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File: 1608953553166.jpg (11.86 KB, 200x182, Leftytrash.jpg)

/leftytrash/ Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2[Last 50 Posts]

Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19074

Did you bite down really hard recently? Or idly crack/pop your jaw a lot? That tends to cause soreness in the tendons there.

Anonymous  19075

just make fart noises over top

Anonymous  19076

yeah, just eat some beans and onions and cabbage
why do all these delicious things cause the unspeakable

Anonymous  19077

idk, i don't really get gassy tho

C?  19078

It just manifested itself onto me while I was drawing and drinking tea.
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19079

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19080

Sorry fam you're a necromorph I guess then.

Anonymous  19081

Oh, well then there is a simple solution.

Anonymous  19082

me neither, it is just said that it happens to people, thats all i know, i never had that problem

C?  19083

Is that a type of xenomorph?

Which is?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19084

It's those things from dead space.

Also now that I think about it, Dead Space's ultimate plot is just the fucking tang ending from the end of Eva. And does a better job at it too (heyo).
This post was edited by its author on .

C?  19085

I haven't played that game, is that the one with the eye stabbing thing?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19086

Anonymous  19088

erase/burn/delete the drawing and puke up the tea

Anonymous 19089

Thank you, I suppose you're right, I should really write the story the way I want and not try to follow some formula, but I guess I just lack the confidence to do so
Thank you, I suppose you're right, I probably don't need to have in-depth knowledge of something to make a reference, but some of the stuff I'd like to write falls more into the category of parody so I feel for those cases I should have a good grasp of the subject

Anonymous  19091

Have you been sending mail lately?

Anonymous 19092

No I haven't

C?  19093

The pain has leave me right after I finished my drawing. I'm convinced that that specific drawing was cursed, which fits given my feelings towards it.

Anonymous 19094

File: 1618036745332.png (779.26 KB, 638x852, LNP Enviromental Policy 2020.p…)

What is happening my hetro-normative companions?


bear 19095

He do be holding up rock. Why mistah aussie?

PB 19096

I got the vaccine and I feel like shit. Also I'm not turning into a girl I was lied to

Anonymous  19097

Is it the first one, which vaccine did you get? I got the moderna, no side effects for my first one, i get my second on the 30th.

PB 19098

I got the J&J one, the single shot one.
My aunt got the 2-shot one and she said the second one was the one that got her feeling effects.

Anonymous  19099

File: 1618039229296.png (1.04 MB, 1024x655, 48201833.png)


PB 19100


bear 19101

What bout Bill Gate 5G Microsoft chips
Dubs be check’d

PB 19102

maybe. I don't have 5g fone

Anonymous 19104

>He do be holding up rock. Why mistah aussie?
That's a lump of coal, the stuff Aussie dreams are made of.
And that man is our Proime Ministah!

Anonymous 19105

I got the AZ.
It wasn't so bad, minml side offencts only sid effet ghyv

PB 19106

Ahh, do you already have both shots?
>minml side offencts only sid effet ghyv
sorry bruh I can't understand welsh.

Anonymous  19108

>Why is he holding up a rock.
Thats our PM.
During a debate in parliament about clean energy to somehow prove "COAL WONT KILL US YOU HECKIN SILLY LIBTARDS!!!!" He physically brought a lump of coal into the room in his lunchbox and began waving it around like "SEE???? IM HOLDING A PIECE OF COAL IN MY BARE HANDS AND IM NOT DEAD!"
As stated this was in response to the Labor party complaining about CLEAN ENERGY POLICY

Anonymous  19109

Where (Cultural) fire spreads, (Societal) Foundations fall.

Anonymous  19110

Sup /GET/
slightly drunk, just wanted to proclaim how I

Anonymous  19111

hetero? yes
normative? fuck no

g'nite /GET/
I love you all you're great friends

Anonymous  19112

>After killing his second victim Jeffery Dahmer stuffed his body in a suitcase and attempted to take it back to his grandmothers house in a taxi cab.
>The Cabbie took the suitcase off of dahmer and by account said to him "Gosh sir what have yah got in here a body? haha" to which Dahmer replied "Yes. Do you wanna have a look?" to which the cabbie simply laughed off.

Anonymous  19113

Anonymous  19115

Still drunk, but putting thought and some time into this post.
It's only thanks to my girl that i have any amount of happiness.
still love you. also my alarm for work went off and i'm still up lol. hangover incoming. #I'mAfuckingLightWeight

Djinn-chan  19116

I dunno what eye stabby thing you're talking about, but i'd guess you're talking about the bat thingies.
The Infector Necromorph | How you turn into a Necromorph | Dead Space Lore, Morphology and Infection
This guy does a bunch of anatomical analysis of video game and movie monsters which is pretty epic

Anonymous 19117

You ever feel like you're "out-maturing" your friends? Is that ever a bad feeling to feel?

Djinn-chan  19118

Happens alot. For me it's usually delusions of being better than everyone else

Anonymous  19119

I would if I had any friends :/

Anonymous  19120

I miss hanging out with firends and getting drunk ;_;
Define being "mature". Also people tend to be more "mature" in their toughts than when they speak to others, specifically arround friends who, theorically, you talk to for fun

Anonymous  19122

File: 1618062279175.jpg (520.51 KB, 2000x2000, cunt.jpg)


Anonymous 19126

Ironclad argument.

Anonymous  19129

File: 1618066160606.jpg (77.54 KB, 470x723, RacismFieldACTIVATE.jpg)

- Serrano, Probably.

bear 19131

>When you believe trans rights but are a boomer

Anonymous  19133

tf is this?

Mein  19135

It's a type of pepper.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19136

Your face.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19137

You're a type of bottom.

Anonymous  19138

I had a funny dream last night that I almost want to take up drawing just to illustrate
but the tl;dr of it was

>tomo: hey yugo

<yugo: yes UWU
>tomo: I'm going to give you the best inflation of all
<yugo: ==OWO==
<yugo: nooo I can't have kids!
(jumpcut to tomo and yugo snuggling with a little tomo-yugo hybrid in their arms)
<yugo: parenthood is fine, actually. I don't care anymore.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19139

Anonymous  19140

Can I use it to cook?
I looked at the mirror and that definitely doesn't look like my face.
How did you reach this conclusion?
Full description please. Does yugo become pregnant?

Anonymous 19141

What happened to Mr Metokur?

Anonymous  19142

yeah but it was very quick from pregnancy to baby
it was a part of a wider dream where like all of GET had bought a nuclear powered submarine and turned it into a vessel we could all live in to escape capitalism

Anonymous  19143

>Communism in one submarine

Mein  19144

Yes, but it's very spicy.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19145

(._. )
Your face is a conclusion.
Oi Mein-Senpai.

Anonymous  19146

I do not know why you express glumness but I assure you it was v cute

Anonymous  19147

i want this to be real

also, yugo been doing some work and wrote article
seems pretty good so far

Anonymous  19148

I should say you had identical twins and for the rest of the dream you were both holding one of them whenever I saw you

also the article is p good, just needs some hyperlinking to the other articles for navigation's sake

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19151

I don't like how much I like this.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19152

I just realize that Crysis 2 predicted almost exactly what was going on rn from the civil unrest to the fucking plague and stuff.

Oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck. Please no major earthquakes and stuff.
Crysis 2 News Reel Intro

Anonymous  19153

File: 1618082784868.mp4 (1.82 MB, 476x360, video0_-_2021-04-09T171907.021…)

bear 19154

Who was pregnant of the two? Also what were the rest of us doing on da submarine?
Pretty good

Anonymous  19155

That sounds awesome.

Anonymous  19156


Anonymous  19157

Well, afternoon I guess

Anonymous  19158

File: 1618084599162.png (687.41 KB, 1280x720, no tooth rin.png)

Anonymous  19159

it was yugo, tomo would give them little kisses every time they saw each other

I was like the hunter and chef of the group, I would cram myself into a torpedo tube with a spear and get shot out into the ocean and hunt fish to eat
I remember Peridot and britstache would fight over who got to pilot the submarine
Shaytan had like a little supply closet on a lower level which he filled with occult stuff
I remember bear and rin usually spent most of their time in the greenhouse area we had on the top deck
Zeke was naviagator and spurdo was the mechanic

but besides like our official duties on the ship we would also just dick around, play games, those kinds of things. There were other people who just sorta hung out and didn't really have an official job.

