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File: 1617136227455.png (306.3 KB, 1130x696, alunya and friends.png)

Official /leftypol/ Embassy AnonymousCountry code: GET/n8.png, country type: custom, valid:   17433[Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone, i hope you've been all settling in alright on your new (sorta) site?

I thought it might be nice to reach out and re-establish board relations, plus, well, I kinda need something. Yes, I know, not very polite, we should have rung just to chat more, but hey.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here knew anyone with the permissions to edit the /leftypol/ entry on KnowYourMeme? We are getting bad SEO right now so it's important that sites like that which come up in the first page of Google are updated with our current link. I sent a request for editorship on KYM (Barxist) if like I said anyone is an editor.

But overall, hope you're having a nice day, come and visit sometime!

Anonymous  17591

Post 16 on leftypol.org/music/ was posted at 11:33:55 but it had a typo so I deleted it just before I noticed.
Only you shall know of my secret GET.

Anonymous  17606

>leftypol has a new board

bear 17626

I like the jungle theme

Anonymous  17637

File: 1617293713685.jpg (1.24 MB, 950x1211, 1401854785830.jpg)

You're a little late to the party lol. I'm not an editor, and I think KYM might have come up once or twice in conversation, but not much more than that.

Anonymous  17954

Glad to hear it! You can still use jungle by going to the options on the top right even though it's no longer the default.

Okay, thanks for that, someone suggested I should ask you guys about it.

As I said, I hope everything is going okay, please let us know if you guys need anything.

Anonymous  17961

gib posters
but only the nice ones, if there are any left

Anonymous  18301

Does it have a way for you to contact the current editor directly? Either way, I'd check the contact page and ask, assuming they have one. If they don't, you should send a PM to the Twitter page.
>please let us know if you guys need anything.
Well we could use more posters, but that shouldn't be your responsibility. Regardless, the same goes to you. I'm already responsible for two servers and a staff member on four sites so I can't do that for Leftypol, but I can at least offer some technological advice if needed. I'm in the Leftypol staff and dev chats and did the other day.

bear 18810

File: 1617917053739.jpg (21.22 KB, 230x194, 7BAF631F-DAAA-4B7D-8449-346973…)

Did leftypol and GETchan ever have like interparty events? I’m curious if anyone knows

Anonymous  18812

back in the older days the only things i saw happening, like getting in that catgirl game book with a mention, and a choir thing or whatever, was always at the initiative of GET
leftypol is incapable of creativity
heck, their board tan was by the initiative of King
it's kinda sad for GET that they took us former leftypolacks in, we are hardly better, just more bitter

bear 18837

I wouldn’t be as harsh. I would say that it has its moments
>Catgirl Game book
I think I remember seeing that. Does anyone still have a picture of it

Anonymous  18845

File: 1617922378683.jpg (1.01 MB, 1000x3750, 43152f50a5d035c1fb026ee6fca22a…)

Anonymous  18853

File: 1617924934891.png (10.53 KB, 1660x138, leftypolacks.PNG)

Anonymous  18854

File: 1617924997964.png (137.66 KB, 1381x556, its leftypol not just posters.…)

as comatoast calls it
>good faith discussions

Anonymous  18886

tbh tomo most of the posts in that thread that are shit lead to bans or deletions, the only exception being the leftcom retard cause you can't ban the TOR node
at a certain point I think you just browse /leftypol/ to make yourself mad

Anonymous  18897

i could post a lot of words but to keep it short
fuck leftypol

Anonymous 18928

File: 1617945551262.jpg (15.74 KB, 400x400, Tell me about the rabbits, Gum…)

Do you really think someone would do that? Look at things to make themselves mad?

Anonymous  18998

Damn I forgot about the doom thread. Hopefull the doom mapper is still there.

Anonymous 19123

Need context on this one.

That's pretty rude to OC creators, Tomo.

Anonymous 19124

Chap makes good maps.

Anonymous  19662

Yeah I did try contacting all the editors but most of them have been inactive for months or years so I might not hear anything back. But we'll see.

>Regardless, the same goes to you. I'm already responsible for two servers and a staff member on four sites so I can't do that for Leftypol, but I can at least offer some technological advice if needed. I'm in the Leftypol staff and dev chats and did the other day.

Thanks, Zeke. Our technical situation is pretty good at present, no major issues and much more harmonious than on bunkerchan. To be honest, we had a rough period (as peoples' champions) directly after the move to .org when everyone seemed to be mad at each other and arguments all the time, but I think we have adjusted to being the masters of our own destiny now, mostly.

Anonymous 19987

It's fine Tomo, if a little discussion about transgender, a few transphobes who are going to be shat on by non-reactionaries and a couple /pol/cel shitposters that are going to be banned and ridiculed anyway prevent you from enjoying /leftypol/, you can stay away from it. I'm being sarcastic but at the same time not, I can relate to hating a community that you were a part of years ago but left for somewhere else because it started to change in a way you didn't like and the constant spamming of that fucking slur became too much to handle. In my case though I left a place that was also turning right-wing and dominated by misandrist TERFs and their male simps. In your case, I understand that this change affects you more as you're a trans girl and thus it's much harder to stand it. Plus you have the right to stay in a place with a zero tolerance policy about any kind of transphobia.
But I must point out that, as always, you're overestimating the things about /leftypol/ you complain about. Including that thing about their supposed lack of creativity,

>Need context on this one.
It was a response to that Junko avatarfag in an anarchism thread IIRC. Some people said there's nothing wrong with their choice of character since she doesn't even have the body or age of a kid, while that guy said that somehow it's pedo shit (as is the entirety of anime according to him). It was literally just one guy saying le T word and calling anime pedophilia while the others were just either making fun of him or complaining about the practice of avatarfagging in general. Thread: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/154761.html

Anonymous  20005

It's funny how it is 1 or 2 individuals and yet they manage to have their posts remain and banevade.
The whole anti idpol line is a joke, i just pick the most fun parts when they are being the most obvious with their shit.
Plenty enough that is tolerated there, like constant and out of place shit like "haha look based no transhumanist leftism" in the Peru thread that has nothing to do with what the thread or leftypol as a whole started out as.
What pisses me off about leftypol the most is they keep on relativizing, like you here, never apologize for their faulty line that created these /pol/acks who tell me after 15 years that they figured out socialism better after a few months of memes and shitposts, and housing self proclaimed reactionary "socialists" and not taking a stand on this as a site and just present it like it's a "both sides" kind of deal.
And while doing this they then meme about le bourgeois LGBT with some Stalin quote or "gay nazism", equating the rainbow flag with neoliberalism. Whether done on purpose or because they are dumb as shit, fuck them. That they think they are any better than stupidpol on these issues is a joke.

