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File: 1608953553166.jpg (11.86 KB, 200x182, Leftytrash.jpg)

/leftytrash/ Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2[View All]

Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
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Anonymous  19580


Anonymous  19581

File: 1618203251859.png (531.55 KB, 800x565, 9729e02b86a2d63654b4bb122bcca2…)

as in art that just ends up being lost forever, even though it was good and all that, just because twitter is obtuse and makes pinpointing and saving the content you like off of that site as obtuse as possible
I can do even bigger hugs

Anonymous  19582

The biggest?

Anonymous  19583

File: 1618203316364.png (701.67 KB, 802x845, sidon says trans rights.png)

the biggest and bro-est

Anonymous  19584

gib me da squishiest

Anonymous  19585

and then i hafta slep

Anonymous  19586

File: 1618203618718.png (175.99 KB, 480x640, 74256391_p0.png)

slep well lil skel

Anonymous  19587


C?  19588

Oh man I just woke up from my nap, apparently Keiko did fraud or some shit, but Pedro Castillo is going seems to go to second phase or something, so thats cool.
Golpe de la CIA cuando?

Anonymous  19589

Gud nite poopies!

Anonymous  19590

File: 1618205059060.png (363.19 KB, 724x1023, 76056422_p12.png)

Anonymous 19591

What they do?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 19592

File: 1618205374871.jpg (334.24 KB, 750x900, EyqgXsWVoAAIrjj.jpg)

C?  19593

>What they do?
No idea, my mom just told me, I'm looking it right now (also playing the dungeon ai thingy)

Anonymous  19594

File: 1618205539426.png (387.06 KB, 850x1100, 1547773316547.png)

don't fuck bees

Anonymous  19595

File: 1618205717123.png (1.12 MB, 1103x725, 1617107152357.png)

I'm like 100% sure Tali is the one who gave me the entire mask/faceless fetish

when we're robutts we can forgo faces and experience emotion on a more primal level rather than amalgamated interpretations through the visages of interpretations of muscle and meat that is the face

Anonymous  19596

>check twitter
>see post about guy who got run over on his bike hours after posting about shit road design and danger for bikers
>keep scrolling
>funny post about anime girl being run over by car
that feels kinda bad and really weird

PB 19597

I never liked tali. dunno why. And I only liked liara because her voice made me melt, and not so much her appearance

Anonymous 19598

Wasn't he cancelled recently?

Anonymous  19599

considering I got married to a smol engineer nerd irl I guess my tastes are pretty consistent lmao
liara was alright but I completely friendzone'd her. ngl jack was cute in a tomboyish way, but I honestly couldn't see her in a long-term relationship
ashley is as bland as they come
garrus was too much of a bro to fuck
the rest I kinda forgot lmao, there were other romance options though

bear 19600

What scenario you on?
How so? Like you’re being watched by the algorithm?

C?  19601

>What scenario you on?
Fantasy prom, A muscular anthro rat named "Ratburger" is teaching me dark magic and shit, also we banged.

Anonymous  19602

that story is just kinda bad and depressing and that funny joke image right after just felt really off in the context
just a really bad coincidence

Anonymous  19603

File: 1618208665989.mp4 (3.1 MB, 1280x720, basketball.mp4)

Anonymous  19604


Anonymous 19605

File: 1618209171328.png (Spoiler Image, 665.52 KB, 800x1000, a6bb0db4ccd618492cba1f8c7284ab…)

Was this posted yet?

Anonymous  19606

how did you get in yugo's private picture cache?

Anonymous 19607

I was searching for pictures with baggy eyes on the boorus. This one had a backpack.

Anonymous  19608

makes me wonder if he ever thought of tomoko lewdly because of me

Anonymous  19610

File: 1618212408046.jpg (137.78 KB, 1378x1980, Ensz5iEXUAQDRLH.jpg)

probably, we chose avatars because they are succinct projections of the traits we have and identify with, and in a lot of cases one's avatar might be a more appropriate projection of the "self" than your actual irl appearance, a kind of idealized self.

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19611

File: 1618213894318.png (8.16 KB, 687x450, spurdo_ilme.png)

So what does my choice of avatar(s) say of me then?

Anonymous  19612

Generally carefree and lackadaisical attitude, taking life at its own pace but at the same time maybe approaching it without energy. life's affairs might bore you and in turn you seek a kind of release the lambasting of the reality that bores you, which spurdo is usually, a stereotypical actor in an exaggerated environment but both designed to, in some way, parody and embody the kind of absurdities of life, to amplify their presence. The absurd triumphing over the mundane.

That'd be my guess, anyways.