Anonymous  19160


Anonymous  19161

henlo, zeke

Anonymous  19162

That is wild. I wish I had such vivid dreams. This sounds like an anime.

Anonymous  19163

it was a weirdly structured dream but it was linear, what few dreams I do have (or at least remember) tend to be like that
we did have this weird threat of like, some kind of ghost ship full of people displaced across time that tried to attack us but nothing ever came of it.

Anonymous  19164

getting more and more anime by the minute
I wish I could hang out irl with my leftytrash friends ;_;

Anonymous 19165

File: 1618085727506.jpg (368.41 KB, 1920x1080, ararara.jpg)

>I wish I could hang out irl with my leftytrash friends ;_;
but that would get pretty gay..

Anonymous  19166

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19167

File: 1618085870071.png (1.67 MB, 1548x4948, Robowaifu Greentext Edit.png)

I am commissioning Koba to make pic-related into a comic.

Anonymous 19168

File: 1618085900542.jpg (64.67 KB, 690x712, mario assfucks yoshi.jpg)

i dunno. i'd probably still hang out with you guise in the meatspace even tho i only go on here to pooppost

Anonymous  19169

File: 1618086155625.png (105.64 KB, 1000x1000, happy duck.png)

Dog bless finnish autism
business idea; come to the meeting but you just stay in the toilet pooping

Anonymous  19170

a whole comic sounds pretty expensive

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19171

File: 1618086519062.jpg (31.63 KB, 680x461, 8vybi.jpg)

I know, but I'm willing to throw my gubmint gibs at it because I have literally nothing else to spend it on rn besides Steam and the occasional order of pizza. This is my gift to all of you.

Anonymous  19172

a lewd koba comic does sound neat, looking forward to it, if things work out

Anonymous  19173

Fucking kek




>I remember Peridot and britstache would fight over who got to pilot the submarine
lel, would probably end up with the both of us fucking lmao

ngl, I kinda wanna see it lmao

bear 19174

Sounds real cool!
Woah, that’s gonna be a lot of pages. Can’t wait to see how it looks like adapted

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19176

File: 1618088432658.png (114.28 KB, 680x559, 0b5.png)

I'm only commissioning like the first part rn since Koba has a lot of other commissions that he needs to work on. The first part will be a nice 130 pounds in terms of cost, but he estimates that the complete work will be around 15 pages long and cost around 1200 pounds in total to commission, so this will likely be done in bits and pieces over time.


It's going to be used for feeding a fellow comrade so it's for a good cause though.

Anonymous  19177

File: 1618088549865.png (659.55 KB, 1004x574, 489489.PNG)

thats a lot of money holy shit

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19178

File: 1618089247123.jpg (72.75 KB, 766x630, 1557865095901.jpg)

We could probably cut the price by bringing a hatchet down on the number of panels and reduce the page count by extension (since I am paying by page), but I've never drawn comics, so I don't know how much shit you can fit into a panel.

Anonymous  19180

What's new?

Anonymous 19181

Why does the government give you this much?

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19183

File: 1618091349082.jpg (25.61 KB, 680x383, 9f1.jpeg)

Because I'm a student and (on paper) renting an apartment from my parents. In truth I don't actually pay the rent nor even live in the apartment but as long as I pretend to do so I'll keep getting the gibs.

Anonymous  19185

got a bit drunk last night watching Netflix, got super emotional and drunkposted at like 3-5 AM, and now I'm shitposting and will be moving a shed in my back yard with my dad so we can repair the fence that's behind it. What about you?

Anonymous  19186

File: 1618091673452.mp4 (351.59 KB, 640x640, tumblr_qr7rrototy1z6muk3.mp4)

Anonymous 19187

Hello, we're speaking from the government. You have been grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 800 years. Please enjoy the rest of your days.

Anonymous  19188

poor horsey :(

Anonymous  19189

File: 1618091995673.gif (1.71 MB, 480x368, exploding van.gif)

holy shit mane, that's a lot of cash money
I wish I didn't live in a country where the only ones getting gibs is the goverment
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 19190

File: 1618094701960.jpg (42.79 KB, 894x894, Penny once again doesn't quite…)

So apparently folks are malding hard over the Attack on Titan ending or some shit like that. I'm only watching the anime so I'm not caught up on all that shit, but if it's making /a/ seethe then it must be good

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19191

File: 1618097519044.png (205.01 KB, 510x405, a31.png)

>tfw bullying Tomo in Portal 2 coop.

Djinn-chan  19192

File: 1618098400305.png (146.23 KB, 1220x355, 075.png)

Anonymous  19193

PB 19194

File: 1618100522889.png (56.74 KB, 400x400, 0.png)

I was able to achieve lucidity in a fever dream, it was so strange.

Anonymous  19195

What happened lmao

Anonymous  19196

did u use it to fugg your waifu in your dreams

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19197

I'll fug you in my dreams.

Anonymous  19198

at least take me to dream dinner first

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19200

No. Sex on the restaurant table first.

Anonymous  19201

yugo your ass doesn't count as dinner
if anything its dessert

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19202

You're the one on the table deary :)

PB 19203

imagine a fever dream but you can control some of it. I have a fever so when I tried to sleep that happened.
that didn't come to my mind at all. It was all something about like this thing I had in my hand and it sucked some black stuff out of people's eyes like a magnet. somehow I removed my own eyes and was still able to see and tinkered with them or whatever and put them back. I flew off a cliff and there were like rows upon rows of like people in space suits standing in line. I was in a room and I was climbing in the walls like spiderman. I was in some place that was like a weird ass public bathroom and the toilets were weird, so I transformed them into regular toilets and the whole bathroom became a single regular home bathroom. I was in the balcony at nighy and I saw these glowing circles on the roofs of some homes so I jumped off and flew to each one.

Anonymous  19204

What the fuck lmao

Anonymous  19205

yugo you can't even penetrate silly, you are a girl
>spacemen and indescribible horrors inside of your body
sounds like PB is sus

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19206

I got a big PP, and I'll show you it when you're bent over the table and squealing like the femdom loving bottom you are.

Anonymous  19207

ok fine but I demand headpats after

Anonymous 19208

File: 1618102034821.mp4 (1.32 MB, 1280x720, imdonehere.mp4)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19209

I'll pat your butt.

Anonymous  19210

no faaaaair
you need gentle femdom to balance out the rough femdom

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19211

Fine I'll leave the vibrator up your butt for 4 hours as a reward.

Anonymous  19212

as long as we cuddle and play vidya together during uwu

PB 19213

sus of what?

Anonymous  19214

File: 1618102537702.png (152.21 KB, 454x469, trash neko.PNG)

Anonymous  19215

susus amongus
you can play vidya with us too

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19216


Slightly Mentally Impaired  19217


Djinn-chan  19218

File: 1618102681465.jpg (30.13 KB, 605x586, image0.jpg)

Business idea: ambient drone music with political speeches and radio networks droning about cool conspiracy shit
The Aftermath of the Black Mesa Incident
I got the idea from this video because i stopped paying attention and realized how epic the sound was

PB 19219

I am this cat
oh, i still don't get that maymay

Anonymous  19220

I promise I'm big and cuddly and I'll let you win if you call me nice names
its some kind of SS13 game but for normies from what I gathered

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19221

Business idea: somebody go tie up shayton and leave them with a couple of vibrators on the floor for the night so they can stop posting this crack.
Nah. More anal.

Anonymous  19222

hmpgh. just gonna have to drain your girlballs to play vidya then.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19223

Oki cumflation slut.

Anonymous  19224

I'll inflate you
with self worth
by calling you pretty

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19225

Hard to talk with a ball gag in your mouth.

Anonymous  19226

I've got a lot of practice

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19227

Anonymous  19228

Djinn-chan  19229

>Business idea: somebody go tie up shayton and leave them with a couple of vibrators on the floor for the night so they can stop posting this crack.
Please no.