Anonymous  20054

We try our best to strike a balance where people can become despooked and have better takes, I don't believe that banning people for wrongthink will change their mind. Not to say that nobody should ever be banned, far from it, but it seems clear to me that becoming a hyper-woke authoritarian safe space like r/socialism is not helping to spread leftism in the world and makes us all look bad. We try our best to oppose transphobia on /leftypol/ but I understand if you think that we are too soft.

Anonymous  20058

yeah yeah
civil spoken fascism is the target audience for leftypol, i know

Anonymous 20077

>Not allowing transphobia would make us look bad
This, this here is my main gripe with leftypol -- you have persuaded yourselves that in order to be attractive to a wider audience, you need to have this inane "anti id pol" stance which is really just code words for shitting on feminism and generally allowing toxic masculinity to run rampant. Oops, I said it. Toxic masculinity -- a term that will get you warned or banned, while blatant misogyny is perfectly well tolerated. This isn't how you win fence sitters and moderate socialists over, this is how you alienate them.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  20113

GETchan was a leftist chan long before /leftypol/ was around and the zero tolerance stuff has always been around. Heck the current posture is actually the most lenient version of the stances that were proposed a while back. And this is after 9 years of reactionary coups, juntas, exoduses etc. Just look at the UC wiki since it provides stuff that I wasn't even there for. And GETchan isn't some safe-space or anything either, like fuck me 2012 chan rules are nu-Twitter safe-space now? Bullocks. You gotta learn that reactionary elements are no good whatsoever, learn from the past. You had your own Oniichan-esque incident 4 months back even and the old /GET/fags like King warned about that last March. History repeats itself. Do not compromise ideals for the sake of wider appeal to audiences that have just as good a chance of being future comrades as they are to be your downfall.

Anonymous 20148

your usage of 'safe space' also betrays you. the reactionary fantasy is that a safe space is some sort of micro PC police state defined by censorship, while actually existing safe spaces are practiced for the exact opposite reason: to provide the participants with the opportunity to express themselves freely without being sanctioned or attacked for it.
what was it lenin said? "Learn, learn, learn!"

n.b. that i still like leftypol. you might even say that i care a great deal about leftypol. but this part of it is fucking ugly.

Anonymous  20152

even as a leftypol mod you are obviously carrying loads of rightoid shit with you. you are making their own point against you because you never critically challenged the reactionary social ques you picked up, and have used "anti-idpol" as a way to protect you from ever having to engage in or receive criticism for said tendencies. r/socialism makes us look bad because they fail to translate any of their supposed purity and education into meaningful progress. instead they fall into purity spirals and continuous self-combat over minutia like catgirls or what have you. a socialist must integrate the whole of the proletariat into its movement and provide common protection to all its members - we will prosecute reactionaries for their reactionary idpol toward trans people as much as we shall black people. and should any so-called "comrades" advocate for throwing people under the bus, they can find themselves in work camps in short order as well. to do anything less is to fracture the very base of the left itself, the proletariat, into endlessly self-antagonizing groups that erode the social order with their trite in trying to prosecute one another, ironically the exact kind of authoritarian safe space you claim to want to avoid, people using their reactionary idpol as a cudgel to silence opposition to their "values". combating reactionary speech is not authoritarian, it is liberational. it is the bare fucking minimum of a leftist movement, and we are regularly lacking in that.

Anonymous 20155

File: 1618483325068.png (443.73 KB, 767x565, JLoke2.png)

every problem with leftist communities boils down to culture wars these days
pseudo-puritans on all sides basically peddling spooks and spreading hate
and the sheer number of misinfo going around jesus christ, because these fags are acting like they're in a social clique eating up whatever validates the clique's existence not bothering to check sources
and why do they spend a godawful amount of mental energy on inconsequential shit like a youtuber with 300k subs and then pretending it is of some kind of political significance? fuck off
it is sad to say that the most reasonable leftists I've interacted with online were here on GETchan, I would say god help us all but at the end of the day can't expect good things from the internet

Anonymous  20239

File: 1618534451906.jpg (59.49 KB, 640x438, it's not my job to educate you…)

I'm sorry that you feel that way, I think you have a skewed perspective though.

I don't agree with you that somehow conservative idpol gets a free pass on /leftypol/, yes in comparison to some other leftist spaces there is notably more social conservatism on /leftypol/ but that's because most leftist spaces enforce extreme ideological control, which we try to not do. Overall, /leftypol/ is not socially conservative and most of the peoples' champions are not conservative.

I don't believe that we are compromising our values, we try to walk a fine line as best we can.

I myself have used other leftist spaces like on Reddit and believe me, I never felt as if I was 'free to express my ideas'. Yes, some people on /leftypol/ express ideas that I don't like, but on the other hand, there is value in having discussion and debate with people you don't entirely agree with. Of course it is still a leftist chan but there is room for discourse. How will anyone ever learn how to have better takes if you don't talk to them?

See above.

Look guys, I didn't come here for an argument, sorry that some of you are carrying so much resentment towards /leftypol/. I'm sad that you feel that way.

Anyway, to get more back on topic, we were thinking of deleting the hidden boards on the site that are the archives from Bunkerchan's migration, including the /GET/ and /ref/ content, did you want to do anything with it or refer back to it in the future? If so we can hold on to it.

Anonymous  20249

>everyone disagreeing is wrong
>sorry you are wrong lol
exactly what i'm talking about

Anonymous  20252

I'd be personally alright with you guys deleting it, but I'm bringing it up with the other staff. Also I think it would be good to get the general community's input

Anonymous  20254

>skewed perspective
rejecting fascism is close-minded these days ain't it.
>conservativism gets no pass
<more social conservatism than other platforms
pick one.
>I want to have discourse, free to express my ideas
Sure. Albeit no toleration for fascist ideals or alienation of the working class shall be present. This isn't your debate club. It's a leftist board with leftist goals at least that's what it says.
>I didn't come here for an argument
If you're not gonna accept criticism why did you post here? You just said that you wanted discourse.
>some people on /leftypol/ express ideas that I don't like
Did you even read any of the posts you replied to? The leftist userbase is alienated by the tolerance of reactionary politics present in leftypol, which usually gets covered as "striking balance", "anti-idpol", and other meaningless terms. These shallow principles which criticism of has been thwarted numerous times for various reasons, have become shallow husks which with the crypto-fascists take cover from criticism, while genuine discourse and critique is thwarted. We don't reject fascism, transphobia, misogony and racism simply because "we don't like it". I would like to elaborate on why would I reject those but I'd be surprised if a moderator of a "leftist" board would need such elaborations, plus I'm afraid our local fascists at leftypol would call me a liberal for thinking that.
>better takes
What is this? What takes? Teaching people to say meaningless buzzwords and scream curses? All while fascist rhetoric grows rampant in their presence.
>fine line
You're simply admitting here that reactionary propaganda will be tolerated as long as it follows some principles about free speech..... Huh? I wonder where did that come from.

