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File: 1608953553166.jpg (11.86 KB, 200x182, Leftytrash.jpg)

/leftytrash/ Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2[Last 50 Posts]

Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

Anonymous  13275

File: 1614648258089.jpg (23.91 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)

no u

bear 13276

That’s is good

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13277

Wow smh.

Anonymous  13278

File: 1614651605627.png (139.22 KB, 303x283, 7WDO3MC.png)


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13279

File: 1614651661287.png (407.31 KB, 865x403, Cute.png)

Kolosin  13280

File: 1614652257159.jpg (109.68 KB, 1080x1574, c28c5cc57bbd8bad8e23598d01e352…)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13281

woosh ur now a girl.

Kolosin  13282

File: 1614652933124.jpg (152.58 KB, 719x707, 2946424079ecc7cbb5f468fe7d6764…)

Sorry, your French tricks can't work on me. My Soviet blood boils with an awesome power, you will NEVER emasculate me

bear 13283

File: 1614653077176.png (542.93 KB, 446x767, Where you going partner.png)

No, I refuse

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13284

File: 1614653295528.png (348.46 KB, 863x685, eaa0a317-3a1d-4815-b80b-9dc1a3…)


Djinn-chan  13285

File: 1614653759958.png (24.76 KB, 480x295, Screenshot_2018-06-14-14-37-26…)


Djinn-chan  13287

File: 1614653970861.png (57.69 KB, 879x877, 4.png)


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13288

File: 1614654298753.gif (221.55 KB, 250x250, Smug Mein.gif)


Djinn-chan  13289


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13290

I'm pretty sure you're classified as barely in the average zone.

bear 13291

They don’t call it bimbofication for nothing shay

Anonymous  13294

File: 1614660221035.jpg (68.21 KB, 1024x819, Cirno.full.905160.jpg)


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13295

Poor baka

Djinn-chan  13296

Im am not. A frickin bimbo

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13297

Ur a bit of a bimbo.

Djinn-chan  13298

Ok. Listen. Being a bimbo requiree 2 thing.
1. U have to be attractive, which im not
2. U have to be stupid, WHICH I AM NOTTT!!!!

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13299

You're both but mostly the latter.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13300

Oh right dubs to enforce bomboism on the bottom lmao

Anonymous  13301

Good morning.

dub dubs. Nice numbers hideri-chan.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13302

>good morning
I guess it is 1 AM lel
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 13303

File: 1614664972724.gif (467.06 KB, 500x254, 9C82657B-4884-4062-9CD8-C44937…)

Not yet (at least fully)
E’llo chap

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13304

Bimboism. Bimbo. But ism.

Anonymous 13305

File: 1614674677976.jpg (231.41 KB, 800x594, 6545290.jpg)

Anonymous  13307

File: 1614687828717.jpg (74.26 KB, 827x722, 167061.JPG)

depressions suck
they drive me into neglecting self care which makes me feel worse that it's almost like having a high when doing the most mundane shit once in a while, like taking a bath to relax for a moment rather than a quick shower just to stop stinking
seems like "just doing stuff" would help having a better mood, but often enough it betrays me and while doing something productive i should feel good about it feels like just a chore without any reward and negativity just piles up telling me that this is wasted "effort" others do in a daily routine and i should feel bad about even trying
what even do anymore, i don't want to try medication because that just makes me feel numb and sick and detached from everything

Djinn-chan  13308

Do they got psychedelics in germany? Ketamine?

Anonymous  13309

i dunno, not something they'd prescribe
will just stick with the regular herbs
don't really think that drugs are gonna fix anything, it's more feeling stuck in my current situation, time slipping away and not having control over anything in life
everytime i try it's just a repeated lesson in "why bother, you're gonna fuck it up or things outside your control will do it for you"

Djinn-chan  13310

The way psychedelics work is that they force neurons to fire in a way that parts of the brain that don't normally interact with eachother suddenly begin attempting to interact with eachother. A normal brain will succumb to addictions and habitual actions, such as remaining depressed and feeling defeated, whereas psychedelics force your brain to work differently. It's something that i want to try some day to see if it can help me with my problems.

Anonymous  13311

ngl, I sort of feel the same way at times, that combined with being stuck in the house for nearly a year is not a good combination

PB 13312

I wish I knew how to help you or give good advice on that (((((((
Taking certain psychedelics while depressed is a very bad idea.

Anonymous  13313

If aliens like the tall blondes rocked up at your property and offered to take you to their Posadist planet in the Plaedian nebula with them to experience a society that has moved beyond the commodity form of production would you go with them?

C?  13314

Will I get laid?

Anonymous 13315

File: 1614696303345.png (650.07 KB, 800x1037, Screenshot_2020-12-12-18-17-26…)

Broadsword Bout: New Black Fencer Turcael
Damn, that turcael looks super fun. Nice exchanges too.

Anonymous  13316

Anonymous  13317

TNO Custom Super Events - Post-Taboritsky Russian Reunification

These are the warlords / only people left alive in TNO russia post-worst ending.

The Super-Events and music is fan made but the portraits, Flags, Ideologies and locations are actually based on whats already in the game files + stuff posted by the people working on russia.

Anonymous  13319

>the tall blondes
what? is this like a specific alien race that people would know about?
anyways, i'd decline
i'd rather stay at home and maybe have them give me something useful
or just some manga collections

C?  13320

Girls with colored hair > girls with natural hair colors

Anonymous  13321

but why

C?  13322

's cool

Anonymous  13323

File: 1614698141304.jpg (25.18 KB, 325x450, NordicAlien.jpg)

Tall blonds are these ones. (Pic related)
Their the second most common one /x/-fags through history have claimed to see (the first common being greys and the third reptilianoids)
Most UFOlogy nerds basically think their the "good ones" because the Grey's just rape you and the Reptilianoids scratch and claw and try to kill you and shit.
> is this like a specific alien race that people would know about?
Yes UFOlogy people have like an entire pantheon of different alien species and sheit.

Anonymous  13324

i remember, somewhat
it's been many years
there used to be fun videos about this shit on youtube i'd stay up some nights but eventually i got disturbed at how many people actually believe this shit instead of watching it for entertainment
tried to look it up again but youtube seems to have purged it from the algorithms
also that shit is racist as fuck

Anonymous  13325

>there used to be fun videos about this shit on youtube i'd stay up some nights but eventually i got disturbed at how many people actually believe this shit instead of watching it for entertainment
tried to look it up again but youtube seems to have purged it from the algorithms
Are you talking about "Spirit science"?
His entire channel pretty much got wiped a bit ago i think.

Spirit Science Episode 12 ~ The Human History Movie ~ Slow Version

>All PURE humans lived on the Lemurian supercontinent until we sunk it by party rocking to hard!

>Once we arrived on Atlantis the TURKO-Martians and the Jews from the future came through the stargate and led to the sunking of atlantis by molesting the earth spirit.
>Once atlantis sunk and the Jews / Turks / Martians took away our immortality the ASCENDED masters set up temples in Tibet, Bolivia and Egpyt to keep teaching this ultimate knowledge.
>Pyramids are the spaceraft they used to travel around the world quickly and the pyramid capstone is the control centre.
>Christ was born between a human women and an ASCENDED spirit from a higher plane.
>We are still controlled by the MOG (MARTIAN OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT) staffed with humanoids with high degrees of Martian genes.

Anonymous  13326

>Also that shit is racist as fuck.
Your german.
Are the memes true that toothbrush-stache man and the failed chicken farmer actually believe in like chakras and getting their palms read and that german people were actually alien or some insane shit?