Anonymous 19230

File: 1618103166078.png (107.83 KB, 500x500, nekojiji.png)

isn't that more or less what GY!BE is?
>wanting to interrupt interesting ideas and schizoposting with horny thoughts via physical stimulation
You disgust me.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19231

File: 1618103296084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.5 KB, 900x1200, FB_IMG_16176387916441873.jpg)

I'm sorry what was that Mrs. Sub?
You can have your turn after I guess.

Anonymous  19232

can't believe yugo is a fan of my ass smh

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19233

You insult me sir I'm a fan of almost all asses

Anonymous 19234

File: 1618103444608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 333.44 KB, 1368x2048, 296533190c9ce1795cd533182a13d9…)

What do you mean, my turn? The monitor says it's your turn next in the precum milk hut.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19235

I have to agree

We should give Shaytan lots of hugs and fugs instead


Slightly Mentally Impaired  19236

I'm not the one posting lewd images.

Djinn-chan  19237

I said: please do not leave me squirming on the floor tied up with vibrators in me.

Anonymous  19238

File: 1618103703907.png (Spoiler Image, 138.29 KB, 500x429, 1610541861939.png)

you are lucky that small doms are my thing
shay in approximately 15 minutes

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19239

Are you sure about that? Tell me that without getting wet this time lass.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19240

Totally not cause you just wanna be bottomed hard.

Anonymous  19241

File: 1618103820008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.76 KB, 640x905, 1528922562731.jpg)

well maybe but I wanna be a bottom to a cute girl like yourself

Anonymous 19242

What does that have to do with anything?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, they tend to have that kind of apocalyptic atmosphere and use radio samples or field recordings. Not really my thing but it is pretty popular among /mu/ people
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19243

By the time I'm through with you, you'll be the cute girl.
Cause you're horny.

Anonymous 19244

File: 1618104227414.mp4 (776.15 KB, 340x426, AAAA.mp4)

Anonymous  19245

k but I'll warn you I was a p competitive girl back in my day

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19246

I'll get the fembat if I have to.

Anonymous 19247

You gonna bonk yourself with that?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19248

Back in what day?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19249

Me? Horny?

Anonymous  19250

back in high school I crossdressed a lot
I liked to show up all the other girls and make boys smitten with me

Anonymous 19251

Always, yeah.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19252


Anonymous  19253

oh it was pre-mass media internet time, it was just when cellphones were getting popular here too. I doubt anything of the time period exists, save for the old androgynous me on my old driver's liscense.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19254


Anonymous  19255

guess we'll just have to take new cute girl pics together then

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19256

I'm gonna smack you.

Anonymous  19257

good, I need the encouragement

Anonymous  19258

It's so small it's more like a jello shot.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19259

I wish it was bigger (._. )

PB 19260

Has any of you ever done cosplay? Who did you dress up as?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19261

Does a sailor outfit alone in my room count?

PB 19262

>Does a sailor outfit alone in my room count?
Who were you dressing up as?

Anonymous  19263

File: 1618105995389.gif (82.57 KB, 220x220, snake.gif)

I did a cosplay as Solid Snake back in college

Anonymous  19264

Not yet, no

PB 19265

ohh, that's pretty neat.

PB 19266

Any reason why? or do you want to but have not had the chance/funds etc

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19267

A middle school girl.

Anonymous  19268

File: 1618106290332.jpg (452.74 KB, 2895x4096, EyopR3-XEAQLWMz.jpg)

lots of good femboy art for femboy day

Anonymous 19269

Anonymous  19270

File: 1618107990885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.61 KB, 2665x1920, EtaaEsHXIAAccQ4.jpg)

@ yugo

might get to it tomorrow

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19271

Anonymous  19272

the joke is that she messed it up and its gonna be inflation

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19273

That's some weak ass inflation.

Anonymous  19274

oh its not happened yet, still waiting for the follow up
here is the artist tho

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19275

Anonymous  19276

File: 1618108962836.png (380.23 KB, 500x486, 4220.PNG)

i want to watch an anime about a fully grown woman in her 30s that fucked up life, is full of bitterness and daydreams like tomoko about pushing teens down the stairs because they have the nerve to have fun
basically an AU where tomoko grows up not making any of those positive experiences
she ends up becoming aquainted with some cultish anarchist sect that get her into carrying out a suicide mission but she ends up enjoying herself for the first time, deviates from the plan and blows shit up while staying alive and becoming an expert terrorist
that would be a cool anime

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19277

Just film vlogs then lmao.

Anonymous  19278

no idea what a vlog would have to do with an anime of that sort

Anonymous  19279

lmao the sims 4 got a star wars DLC and apparently a lot of the aliens aren't properly confined to the DLC location so you'll have like Chewbacca and Kylo Ren show up at your houseparties sometimes

PB 19280

have you seen ReLife? It's about some dude who hates who he has become and takes a pill to become a teenager again or something and re-do HS as an experiment.

PB 19281

damn. Is there a fanbase that is getting milked more than Sims fans Maybe people that enjoy paradox games are more milked, but i dunno

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19282

Cause you're basically describing yourself you dummy.
Too bad the sims 4 is just objectively inferior than the sims 3 and has even more egregious monetization somehow.
Yo hook me up with that pill bro it's time to make my highschool self cross dress.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19283

sounds like an awful experience honestly, might be interesting
though i don't like the idea that it might end up going like "oh, i am wiser now, it was just me being silly haha, time to make peace"
i'm not interested in anarchism, blowing stuff up or any of that sort, it's just something interesting to see a character do
i might be bitter, but that's where it ends, since i do have you and i think being with you is the best thing ever

Anonymous  19284

Did FFVII cosplay for haloween back in highschool. Was Cloud one year and Vincent the next. Also Lonk in middle school.

Anonymous  19285

I dunno, the Hours Heresy series of books has been going on for like... what, 3 years without getting to the concluding storypiece we're all waiting for in The Duel, since its implied its going to be radically different in person than it was in retelling.
Hey, at least the Solar Auxillaria are neat lmao
from what I've seen its better for if you like building and decorating since you don't need peoples' champions to do a lot of changes to stuff like item elevation and surfaces have multiple slots for decor items, but about everything else is pretty worse
overall I think moving away from a total open world is a good idea because in reality sims 3 lots were de-loaded at certain distances so even if you go to there in the open world there won't be anything going on when you get there, it'll be empty and people will filter in over time
of course from the look of it the Sims 4 system is literally the same in that lots are empty when you first travel to them, so idk what they are doing lmao. They got this right in the Sims 2 for fucks sake.

PB 19286

>Yo hook me up with that pill bro it's time to make my highschool self cross dress.
It's just a business idea atm.
>sounds like an awful experience honestly, might be interesting
>though i don't like the idea that it might end up going like "oh, i am wiser now, it was just me being silly haha, time to make peace"
the MC dude literally fails every test at first and can't do shit like the other teens do because even tho he has the outward appearance of a teen, his body is still 30+yrs old and he smoked a lot. Also school stuff has changed a lot since the time he was there.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19287

Ok anarkiddie
Hey the horus heresy is actually pretty good. Plus finally got some cheap forgeworld shit because of it jesus christ thank you contemptor class dreadnoughts, I'm gonna use you as my 'counts as' in my 40k games. Go go white scars dreadnoughts.
Gimme the pill bruv, I'll sign the user end agreement and wave the legal stuff.

Anonymous  19288

that does sound pretty fun, going back and just suffering more

Anonymous  19289

I didn't say it was bad, just that its been really delaying getting to what is basically the conclusion of the Heresy, we've been on like the last phase of it forever
>Go go white scars dreadnoughts
Incredibly cruel, you have to strap jump-packs on them like some high gothic storm boys in order for them to ever go fast again

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19290

Do the math Pinkerton, if you were in highschool you'd be closer to my age than you are now.