Anonymous  20255

I'd like to remind you that you are here discussing with the presence of other leftypol moderators and posters, if you wish to close your eyes and skip through. That's your choice.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  20265

File: 1618537895313.jpg (41.03 KB, 800x510, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1983-032…)

>yes in comparison to some other leftist spaces there is notably more social conservatism on /leftypol/ but that's because most leftist spaces enforce extreme ideological control, which we try to not do. Overall, /leftypol/ is not socially conservative and most of the peoples' champions are not conservative.
>Unlike other leftist spaces
I swear I've heard this speech somewhere before.
Ich liebe Euch doch alle

Slightly Mentally Impaired  20273

File: 1618538111245.mp4 (1.11 MB, 640x360, stasi status.mp4)

Ich liebe – Ich liebe doch alle – alle Menschen! Na liebe doch! Ich setze mich doch dafür ein!

Anonymous  20274

>that's because most leftist spaces enforce extreme ideological control
Ideological control? It is not "ideological control" to secure the basic rights of minority groups and marginalized people against the face of reaction, it is the basic duty of any leftist. Like it or not to permit reactionary speech is to inherently suppress leftist speech, by minorities who don't want to deal with such prosecution - you only cede """ideological control""" to the reactionaries, who will use the terms of debate they set to try and wedge and divide the working class movement and make it marginal and ineffective. Moreover it actively deters leftists from joining and only results in a motley band of retarded rightoids sticking around and talking about how bad it is to accept gay rights or whatever, like King Lear. I know you are another mod so you know as well as I the kind of posters we see, and you understand that elements of the moderation are permissive of these things because they do not understand the scales of the battle at hand.

Anonymous  20275

>I don't believe that we are compromising our values
What values do you even stand for? Some liberal idolatry of free speech? Or do you believe that /leftypol/ is some kind of nexus for fence-sitters who we can sway only with a few infographs, as that image implies? Have you ever earnestly stepped back and realize where we stand? We aren't some rebellious board taking the fight against 8/pol/ to where we could rally anti-/pol/ opposition like we used to, and even by the end the site was so thoroughly right-wing it hardly mattered then. We are a thoroughly leftist website adrift in empty space, with little more than the odd few leftists drifting in to have a leftist discussion or a couple of /pol/acks coming to start shit. Nobody "neutral" is going to come over to /leftypol/, and rightoids are not going to be convinced to join the left by imageboard memes.

Anonymous  20276

>How will anyone ever learn how to have better takes if you don't talk to them?
Who are you even thinking should be having better takes? Rightoids who will never change their perspective because they don't have a logical basis for their ideology? Like really, what terms of debate are set out by people like ThingNoticer, Lear, the two reactionary Leftcoms, Eugene, ect that will improve the state of the internal dialog? They, at best, have logically inconsistent belief systems perpetuated by prosecution complexes and fueled by rampant and baseless conspiracy, and at worst promote nothing but pure reactionary schitzo-babble. How are we supposed to take the idea that COVID is a great reset conspiracy meant to stop people from breeding to promote the new eugenics world order seriously? who is going to improve their ability to argue by trying to untangle the deep and retarded pathologies that go into this shit? The strength of the left is that we can argue to things that are inherent to everyone's lives: their material conditions. Trying to contend with the vapid and emotionally unstable arguments of rightoids is playing away from the left's strength and into inane retardation.

Anonymous  20280

the funny thing to me is how /leftypol/ tries to pretend that by tolerance of reactionaries they are undergoing some kind of process of self-improvement and recruitment of outsiders like they are making /leftypol/ into /marx/, when /marx/ was well known for its very constructive dialog and basically 0 tolerance policy for right-wingers. there is no proof to the idea that allowing reactionaries to control the terms of debate on the board has improved anything, if anything it regularly disrupts and derails actually leftist conversations in favor of schitzo-babble. the right wing on /leftypol/, the reactionary takes and insane idpol positions are the biggest obstacle for /leftypol/ being good and coherent for a leftist dialog. and further that while there were parts of the moderation that called for nothing but the most libertine of moderation, when they realized that there was popular support within the moderation and the userbase for further constrictions on the expression of reactionary thought they came forwards with ideas like the politibearu to remove democratic elements and consolidate power in their hands. and now there are likewise moves to try and remove as much power from moderation as possible and decentralize it to the point that enforcement of what the community actually wants becomes impossible - like advocating for 8chan-style board creation where the reactionaries could just consolidate their presence on their own boards on the site and advance from there. its obvious, to me anyways, what they are trying to do, and it has basically no appeal to the wider site.

Anonymous 20365

I think leftypol should read Althusser. Ideology (such as "free speech" or "fuck white people" or "genocide and ethnic cleansing bad") is not an immutable right, nor is it science - however we cannot escape ideology, for wherever there is man there is ideology that reflects the totality of his life up until the present indeed and nothing short of turning man into a calculator would change this, any rejection of "moralism" as leftypol tends to claim is ideology too.
The question for leftists then becomes, if we cannot escape it, how can we wield it for our purposes best? In Marx's time "freedom of the press" was an admirable stance but today the press is "free" yet occupied by mainstream television networks and newspapers owned by a select few that largely spew ruling class propaganda through pundits (that similarly to ghost writers are paid to express specific things), selective journalism/reporting (there is much chaos going on in the world that you never hear about because it's not relevant to the current agenda) and opinion pieces that are surely not an endorsement (surely!) thus being largely indistinguishable from state-run propaganda. And you may point at a say Marxist paper, "but the press IS free!", and to you I would say the only freedom said Marxist paper has is the freedom to be powerless in the presence of well-funded media giants designed to maximize attention-grabbing.

Anonymous 20366

For leftists on the question of ideology it is paramount to adopt whatever currently has practical value for the left and discard the rest, and adapt as necessary to changing conditions: again adopting whatever currently has practical value and discarding what doesn't.
If it sounds cynical that's because it is, it is also the only way of overcoming leftist infighting that stems from ideology.
Finally, leftists must make sure to never become blinded by ideology to the science of society.

Anonymous  20475

File: 1618617241364.png (11.64 KB, 1797x85, comrade putin.PNG)

think i can use this embassy for more of those when i feel like it
near 2 hours of leaving these up on weekend evening with plenty enough of traffic and people to potentially report or rip this apart it should give some indication on what that board is about
>b-but he said leave them alone
how generous
seriously i hope you guys die slow and in pain

Anonymous 20531

They are not wrong about the LGBT movement having bourgeois roots, but so does for example socialist humanism. Because we live in a bourgeois society most ideology can indeed be traced to bourgeois roots. Having bourgeois roots I'm afraid does not intrinsically make something a great evil. For LGBT people their bourgeois ideology is necessary for their survival in society, just as your bourgeois phone is necessary to survive in society. "You criticize capitalism yet you participate in it, curious!" as the comic would say.