Anonymous  13327

>Pic looks similar to a blone white person
>Most UFOlogy nerds basically think their the "good ones"

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13328

File: 1614699451121.png (414.28 KB, 960x1361, y2.png)

Anonymous  13329

i don't know if nazis believed that this far back, since they just keep making shit up ever since
there was one more well known guy who had a "neuschwabenland forum", axel stoll or whatever, where he talked about german saucers and hollow earth and all kind of dumb shit that i barely remember anymore

Anonymous  13330

>i don't know if nazis believed that this far back,
IIRC, Himmler did believe in some pretty whacky shit

Anonymous  13331

File: 1614699957109.webm (6.2 MB, 616x472, This is what Nazis actually be…)

world ice theory and other dumb shit exists
i think there was also one that explained the alien stuff, gotta see if i can find the video

is it this one?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13332

File: 1614700020756.png (130.32 KB, 360x437, 1614624454737.png)

GET to enforce girliness.

Anonymous  13333


Anonymous  13334

Nah, that one's about how people from Atlantis fled from Atlantis after a catastrophe to India and (Although I do have to question why the Atlanteans would go to India and not Europe or Africa ot the Americas, I mean, Atlantis is supposedly in the Atlantic ocean lmao)

Anonymous  13335

>My country.
>This con-women steals money off of people and vanishes.
>This week they found (what was left of) her foot inside a shoe on a beach.
>Week later.
>A mans torso and a leg from two more different people also found on beach.
>Everyone now not sure if this is some underworld murder shit or a serial-killer.

C?  13336

File: 1614706628494.png (289.9 KB, 373x363, lurking ponk.png)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13337

File: 1614707286453.png (156.94 KB, 500x562, hideri.png)

bear 13338

File: 1614707380808.png (1010.17 KB, 1000x672, Big Guy.png)

Anonymous  13339

Last night for an unspecified reason I click a random video, happened to be about the rapper 6ix9ine and how he managed to lose 45 pounds. It plays for like, 4 minutes without me paying really attention, and I stop early because I really don't give a dman.
Today I think, hey what's up with that guy? He dresses like a methhead whon ran from a glue factory and jumped in a tub of skittles.
>google him
>he posted a video to instagram of him and some other performing sex acts on a 13 y/o
>guy gets off on a plea deal for 3 years probation so long as he doesn't post sexually violent content online, completes his highschool education and does 1000 hours of community service
I fucking hate fame and I fucking hate wealth.
Since then he choked a 16 year old girl in a shopping mall, paid someone 20 grand to "shoot at" (nice weasel words) a rival rapper, among other things, and generally being an asshole and idiot.
So I have to fear being made a social pariah because I'm into lolicon while a sexual a piece of shit sexual abuser gets off essentially scott free because he's rich and famous, and his career doesn't even falter. Fuck this world.

Anonymous  13341

well thats disturbing
i'm sure he only did it because he saw some drawings before and thought it's normal :^)

Anonymous  13342

Didn't he also snitch on someone to the police aswell?

Anonymous  13343

most certainly.
reading a bit about the guy, he seems detatched from reality, completely self absorbed, lacks critical thinking skills and has a totally warped understanding of compassion or empathy. He tried donating to a fund for hungry children and was denied and couldn't wrap his head around why they'd refuse his money.
Probably? My opinion on snitching is totally dependent on what was done. If he "snitched" on another kiddie fucker I can't hate. If he snitched on someone who did something much less awful than anything he did he can go fuck himself.

bear 13344

Yeah, he snitched out like fellow gang members or something
>lacks critical thinking skills
Very much so

Anonymous  13345

It doesn't even seem like he had to go to any sort of mandatory behavioral correction training. Just, "don't do that again, and make sure to get your grade 12 education". I want to kick some people in the teeth.

Anonymous  13347

And for some reason the wikipedia article doesn't say, "filmed produced participated in and distributed child pornography" and rather says "use of a child in a sexual performance". Which to my ear sounds a lot more easy to misconstrue. That could be a minor of any age just being present or having a non active role in a recording or activity that simply contains some sort of sexual act in their presence. This guy should have his career fucking buried.

Djinn-chan  13348

File: 1614710957014.gif (3.12 MB, 600x458, slow.gif)

Daddy, i'm homeeeeeee
Im gonna get drunk tonight. I have 3 pints of 5% weisbier. How much should i drink?

Anonymous  13349

how much is a pint? i usually drink just 2x 0,5 liter
maybe 3
used to be like 6

Anonymous 13350

He's just the logical end point of the music industry propping up and throwing money to whoever seems like they will get stuck on people's mind for a good amount of time regardless of them being drugged up full-on sociopaths who take "no such thing as bad publicity" as some sort of challenge. I guess it's telling that literally everyone fucking hates him, even people who defend other rappers as just doing street shit or whatever.

Anonymous  13351

Apparently he was pistol whipped and robbed of $750,000 worth of jewlery, so he did one good thing at least.

bear 13352

>mfw he ain’t even registered as a sex offender
Yeah fuck these people
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13353


Djinn-chan  13354

0.5 liters is basically a little over a pint

Anonymous  13355

bear 13356


Djinn-chan  13357

File: 1614712326708.jpg (544.29 KB, 828x996, image0-148.png)

Wtf they made zelda from legend of link into a goth?????

Anonymous  13358

File: 1614712379768.jpg (59.08 KB, 500x721, 140495729991.jpg)

What's new?

Legend of Link?

Djinn-chan  13359

Yeah, it's that game ive never played but zelda is the main character right? He's the twink w the sword

Anonymous  13360

>Daddy, i'm homeeeeeee
Welcome home my dear, how was your day?

>Im gonna get drunk tonight. I have 3 pints of 5% weisbier. How much should i drink?


bear 13361

Nut much

Anonymous 13363

you stupid

Anonymous  13364

Anonymous 13365

whats nine plus ten

Anonymous  13366

Anonymous  13367

File: 1614714268679.png (10.45 KB, 474x256, leftypol on stalin.PNG)

if he started to make leftist rap he'd have a future on leftypol lmao

Anonymous  13368

bear 13370

Anonymous 13371

you stupid
you smart :)

Anonymous  13373

File: 1614714658558.jpg (74.79 KB, 1024x990, cum is stored in the brain.jpg)

indeed I am

bear 13374

bear 13375

File: 1614715602237.jpg (84.69 KB, 900x506, 6F05D1B9-3ED5-4FDC-9089-C091E3…)

HELLO I’m the nostalgia critic. I remember it so you don’t have to

Anonymous  13376

Oh joy. I have like, anti-nostalgia, for the nostalgia critic.

Anonymous  13377

>that pic
that was me last night. first porn I wanked to in 2 months.

Anonymous  13378

prepare to get retsupurae'd, nerd.

good to know

Anonymous  13379

C?  13380


Anonymous  13381

C?  13382

no 'with', just sex as a concept

bear 13383

File: 1614716450105.jpg (15.04 KB, 357x201, D2CE1FE4-8490-4654-BA72-48B569…)

I can still hear his screams
What you say to me!!

Anonymous  13384

File: 1614716504674.jpg (149.19 KB, 790x590, Emi is a shitposter.jpg)

Doug Walker is an unfunny hack.

Anonymous  13385

It's hard for me to believe I found him funny. Some how I cringe way harder at what I found cool of funny as a late teen/young adult than when I was in middleschool.

bear 13386

File: 1614716878931.jpg (32.43 KB, 500x252, 4CF8450A-A658-4197-8876-9B9E24…)

Very apparent when you see him try and do skits and all that. Also he’s just gotten, like lazier, like look at this image compared to the previous. You can see that he just like doesn’t care anymore
Why do you think it’s like that

Anonymous  13387

Because his humor was dumb, and the memes I enjoyed were dumber. The memes I enjoy now are still dumb, but I accept their stupidity.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13388

Ur a girl.