Anonymous  19291

yeah, but i'm not
nothing would really change besides that
i'd still feel like shit and hate myself and hold on to you as the one bright happy place i have
i wouldn't want to go to work even in a small group, fuck being stuck in school with a whole bunch of people, that would be too much
especially teens, they're the scummiest assholes ever

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19293

Honestly my biggest gripe with the horus heresy stuff is the imperial creed/cult stuff that completely undermines the entire point of the irony of the biggest atheist of all time being worshipped as a god and also the fact they confirmed Alpharius's death on Pluto. That's so fucking bullshit, the whole point of alpharius is that you don't know if he's actually dead because of the 50 plus ways he could have snaked out of it, with all the double bodies, being the shortest primarch with the tallest legionaries or the twin brother and it was so good. Now it's just he got wrecked by Dorn for no fucking reason despite the fact all the books up until that point made them to be loyalists(attacking the white scars so then they'd stay to receive the message of Horus's betrayal, trolling Mortarian, trapping Russ in a nebula so then he'd be in the right place to fuck up Lorgar etc) but nah this grand chess master, challenges Dorn to a duel for some reason and dies and go "oh must be some body double or something if he's pulling a stunt like that" but then 5 seconds later it confirms it was Alpharius and UGGGGGHHH STOP RUINING THE FUCKING QUADROUPLE SPIES SNEAKY BOIS FFS.
>Incredibly cruel
Contemptors are canonically faster than mk IVs and Vs and since the white scars never use dreadnoughts they probably have a fuckton of the old rare patterns lying around since they've never been touched. Plus I like to think the only white scars dreadnoughts are those suicide troops from the heresy that fucked up somehow at well suiciding and so were stuffed into dreadnoughts as a result cause fuck them it doesn't matter if they can't go fast again they're traitors.
I"ll molest teen you.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19295

that would be nice but also bad for you so i will just be glad that i actually get to be with you now as things are
i am not happy with how things played out for me otherwise and i have no hope that i can get back up, because i swear i tried, but at least i got you, making it all endurable and allowing me to be happy about something

Anonymous  19296

someone said that Alpharius might've gotten himself killed as a purposeful way to sway Omegon away from Chaos and towards being more of a free agent because he realized that the Imperium was already doomed since the Siege of Terra was on the way and Emps dying was basically inevitable, the Chaos Gods were pouring all of the Immaterium into Horus to make sure the Anathema gets killed and prevent him from containing Chaos further, but they also didn't want a total victory because it would result in mankind burning itself out in war and carnage before just collapsing into nothingness and causing a major retraction for the Immaterium. Basically the state of affairs the Imperium is in now ==was== the ultimate outcome of Chaos, and someone on the secret Loyalist side (like Alpharius) couldn't change it because he'd get merc'd by the Chaos gods for upsetting the order of things, but a loose cannon like Omegon would be more able of working towards changing the Imperium within and without while also avoiding the gaze of Chaos. When Alpharius died Omegon notes it and is very sorrowful, so it might be indicative of him losing the fervor to fight for Chaos and taking up the cause of his dead twin brother/alter ego, hence why he also takes up his name.

Anonymous  19297

File: 1618112124792.jpg (306.46 KB, 1270x720, 1539370065248.jpg)

>fucking up in life just perfectly balanced in a way that it is too boring to be worth being told a story about but too much to figure out what to do about it and get yourself fixed
To Alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems.
to the insignificant, the mediocre losers of the world that were denied by society and themselves

i want an anime about someone who just gets drunk and kill himself, something real, relatable and admirable
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19298

File: 1618112752158.png (556.48 KB, 1027x497, C can you hear me [question ma…)

C? I want to ask you to vote for Peter Castle, the man on the top of the polls.
For a new constitution, and a new country.
One day for election! I'm anxious as hell

bear 19299

I like this! More plz
Does she brows Internet forums

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19300

I'll fuck you in your school's bathroom stall.
It's stupid tho, both of them were part of the cabal and then part of the anti-cabal scheme so they're already both on the same page about it. Also there's like a hundred better ways to pull a ollanius pius than just complacently placing his neck in front of Dorn's chainsword.
Oi shush you, otherwise no huggy wuggies tonight.

Anonymous  19301

I'm pretty sure hug denial is illegal

Anonymous  19302

i don't really know, honestly i can't really imagine people doing something else, i have no idea how other peoples real life works, completely lack the experience and imagination for that even though i grew up before internet was that widely used
but then i only read books instead when i didn't watch tv
thats why i need anime and fiction
to feed me with an image of what else could be
but what if you just hug old dumb me and give me something to look forward to in life? the past is always gonna be gnawing on me, at least you take away the worry of being alone in the future

Anonymous  19303

File: 1618113421801.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1818, tumblr_pg142nen3P1vidoeeo1_128…)

artist is combos & doodles
I think they are both working towards the same end but by different means - even during the Heresy Alpha Legionaires are murdering each other left and right, and the only reason why they likely would is if Alpharius lead one faction (more pro-Imperial but behind enemy lines) and Omegon one more pro-Chaos but operating through near-complete anonymity. and often manipulating loyalists against each other. Of course they might've been trying to balance each side out so that one side doesn't win too totally for one reason or another, but judging by the Cabal saying the Alpharius gambit has failed that isn't very likely imho, its more likely they were looking for some way to preserve humanity at all costs and went two different ways for that goal. When Alpharius died it caused Omegon to realize that the events now are pretty much set in stone that it'll be a Phyrric imperial victory and a long war against Chaos, causing him to change his mind about things and reuniting the Alpha Legion towards one goal.
>there's like a hundred better ways to pull a ollanius pius than just complacently placing his neck in front of Dorn's chainsword.
I suppose but they have a spare primarch + Alpha Legionaires can drink the blood of their primarchs and take on their skills and abilities for a short time, its a loss but nothing that would doom the Legion in the same way the Iron Fists got fucked. The life of one Primarch might've been less than the unity of the Alpha Legion, by their calculations.

Anonymous 19304

>Looking up American anti-capitalists on Wikipedia
>Lists a bunch of fascists along with actual socialists
Of course

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19305

It was stupid and unnecessary and just done by imperial fist fanboys so that Dorn would have a primary for his kill tally.

Anonymous  19306

maybe, but I'm willing to see where it goes
don't have much of a dog in the race since
>Thousand Sons fanboy
and they are pretty well out of the fight rn

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19307

Pre-heresy thousand sons were lit, especially their colour scheme. At least you could argue they were best legion since they were so much of a threat Horus just wanted them gone.
>Broke: loyalist alpha legion
<Woke: loyalist thousand sons
Fuck now I want the sane fragment of Magnus to to manifest in the 41K and bring them back from the brink since they're mostly only chaos out of circumstance and not choice.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19308

>Woke: loyalist thousand sons
so Blood Magpies?
>bring them back from the brink since they're mostly only chaos out of circumstance and not choice.
As of now they have re-conquered Prospero and a few surrounding planets and have formed a new kingdom of sorcerers kinda divergent from both Chaos (officially, anyways) and the Imperium with a lot of the big figures of the Thousand Sons reunited after the Fucking of Fenris (even Ahriman is sticking around for once).

Anonymous  19309

>check out relife
>27 years young neet, 5 years younger than me
>able to socialize and go out drinking while i drink hiding behind my screen
>able to talk and introduce himself in a job interview when my last attempt was at that age doing a job rehab for mental fuckups

>fucks up first day after being made 10 years younger and going to school but still manages to talk to people and not having a mental breakdown

i feel mocked
am i that far gone of a loser that an anime about a character with my settings would be too depressing and unsalvagable?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19310

>so Blood Magpies
We do not talk about those backflipping terminators in here sir.
Also yeah I know about them teleporting the planet of sorcerers to the prospero system and basically doing what mortarion was doing but not failing at it(man the death guard are such failures, they even fail at chaos since it's cannon that mortarion hates being chaos aligned since he hates the warp and his whole thing with being loyal to horus was just to kill all psykers ever especially the emperor cause he was the biggest psyker of all time. Well could be worse, could be Lorgar) but ahriman is only around cause the fucking batshit crazy shard of Magnus manifested to unite the legion just so he could kick a loyalist primarch's ass since there hasn't been one for 10 000 years. Well if we discount all the times Vulkan has come back and died again.