Read Althusser people.

Anonymous  20532

File: 1618636711940.png (18 KB, 1793x167, polacks.PNG)

socialism is bourgeois because it developed out of capitalism then
>bourgeois cancer
the language and its intent is rather clear
and have another "lefty"/pol/ gem of good faith civil fascism that caballo enjoys so greatly and will defend without a trace of shame
makes me wonder when he got into wearing "leftism" as a political fashion trend

Anonymous  20533

File: 1618636784987.png (6.37 KB, 1113x86, akshually hating trannies is i…)

or lets look at this gem
the inherently reactionary savage people
would fit right in with /pol/
it's almost like you could scratch the "lefty" and switch out the aesthetics and the place would stop pretending to be what it is not

Anonymous 20535

>socialism is bourgeois because it developed out of capitalism then
Correct, socialism has bourgeois roots hence the utopian socialism vs scientific socialism schism. Scientific socialism however is a misnomer, the study of society is science but the application of said study is ideology. Example: darwinisn is science - social darwinism, ideology. Indeed like we've seen with social darwinism scientific studies are used to pursue agendas that is why no ideology derived from science is "scientific" - agenda by definition has no objectivity. However because scientific socialism is derived from the study of society, unlike utopian socialism, it cannot be called bourgeois because it does not originate from bourgeois thought.
This whole focus on "this and that are bourgeois" is making mountains out of mole hills. Everyone living in bourgeois society is the product of said bourgeois society. You are not more "pure" for not employing a babysitter or not watching certain blockbusters or whatever.

Anonymous 20541

File: 1618650464859.png (33.06 KB, 933x360, pure ideology-free science.png)

Good initiative anon. Here, have some unchallenged incel self-indoctrination and a heartwarming promise to get our womenfolk in line in the future utopia.

Anonymous  20544

>post no. 29521
The current post no. is 174118 in /leftypol/ anyways
why do you have a post screenshot that is 144,000 or so posts behind?

Anonymous 20545

read the date

Anonymous  20546

also further no post exists on any of the boards with that content and post number, so it was deleted about as soon as you took the screenshot
you can try to find it on any board with the search function and it doesn't come up, or at least I've not found it

Anonymous  20547

is this bunkerchan?

Anonymous  20548

not likely - it has a glacial pph of like, 0 at worst to 20ish at best. a lot of the time it takes 15 minutes to post there because their recaptcha is broken.

it might've been a post on /b/ that got banned and deleted very quickly, likely a deletion of all posts by IP because I can't find that post specifically being deleted in the mod logs either.

Anonymous  20549

/b/'s current post no. is 29563 so it was likely /b/ and then got banned quickly

Anonymous 20569

File: 1618677926786.jpg (66.71 KB, 1000x1000, it's for you, GETchan.jpg)

Anonymous 20571

Not sure if you just tried to insta-memoryhole it or what

Anonymous 20572

File: 1618684802939.jpg (40.93 KB, 550x298, SPLITTERS.jpg)

>this thread

Anonymous  20574

well if they weren't banned for being retarded incels before they are now

Anonymous  20615

File: 1618703605360.png (18.45 KB, 637x631, 001.png)

>this poster
go back to your retarded first worlders celebrating third world reactionary attitudes and strawmanning pro lgbt leftists as liberals that now want a nato invasion, faggot
dumb /pol/ack shits like you vote Piss party because they give some gibmedats and think communism is achieved because gay marriage is denied and thats somehow integral to your retard version of "communism"
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  20616

doesn't change shit really
the entire boards userbase is retarded reactionary brainrot, and it has been cultivated by the mod team over the last years on purpose
caballo is a faggot and if i got word of him being run over by a truck and getting fed through a straw i would give it a fist pump

Anonymous 20632

is it reactionary to oppose legalizing incest

Anonymous  20716

is it reactionary to put niggers in a cage and watch them in the zoo?
the only cure for such burger retardation can be lead, or it is quite possibly one of its causes considering your "drinking" water
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  21237

>All the proposals against Wobbly

Goddamn hoes are mad lmao

Anonymous  21244

File: 1619018024078.jpg (6.12 KB, 224x225, A BOMB.jpg)

>this poster

Anonymous 21245

so being against incest is reactionary ?

Anonymous  21248

we know both what you are insinuating here, so why wont you just say it straight up, no balls little faggot /pol/ack?

Anonymous 21249

I'm not insinuating anything you've just dodged the question twice now already however

Slightly Mentally Impaired ## Mod  21251

File: 1619024623277.png (87.22 KB, 627x1600, leftypol goes to GET.png)

Alright, listen here you little shits. Just cause this is an embassy thread or whatever doesn't mean diplomatic immunity or some pansy shit like that. This ain't /leftypol/ so you can't post with impunity here, and obviously you're all a bunch of babies who don't even know the basics of GETchan

So for those of you who need a reminder on where exactly you're posting, I'll say this:

Welcome to GETchan you fucking faggots. Shut the fuck up. /Leftypol/ may be lenient with some of your shit but we aren't. We're about numbers, numbers, and more numbers. That means anything else that we the staff don't like gets banned, deleted, or otherwise removed. "B-But you need a good reason to ban someb-" Shut the fuck up. Rule 4 or whatever you fucking reactionary I dunno, and don't care. Behave like the rest of the userbase, they gladly suck our cocks greedily, what makes you think you're so fucking special?

Fucking /leftypol/ fags. Get the fuck off our board. You want to post what you want? Go to fucking Ponychan or something, our offtopic sisterchan.

Anonymous 21252

your mom gay, you're granny a transhumanist, your grandpap a trap and i had sex with your dad last night(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Anonymous 21253

also you're fat

Slightly Mentally Impaired  21255

That's it.

Anonymous  21256

Nice /GET/ lmao

Anonymous  21257

looks like the dubs judge harshly.

Anonymous 21268

File: 1619031078821.jpg (35.95 KB, 613x463, EtGsu3KXEAEZgFe.jpg)

>4 /leftypol/ threads at the same time

Anonymous 21275


Anonymous  21346

Anonymous  21362

Hi there /leftypol/?
The new okay supposedly it was built in alreadyfunction to search threads is cool.
Can there be an archiver too?

Anonymous  21369

threads could be just moved to a hidden board instead of being bumped off the board, but that would mean nothing is deleted and no empty storage will be provided. Take note that they do take snapshots for backup regularly. You might want to ask them for that if there's anything specific on your mind.