Anonymous  13389

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13391

Well yes me but also you.

Anonymous  13404

I just noticed that an issue with my laptop suddenly vanished some time ago. For some reason my mouse was acting up, double click randomly. Sometimes it would get so bad that 12 clicks in a row would double. Then just yesterday I had a charging issue, the battery was stuck at 19% and stayed there plugged in but wouldn't get higher. I took it home and plugged it in with the power off and now it's working as normal. But I think the click issue resolved itself like a week ago now that I think about it.

Anonymous  13405

higher technology is just magic with extra steps

Anonymous  13408




Anonymous  13409

That's what I maintain. It's math stuck in a shiny box. Math is the highest form of sorcery by the way.
more like, "sure, ok."

Kolosin  13410

Man that crystal.cafe place is kinda wild

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13411

Did they wear maid outfits?

Kolosin  13412

Oh I didn't see any maid stuff, just like alternate universe incels, you could try asking or looking around but uh I don't recommend it unless you want a laugh

Anonymous  13413

What crystal cafe place?

Kolosin  13414

That's the url "crystal.cafe", it seems to be an femcel board, but I only browsed the nsfw board.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13415

I thought you went to an actual place called "crystal cafe" smh 0/10.

Anonymous  13416

File: 1614725360107.jpg (272.23 KB, 1424x2048, 3fxygdtw1jd41.jpg)

>First thing I see is a thread bitching about trans people

Kolosin  13417

The site is only for "bio women"

Anonymous  13418

File: 1614725570677.jpg (34.62 KB, 504x464, Marx holding a gun.jpg)

>The site is only for "bio women"

Kolosin  13419

It's literally like stepping into an alternate universe. "moids" instead of "femoids" it's hilarious

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13420

I dunno wtf to do with them cause we can't turn them into girls cause they already are girls

Kolosin  13421

Use them to test how much of a girl you are, their peoples' champions are bloodhounds looking for any XY

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13422

I'm not going near that place.

Anonymous  13423

bio girls
imagine degrading yourself to biological functions "to own the libs"

Kolosin  13424


Anonymous  13425

File: 1614727043765.png (511.4 KB, 624x624, OMEGA_STALIN.png)

Being as that place is filled with FART's*, I got 2 ideas

1. Gulag/Reeducation
2. The wall

*FART = Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphone (I kinda prefer that over TERF lmao)

BTW, anyone got that meme about Stalin saying that if someone disrespects the pronouns of Trans people they get sent to the Gulag?

Anonymous  13426

File: 1614727891877.jpg (217.39 KB, 1350x2048, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_nikora…)

Good afternoon

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13427


Anonymous 13428

Anonymous 13429

the average roko's basilisk fearer vs. the average post-human landian accelerationism enjoyer

Anonymous  13430


bear 13431

>when you se sexy boy/girl

C?  13432

What are you battlestations like /GET/?
Mine, currently, is some planks of wood on top of my bed with my laptop on it and a pillow on te floor with a old pair of pants to cover it up.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13433

A wooden desk that is covered in books, cables haphazardly placed, foot rest is an old telescope and the only place I can put stuff like food or drink is the remains of the banister from my old bunk bed I have propped up against the foot of my bed.
This post was edited by its author on .

C?  13434

>A wooden desk
That sounds so nice right about now.

Anonymous  13435

a prefab wood desk which I've drilled a bunch of holes in to run wires around and through, a few bits of zipties and little bits of duct tape holding all the wires together and out of the way so I don't accidentally unplug anything. some odds and ends my gf and I leave on the desk proper, usually like small trash, makeup, those kinds of things. it has a sorta top shelf we use to hold spare disks and other electronics and on the top of that we have stuff that doesn't really go anywhere else like some fossils we dug up, the gloves I use when lifting, ect ect.

C?  13436

>fossils we dug up
Are, like, a paleontologist?

Anonymous 13437

nah just a hobbyist and WV has a lot of good shale spots to dig up fossils. its like the one benefit of having loads of old, eroded-to-hell mountains

C?  13438

That sounds rad, do you have any cool fossils?

Anonymous  13439

not too many, I do have one relatively well preserved fern fossil and a nice root from a fossilized tree, but a lot of the better fossils I find I usually turn in to scientific societies and the like. they are always looking for good examples to preserve in museums and stuff and most fossils I find are too fragile to leave around the house anyways. the two I have are so heavy and thick you could club someone with them though.

C?  13440

Have you found any dino bone tho? Or has it just been roots and fern?

Anonymous  13441

uuuh nothing dinosaur explicitly but you can get a lot of aquatic fossils from that same time period
WV used to be a big ocean back then. can also find really nice beach sandstone, its so smooth you could sleep on it.

C?  13442

What's that place? is it in, like, US or something? I'm not too familiar with the states and stuff.

Anonymous  13443

West Virginia, the silly state that only exists as an attempt to stave off the civil war for a little bit
also notably one of the few unionist southern states in the civil war

C?  13445

>West Virginia
Oh, like that meme song from fallout?

>the silly state that only exists as an attempt to stave off the civil war for a little bit


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13446

AKSHUALLY West Virginia split off DURING the civil war by people who didn't like slavery. Fun Fact: Stonewall Jackson was from an area that would leave as part of West Virginia and the only reason why he went with the South was cause of loyalty to his home despite his hatred of slavery so it would have been interesting to see if had he lived if he would have joined the Union halfway through

Anonymous  13447

the history is that in the leadup to the civil war there was an ever-growing expansion of the US across America, and each new state would almost always have their own internal civil wars full of like, mass murders of entire towns and shit over if slavery should be extended there or not
of course both sides wanted the incorporation of either non-slave states for the unionists and slave states for the confederates and whoever had government power at the time would block the incorporation of new states they didn't like. likewise, old states which had internal divisions on slavery that wanted to form new, non-slave or slave states were rejected for the same reasons, as a way to try and keep the states balanced and prevent the accusation of the government favoring one side or the other and leading to the civil war early. WV was one of the latter states, it had long petitioned for being a different state because it was economically and politically alienated from Virginia proper but Virginia never allowed it to split off. There was a plan to admit a new slave state in exchange for splitting off WV as a non-slave state but the civil war happened before that happened, so the Union said fuck it and made the state of Kanawha, later to be tragically renamed West Virginia.

Anonymous  13448

File: 1614739308103.jpg (95.11 KB, 1080x1171, ChineseTwitter.jpg)

Yo actual chinese government propaganda is crazy shit.

bear 13449

crazy stuff

Anonymous  13450

dont get it

C?  13451

File: 1614741966770.jpg (31.8 KB, 233x349, RamonCastilla.jpg)

Some times when I look at pictures of old historic people I think "Damn, that's just some guy, holy shit"

That sounds crazy, the most conflict presiding slavery was the Battle of La Palma and even that was warped around Castilla's taking of power.


Anonymous  13452

File: 1614742475204.png (433.62 KB, 600x607, threeletteragent.png.crdownloa…)

>Jimmy dore does show.
>"Like lets admit it...Biden lied! No 2000 dollar check! no medicare for all! more war! every "promise" that was leveraged to bring together his electoral coalition has been revealed as just another lie!"
>25 Minutes of seething and calling Jimmy dore a Nazi along with, "But trump was worse though" and "you really think the GOP would be better?" "THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT US TO BE DOING GUISE! WHAT BIDENS PROPOSING IS THE BEST WE CAN GET AT THE MOMENT!"

