, FUCK the pc lbtq lib left, but most of all: FUCK proper punctuation

Anonymous Comrade  21561

There might be a third (fourth? fifth?) split, they have had a sticky thread up about bringing d0llars and his mod team back in exchange for shutting bunker down and an article in (LMAO) foreignpolicy.com mentioning leftypol

mod team is getting shit on in there but how fucking naive do you have to be to even entertain this offer? wtf

Anonymous Comrade  21565

Only like 2 of the peoples' champions are for it. Most have voted no so it doesn't look like this will lead to a split.
It also seems that d011ars was shit on by both .org and by his own site.

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