Anonymous  21585

leftypolack and no spine to be found, you fit right in with these people, go back

Anonymous  21596

one of the things on the exploratory to-do list is a kind of thread-flagger that'll automatically archive designated threads when they 404, as of now everything in the archives has to be moved there manually.

Anonymous 21616

Anonymous 21689

None of this is so important as to get this passionate. If you think /leftypol/s attitude on this or that topic is somehow instrumental, you are a moron. One who desperately needs to log off and get some perspective.

Also, if you're going to comment on queer politics, or communism for that matter, you would do well to have at least a fumbling grasp on the topic before you start criticizing positions you haven't even investigated.

Finally, stop with this angry typingtic, us-versus-them shit. It's the most pathetic thing in the entire thread. Wallowing in what a cancerous cesspool /leftypol/ has become isn't going to do anyone any good - yourself least of all.

>while the others were just either making fun of him
Time honored tradition.

Anonymous  21708

>log off
bunkerchan gold user i see
have you got your daily reward for screeching about transhumanists today?
considering the reddit spacing, let me guess the political journey, as it is so typical for leftypolacks
2016 r/donald
2017 8/pol/
2020 leftypol and a really true communist who knows shit better than anyone else and has queer politics studied better than anyone
spoiler: transhumanists gay, gay is booj
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 21709

convinced that half of this board has BPD

Anonymous  21710

if leftypol could just put a leash on its retards and keep them to themselves, that would be progress, we wouldn't have this OP

Anonymous ## Admin  21716

File: 1619303790503.png (902.31 KB, 1920x1080, Moxxie1.png)

Look, can you all calm down? All of this fighting is doing no one any favors. I want GETchan and leftypol to get along. There are plenty of bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous 21732

as far as i can tell the only one sperging out and behaving like a mental invalid is one of your own.
for the record, i dont give a shit about leftypol, its a stupid board with little to no substance to offer. i also happen to think that the "criticisms" of leftypol vomited out here by your resident mental case are far dumber and worthy of zero respect.

Anonymous  21735

BPD is kind of a meme on .org. There's a dude going around and saying everyone and everything has BPD.

Anonymous 21814

File: 1619332043323.jpg (155.51 KB, 786x576, 1616825520222-1.jpg)

You just sound like a mean and sad person. You should go outside and smell the roses for a bit.

Anonymous 21819

you're right, i'm pretty on edge today. sorry for being a cunt.

Anonymous  21827

how about you take your caballo friend and this faggot
and go hug it out in your matrix channel, with balls touching

this faggot has no response to what is pointed out, in typical spineless leftypolack manner he screeches "mental illness" like the conditioned /pol/ack he is, while avoiding to answer and pretending he is not what he blatantly obviously is

go fuck yourself zeke, you are yet again just a spineless cunt
fuck you, seriously
go have epilepsy down a flight of stairs before you talk to your white nationalist my little pony friends again

Anonymous  21828

pack up your retards and just fuck off, fucking "both sides" liberal fucktard

Anonymous 21831

File: 1619344728333.mp4 (686.01 KB, 854x480, 1618942786351.mp4)

/monarchy/ has a better relationship with /leftypol/.

Anonymous  21836

based banana anon

Anonymous  21837

NTA but all good, it happens to everyone.

Anonymous 21842

It's ok, Tomoko. People care about you.

Slightly Mentally Impaired ## Mod  21843

File: 1619366928204.png (271.93 KB, 680x606, 0c3.png)

Anonymous 21848

File: 1619370320443.jpg (50.75 KB, 500x371, 3a7c4f956e14c39bdd17a3a1cab2b2…)

Can some one actually explain why getchanners hate leftypol so much? I don't get it. I mean sure, you can not like a diversity of tactics, but, shitting on other leftists who are trying to, basically, achive the same ends as you is pretty ultra, tbh. You can't deny that people do get converted; either you haven't been paying attention, or, you are just out right being dishonest. We're better working together than we are apart. At anyrate the whole reason why this site is not a dead hole in the ground is because leftypol revived it, which, is good. That is a good thing. We should have places like this on the internet.

Anonymous 21910

File: 1619385117363.png (277.92 KB, 622x577, I'm confused yet slightly arou…)

Most folks over here dont hate you, really, it's more the fact that these are just very different environments born from very different places, united by chance. As such, there's naturally going to be some tension. Over here, people seem to have a distrust of leftypol due to over-tolerance of reactionaries and their fellow travelers all for the sake of "anti-idpol". Now I understand that isn't always the case, and that leftypol does ban egregious cases of homophobic/transphobic shit, but it's very easy to see why that perception can be formed by a casual viewer.

Anonymous 21968

i didn't mean to be such an asshole, my post was pointless and cruel. youre not a bad person and i dont hate you, i just disagree with you. im sorry for upsetting you.

Anonymous  22023

even if you have the best intentions, a bunch of reactionaries who haven't rid themselves of their dumb idpols running amock all over /GET/, a community pretty notoriously made up of minorities which reactionaries hate, isn't exactly giving the best impression.

Anonymous 22070

We aren't reactionaries.

Akko 22075

it would be a slight oversimplification. many leftypolers aren't reactionaries, and many other leftypolers don't intend to be reactionaries (but hold reactionary ideas regardless) and there is a vocal minority of leftypolers who are definitely reactionaries. so the point still stands.

Anonymous  22090

You say some of your people are /pol/, no? They likely come from a reactionary society, emboldened even further by participating in reactionary social groups. We all carry elements of reaction with us because it permeated through us, since most of us are from "Western" countries which are far from socially progressive or inclusive, especially us burgerstanis. Hegel's self-recongition is correct, and the society we came up to recognize ourselves through is monstrous and instilled within us monstrous ideas that we must combat through recognition of the societal aspects instilled within - there is a constant need for self-reflection and tempering our "lived" experience of the past and what was acceptable in society against what we understand people deserve and simple mutual recognition of shared humanity that transcends any kind of national border or social or material stratum. And you won't be successful every time. Hell, a lot of the time you won't even realize you need to do this kind of self-interrogation. They'll err, they all do. It's a long and hard process to cleanse yourself of these things.

tl;dr you don't have to be a through-and-through reactionary to have or express certain reactionary values. and thats before accounting for the people who aren't trying to self-crit.

Anonymous 22098

File: 1619418704430.jpg (6.71 KB, 225x225, 4534534.jpeg)

Sure the point stands that we don't our right ban nazis because we believe in giving deradicalization a chance. If you want to not do that that is fine and take a hard line stance, but, being hard line against people with different tactics than your own is just sectarian.