C?  13453

Didn't Vaush say something about "the vanguard party needs to be integrated into the means of production"? Lol the guy is a joke.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13454

the thing i hate about people like dore is how much of socdems they are, actually do try to pander to social reactionaries opportunistically without a backbone and also that their loudest opponents are just the most disgusting of liberals and somehow you're not allowed to have a position outside of those 2 sides

Anonymous  13455

tbf though Dore's only real problem with social-reactionary's is that weird Hindutva nationalist bitch he gets hard for because she dosen't want to kill everyone in syria and Iran

Anonymous  13456

Can anyone explain to me why my ACER laptop can play ARMA 3 at high settings with like a ton of peoples' champions and shit loaded but EU4 moves at like 10 frames a second and every like month takes a minute to play through?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13457

Cause the code is being strangled from all the DLC they've shoved into it. That's literally why they made CK III cause CK II's code could not physically handle more DLC.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13458

I'm not kidding either one of the devs gave that as the official reason in some whistle blower leak back in August.

Anonymous  13459

it's just this ridiculous idea that he has to appeal to retarded people by appeasing them on retarded issues
all it takes is to just stick to the shit and not give in on the other shit either
it's a complete package
really not hard, no need to pat the retarded on the back and tell them it's ok to be retarded
if you got no issue with shitting on people then go for the right reasons

Anonymous  13460

this >>13457 plus I am pretty sure all of paradox's games only run on a single core

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13461

Oh fuck that's right, their games do force you to use a single core.

Anonymous  13462

w-why though?

Anonymous  13463

they've used the same engine since like... HOI2. Shit is fucking old as hell and they don't want to rebuild it for multi-core support.

Anonymous  13464

i thought arma is like that too because the engine is ancient, still build on their operation flashpoint game, like 2001 or something

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13465

Fuck if I know. Buy the Multiple Core Support DLC or something.

Anonymous  13466

dat shit is baka as fuc

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13467

I'm still surprised RTX support isn't sold separately with some games knowing Nvidia.

Anonymous  13468

nah ARMA uses the same engine as acutal military simulators so it is actually well funded and decently modern, supports up to 8 cores I think but its a technical nightmare to get working correctly

Anonymous  13469

File: 1614743651829.jpg (22.26 KB, 400x400, Bogdanoff.jpg)

>Evidence suggests that Pfizer and Moderna covid Vac(s) almost completely ineffective against SARS-CoV-2 variants B.1.1.7, B.1.1.298, B.1.429, P.2, P.1, and B.1.351. No evidence that vaccines stop symptoms developing and transmission.


bear 13470

It never ends

Anonymous  13471

>ARMA is same as Actual military simulators.
So that military simulation where that US general managed to kill the entire US army while playing as Iran was just him camping or something lol?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13472

Actually the military simulators are offshoots of the game and are developed separately. In fact most Arma 3 peoples' champions are backports from the sims to add functional content to the base game like the working aircraft carrier. So yeah while the simulators are state of the art, Bohemia has worked hard to keep Arma 3 less capable cause the sims cost like $400 a package iirc.

Anonymous  13473

no, its an engine used for training soldiers between live-fire exercises and stuff. I think generals don't use simulation software like that but more like big virtual boardgames or just flatly hypotheticals and the like.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13474

you mean the US admiral that killed the entire US navy as Iran right? Or is this another one.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13475

they say it still stops hospitalization and death
still shit considering i don't want to have burning lungs or brainfog either

Anonymous  13476

yeah I am p sure he means the Milenium challenge

Anonymous  13477

File: 1614744812132.jpg (34.36 KB, 620x520, R1XdndRXIhBzb9P0QjB3UMR0rCW54a…)

>texas governor lifting all mask mandates and business restrictions

oh yay this will be fun..

Anonymous  13478

>inb4 that leninhat shitposter on leftypol is the texas governor

Anonymous 13479

Sounds like one of those weird pseudo-slurs rightoids use, like "jogger"

Anonymous  13480

everything is bigger in texas
mostly the mass graves though

Anonymous  13481

And this is AFTER the fucking snowstorm...

Anonymous  13482

Does anyone even follow mask mandates anyway?
The main reason i think all this shit failed was because everyone pretended to follow the rules, chastised everyone who slipped up while trying to find every excuse not to follow the rules possible

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13483

Not everyone in the world is in the Australian Liberal Party tho.

Anonymous  13484

File: 1614745385184.jpg (93.63 KB, 900x900, unnamed (1).jpg)

i just all so overwhelming, it seems like everyone and my brother have lost thier mind.

yeah the people in my neighborhood follow the guidelines, i only see a couple of tards maskless butt 1 or 2 is too many. and theres a large concentration of nuts in this state

Anonymous  13485

Saw a twitter argument on sky news (our fox news) where some Australian boomer got into a fight with some Magatard under a post about trump because the australian boomer said he "supports liberals" and the MAGAtard called him a baby eating peado or something

Anonymous  13486

best is just to refill supplies and stay home
americans at least get somewhat forward with hording vaccines
i wonder if you actually have to pay for it still

Anonymous  13487

dont worry i have the pay, i just have to be extra wary from now on.

Anonymous  13488

Everyone always say's how Japan or China or the US is going to be the first Cyberpunk / Great reset / new industrial revolution testing grounds but i still have my money on australia.
Nowhere else on earth has capitalism so completely deterritorialised and morally degraded a people to the level it has in australia.
Australian bougies openly just view Australia's rich biosphere as economic units to be extracted and humans as economic units to be used to do extracting and transport of said units.

Were talking about a country so corrupt that our politicians refuse to put endangered species where only 50 of the animal is still in existence because the island they exclusively live on has a logging site and a oil well that belongs to their friends.
Were talking about a population so politically apathetic that if you say the PM's name on the street followed up with something like "How do you think their doing?" their answer is quite likely to be "Who's that?"
Our city council elections have hong kong rules where the money you have the bigger voot you have.
People are so poorly politically educated they dont understand basic political concepts.

bear 13489

That doesn’t good at all

Anonymous  13490

File: 1614746558611.png (1.61 MB, 2480x3507, npy2.png)

no good indeed

Anonymous  13491

File: 1614746892684.png (30.73 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

ho-ho-holy shit thats a big city

P A 13492

File: 1614746897423.mp4 (1.06 MB, 640x480, video0-132.mp4)

Gm, /GET/

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13493

bear 13494

Anonymous  13495

File: 1614748599734.mp4 (1.31 MB, 640x360, Among Us in Touhou.mp4)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13496


Anonymous  13497

Morning comrades. What should I drink for breakfast?

Anonymous  13498

you got orange juice?

Anonymous  13499

It's cold outside. I'm not sure if having a cold drink in the morning would be a good idea

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13500

Hot chocolate.

