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File: 1616765692133.png (9.6 KB, 633x758, 93e951f8f7cc80bbb105bece7eac1f…)

AnonymousCountry code: GET/namebadge.png, country type: custom, valid:   16666

I summon the ancient posters
Show yourself, share your wisdom

Anonymous  16668

File: 1616765902918.png (401.06 KB, 768x1504, o no.png)

what have you done

Anonymous  16669

after stockings showed up again, maybe we can get other old posters to announce their presence
people from the olden days of GET and maybe some from way back who were trash

Djinn-chan  16672

File: 1616767219231.jpg (1.09 MB, 958x2704, 20210326_095854.jpg)

Whatcher askin'... it got a heavy price. You wanna summon the ancient ones, ya gonna pay the price. Fap to my nudes as tribute to my power, or sleep with one eye open - your choice.

bruh 16675

File: 1616771299982.png (67.25 KB, 860x383, bruh.png)

Anonymous 16676

File: 1616771349903.png (264.17 KB, 500x375, yugi yami you're here forever.…)

Here I am.

Anonymous  16682

File: 1616773236307.png (1.12 MB, 800x600, lying on the ground.png)

My wisdom is get off my lawn ya dang kids

Anonymous  16685


Anonymous 16687

File: 1616777774586.gif (6.23 MB, 600x338, cum.gif)

Anonymous  16696

File: 1616784011155.mp4 (1.96 MB, 480x480, yugo.mp4)

Anonymous  16711

File: 1616801991795.png (657.24 KB, 680x680, yugo.png)

Mein  16712

File: 1616803596575.jpg (77.1 KB, 500x500, ameridog.jpg)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  16721

Uh Z-Zeke-Senpai? What's with that filename???

Anonymous  16771

I'm not zeke.

bear 16788

File: 1616859549462.jpg (73.63 KB, 838x1212, A307ABE1-0FFF-4DF8-8CF6-EE2B31…)

Oi, oldfags. Was wondering if you’d relish me by making on of those iceberg memes. I wanna see how much we newfags don’t know about GET lore, and I’d think it be interesting

Anonymous  16805

put getchan.tymoon still exists on the bottom

Anonymous  16936

File: 1616883265285.png (139.22 KB, 303x283, 7WDO3MC.png)

Come on, you know.

Mein  16979

File: 1616890434160.png (802.09 KB, 838x1212, GETburg.png)

Add stuff, I have no ideas

Slightly Mentally Impaired  16980

>Yugo Sexuality
Oh come on that's an easy one. It's uh.




Anonymous  16985

>/lol/ and /lol/2
>steven's fate
>the haackula 11/27/2011 shower incident
>getchan/efchan war
>original /GET/ threads
>vodkaroo's fetishes

Mein  16986

Tell me where to drop 'em, homie.

Mein  16987

>the haackula 11/27/2011 shower incident

Anonymous  16989

>/lol/ and /lol2/
secret boards so i guess on the "solen is shinmera" tier
>steven's fate
morbid topic so either bottom or the previous one
>haackula shower
>getchan/efchan war
>og /get/ threads
>vodkaroo's fetishes
previous to bottom
second from top

Anonymous 16994

File: 1616896153889.jpg (95.08 KB, 900x660, Grumpy hoodie.jpg)

I'm a veteran from Ponychan, ask me a question

PB 16997

Where does the line for old end and new begin?

Anonymous  17000

i guess if you were around before get was communist that would make you old?
i dunno

bear 17001

File: 1616896716033.png (608.37 KB, 1500x600, CA6D3E0E-87F4-4ABF-8197-C03317…)

Tis the timeline, I guess based on this

Mein  17011

>morbid topic
Tbh I was thinking of putting some variation of that but I didn't want to be an ass considering it's entirely possible he passed away with his health issues.

PB 17017

>considering it's entirely possible he passed away with his health issues.
fuck, is that a possibility?

Anonymous  17020

More stuff i remember
>the real reason getchan.tymoon died
>the getchan census was a datamining operation
>me and panty are the same person
>the lost chan themes

Anonymous  17021

>Holo!!! and haack dated

Anonymous  17022

Would couple stuff fit on the iceberg?