Right sure and all of that is fine and dandy, but, by that logic at some point we were all the most erdant of reactionaries. Me personally, when I was a kid I grew up with the KKK. They took me and my friends to dinners, we didn't know what that stuff was but it effected us. I was a reactionary by the time I was 12. Luckily, through the atheist (tips fedora) movment I was able to at least move in a liberal direction by the time I was 13; that and punk rock music, it changed my to hold more open minded and liberal views.

My points is that at some point we all held some harder form of reaction, especially according to that logic, and we all have, in one way or another, over come it. The difference between you and me is that I recognize and accept this, that de-radicalization is possible. I don't think you are dishonest enough to disagree with that, frankly. I think you are just caught up in your ideology. And there's nothing wrong with /get/ and the way people run things here. I respect that and I think get is a cool place in its own right especially for leftists, but, I think the way you treat leftypol is widely unfair and requires some self examination on your part, tbh.

Anonymous 22100

File: 1619419299767.jpg (56.68 KB, 960x784, bruh-zone.jpg)

> deradicalization

Anonymous  22114

>The difference between you and me is that I recognize and accept this, that de-radicalization is possible.
For one I wouldn't call us communists deradicalized lel. We are radicals, but radicals that temper our passion with a scientific model, that being of Marx's analysis.
For two, I don't reject that people can remove themselves of rightist taint. I am a Southerner, born into a reactionary christian family, and brought up in a very reactionary small town. I think that /leftypol/ just understates how much work has to go into removing this taint from your mind, people don't completely change their worldview and ideas in a matter of days or weeks, but months and years. Even if you had a load of /pol/ hangons from 8chan (a notion I would contest!) they would still be fighting a lot of their inner demons, much the same for any newer members but worse.

But really, I think that most of /leftypol/ is fine, usually. There is a very vocal minority of people who hold reactionary beliefs and likes to pick fights about it cause thats what all reactionary beliefs manifest as. I'd rather they fucking didn't, but I recognize its somewhat out of your alls control. But my point is not about fairness, but perception. When most of the /leftypol/ people we get are people out to start fights, inevitably certain conclusions will be made.

Anonymous  22141

Here's a quick idea I might elaborate on later.
/leftypol/ has become a hub for low effort shitposts and internet angry typing. You rarely see any good effort posts or discussion within the threads and generals, thus I propose an old solution to combat this phenomena. Word limits, especially on OPs. It makes no sense for an OP to be anything less than 100 words. If it doesn't meet that, it doesn't deserve its own thread (QTDDTOT). Too common have one liner and bait threads become. I think forcing posters to abide a minimum word limit on the OP, should give them a bit more time to think about the topic at hand.
I don't think this should just be limited to OPs, as posts simply calling OP a faggot or repeating memes on a seemingly serious board aren't helpful.

This is the reason why many of the effort posters either left or limited their posting to /edu/, as that board is way more serious than /leftypol/ and posters on /edu/ usually aren't as sectarian as /leftypol/ is. Discussion on /edu/ isn't simply dismissed without any investigation due to their origin or political affiliation.

Anonymous  22169

its been an idea proposed before but the main limit to implementation is that people will just fill the character limit with keyboard spam or what have you
a lot of these posts aren't good faith to begin with so they'll happily just sidestep rules with whatever means available.

I agree with the fundamental analysis tho.

Anonymous 22184

Right, but, that is the point, anon. The point is to be a place where there is constantly that critique, constantly that exposure to rhetoric and logic so that there is a counter narrative. For better or worse leftypol is the boogie man and curious poltards need to be met with resistance. Nothing changes from being super moral and banning everyone you disagree with.

Anonymous  22205

Not everyone wants to be /leftypol/ all the time. /GET/chan especially.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  22258

Right because every "lol tr*any n*gger" post is met by a well written counterpoint that deconstructs why those beliefs are wrong.

Anonymous  22274

>its been an idea proposed before but the main limit to implementation is that people will just fill the character limit with keyboard spam or what have you
Just make it a bannable offense, no exceptions.
Also, make sure the filter excludes greentext.

Lainch­an did that a while ago with all posts to counter spam (maybe 50 or 100 char?). Maybe ask on their /me­ta/ thread how it went. I recall some people being annoyed because sometimes a short response is appropriate.
I'd support, at least as a temporary trial.

Anonymous 22352

When is the last time you actually visted leftypol? That is mostly a vestige from bunkerchan. You're living in the past.

Well yeah, but, that is a bit besides the point. I am just defending why we allow them to post in the first place. They still have to abide by our rules.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  22410

>When is the last time you actually visted leftypol? That is mostly a vestige from bunkerchan. You're living in the past.
No? Do you not see all of the screencaps with those exact scenarios happening? Also
>We gotta let all the reactionaries in to deradicalize
<There are no reactionaries you are delusional
>But those made up are also reactionaries are part of the plan so they're not entirely made up but also you can't say they are real cause they most certainly aren't. Unless it supports my point of them not existing.
Are you Turkish or something?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  22413

Actually wait hold on let's actually ask a current mod of leftypol if this still happens hmmm?
Hey Wobbly? Does is there still social reactionary shit on leftypol.org?

Anonymous 22441

>No? Do you not see all of the screencaps with those exact scenarios happening? Also

What do you mean no?

You are being dishonest and using reactionary in the orwelian double speak type of situation where now reactionary means "anyone who says words I dislike" rather than "Some one who wants to use an imagined version of the past to declare that we must return to sed state while simultaniously declaring the victims of the out growth of capital as the root cause of our social ill's of society,"

The type of people you are speaking of no longer exist, they were a remnant of bunkerchan mostly spawned out of the insanity created by pyongynag. You are being totally myopic and dishonest. Grow up.

Akko 22452

that's a ridiculous argument, worthy of nobody but conservative Twitter bluechecks. reactionary attitudes can be expressed through one's choice of words, even if the person in question may not literally believe that society needs to regress to an earlier state. are you playing dumb or something? because I thought that would be obvious... "yeah I said the n-word, but I don't hold racist beliefs, so of course it isn't racist for me to say the n-word"

Slightly Mentally Impaired  22456

>The type of people you are speaking of no longer exist

Slightly Mentally Impaired  22457

File: 1619552303224.png (105.29 KB, 544x497, fcb74a57-e7d6-440a-8169-15aa45…)

And another one to the pile that I just found. It's not even that hard. You can't just say "they don't exist" and then easily find them in 5 fucking second
>inb4 they don't count cause x y z

Anonymous 22460

I have many more issues with /leftypol/, but the broadest three are these:
1) I can not stand the farce of activism that haunts the internet. The minutiae of whatever mental construction really don't matter. Whatever retarded black flag you ascribe to, really doesn't matter. What some dipshit who has achieved almost as little as you said somewhere, at some time, all do not matter. It's all an attempt to mask the reality that the poster is just another silver-spoon fed cunt whose politics start and end at their computer screen. It's posturing, nothing more.