P A 13501

get some coffee

Anonymous  13502

I bought a lindt chocolate bar yesterday thinking that I would have it with a cup of coffee and relax but I fell asleep early. This might put it to good use.
P A?????.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13503

penis assault

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13504

Publicly Aforementioned

P A 13505

File: 1614750463892.jpg (8.23 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)


Anonymous  13506

perturbed autismo

P A 13507

Pubic apparition

Anonymous  13508

phrenulum annihilator
(ok I cheated with the spelling on that one)
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13509

File: 1614750733007.png (578.23 KB, 480x640, unknown.png)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13510

Watame Wa

bear 13511

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13512

Anonymous  13513


Djinn-chan  13516

File: 1614765697480.png (558.53 KB, 500x706, IMG_20210301_161456.jpg)

Hungover as fuck but tha coronabux finally came
Just had the craziest, most realish dream in a while
Ok so there was a giant, half-a-street-light sized monster on the street outside of my house and i was getting really annoyed with it vecause it was scaring my dog so i lured it into my house and snapped its neck using all the weight of my smol lil body
Anyway so some mail arrived and all of it was either thigh highs or clothes or sex toys, but the mailman just kinda threw it on the ground (probably because there was the corpse of a big ole monster)
Anyway, my family found it and was like, "who is this sissy shit for" so i was like "must've been a wrong delivery" so i told them i would send it back but instead i just threw it in my closet
Anyway, for some reason me and my /pol/ bro went for a drive, but i was on my phone texting with a guy i'd been flirting with, but my bro didn't respect my privacy so he looked and saw some messages, so i said i was in a groupchat, but he saw more and then we crashed in traffic in an urban area

Djinn-chan  13517

The cops were called because of our reckless driving, i ran off but they were chasing me so i started doing this obstacle course thing to get away. I was scared shitless, between being found out as being a dick lover and the apparent apocalypse that caused the normality of giant monsters. I really wanted to escape the urban area, but once i completed the obstacles it turned out that i ended up in a police station anyway, because the cops were grooming me and testing my capabilities just to force me to join. The whole thing was set up because the entire city was one of those "silicon valley techie cities of the future" so it was kinda dystopian, they literally shifted the city's architecture around just so they could force me to join their police force.

Djinn-chan  13518

Also. Yesterday i had deja vu because there was this moment where i was being denied the ability to get drunk
I saw it in a precognitive dream before which is common for me
But. It means that destiny led me to this point which is very interesting, because i've been on hrt for months and i work fast food, so it's a weird destiny

PB 13520

have you considered coming out to your family?

Anonymous  13522

loli juice

>Hungover as fuck but tha coronabux finally came
rip, still at least you got Coronabux lmao

Also, goddamn that sounds like one weird ass dream you had

bear 13523

Was it Lucid?

Djinn-chan  13524

No. I've never had a lucid dream because i have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality

Anonymous  13525

>When segregationist governor and pro-segregation protest-candidate for the US presidency George C. Wallace. Was asked his opinion on Anti-Segregation protesters he was quoted as saying.

>"Now let me just say this. If a demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car while im trying to get somewhere its the last care he's ever going to lie down in front of"

Ok thats a bit funny i admit

P A 13526

Rise up for the /GET/ anthem
bladee be gay 2 me nightcore

Anonymous  13528

homeless lady with a rotting thumb gave me a mormon invitational card with jesus on it after I gave her change and told her to find a doctor.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13530

Anonymous  13531

File: 1614792201421.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1280x720, whatthehell.mp4)


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13532

Anonymous  13533

sucks when people like that will put their believe into the healing power of fiction because they probably can't afford the reality of doing the necessary and going to a doctor

Anonymous  13534

Oh I think she just found those on the ground, or she was given them by a mormon. Just giving something back in exchange, anything, so as to feel it was a mutual thing.

Anonymous  13535

that's even more bitter and sad

Anonymous  13537

bear 13541


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13542

I'm going to the store what do you guys want?

Anonymous  13543

Anonymous  13544

bear 13545

ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous  13546

Anonymous  13547

A loli

Anonymous  13548

i bet loli stores would be illegal in gamerstan

Anonymous 13549

I want to die

Anonymous  13550

oh yeah, and since i'm going into battle, bring me some of their strongest potions

Anonymous  13551

Where do I buy loli juice?
hope and someone to remind me how I forgot.

Anonymous  13552

>meet truck-kun
>get isekai'd into 2D
>drink straight from the source

bear 13553

Probably at the store. Ask yugo if he can find some while there

Anonymous  13554

I prefer to use loli juice as a body wash

Anonymous  13555


>loli juice body wash
Hmmm, interesting

Anonymous 13557

Didn't need any more reasons to believe piracy is one of the only few good things on this poor shithole of an earth

Anonymous  13558

I have to wonder if boomers who wear their masks all twisted and not covering the face holes bother to put on underwear in the morning.
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 13559

I don’t understand. Were artist not getting paid before this?

Anonymous  13560

Of course not, everybody knows underwear is for cucks

Anonymous  13561

it's bullshit to justify exclusivity of digital art for the same purposes of embezzling money that already goes on in the art world.

Anonymous  13562

usually it's the younger shitheads, teens, who don't wear masks at all, at least here from what i've seen
and then there's plenty of people who seem to want to try but don't know that they're supposed to properly close the mask off around their nose
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 13563

They don’t put their underwear silly. They have ask for their helper to put their diaper on for them
Can’t wait for some 10 year who doesn’t care for this shit to use some art and then these people are going to cry to the government to regulate the internet even more to accommodate them

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13564

Anonymous  13565

That's a D tier fleshlight tbh

bear 13566

Anonymous 13567

Anonymous  13568

You're the man now dog.

Anonymous  13569

I can't believe I lost all sense of progress. How in hell did I manage to not know what am I even doing each day?
Seriously, I gotta keep myself grounded.

Djinn-chan  13570

It's crazy that people think that covering the mouth is more important than covering the nose. If anything, they'd be better off breathing through their mouth, because corona spreads specifically via the nostrils or eyes iirc. It's the sinuses that should be shielded. Also, protective glasses would be a good idea, but apparently people don't know that it can spread through contact with the eyes.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13571

What are some gender bender anime I need anime.

Anonymous  13572

I don’t know why but I feel like the dream I had last night meant something.

>I’m standing in what felt to me like a desert. In front of me are a bunch of soft clay tablets / Icons with what felt to me in the moment as saints crafted onto them.

>A voice says something unintelligible / I’ve forgotten.
>I reach out and touch one of the saints and I’m suddenly standing in front of a wall going infinitely either direction. It’s made out of individual soft clay tablets going either direction.
>The tablets each have a human face either contorted in horror, fear or pain. And a language my brain recognised as cuneiform.
>Some words play in my mind “Constantine” “He knew he could never return” “He would die if he returned to the city”
>One of the tablets was on a pedestal with what looked like two knives stuck into the face. I began picking up tablets and defacing them one at a time.
>I woke up

Djinn-chan  13573

Ever seen Ranma?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13574

The 90s one about China? Yeah. Although only for a certain episode...

Anonymous  13575

Does Youjo senki count?

Anonymous 13576

File: 1614810147293.jpg (109.98 KB, 531x800, bh_27_124.jpg)


Old thread on how much basket hilts weigh. One user's study averages out around 2.5 lbs (1.134 kg). Left in pic related weighs that much according to the owner, for example. Another used a book's catalogue and arrived at 2.2558 lbs (1.023 kg). There are extremes on both ends but it's suprising how on-par they are with medieval arming swords despite the much more protective hilt. Other similar cut-oriented, complex-hilted swords like the dusack also seem to hover around 1-1.1 kg.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13577

Not really. Also the whole time I watched that Tomo tried explaining to me how the Germans were really oppressed victims of the Anglo-French and how it's actually a based anime and definitely not a imperial german/nazi apologist /pol/-loving power fantasy no sir.

Angry German yelling incoming btw
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13578


Anonymous  13579

A girl I work with thought medieval swords weighed 80 pounds. I'm thinking "have you even seen a sword?"

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13580

You literally did. Also that one time when you said the Helghast were the good guys in Killzone cause you understand where they're coming from.

Anonymous  13581

File: 1614810400632.png (34.13 KB, 284x299, jh3489tz.PNG)

i don't even know what helghasts are!

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13582

The space nazis from that playstation game.