Anonymous  17048

who is best pone

Anonymous 17059

What caused the ponychan moderation to be so shit waaay back (2011)?
Genuinely, just curious. Was it started by redditors?

This takes me back.

Question for you: what old /GET/ tech stuff would you like to see come back? Themes, board features, and stuff. I'm sure Zeke would like to know, too.

Anonymous  17062

File: 1616947649032.jpg (306.05 KB, 765x1082, 1409473677432.jpg)

>Was it started by redditors?
I don't know about Orange Blaze (the original admin) but most of the peoples' champions and posters were from 4chan, especially the /b/ pony threads.

Anonymous 17064

File: 1616948044874.jpg (22.44 KB, 345x470, Stone Cold Steve Austin, I am …)


WEll the first thing you should understand is that Ponychan moderation has ALWAYS been shit, just in different forms. 2011 was a weird time where there was a very strong effort to try and distance itself from 4chan as much as possible.

Anonymous  17065

Themes i think

Anonymous  17067

File: 1616948331386.gif (138.33 KB, 500x418, 078.gif)

Rarara is best pone!

Anonymous 17077

File: 1616950201295.jpg (24.52 KB, 500x373, DerpyMail.jpg)

>the /b/ pony thread
Ah, that explains a lot. I came in from MLPG and was really confused at the time.

Wrong, it's Twily.
It's actually Derpy.

Which ones?

Anonymous  17078

the stocking one was neat

bear 17084

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18169

hey hey people

Mk17 18170

File: 1617678160591.png (53.49 KB, 175x176, Screenshot from 2020-09-25 22-…)

The king has returned.

bear 18208

File: 1617679696787.png (20.66 KB, 400x400, F799456D-D11F-4FF5-803D-DDA337…)

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18211

Mk17 18212

File: 1617679808296.png (504.09 KB, 929x663, Screenshot from 2021-03-08 15-…)

All hail.

bear 18216

File: 1617679961178.png (542.93 KB, 446x767, Where you going partner.png)

What brings you over to these parts of the woods
No can do partner

Anonymous  18218

File: 1617680002133.png (393.93 KB, 527x526, 84.PNG)

are you the ancients? do you know King? what happened with you guys? share your stories please

Mk17 18219

File: 1617680076904.png (558.25 KB, 697x629, Screenshot from 2021-03-08 15-…)

Its important that you try.

One time, me and the king, we got fucked up, and like... you knoowwww.

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18223

Yes, I just vanished for awhile and have been mostly on discord .

bear 18224

Hmmmmmmm, maybe

Mk17 18225

File: 1617680757379.png (407.3 KB, 795x650, Screenshot from 2021-03-08 15-…)

Get to work.
I want a full report.

Anonymous  18226

please do tell, what did you do? penis fencing?
but discord is cringe and unbased
how comes there is 3 of your kind appearing at once?
i must know your secrets

Mk17 18228

File: 1617681005753.png (650.39 KB, 931x669, Screenshot from 2021-03-07 18-…)

We crossed swords, yes, but there was too much ectoplasm.

bear 18232

File: 1617681694061.png (1.12 MB, 1024x768, ÙwÚ.png)

Can I get an extension

Mk17 18233

File: 1617681907985.jpg (57.28 KB, 386x386, 20200704_075107.jpg)

You have 7 minutes.
Use them wisely.

bear 18239

File: 1617682872471.png (47.57 KB, 375x553, REPORT by bear.png)

Mk17 18241

File: 1617683879746.jpg (102.56 KB, 486x395, 20200704_075151.jpg)

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18242


Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18244

File: 1617684265841.png (750.63 KB, 855x690, 16017585571233.png)

bear 18245

File: 1617686391789.png (327.66 KB, 749x462, PNG image 5.png)

No mean, I tried hard

Anonymous 18262


Still got the medal?

Anonymous  18270

So I've got a question for the ancient ones. What is the context for this banner?
I know each of the flags and what they represent but I'm not familiar with the event it's referring to.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  18279

that's just king threatening to remove yugo

Anonymous  18280

I wonder why king would do that....