2) Big Tent politics have always been, and will always be, a mistake. Likewise, the reverence for "leftism" is one the grandest of delusions to spring from bourgeois consciousness. Organization across ideological lines is one to be exploited, not celebrated. If liberals et al are wishing to collaborate, such collaboration should be embraced on practical grounds; on a situation to situation basis; and as a means to an end. Not to fulfill a desire to be a "Leftist", or unify "the Left", or to "convert" some bourgeois ilk. Do not enshire collaboration as an essential property of "doing politics", or confuse communism for the Left.
This entire line of thinking is mangled and confused. You need not appeal to the powers that be, or even majority politics, to achieve change. It is putting the carriage in front of the horse, much like donning the insignia of this or that ideology is. Again, it's pure bourgeois consciousness.

Anonymous 22461

3) Whatever other faults, /leftypol/ used to be a place you'd go to to have some fun. You used to go on the internet to escape reality. Look at weird shit, laugh with anons, enjoy some OC here and there; stuff like that. Not anymore: the internet has been consumed by this overbearing sense of righteousness. In its ceaseless hunger, reality has seeped in and mirth has become its most brutalized victim.
People always point to twitter as being oversensitive, but look at /leftypol/ right now and tell me that place isn't a downer. The only threads are about real life events, discussions of "theory" that none of those mongs have read, or verbose posting about whatever triviality the author is fixated on that week. Even /b/ is filled with winching about maladies of the mind, with the threads of just fucking around being in the extreme minority.
This is the big thing /GET/ has over /leftypol/: it still has users who don't take everything so fucking serious.

All this waffling about reactionaries is a cloak, by the way. /leftypol/ has many issues, but it's supposed to tolerance for "reactionaries" (or even vaguer: "fascists"), is not one of them.

Anonymous 22493

So, basically, getchan is just your opium?

Akko 22494

there's something truly cynical and bitter about wording it that way, if the point being made was that "I want to go on the internet to have fun and relax". perhaps it's a symptom of exactly the problem they were talking about?

Anonymous 22513

File: 1619569323902.png (7.85 KB, 751x136, random thread same thing.PNG)

Anonymous 22514

File: 1619569334729.png (17.26 KB, 830x205, deradicalization leftypol styl…)

Anonymous 22515

same as in >>22513 >>22514

Anonymous 22541

Why does stuff like this bother you guys so much?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 22559

File: 1619585677829.png (1.73 MB, 800x800, Subdued chanting of 'Attica At…)

Reading through the Kurdistan thread, it seems like a lot of this shit is just really poor bait. Not that it makes it acceptable, of course.

Anonymous 22564

Frankly I think that >>22457 has a twitter level understanding of shit and is being pretty unfair. Just saying nigger or troon doesn't instantly make some one anti-trans or racist. Especially on chans. Language shifts and changes, but, they will never admit that.

Akko 22570

mate if you fail to understand how that could possibly be transphobic (and seriously? how?) then why do you keep trying to convince people who clearly and firmly disagree? you think this is what'll heal board relations, constant unwavering apologism?

Anonymous 22581


and this is where i call you, wobbly and everyone else who talked to this faggot in good faith fucking retarded suckers
fuck you guys
you are no better than this bitch
fuck you too
for telling me i have issues when i just shit on this bitch and don't give it an inch
because of you fags they think this sort of shit is acceptable
so fuck you, fuck every one last of you assholes who talks to this asshole as if he acted in good faith
and fuck caballo and his whole ilk of liberal cocksuckers

leftypolacks are a lost cause
all of them, including anyone who relativizes their shit every time i call it out
fuck you the most, you are more unbearable than even the fags doing this shit
fucking retards is what you are

unsurprisingly, yugo is the only one with a spine
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 22604

why are you so angry?

Anonymous  22623

Yeah it happens. We've got tabs on them but it's not exactly the nicest thing to keep track of cause fuck me they're retarded. That one guy who had a stress breakdown while trying to check some guy into the hotel, they tried to spam the fucking board with the idea that this was the start of some kind of race war for an hour. few days before that there was a bunch of retards posting gore. there was the shitty /qa/ wojack raid. the ding dongener of course. every now and again a regular will make some retarded post.

I think its a bit overstated having the whole advantage of seeing IPs and all, there are just a handful of people that are incredibly dedicated to being as retarded as possible.

Anonymous 22627

This is what I am talking about though. Your analysis stops at: "Oh well it's just transphobic cuz they said a thing I don't like" Even though, whether you want to admit it or not, it is much more nuanced than that. idpol libs and identitarians love to revel in contextless observations about language and that is exactly what is going on here.
Everything should be judge on a case by case basis.

Anonymous 22629

File: 1619628508346.png (79.47 KB, 1135x646, caballo on the case.png)


Slightly Mentally Impaired  22644

>Calls everything they don't like transhumanist
<not transphobic
What the actual fuck are you on about? They use a buzzword very clearly as a derogatory insult, how is that NOT a clear sign that they stand against it. And for that matter, forget just using the word, are you just ignoring the whole "transhumanists are just men trying to rape people in womens washroom" or "transhumanists are oversensitive cunts" part? And don't say something like that's not what you're talking about when you clearly see the screencaps.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 22647

>they never said it
>if they did they never meant it
>if they did they will be deradicalized
>if they're not it's just part of legitimate reactionary socialism
the eternal leftypol cope
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 22648

Reported idpol usually gets banned or deleted or both. peoples' champions can't be everywhere, sometimes we get 150 PPH. Smaller communities are easier to curate. Most people are chill, it takes 1 idiot to derail a thread or poison it with "muh trans are bad" stuff.

Anonymous 22649

Shut up troon.

See, amazing what happens when you aren't a definition lord.

Anonymous 22656

where the fuck do I appeal bans
apparently it's illegal to be a doomer
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  22659

File: 1619637810847.png (424.85 KB, 1254x1080, Moxxie14.png)

What the fuck are you talking about? I just checked and this IP hasn't even been banned. In fact, the vast majority of the bans on this site are for spam.

Anonymous 22660

They might be referring to leftypol and how to appeal there

Anonymous 22661

yeah this is the embassy for leftypol right?

Anonymous  22662

File: 1619638365310.png (606.64 KB, 1035x1080, Moxxie12.png)

Oh. Does it not say anything about appealing the ban on the ban page?

Anonymous 22664

You can go to the matrix if you are in it, or, you can go to the meta board. You might want to include some information related to your ban such as a ban message, who banned you and the given reason why plus a length of time. There is a log on the board.