Also whatever happened to that one plotline of Russ being seen on Cadia with the 13th cursed company? Like Cadia is gone now and that never got resolved.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19311

>Also whatever happened to that one plotline of Russ being seen on Cadia with the 13th cursed company? Like Cadia is gone now and that never got resolved.
I looked into it actually at it seems like it was old fluff that got retconned
>Yeah, this was from the old EoT campaign that first introduced the 13th company list. This was Back before Curse of the Wolfen so not all the 13th company had become wolfen, and these rumors were intended to hint that Russ could be still in command of the 13th.
<Most of that campaign has been swept under the rug or changed with the more recent fluff reveals, so I wouldn't put too much stock into it.
It was said that it was changed so that it was just Russ' breastplate rather than anything else which the Space Corgis picked up as a relic. Dunno how true that is, sorting out the lore quagmire that is 40k lore is neigh impossible since a lot of it is in source books, codexes, and other shit in like 8 font text lmao.

Anonymous  19312

also re:mortician
>during the above campaign, Magnus got Mortarion's aid in exchange for the latter taking over Midgardia and transforming it into a plague infested planet. However, Magnus proceeded to back-stab Mortarion by arranging Midgardia to undergo exterminatus before the latter succeeded in claiming it. Magnus likely did this out of vengeance because he's still salty over Mortarion's role during that little Council of Nikaea thing, something something best served cold...

bear 19313

Hmm, I guess the internet thing could play into joinin’ the anarchists
Thank u
That’s burgerland for ya

Anonymous  19314

File: 1618115401943.png (663.12 KB, 1280x1916, tumblr_p89zsjeqeM1vidoeeo1_128…)

oh I should warn he likes femboys and cuck porn, if you don't like cuck porn be wary lmao

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19315

LMAO what a fucking loser.
God fucking damn it, they could have gone with such a great setup for Robert Girlyman recovering all the surviving primarchs. Like wake the fuck up Lion, if a fucking time vortex opening up inside your old homeworld isn't fucking enough for a wake up call I dunno what is.

bear 19316

Don’t worry, I don’t mind. Funny enough, I realized I’ve seen them before, their Easter link piece. Good stuff

Djinn-chan  19317

Seen his stuff, how can anybody cuck link like that. Horrible.

Anonymous  19318

File: 1618116480650.png (904.21 KB, 1148x1920, 6326777170fcfb63b436464d5a5f2c…)

to be fair he only gets heterosexually cucked
he gets buckets of cum pumped into his ass

Anonymous  19319

have not.
A concerning idea. Why would you want to strip tomoko of her positive experiences.
Nothing brings me calm like listening to this lately: Phil Dewey with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – You Are the Song, 1933, an.d....
You're not. You don't have writer overlooking your actions. Stop evaluating your life's decisions by looking at a writer's depiction of a fantastical world.
>how can anybody cuck link like that
Link was made a cuck.

Djinn-chan  19320

noooooo you cant cuck him

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19321

Shush you.

Anonymous  19322

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19323


Djinn-chan  19324

File: 1618116837881.gif (890.84 KB, 500x281, cri.gif)


Anonymous  19325

I require a reason to be shushed.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19326

Cause you're stinky.

Anonymous  19327

I'll take a shower then

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19328

Yeah but ur so stinky that it won't wash off.

Anonymous  19329

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19330

Stinker >:P

PB 19331

>am i that far gone of a loser that an anime about a character with my settings would be too depressing and unsalvagable?
No one will animate something sad or something like what you want. So your best bet is to find manga.

Anonymous  19332

>Why would you want to strip tomoko of her positive experiences.
i like the manga for being a healing anime, one that shows tomoko having realizations about the people around her in time to not go completely off the rails
but there are too many stories just like that already
it always seems to have a good (enough) end where the protagonist is a fuck up but something comes from outside to pull them out of it
there is plenty of experience for people, like me, who don't have this
even if something or someone comes into their lives that helps them deal with things, it's not gonna unscrew them and set them on a path to redeem themselves
sometimes there's just the comfort of knowing that things are maybe bad and unsalvagable but you can find some happiness in it all, still
that would be nice
>Stop evaluating your life's decisions by looking at a writer's depiction of a fantastical world.
i kinda just wish i could have a more relatable character, something less fantastical and more real and depressing

PB 19333

>there is plenty of experience for people, like me, who don't have this
most people don't want a reflection of their life when they go looking for stuff to watch. They want something that, while similar, has a more positive and hopeful tone as means of escapism and hope.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19334

Oi shush you dummy, not even anime protagonists find a hubby to bite their nipples and cuddle every night.

Djinn-chan  19336

File: 1618119377786.gif (101.5 KB, 500x570, floating.gif)

Business idea: me making a porn channel where all i do is review erotica like i'm reviewing movies
No nudes just reviewing books and fanfics

Anonymous  19337

sit in a cozy chair and comment on doujin

Anonymous  19338

Sure thing. Haachama already did that tho.

Djinn-chan  19339

Eh... i'll never compete with that.

Anonymous  19340

You can just hold cytube streams where we watch and review stuff.

bear 19341

What?? Donde??
This post was edited by its author on .

PB 19342

I want some mango to read. any recs? preferably something that is already concluded.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19343


Anonymous  19346

sure. I was just naming a fruit.

PB 19347

u too!
wow so it was a prank all along?!!!

Djinn-chan  19348

it was just a business idea and im too shy to go into tha show biz

Anonymous  19349

>shay is too shy to send us reviews of porn
We already have your butt, so please refrain from this non-sense. This is GET's chance of having a porn review show

bear 19350

I have one but it’s ongoing right now
I guess the company will let it slide since it’s the Aussie shitposter

Anonymous  19352

It was a big 'ol joke this whole time, ya goob.

Anonymous  19353

File: 1618120989141.jpg (10.4 KB, 270x280, 118802692_676517326285503_7282…)


Anonymous  19354

I, too, enjoy sushi

Anonymous  19355

hello baka-anon

Anonymous 19357

Ideas for a black or red nationalist in America from the 30s or 40s who would be for deporting all the white people back to Europe? I feel like Marcus Garvey might work best here

PB 19358

which one is it?

bear 19359

Lookin Up to Magical Girls

Anonymous  19360

I don't know where I'm heading to right now.

PB 19361

in life?

Anonymous  19362

Well both in life and more immediate actions I should be taking in the next few weeks. Consequences will be heavier than I expect.

PB 19363

>Consequences will be heavier than I expect.

Anonymous  19364

Mainly because I'm not aware of what situation I'm in. I've lost track of my progress along something else I can't name for whatever reason.

Anonymous  19367

Pretty much lack of chance and money tbh


Sounds like it'd be a pretty good anime lmao



>oh I should warn he likes [...] cuck porn,

Kek, do it lmao

Could always make a thread here lmao

Anonymous  19368

Hi bristache how is it going?

Anonymous 19370

File: 1618143551658.jpg (131.18 KB, 764x1100, it bugs me.jpg)

read freesia

Anonymous  19371

Bretty gud, just having some homemade flatbread for lunch lmao

Anonymous  19372

Just bread?

Anonymous  19373

Well, I put some cheese on top too lmao

Anonymous  19374

Not as creative but should be enough. Have a good launch brit.
What's so lmao inducing about eating launch lmao?

Djinn-chan  19376

File: 1618151612705.jpg (48.56 KB, 1076x374, 20210411_152032.jpg)

Coincidentally... women survive covid more than men....
The "vaccine" must just be implanted t blockers and slow release estrogen... The first half of the vaccine is a t blocker device and the second half is estrogen...

Anonymous 19377

this pic looks like an edit of a HRT effect graph

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19379

File: 1618154201196.png (91.3 KB, 319x396, Post This Boy.png)

Anonymous 19380

File: 1618154542104.jpg (17.71 KB, 360x450, chrishansen.jpg)

I'm not clicking on that

bear 19381

Clicking on what?

Anonymous 19382

Your twat.
someone posted a link to CP

Anonymous  19384

File: 1618155323805.png (37.96 KB, 550x196, postthisgirl.png)

>shady link with no context
delete this.
All according to the plan

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19385

No comrade there is no such thing.
It was deleted like 40 minutes ago, refresh the page dum dum.