Anonymous  18281

File: 1617724630734.jpg (228.76 KB, 723x1020, 36352286_p2_master1200.jpg)

i think this was mostly for jokings, but they had a little bit of a fight i guess, you'd have to ask yugo though

Anonymous 18282

>they had a little bit of a fight i guess
It's just a meme, you dip.

Anonymous  18285

i would not know, i'm not involved, just speculating really

Anonymous 18286

Don't make me touch your butt.

Anonymous  18289

File: 1617727119453.png (196.67 KB, 451x627, notgettingany006.PNG)

touching the butt, huh? why would i be against that?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  18292

It was in the first week after I became a mod and didn't call King Onii-chan iirc.

You say it's a joke yet not properly addressing your Onii-chan is a serious offense.

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18349

File: 1617738855591.png (514.49 KB, 427x576, 1616866808496.png)

yup it's in my hierloom case.

Anonymous  18354

File: 1617739751043.png (250.01 KB, 651x459, dontcare025.PNG)

post pics
of dick too

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18388

File: 1617752003131.png (178.43 KB, 391x306, 1616602726604.png)

yeah lemme just find the case

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18391

File: 1617753195511.jpg (176.67 KB, 662x839, Getchan badge.jpg)

okay here it is I even found the book if you want to see it.

Anonymous  18393

File: 1617753307125.png (328.49 KB, 474x672, finallypopular017.PNG)

what is this badge? it looks nifty
and what book is it?
also next up is dick
This post was edited by its author on .

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18394

File: 1617753453681.jpg (153.01 KB, 810x1080, That book KoG made for me..jpg)

no dick pic but some stuff KoG made for me.

Anonymous  18398

this looks so neat, wish that was still a thing and i could get one for being the most obnoxious transhumanist or something
though i thought i remembered King explaining that he's not that KoG guy who always got those 5s and things, now i'm a bit confused
i might misremember, it has been a while since he last posted and i am bad with memory

Chaptor!Ep8pui8Vw2 18400

Their were two KoGs iirc. But yeah the book was really dusty had to clean it up. The medal is still in great shape and the casing is still good.

bear 18401

I believe the two KoG were Steven Magnet and King

Anonymous  18402

File: 1617755113168.jpg (191.79 KB, 800x910, 1567791698336.jpg)

it's going to be a year soon when things went bad and he left
with exception for recreating the site and stuff around christmas
hope he comes back more, the first post here did say something like that
should have saved it
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 20009

This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 20022

File: 1618402258745.png (135.53 KB, 980x430, king message.png)

Anonymous 20811

>tfw you will always be a newfag everywhere
and by you, I mean me
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 22354

File: 1619502888484.jpg (83.71 KB, 913x1024, 44a610dd11b94e0cf902efb8013b38…)

Sup? Been posting since 2004. What would you like to know?

they sit there and they watch TV and they SHIT  22359

>share your wisdom
"Bill Gates and the Illuminati got a herd of [gamer word] cattle."
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  22361

Where do they hide the lolis?

Anonymous 22381

Hidden boards like /qa/

Anonymous 22467

How do we go back?
I want to post about Chiyo's shoes again, or whatever that isn't this shit.

Anonymous 22491

File: 1619556445241.gif (74.8 KB, 737x700, 5848912f04e7d2a1886d97bf369bea…)

There is no going back. Much like the 50s and the height of Keynesian economics and capitalism in the united states those doors are locked forever. They were a unique time for a unique period where the internet was new and still very mysterious.

Your best bet is to get into the FOSS Gnu/Linux movement and get into hidden networks like tor and ZeroNet. Those places are still very much reminiscent of the 2000s -2006 internet, though, still very much different from it.

Anonymous 22496

Appreciate the earnest response.
Niche BBS'es and imageboards are good for this in general, though whenever I lurk I feel like I am experiencing the slow decay of a once-mighty mammoth.

Anonymous 23364

Shower incident?

Anonymous 23370

you have to enable nsfw threads

Anonymous  23495

I think thats a bad way of thinking of things. We can't return to the past, but we can still make a new future which is worth posting in.

Anonymous 23707

Aye posted trains on a board once

bear 23714

What kinda train?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  23830

you like trains?

Anonymous 23898


Anonymous 23962

I summon the ancients of STC

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