Anonymous 22665

can't post on the metaboard

Anonymous 22695

who cares about trans people they make up like 1.0% of the population or something

Anonymous  22698

File: 1619650437675.gif (960.3 KB, 245x245, you may as well kill yourself …)

>who cares about you, you only make up like 000000000000000000.1% of the population or something

Anonymous  22700

How compelling, please face the wall now

Anonymous 22701

i'm asking why so many people seehte about trans people i'm with you guys on that, besides after all the estrogen i doubt you can really be able to hold and properly aim that rifle of yours

Anonymous 22702

Aren't women better shots though?

Anonymous 22703

yeah maybe if its incredibly light

Anonymous 22704

File: 1619652701974.png (310.41 KB, 768x768, 1617030954784.png)


This is a completely dishonest example of how anything goes down. If anything the way we treat pol, typically, is the exact opposite of this though. I mean, I hate to say it, but, there was no evidence that Space_ Ever sold out to google, what so ever. Not that I give a shit about him, but, I have noticed a worrying trend here of out right falsifying the narrative in order to fit your presuppositions. It's not healthy for you, your community, or society at large. I am curious as to if people like this actually act this way in the real world. You are much like the inverse of pol, in a sense. This is counter productive behavior for the left because until we can get over our pedantry involving A: Language and B: tribal in group politics we are never going to go anywhere while the world burns around us.

Anonymous 22705

File: 1619653042184.png (4.28 KB, 407x106, leftypol cant help itself.PNG)

>cope stacked on cope
>doubling down on what is being called out already
go back to /pol/, nigger

Anonymous 22706

see >>22647
how high on copium can you get you shiteating /pol/ack faggot?

Anonymous 22707

Even complete with a totally contextless screenshot You people literally are just pol but the other direction. A bunch of liberals. No amount of cherry picked screen shots will ever change reality.

Anonymous 22713

File: 1619656888122.png (239.89 KB, 756x870, Further analysis indicates you…)

Christ on a bike, this thread is a shitshow

Tomo, for your own sake if nothing else, please just take a break. I dont know why you seem to think that actively seeking out threads in a place you hate to screencap low quality bait is a good idea, but whatever the reason it's clearly not good for your mental health. Nothing is being accomplished other than you lashing out at anything in sight and making yourself look unhinged. Take a break from the internet a bit, you probably need it.

As for the rest of you, stop trying to provoke each other. Yes it's easy. Yes, it's also very tempting. That doesn't mean you should do it. It just gets everyone mad at each other.

Anonymous 22837

i mean i'm having fun shitposting here funny enough my whole comment on women being too weak to hold guns would get me banned on /leftypol/ :^)

Slightly Mentally Impaired ## Mod  22844

Thanks for the reminder :^)

Anonymous 22863

your mummy gay

Anonymous 22912

File: 1619752704278.png (79.6 KB, 994x518, 146198549817591651.png)

/b/ lol

Anonymous 22913

>on /b/
>for that

Yup, anti-idpol working as intended! The Jannguard is keeping the anons safe!

Anonymous 22943

File: 1619770384013.jpg (36.9 KB, 512x421, you can't explain that.jpg)

>anchor idpol
>everyone complains
>don't anchor idpol
>everyone complains

Anonymous  22953

File: 1619775873799.png (15.76 KB, 563x94, 2021،04،30-12:40:30.png)

It is on /b/. It is about bi-sexuals and their sexual preferences.
Meanwhile "Natsoc AMA" got a long pass before getting locked for shitting up the board.

Anonymous 22959

File: 1619791511035.png (182.36 KB, 989x580, b.png)

>it's only idpol when it's non straight

When /leftypol/ users come here, they don't send their best!

Anonymous 22964

People with social life shouldn't be allowed on the Internet.

Anonymous  23017

Anonymous 23025

Leftypol is literally just nazis and polacks larping as communists at this point lmao

Anonymous 23028

File: 1619816562653.png (19.14 KB, 1020x101, so leftist wow.png)

another "left"y/pol/ack totally not being a race essentialist what a surprise

Djinn-chan  23039

That's not fair, i was criticizing race and gender.

Anonymous 23044

>well ackchually i was criticizing race by being a race essentialist!
how convenient, go back to your containment board leftypolack

Djinn-chan  23045

The person i was responding to was conflating gender with biological sex, saying that being trans means you want to claim medical status as a female which would force doctors to pretend you can get pregnant, or some shit.
Hence i conflated race with ethnicity in response in exactly the same way as they did with gender and sex.

Anonymous  23049

im sure you totally leftist /pol/tard reactionary scum "conflate" race with ethnicity all the time but totally ""ironically"" to """prove a point""" right? yet another leftypolack trying to """"deradicalize""""
fuck you spineless twofaced nazi piece of shit, your thinly veiled racism is plain as day
i'm sure that confederate flag you worship is also totally ironic!!! XD as well, /pol/chud
you can keep your neoliberal race essentialism immanent critique on lefty/pol/

Djinn-chan  23050

I'm saddened that you think that way, but i deserve it. I'm not very good at argument anymore, it probably wasn't a good idea to compare race to gender in such a way. I don't really feel like defending myself. I'm sorry. I'm just an idiot

Anonymous  23061

nice fake apology, meanwhile you get to keep ironically jerking off to your confederate flag right?
honestly i dont know why you havent been banned, GETchan is basically lefty/pol/ lite now

Anonymous 23062

get back in your shell whore

Anonymous  23063

hey hideri, are you going to allow a confederate-worshipping race realist crypto-/pol/ack to keep posting on your board or not? or is being a racist all of a sudden acceptable now?

Anonymous 23064

>publicly crying to the peoples' champions for a ban

you know you could just as easily report them instead of throwing a tism fit

Anonymous  23065

nice ableism, it's always the same bullshit from all you leftypol turds right? i must have a developmental disorder for being against leftypol racists pretending to be "leftists" and infiltrating my board, FUCK YOU I hope you win the lottery and die the next day and your daughter has to see you getting lowered in your grave

Anonymous 23068

File: 1619829456932.jpg (75.71 KB, 1080x855, silly man.jpg)

i like you

Anonymous  23069

File: 1619829779381.png (347.29 KB, 582x801, average leftypol fan.png)

>i like you

Anonymous  23070

Anonymous 23071

File: 1619829949350.jpg (10.75 KB, 239x255, soy drinkin.jpg)

Anonymous 23083

File: 1619832210903.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Shiggy diggy doo, where are yo…)

Cope and seethe

Never bitch

Anonymous 23091

File: 1619835968501.gif (15.99 KB, 148x166, stone.gif)

Anonymous  23199

The other site's URL has been liberated, though admittedly through a betrayal and possible coup. Redirection to https://leftypol.org/leftypol/ has been instated.

Anonymous  23200

TCH, too, too late again.

Anonymous 23292

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