Anonymous 19387

Your boytwat, then.
also ty
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  19388

thanks yugo. >>18317
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19389

where the fuck even is that post huh?

Anonymous  19390

Somewhere I like to keep.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19391

Tell me.

Anonymous  19392

I keep them frozen in one of two freezers and only get them out every two days.
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19393

Show me.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19394


Anonymous  19395

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19396


Anonymous  19397

kek owned. I was expecting you to pick up the scent the moment I posted this pic in (>>19384) but it appears that you are indeed very mentally impaired
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 19398

Firstly, You leave my twat alone. Secondly, yeah no I wouldn’t click that shit either
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19399


Anonymous  19402

*posts this boy*

Anonymous  19404

This Boy

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19405

Anonymous  19406

File: 1618162949740.png (500.71 KB, 768x771, Moxxie22.png)

Something wrong?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19407


Anonymous  19409

Can you tell us what?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19410


Anonymous  19411

Check'em first. Now please we are here to help, tell me what's wrong.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19412

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19413

File: 1618164442346.jpg (349.11 KB, 1920x1200, Cirno.full.979459.jpg)

Anonymous  19414

That Cirno is so fucking smol!

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19415

Ur pretty smol urself.

Anonymous  19416

True, I'm barely 5' 7". But I also stronk

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19417

Anonymous  19418


Anonymous  19419

What a cute little Cirno~

Anonymous  19420

I wanna rub Cirno's belly.

Anonymous  19421

What about her butt?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19422


bear 19423

No thoughts

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19424

Head empty.

Anonymous  19425

well, go ahead

Anonymous  19426

File: 1618168523809.png (1.06 MB, 843x1920, tumblr_p8h7834EpU1vidoeeo1_128…)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19427

I will.

Anonymous 19428

File: 1618173203350.jpg (50.3 KB, 720x850, itsecurity.jpg)

Anonymous 19429

This has to be fake.

(It is: the socks exist but they are regular socks not programming socks.)
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19430

A shame.

bear 19431

How will I get security while I’m programming then?

C?  19432

I did it /GET/, I did a democracy.
Boy howdy I hate cars, mass trainification of Peru when?

Anonymous  19433

You voted?

Anonymous  19434

File: 1618174785388.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 913x1200, 2181b4a8203ec77b0f8c5ba272493e…)

ohoho, I even got femboys getting femdom'd for my collection

Anonymous  19435

File: 1618174796844.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 913x1200, 9f16a2443b73b9bbe21326773bdf1e…)

Anonymous  19436

Please dump them in the femdom thread

C?  19437


Anonymous  19443

I posted a few but I'll do them every few days rather than all at once

Anonymous  19444

Post em now

Anonymous  19445

File: 1618175309176.png (1.81 MB, 2560x1440, activate my spam filter.png)

01010000 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100110 01110010 01101111 01101101 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101100 01100100 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110010 01100100 00100000 01100100 01110010 01101001 01110110 01100101 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100001 01110100 01100010 01100001 01100111

Anonymous  19446

I advise you concede to the demands wobbly-chan, otherwise you'd face the wrath of the numbers

Anonymous  19456

File: 1618175730077.jpg (229.12 KB, 940x776, proxy-image.jpg)

01000110 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110100

Anonymous  19458

I'm waiting

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19459

For what?

Anonymous  19460

for you to say what is wrong, oh lewd one

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19461


Anonymous  19462

File: 1618176325853.jpg (42.92 KB, 877x620, toaster friendship.jpg)

01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00111111

Anonymous  19463

Slap Attack!

PB 19464

File: 1618176382603.jpg (164.43 KB, 626x640, pantcofi.jpg)

business idea: cofi tiem

Anonymous  19465

File: 1618176451474.gif (2.08 MB, 640x362, Waiting.gif)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19466

Anonymous  19467

what is wrong you dirty little cum bandit

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19468

wrong with what?

Anonymous  19469

you said something was bothering you earlier

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19470

I did indeed.

Anonymous  19471

is the thing alzheimers?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19472

Anonymous  19473

is she going to pull the panty back up and wear it?

Anonymous  19474

File: 1618178015930.png (607.98 KB, 450x600, image0.png)


Anonymous  19475

File: 1618178030931.png (396.73 KB, 450x600, image0.png)


Anonymous  19476

I'm just a shadow,
You are all the light
May I have one bussy, thanks

bear 19477

What kinda flavor is woodruff

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19478

What are you on about?

Anonymous  19479

it's really really good and my favourite
we have it as powder and soda
and ice cream
you should try it if you get a chance

Anonymous  19480

its a type of flower I think
alternatively, dick flavor

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19481

Of course you'd like the stupid flavour.

PB 19482

File: 1618178548441.jpg (123.14 KB, 541x497, cafee.jpg)

not exactly but yes

Anonymous  19483

Singing, wanna join?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19484


Slightly Mentally Impaired  19485


Anonymous  19486

But that way she's gonna burn her self.....

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19487

I'll burn you. Watch:
Your face .

PB 19488

just look at the pictures

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19489

Yes, but how.

Anonymous  19490

Coffee is hot. Hot coffee + panties = hot panties
You are all my heavens,
Smiling from above

bear 19491

Huh, didn’t know. I thought it was supposed to be a joke on morning wood and all that. Maybe if I ever come by some I try it

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19492

Oi shush or I'll.

bear 19493

Ok but if worn by hot loli does it negate itself?

Anonymous  19494

I'm the earth beneath you,
Reaching for your love.
No it just get summed up and thus the loli becomes hotter
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19495

I told you I'm gonna do it.

Anonymous  19496

I'm sorry for the noise,
I hope it didn't annoy you too much
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19497

File: 1618179538334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.67 KB, 956x720, 2k9pyi.jpg)

I warned you.

Anonymous  19498


She better be naked and tied up my friend


Only when I'm done with her ;)

Anonymous  19499

consensual buttslapping only in this house, mister.

Anonymous  19500

But her being tied up and naked is consensual you dummy~

Anonymous  19501

okey then :)

Anonymous  19502

bear 19504

File: 1618180680536.jpg (97.25 KB, 500x461, 041765F1-F2E4-45F9-A5B0-82C755…)

Makes sense
Awww, look what you did to her, they sad now

PB 19505

Yeah but it gets cooler in tiem

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19506

Jesus wtf is going on with the GPU market rn? I thought it was bad when I was building my PC back in November but it's even worse now. "Shortages might last into early 2021" my ass Nvidia, shortages might last until early 2031 more like.

PB 19507

its insane.

Anonymous  19508

I had heard the brewing Burmese Civil War had halted a lot of shipments of rare earth metals to China for manufacturing into finished parts, so I imagine that is at least part of it

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19510

My friend just told me I could sell my 6 year old GTx 970 ti for maybe $800 rn. I paid less for my 3080. The world is going mad.

Anonymous  19511

depending on how long this war goes on for, if it sparks, it might literally be the end of disposable consumer electronics for the west

PB 19512

I sold my old 980 for 1100$ on ebay in Jan.

Anonymous  19513

would i get something good for gtx 1060 3gb?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19514

Good? I'm more scared cause I live in the west now.
As soon as I figure out how to use Ebay and how to properly box the gpu after ripping it out of my old rig.

Anonymous  19515

well, on the bright side silicon valley will be on life support and the US will lose like one of its most financially """viable""" assets in consumer electronics
bad that the price for most all electronics will spike angry typingtically

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19516

$700 at least.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19517

Err 500 euros

bear 19518

Woof, any idea of getting a PC in the future is gone

Anonymous  19519

bears don't woof

Anonymous  19520

I think it'd still be possible to get decent enough second hand parts from bitcoin machines cause the end of consumer electronics will wreck shit like shitcoin lmao
but yeah, make sure what tech shit you have now lasts cause god knows how long this will drag on for

PB 19521

check listings on ebay. I wanted to sell my 1050 ti but I decided to keep it just in case the one I have borks.
Its not difficult.
I shipped it in the same box it came in (8yr old box lol), then stole some packing stuff from my sibling and put it in another box I asked the mail to bring me, then gobs of tape.