Anonymous  13583

i don't remember that at all

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13584

You definitely said it. You also said you didn't call me something last night yet we both know you did.

Anonymous  13586

File: 1614811423836.png (105.08 KB, 587x580, 76gf599889.PNG)

lies and slander

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13588

Yet my pants are not on fire :^)

bear 13589

File: 1614812549084.jpg (17.4 KB, 225x225, 9ADB0635-1938-4AD0-BCD6-13CEDD…)


Anonymous 13590

Shut Hell

Anonymous 13591

File: 1614812662599.png (2.55 MB, 2232x3176, yu3cmu8mt8x51.png)

Under communism this shall be posted in every workplace.

Anonymous  13592

but why?
nobody is going to use swords

Anonymous 13593

We will outlaw all forms of non-melee combat after global communism so warfare can be based agan

Anonymous  13594


Anonymous  13595

File: 1614813398982.png (106.88 KB, 364x432, 4890wq348.PNG)

none of any of this is true and i stand by it
it should just all be virtual so it is safe while simultaneously as gruesome as possible and then everyone can pick whatever they prefer

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13596

That got an anime?
Your word means nothing. Just like at Munich.

Anonymous  13597

i never lied to you in munich, i meant everything i said to you

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13598

Peace in our time.

Anonymous 13600

File: 1614813678047.jpg (103.58 KB, 506x717, shuthellv02.jpg)

I wonder if Dark Souls is somehow to blame for HEMA's popularity or if the audience was there all along and i was just blind.
>That got an anime?
No, but it's a fun read and the art is pretty. If you want anime then Sarazanmai has at least one crossdresser in it and it's gud
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13601

File: 1614813739193.jpg (23.91 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)

Good afternoon

Djinn-chan  13602

File: 1614814957953.jpg (781.72 KB, 1400x2241, mmpi2full.jpg)

Rate my psychological evaluation (from three years ago), /GET/
>dysphoria 82
>obvious hysteria 109
>obvious psychopathic deviate 92
>somatic complaints 94
>lack of drive 100
>low motivation 107
>general health concerns 89
>gastrointestinal symptoms 83
>suicidal ideation 95
>obvious depression 104
>ptsd 88/91
>negative treatment indicators 89
>health concerns 83
>depression 88
>social/emotional alienation 80/98
>LOEM cognitive/conative 90/92
>brooding 85
>mental dullness 91
>physical malfunctioning 108
>subjective depression 93
>schizophrenia 96
>psychathenia 85
>psychopathic deviate 92
>hysteria 106
>hypochondriac 84

Anonymous  13603

i don't even know what the numbers are supposed to mean
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13604

But that's not gender bending focused.
Time to apply pressure to Senpai.

bear 13605

Anything change

Djinn-chan  13606

I need to retake it but it's like, 600 questions

Anonymous  13607

idk what it means
can i take the test?

Anonymous  13608

pressure for what?

What's new?

Anonymous  13609

No idea what it means/10

>600 questions

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13610

Your Psych evaluation was a questionnaire?
Sexual Pressure. Or maybe physical cause my fooooooooot.

Anonymous 13611

>t scores that high
i'm glad you manage to turn it around

Djinn-chan  13612

yeah here's a link, it's archived though because for some reason the original page is down
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 13613


Anonymous  13614

what's wrong with your fooooooooot?

Can we see?

PB 13615

sup zooki

Anonymous 13616

Selamat pagi.

>Dark Souls
Wot. I don't see how unless it's the case of people going "the setting is so brutal so it must be realistic" and others saying "no, not at all". HEMA definitely became more known over time thanks to various groups and channels dedicated and related to it. I think it was a general development that began around 2011-2013. Shows like GoT also premiered around that time.

More representation in anime would be sweet.
The most realistic weapons / armor / fighting, in an ANIME??

Anonymous  13617

oldest dog just died
not that she died unexpectedly mind. she was like 24 or so? finished up burying her under the old hickory tree.

bear 13618

File: 1614816908165.jpg (3 MB, 2817x3114, 0845EE14-BEAD-4E9A-A5EC-E12BA5…)

May she rest

Anonymous 13619

Because melee-focused combat + seemingly medieval/gothic/whatever aesthetics. I guess you're right in that both channels like Skallagrim and dark fantasy in general started gaining more traction in the early 2010s though.
>More representation in anime would be sweet.
Maybe there's some underground manga that's just a HEMA version of Baki or something like that somewhere? I would kill for actually well-choreographed martial arts scenes of any kind that don't just rely on the cool factor of abilities or characters coming up with clever shit

Anonymous  13620

Wow, that's quite old for a dog isn't it?

Anonymous  13621

lel I found some unironic elon musk worshipping retards and made them upset

yeah she was like 90-something if you wanted to look at it in human years
she died kinda suddenly, acted healthy for the whole week and just acted sick a little this morning and gave up the ghost. I had long kinda accepted it though, she was a good dog that had a long life.

Anonymous  13622

How long a test is it?

Djinn-chan  13623

567 questions.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13624

File: 1614821094407.gif (1.09 MB, 479x469, acbffd697eea0a0640b38fc7b95475…)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13625

I'm gonna slap the poster below's nuts.

Anonymous  13626

File: 1614822228785.png (140.36 KB, 484x824, lean289fu234.PNG)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13627

Oi that's cheating, you don't got any balls.

Anonymous  13628

Sorry to hear about your dog, man. Even when you know it's coming, it can still be pretty difficult. But at least it sounds like she had a good life.

It looks pretty good

>lel I found some unironic elon musk worshipping retards and made them upset
lemme guess, lolbertarians?

Anonymous  13630

I figured. I always pick those up and then put them down. Maybe if I answer fifty questions a day I'll get it done in little over a week.

Anonymous  13631

I have hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans.
The ball's in your court, bitch.

bear 13632

File: 1614823764321.png (116.17 KB, 1024x575, Rabbits = Gay.png)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13633

but you weren't the post below mine?

Anonymous  13634

>Dog died
Sorry to hear man. That can be tough, especially if it happens during a rough patch in life.
damn, that's a good age though.
That's nice to hear. If/when I ever get a dog again, I'd prefer to have it buried after it's time has come.

Anonymous  13635

I'm always below youWAIT-I-DON'T-MEAN-LIKE-THAT-STO

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13636

No backsies, bottom :).

Anonymous  13637


bear 13638

thank u

Anonymous  13639

no actually, a dumb socdem, a lib, and like 2 italian nationalists

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13640

Only if you ask tho

Anonymous 13641

File: 1614825202293.jpg (171.55 KB, 1200x844, DP-SZ6JVAAAfWOE.jpg)

ARMA Korea is pretty active in youtube and some of their videos have hundreds of thousands, if not a million views which totally slipped under my radar. At least one artist from there (gailtonatiu/pirata) has been consistently drawing HEMA-based stuff. Stahlwatsche is Dreynschlag's sister group in Japan so let's see how that goes. We hosted an international meetup in Malaysia and there were people from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Sword Master Rates 10 More Sword Fights In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?
Hey, they did another one.

Anonymous  13642

Not a lot here, sup with you?


bear 13643

Pretty neat

Anonymous  13644

nothx then, at least not til I gain it as a fetish

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13645

Anonymous 13646

File: 1614827630032.png (124.27 KB, 246x209, Vincentio_Saviolo.png)

Anonymous  13647

but just outa curiosity... what would you do, if you were to molest my bum?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13648

File: 1614827947996.gif (644.33 KB, 364x476, 79e.gif)

bear 13649

File: 1614828894978.jpg (583.23 KB, 1200x1721, ECEF7F0F-5D80-4FF8-A634-D261D7…)

Kinda like the samurai

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13650

haha matchlocks go bang

Anonymous  13651

File: 1614832434895.gif (203.52 KB, 640x480, Cirno_c1f1b5_6382296.gif)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13652

Cirno canonically wears bloomers confirmed.

bear 13653

You’re bloomers showing

Anonymous  13655

You can stab faster than pulling a gun and taking aim.