Anonymous  19613

File: 1618214259384.jpg (91.17 KB, 800x546, __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga_mot…)

now do me

Anonymous  19614

File: 1618214951558.jpg (411.43 KB, 1060x1500, 1527955835517.jpg)

Tomoko embodies a general kind of malevolent depression, the creeping of past traumas and missed opprotunities into the mind, the constant subverion of the present and its possibilities by the doubts and failures of the past. But with that comes a kind of stoicism, to have one eyes be clear where others would be clouded by their own tears. Those who have suffered know how best to endure suffering, and often act as a pillar of support for people who are suffering through things you have already long triumphed over. People rely on you for council, see you as a point of strength in their lives, something they can always come to no matter how dire the circumstances. But to lean into this too deep is another way to fall, for embracing your struggles as yourself leads to bottling up your expression, becoming an unexpressive edifice, a false image of an unmovable person. No amount of suffering can make man infallible, and inevitably that bottled up energy will release itself in an explosive way if not exorcised out of the body with the help of the people around you. You may be strong, but not so strong that you can forgo the support of the people in your lives from supporting you in times of need.

Anonymous  19615

File: 1618214966579.jpg (87.68 KB, 550x817, 930f28b907457319281b080fd38b38…)

Your trauma makes you stone-like, scarred from experience but likewise enduring it more than most, but the fundamentally human aspect of struggle means you can never become a full golem, never escape the struggle. Maybe you internalize it as a curse and are simply thankful it inflicts you and no others, maybe its just something you chalk up to bad luck, but it is your long-held burden either way. You will often become part of a close-knit group of friends and compatriots, being the "strong silent type" most of the time, but when you get properly social your less rigid side shines through and you articulate your own personality more freely. Almost all parts of your life comes down to striking a balance - between using your struggles to help others without also getting consumed by them, to take heed of your past without allowing it to stifle your future, to be supportive when you are needed but to never allow your professional side to overtake your own personality... you get the idea. Striking that balance is the greatest struggle you face.

Anonymous  19616

I didn't mean to committ so much with tomo so I'll expand with you a bit lmao

The battle between the mundane and the absurd is also an artistic expression - the emphasis of elements of life until they are conflated beyond their initial meaning, in the same way a picture captures a singular moment in time removed from its meaning, the absurd can capture a single emotion or facet of being in a single instance and preserve it - be it a societal idea, a system of belief, what have you. If memes are the DNA of society, then the absurd is the RNA of memes, it is the constitutent components which goes into creating these distilled moments of social conciousness and mood, a testiment that the past was once living, too. This also lends the person who embodies this absurdism to artistry, having the will to capture these kinds of moments in different forms so they can be appreciated in the future.

Anonymous  19617

These kinds of people are very "fortifying" personalities, in that they'll often play off of the moment and the people around them to reinforce their traits and almost make them exempliary, the perfect kind of wingman. They often have a deep kind of social intuition, but often so deep that it becomes too esoteric to really use in social scenarios because it takes a certain place of mind to properly untangle and understand it from within the context it stems from. All in all you tend to work well socially with a group of people, but without other people to "sound off from" during a conversation you can feel like you falter conversation-wise.

Anonymous  19618

File: 1618216655235.jpg (74.96 KB, 1280x720, proxy-image.jpg)

You still don't believe me? I will show you my psychokinetic power.
Put your controller on the floor.
Put it down as flat as you can...
that's good.

Now I will move your controller by the power of my will alone!

Anonymous  19619

holy shit wobbly-chan it moved

Anonymous  19620

File: 1618216925154.gif (954.38 KB, 500x465, hKaXPSj.gif)

What do you think now!? Can you feel my power now!? The demonstration is over!!

PB 19621


do me now.

Anonymous  19622

Someone has done a massive shit in one of the two work toilets and clogged it. Other than that morning has been pretty chill as far as Mondays go.

Anonymous  19623

I forgot who all you usually like to post with, cirno mostly but more generic anime girls besides ye?

PB 19624

what a legend.

Anonymous  19625

I am bad at anime

Anonymous  19626

Fuck 'em

What's that?



Damn I wanna fuck her

Oh no, it would be a real shame to see Tomokoposter like this~




Anonymous 19628

File: 1618226567497.jpg (44.54 KB, 720x435, EytO4LpVIAI-j5l.jpg)

Anonymous 19629

File: 1618230494146.jpg (174.74 KB, 540x540, have a nice life.jpg)

Is it a fetish? I've had the same kinds of thoughts about overcoming visceral emotional reaction/instinct in favor of developing a more conscious and nuanced way to experience affect and emotion through going post-human but it's just because i wanna write about it and because i'm insecure about my face.
No, it literally was just some people trying to start shit for no reason.

Anonymous  19630

masked/faceless is a fetish but what you describe is not lmao
though, they are probably related to some degree

Anonymous  19632

File: 1618232132977.png (482.27 KB, 1239x557, 1618228305744.png)

lel the getchan youtube is big enough to rival thoughtslime

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