Anonymous  19522

File: 1618184659784.png (940.54 KB, 1038x582, 452.PNG)

thats way more than what i bought it for, was like 150 € iirc 2 or 3 years ago
but can't sell it since i guess i kind of need it
what a wasted opportunity

Anonymous  19523

File: 1618184723447.png (542.78 KB, 1700x3077, Eyt05BHUUAU_Wqe.png)

elves wiggle their ears when they are happy

Anonymous  19524

File: 1618184758246.png (121.45 KB, 955x674, c0b45a6ceb6721ffb54ab86a69cee4…)

Alright, which one of you motherfucks asked this?


Slightly Mentally Impaired  19525

I don't have the box lol. All I have is the GPU itself which is in my beaten old PC which is sitting in the corner of my closet.
Yeah it's insane. I'm literally going to sell my old GPU for more than I paid for for my top end next gen GPU.

Anonymous  19526

i could get a new laptop if i sold that and could buy a new computer too since i saved up for that, i like prebuild stuff better anyways since i have no idea how to put them together and from what i've seen with you or others posting doing it yourself is just ridiculously stressful

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19527

Prebuilt is actually cheaper than building your own rn. There's a massive shortage of GPUs on the open market but the prebuilders have their own supply which hasn't fallen a bit so they can sell without any shortages of parts.

Anonymous  19528

wait you mean
>buy new computer
>sell old computers graphic card
>actually profit???

Anonymous  19529

I fucked up building it myself and took it back to the shop to be built. Usually that option is there from the get go, and you just need to pay an additional fee. A shop might even help guide you to build what you want within your price range, and something better than what you'd get for the same amount as an off the shelf computer.

Anonymous  19530

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19531

Potentially. You'd have to know what you're doing when taking it apart, reselling it etc. Ask your brother maybe if he thinks he could help at all.

Anonymous  19532

I hope it was for Castillo. The Peruvian Evo

Anonymous  19533


Anonymous  19534

Also, howdy Get?

PB 19535

what is going on here?
it's not so difficult, if a brilliant person such as meself can do it so can most people I bet. Specially nowadays with so many resources.
sup bru

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19536

Last gen GPUs are going for $2000+ rn it's insane.

Anonymous  19537

she is eating like a spicy dumpling

Anonymous  19538

damn, my 1600i would be gold

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19539

Holy shit yeah that would be.

Anonymous  19540

what is the worst part of the human body?

I think its the bellybutton

Anonymous  19541

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19542

No. That's one of the best parts. Tomo can vouch for this.

Anonymous  19543

oh come on, the bellybutton is like
your old mouth
but also
your old asshole

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19544

It's where you fuck the belly.

Anonymous  19545

so would it be oral or anal???

Slightly Mentally Impaired  19546

Whichever one you want.

Anonymous  19547

regardless, for lolis, every part is perfect and precious.

Anonymous 19548

File: 1618186431736.jpg (22.17 KB, 540x405, assesin sans.jpg)

Anyone want Control? I've got a key for it.

bear 19549

Yes we do. We only woof around the ones we like syke! We only woof around neeeerrrrdddds!!
Guess we’re gonna have to play Craigslist roulette

Anonymous  19550

who is castillo? what's going on in peru?

Anonymous  19551

How are you doing? The elections are spicy, and my boi just passed to the second round for more info check the other side

Anonymous  19552

File: 1618187588724.jpg (937.81 KB, 1242x1920, tumblr_pc6ao2rBY21rxr7f1o1_128…)

You ever think about gravity and its effects on how we build or make stuff.

Like, lots of fall or drop protection, on things, is really just gravity protection

Anonymous  19553

without pesky gravity we could built floating dick statues at our leisure

Anonymous  19554

Excellent business idea

Anonymous  19555

Remember girls and girls.
Work with and in the bases is IMPORTANT, building unions is IMPORTANT, caring about social rights is only for the ones affected and is good, but the reactionary working class doesn't give a heck about it. I know it's too harsh, but this has happened to many times, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, or I should check another analysis, I don't know, sometimes the Leftypol side of me gains too much

PB 19556

I would take it but I have it twice already lol.
have they started presenting results yet?

bear 19557

Candidate for Peru president

Anonymous  19558

how high are you right now?
question is whether you appeal to reactionary sentiments born out of capitalist divide and rule ideology or if you push for their actual immediate material interests
the "leftypol side" has people that deliberately push for the first and really care none about the second
what are his chances? what party backs him?

bear 19559

I wonder if it’s easier to build on other planets due to their level of gravity and all that
Apparently he’s first from exit polls, but only 16% out of a bunch of candidates. Also the Peru Libre

Anonymous  19560

File: 1618189550523.jpg (172.58 KB, 1280x1280, Gerudo_Link_18_Pucker_Up.jpg)

still waiting for yugo to feminize me

Anonymous  19561

im high on life

yeah but wouldn't human muscles atrophy on planets with less gravity?

Anonymous  19562

Triple J Hack: Unbelievably Awful

>Blames RadLibs for the "Fall of Western civilisation"

>Proceeds to namedrop Michael Parenti.
>"God help you if you actually watch / Listen to this shit and think its actual news, It's literally claiming the solution to a shit economy, Having No Job and an ecological catastrophe of global scale is RUBBING MAGIC CRYSTALS IN YOUR PUSSY!"
Fabianoid getting REDpilled?

Anonymous  19563

Interesting, as always, thanks Tomoko.

Anonymous 19564

File: 1618192458362.png (94.58 KB, 1082x720, Flag of Free 4chan.png)

It honestly depresses me how far 4chan has fallen

Anonymous  19565

I frankly don't know, the elections were fragmented, now they will reagroup according to their ideological interests. I bet the more liberal left will support Castillo as the lesser evil, in a scenenario against Fujimori's daughter and the ubermarketizacion of Soto.

Anonymous  19566

they don't deserve salvation tbh

Anonymous 19567

I can't say I disagree

Anonymous  19570

ur just now figuring that out?

bear 19571

I believe so, yes.

Anonymous 19572

Well no but I've been browsing /agdg/ and I was just reminded of it again
But perhaps I romanticize old 4chan too much, though for better or worse it has greatly impacted my life

Djinn-chan  19573

File: 1618198469336.mp4 (8.53 MB, 1280x720, gnm.mp4)

Anonymous  19574

based, and red pilled.

PB 19575

Anonymous  19576

I like finding new artists whose art I like

tho sometimes I wonder how much good art is lost to the twitter abyss forever

Anonymous  19577

File: 1618203033558.jpg (21.38 KB, 225x350, Rin reach.jpg)

me wan hug

Anonymous  19578

File: 1618203171460.jpg (228.46 KB, 1280x1340, tumblr_36dadc1d4adafd509222b9c…)

big hug

Anonymous  19579

File: 1618203172570.jpg (109.16 KB, 850x1200, __kuroki_tomoko_and_uchi_emiri…)

twitter abyss?
hugs are pretty good

Anonymous  19580


Anonymous  19581

File: 1618203251859.png (531.55 KB, 800x565, 9729e02b86a2d63654b4bb122bcca2…)

as in art that just ends up being lost forever, even though it was good and all that, just because twitter is obtuse and makes pinpointing and saving the content you like off of that site as obtuse as possible
I can do even bigger hugs

Anonymous  19582

The biggest?

Anonymous  19583

File: 1618203316364.png (701.67 KB, 802x845, sidon says trans rights.png)

the biggest and bro-est

Anonymous  19584

gib me da squishiest

Anonymous  19585

and then i hafta slep

Anonymous  19586

File: 1618203618718.png (175.99 KB, 480x640, 74256391_p0.png)

slep well lil skel

Anonymous  19587


C?  19588

Oh man I just woke up from my nap, apparently Keiko did fraud or some shit, but Pedro Castillo is going seems to go to second phase or something, so thats cool.
Golpe de la CIA cuando?

Anonymous  19589

Gud nite poopies!