Anonymous  13656

None of you guys helped interpret my dream :(

Anonymous  13657

I miss having legible dreams
now they are all incredibly useless visions of the future or stupidly cryptic shit

Anonymous  13658

what was the dream? funnily enough i had a dream to, i was among abunch of highschool students in some kind of impersonation festival.

Anonymous  13659

thats not a among us reference btw

Anonymous  13660

Apologies I just woke up. It's worth asking how the faces got trapped in clay in the first place and whether their words were a warning or a prophecy. You defacing of the tablets reminds me of the story of Abraham destroying the idols.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13661

File: 1614839518562.png (198.99 KB, 406x327, Cursed DDR.png)


Anonymous  13662

what is this tno?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13663

Red Flood. Basically the most blessed yet cursed timeline where Germany went communist instead of Fascist and is currently the most powerful country in the world cause of its advancements through socialism and the rest of the world is on the brink of revolution because of it. Except for France cause they got some dipshit pseudo-fascists in charge. And maybe Russia cause only Trotsky is left and he's stuck out in the far east.

Anonymous 13664

Is there any way to fix the links in United Chans Wiki? Every article with a title starting with / has its link broken

Anonymous 13665

It's why I find a lot of HOI4 peoples' champions cringe

Anonymous  13666

its Red Flood, basically WW1 went on for like a decade extra so Europe is in tatters, communists won in Germany but France has fallen to like ultra-visionary futurism which is like art class fascism.

Anonymous  13667

Waste of trips tbh. Anyhow hoi4 is bad. I regret buying it. Thankfully didn't waste more cash on DLCs

Anonymous  13668

>Democrats new betrayal on stimulus checks.

>House and senate democrats admit that up to 20% of Americans “Likely won’t be able to claim” already hotly contested fourteen hundred dollar stimulus checks as they leverage the idea of instead “Expanding the number of people who can apply for welfare”

>The revelation has already been met with ridicule online with many pointing out that the amount of money “saved on the budget” amounts to less then one percentage point of the total cost of the stimulus most of which is going to large corporations and private banks to prevent economic collapse as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lol cuckdems cucked again.
Voot blo no matter who!

Anonymous  13669

The Escadron in France are like...Meh...you could make the argument they are based or cringe either way.
The Acephole are the cringe Super-Libertarian “What if the BLEEP consented Though?” Ones.
The primitives are either cringe Reactionary-Fascists or AnPrims depending on. what you pick during events.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13670

Trotskyist Goebbels is gonna haunt my dreams for the rest of my life now and I hate it.

Anonymous  13671

File: 1614844164385.gif (2.99 MB, 498x487, l582992929493.gif)

Anonymous  13672

I know old world blues is the meme DLC but it is actually a nice touch that Dr Borous accidentally almost breaks his own recursion loop whenever he feels sad about his dog because the emotional significance of his experimentation on his dog translates into him looking at the dog bowl and only seeing Big Mountain, and recognizing all of the atrocities that were done by them in the name of a war which only ended killing everyone they cared about

that said he does quickly crush it back inside the recursion loop because he is afraid to feel genuine emotion again after being basically sedated by his programming for so long, just like Dr Mobious said.

Anonymous  13673

Im not sure but i think someone even worse can coup him / replace him at some point and that guy (whose name i cant remember) basically destroys germany from the inside out.
I was doing my AnCap france game and clicked on germany for a sec and saw they had a "great general strike" national focus that gave them basically -100 everything and then a civil war happened.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13674

I also like the fact that even as a fun actiony DLC it had probably some of the best writing in the game. Now compare that to Fallout 4.....

You wouldn't understand.

Anonymous  13675

>TNO - George Wallace presidency.
>Nationwide segregation has been implemented and states-rights ironically trampled by the NeoConfederate president and his supporters.
>Fascist death squads (The "New American Vanguard") prowling the streets led by Francis Parker Yockey act as the NPP's militant arm helping the national guard in breaking up the now near constant civil rights protests and race riots raking the nation.
>L.A riot (Called in Japanese newspapers "The LA massacre" saw organised killings of Americans of Japanese descent by NAV militants)

>Two black men huddle around their dumpster made homeless by the weekly race rioting in chicago.

>"Im thinking of maybe moving to canada..."
>"What why Jerome? Look at the National-Focus's this is the "last bastion of freedom!""

Anonymous  13676

well like, look at it part by part

Gabe was Borous ' dog as a kid and he talks about how he experiments on it by feeding it mentats and physio hidden in his dog chow, and further turns him into one of the Mk 1 cyberdogs as part of his Big Mountain research, but if you both don't kill Gabe and get his dog bowl for Borous you can talk to him about how the feelings he has towards Gabe is because of guilt over "something he did" before he talks about all the stuff he just mentioned. he then says that "all cognitive processes are being consumed thinking about the similarities between the dog bowl and big mountain", at first physically (cause they look like bowls) but then also more abstractly. Big Mountain was established as a research base for the military and openly experimented on Chinese POWs alongside American citizens (using the Sierre Madre as a testbed, which is why the Cloud and the Hazmats suits exists alongside the holograms and vending machines). From there you can kinda make the connections, he relates his experimentation on Gabe to America's establishment of Big Mountain and its subsequent research and the monstrosities it created in the name of the war effort, where he experimented on Gabe because of all his inner hatred of people like Richie Marcus and Betsie Bright, America was doing the same for their hatred of the Chinese and blindly hurting their own citizens (or indeed Borous ' own dog) driven out of spite more than anything, and only leading to disasterous outcomes and hurting the people they cared about (turning gabe into a thoughtless monster for Borous or nuclear genocide for the wider US)

Anonymous  13677

as for the recursion loop, Mobious had programmed all of the Think Tank members so that any time they tried to think outside of the Think Tank their memories would basically clog up and reset, its a kind of function that a lot of computers have to prevent them from operating outside of expected parameters, a thought will endlessly repeat until it effectively self-terminates and it'll then reset itself to "factory defaults". this is actually a joke in old world blues - all of the names of the Think Tank members are infinite shapes - 0 being a looping zero, Mobious as the Mobious strip, 8 is another self-looping number, Dala means circle in Sanskrit, another looping shape, Klein is another self-looping 2D shape, and Borous is short for Ouroboros which is a snake eating itself - all of them are self-looping objects, feeding back into each other infinitely so they repeat the same patterns and never escape

Anonymous  13678

Borous almost breaks his recursion loop whenever he understands the actions of Big Mountain in the context of the war because in that moment he remembers America - for but a few seconds he suddenly understands that there is an entire world beyond Big Mountain and that further the actions of the Think Tank had negatively affected the world by their experiments and the like being used against civilians and their test subjects like the cazadores and nightstalkers escaping into the post-American wasteland. all of this at once causes him to feel crushing guilt for all of their actions for the past 200 years in a grand context. unable to deal with the emotions of it all, he willingly recognizes his own recursion loop and how it keeps him trapped in Big Mountain, and effectively either has the choice of breaking his recursion loop permanently and understanding the totality of his actions for the rest of his days, or accepting the recursion loop and forgetting all of America and everything else. and, of course, he accepts the loop and promptly forgets everything that happened.

its like a little mini trajedy that happens in the span of a few lines, its just really fucking good writing

Anonymous  13679

File: 1614846238425.jpg (408.05 KB, 1080x1920, BingWallpaper (2).jpg)

bings homepage right now.