Anonymous  19590

File: 1618205059060.png (363.19 KB, 724x1023, 76056422_p12.png)

Anonymous 19591

What they do?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 19592

File: 1618205374871.jpg (334.24 KB, 750x900, EyqgXsWVoAAIrjj.jpg)

C?  19593

>What they do?
No idea, my mom just told me, I'm looking it right now (also playing the dungeon ai thingy)

Anonymous  19594

File: 1618205539426.png (387.06 KB, 850x1100, 1547773316547.png)

don't fuck bees

Anonymous  19595

File: 1618205717123.png (1.12 MB, 1103x725, 1617107152357.png)

I'm like 100% sure Tali is the one who gave me the entire mask/faceless fetish

when we're robutts we can forgo faces and experience emotion on a more primal level rather than amalgamated interpretations through the visages of interpretations of muscle and meat that is the face

Anonymous  19596

>check twitter
>see post about guy who got run over on his bike hours after posting about shit road design and danger for bikers
>keep scrolling
>funny post about anime girl being run over by car
that feels kinda bad and really weird

PB 19597

I never liked tali. dunno why. And I only liked liara because her voice made me melt, and not so much her appearance

Anonymous 19598

Wasn't he cancelled recently?

Anonymous  19599

considering I got married to a smol engineer nerd irl I guess my tastes are pretty consistent lmao
liara was alright but I completely friendzone'd her. ngl jack was cute in a tomboyish way, but I honestly couldn't see her in a long-term relationship
ashley is as bland as they come
garrus was too much of a bro to fuck
the rest I kinda forgot lmao, there were other romance options though

bear 19600

What scenario you on?
How so? Like you’re being watched by the algorithm?

C?  19601

>What scenario you on?
Fantasy prom, A muscular anthro rat named "Ratburger" is teaching me dark magic and shit, also we banged.

Anonymous  19602

that story is just kinda bad and depressing and that funny joke image right after just felt really off in the context
just a really bad coincidence

Anonymous  19603

File: 1618208665989.mp4 (3.1 MB, 1280x720, basketball.mp4)

Anonymous  19604


Anonymous 19605

File: 1618209171328.png (Spoiler Image, 665.52 KB, 800x1000, a6bb0db4ccd618492cba1f8c7284ab…)

Was this posted yet?

Anonymous  19606

how did you get in yugo's private picture cache?

Anonymous 19607

I was searching for pictures with baggy eyes on the boorus. This one had a backpack.

Anonymous  19608

makes me wonder if he ever thought of tomoko lewdly because of me

Anonymous  19610

File: 1618212408046.jpg (137.78 KB, 1378x1980, Ensz5iEXUAQDRLH.jpg)

probably, we chose avatars because they are succinct projections of the traits we have and identify with, and in a lot of cases one's avatar might be a more appropriate projection of the "self" than your actual irl appearance, a kind of idealized self.

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  19611

File: 1618213894318.png (8.16 KB, 687x450, spurdo_ilme.png)

So what does my choice of avatar(s) say of me then?

Anonymous  19612

Generally carefree and lackadaisical attitude, taking life at its own pace but at the same time maybe approaching it without energy. life's affairs might bore you and in turn you seek a kind of release the lambasting of the reality that bores you, which spurdo is usually, a stereotypical actor in an exaggerated environment but both designed to, in some way, parody and embody the kind of absurdities of life, to amplify their presence. The absurd triumphing over the mundane.

That'd be my guess, anyways.

Anonymous  19613

File: 1618214259384.jpg (91.17 KB, 800x546, __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga_mot…)

now do me

Anonymous  19614

File: 1618214951558.jpg (411.43 KB, 1060x1500, 1527955835517.jpg)

Tomoko embodies a general kind of malevolent depression, the creeping of past traumas and missed opprotunities into the mind, the constant subverion of the present and its possibilities by the doubts and failures of the past. But with that comes a kind of stoicism, to have one eyes be clear where others would be clouded by their own tears. Those who have suffered know how best to endure suffering, and often act as a pillar of support for people who are suffering through things you have already long triumphed over. People rely on you for council, see you as a point of strength in their lives, something they can always come to no matter how dire the circumstances. But to lean into this too deep is another way to fall, for embracing your struggles as yourself leads to bottling up your expression, becoming an unexpressive edifice, a false image of an unmovable person. No amount of suffering can make man infallible, and inevitably that bottled up energy will release itself in an explosive way if not exorcised out of the body with the help of the people around you. You may be strong, but not so strong that you can forgo the support of the people in your lives from supporting you in times of need.

Anonymous  19615

File: 1618214966579.jpg (87.68 KB, 550x817, 930f28b907457319281b080fd38b38…)

Your trauma makes you stone-like, scarred from experience but likewise enduring it more than most, but the fundamentally human aspect of struggle means you can never become a full golem, never escape the struggle. Maybe you internalize it as a curse and are simply thankful it inflicts you and no others, maybe its just something you chalk up to bad luck, but it is your long-held burden either way. You will often become part of a close-knit group of friends and compatriots, being the "strong silent type" most of the time, but when you get properly social your less rigid side shines through and you articulate your own personality more freely. Almost all parts of your life comes down to striking a balance - between using your struggles to help others without also getting consumed by them, to take heed of your past without allowing it to stifle your future, to be supportive when you are needed but to never allow your professional side to overtake your own personality... you get the idea. Striking that balance is the greatest struggle you face.

Anonymous  19616

I didn't mean to committ so much with tomo so I'll expand with you a bit lmao

The battle between the mundane and the absurd is also an artistic expression - the emphasis of elements of life until they are conflated beyond their initial meaning, in the same way a picture captures a singular moment in time removed from its meaning, the absurd can capture a single emotion or facet of being in a single instance and preserve it - be it a societal idea, a system of belief, what have you. If memes are the DNA of society, then the absurd is the RNA of memes, it is the constitutent components which goes into creating these distilled moments of social conciousness and mood, a testiment that the past was once living, too. This also lends the person who embodies this absurdism to artistry, having the will to capture these kinds of moments in different forms so they can be appreciated in the future.

Anonymous  19617

These kinds of people are very "fortifying" personalities, in that they'll often play off of the moment and the people around them to reinforce their traits and almost make them exempliary, the perfect kind of wingman. They often have a deep kind of social intuition, but often so deep that it becomes too esoteric to really use in social scenarios because it takes a certain place of mind to properly untangle and understand it from within the context it stems from. All in all you tend to work well socially with a group of people, but without other people to "sound off from" during a conversation you can feel like you falter conversation-wise.

Anonymous  19618

File: 1618216655235.jpg (74.96 KB, 1280x720, proxy-image.jpg)

You still don't believe me? I will show you my psychokinetic power.
Put your controller on the floor.
Put it down as flat as you can...
that's good.

Now I will move your controller by the power of my will alone!

Anonymous  19619

holy shit wobbly-chan it moved

Anonymous  19620

File: 1618216925154.gif (954.38 KB, 500x465, hKaXPSj.gif)

What do you think now!? Can you feel my power now!? The demonstration is over!!

PB 19621


do me now.

Anonymous  19622

Someone has done a massive shit in one of the two work toilets and clogged it. Other than that morning has been pretty chill as far as Mondays go.

Anonymous  19623

I forgot who all you usually like to post with, cirno mostly but more generic anime girls besides ye?

PB 19624

what a legend.

Anonymous  19625

I am bad at anime

Anonymous  19626

Fuck 'em

What's that?



Damn I wanna fuck her

Oh no, it would be a real shame to see Tomokoposter like this~




Anonymous 19628

File: 1618226567497.jpg (44.54 KB, 720x435, EytO4LpVIAI-j5l.jpg)

Anonymous 19629

File: 1618230494146.jpg (174.74 KB, 540x540, have a nice life.jpg)

Is it a fetish? I've had the same kinds of thoughts about overcoming visceral emotional reaction/instinct in favor of developing a more conscious and nuanced way to experience affect and emotion through going post-human but it's just because i wanna write about it and because i'm insecure about my face.
No, it literally was just some people trying to start shit for no reason.

Anonymous  19630

masked/faceless is a fetish but what you describe is not lmao
though, they are probably related to some degree

Anonymous  19632

File: 1618232132977.png (482.27 KB, 1239x557, 1618228305744.png)

lel the getchan youtube is big enough to rival thoughtslime

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