Slightly Mentally Impaired  13680

Yeah but now can this possibly top superb writing like "it's complicated, it would take too long to explain" or "*sarcasm*"?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13681

I still can't get over that the entire explanation of why the institute are such jerks is just "you wouldn't understand" and you're never allowed to ask more ever again. I still to this day have no idea what phase 4 really was cause they never fucking explained what it was beyond the fucking fusion reactor giving them more power or something that's needed for phase 4 which happens never cause the game ends.

bear 13682

You don’t understand, he’s your son, so like yeah

Anonymous  13683

Ill never forget when i actually did get got by a "you either kill your son or nuke boston" .gif on /v/ when the plot got leaked

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13684

Yeah that's true. As the player I'm too stupid to understand what's going on, I'm more concerned with killing drago- I mean scorch queens. Writing would just get in the way of more shooting.
Lol that would imply you have a choice on the matter. Which you don't cause both happen either way no matter what you do.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13685

I need to find that 4 hour masterpiece of "No Todds No Masters"

bear 13686

You know what you should really be doing
another settlement needs your help

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13687

But I'm busy convincing farmers to give caps and land to the brotherhood!

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13688

Anonymous  13689

oh no your a bos simp?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13690

Well it's that, Mr. "I got my whole faction killed lol", the underground railroad but if it was run by toddlers, or the oh-so-subtle Frankenstein analogy/stupid enclave and I don't like having to fight vertibirds every 2 minutes so I go with them by default. That and it's obvious the BoS story was done first and then every other faction was kinda stapled onto it before the game shipped.

Anonymous  13691

File: 1614859885951.jpg (223.21 KB, 1646x576, AlfredDeakin.JPG)

Take the Lemuria pill
Charge your Vril.
Build Easter Island heads along the Australian coastline

Anonymous  13692

but that has been confirmed for like forever
and it is cute

Anonymous 13694

Why don't you fall-out with your bad taste in videogames and fall-in with some bitches

Anonymous 13695

File: 1614862820374.gif (898.01 KB, 280x158, JampackedAcademicLangur-max-1m…)

It's starting!

I have no idea what it means.

Anonymous  13696

I'd rather fall into bed with Shaytan and Peridotposter tbh


Anonymous  13697

watsche is dialect and means a slap in the face, just sounds funny

oh yeah and stahl is just steel
so steel slap
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13698

Anonymous  13699

>open leftypol
>muh transhumanists
every time
that cross linking is really an awful idea
at least there's some new manga chapters out so there's something new and interesting to read instead

Anonymous 13700

File: 1614867198801.jpg (475.6 KB, 2048x1536, D6XR7QoVUAYA0tr.jpeg)

Cheeky. They've yet to fulfill the "stahl" part though. Unless they're pommeling.

Anonymous 13703

Ban the tilde

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13704


bear 13705

Anonymous  13706

File: 1614876741893.png (292.28 KB, 645x960, chibi_tomoko_2__color__by_kamp…)

it fits too well
now i want more cute anime girls dancing to the 80s

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13708


Anonymous  13709

I swear that section of the song goes with about anything

bear 13710

There’s actually this thing called Out of Touch Thursday, where people just try and match the song to stuff and then post it on Thursday

Anonymous  13711

god the infrared thread on /leftypol/ is filled with the densest of retards
its like every time I go there there is 2 new reactionaries to ban

Anonymous  13731

i have no idea what infrared is, feels good
already annoying enough that people posted so much about vaush that i have somewhat an idea what he's about

Anonymous  13732

you really aren't missing much, all of these e-celebs are just different flavors of the same shit

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13733

That's a rude way to talk about Gura tbh.

Anonymous  13734

the day that the online left starts talking about a person that is deserving of the attention i will stop being a transhumanist

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13735

By the Nine Divines! Assault! Assault!

Gods there's a psychopath on the loose!

Anonymous  13736

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13737

File: 1614885984023.jpg (87.41 KB, 741x486, Untitled-65.jpg)

Anonymous 13738

I'm stuff

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13739

You're the best the blue team has to offer?

Anonymous  13740

I'll be stuffing you in a minute


bear 13741

File: 1614886895503.png (1.58 MB, 828x1792, SJ2 Lola.png)

Remember Lola bunny? This is her now

Anonymous  13742

why are all old characters now smug

Anonymous  13743

tbh never was into her

Anonymous  13744

ngl, kinda preferred her look from Space Jam lmao

Mhmm, where were you into back then?

bear 13745

File: 1614887568899.png (114.78 KB, 424x235, 45C88DB1-A6DC-4CE9-8F57-74B975…)

Well to be fair, she’s always had a smug demeanor

Anonymous  13746

Not sure whether I want to fuck the smug off of her or have her fuck me staring at me smugly lmao

Anonymous 13747

*laughs* Tomo, your boyfriend is awesome!

Djinn-chan  13749

File: 1614892457491.mp4 (460.18 KB, 640x756, 4dwWZttb5ZKFCyp0.mp4)

Anonymous  13750

i know he is but i don't understand what he just said

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13751

Blessings of Akatosh upon you.

Djinn-chan  13752

Upon ye*

bear 13756

File: 1614900816767.jpg (64.53 KB, 1200x728, D4E08038-BB7E-4E04-9507-EE6343…)

Well Semen, I made it, despite your directions

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13757

Ah Superintended Cummers welcome. I hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon.

C?  13758

Out of curiosity, does anyone has a Alunya reference pic?

Anonymous 13759

File: 1614901401605.png (1.1 MB, 3000x3000, 066f255d01a0a5c37749c1322963a8…)

C?  13760


Anonymous 13761

File: 1614901513266.png (350.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1187eaaef65b3c8b2a997b26008cd0…)

Anonymous 13762

File: 1614901629570.jpg (34.39 KB, 351x671, b79a009557262722ee1005a8bb78f9…)

Other outfit

Anonymous 13763

File: 1614901663017.png (183.43 KB, 937x693, 52bb87e8dfc3ed9f2ab6ec6b684b8f…)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13764

File: 1614903294176.png (132.02 KB, 288x345, g202.png)

Anonymous  13765

Oblivion had the best chatter of all vidya of all time.

Anonymous  13766

Where her tiddies go?

Anonymous  13767

boobs bad or something

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13768

Be seeing you.

Anonymous  13769

I want all games to have oblivion style NPC dialogue.
Want the DMC5 style announcer to be replaced with Oblivion quotes.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13770

Any news from the other provinces of Tamriel?

Anonymous  13771

If you could give TES to a different company, which would it be?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13772


Anonymous  13773

yeah I guess that's the logical choice, eh? Though they're owned by microsoft now i think.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13774

Who owns Bethesda now and if the leaks are true are currently wrestling TES 6 away from Bethesda due to how incompetent their dev team is and giving it to some inhouse dev... which could possibly be Obsidian.
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 13775

“Too sexy for da children” some executive

Anonymous  13776

>which could possibly be Obsidian
now that would be delicious

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13777

Most likely not though cause Microsoft, but it's nice to dream.

Also Trips to turn you all into girls. You fucking bottoms Chu~

PB 13778

bioware xd

bear 13779

Who do you think the next director will be

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13780

Hard to say. It's probably just gonna be whichever one has the least amount of projects lined up that Microsoft has under its belt.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  13781

>Also Trips to turn you all into girls

Even though I'm now a girl, doesn't exactly change much about my year of being stuck inside the house lmao

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13782

But you're now stuck inside with a girl :^)

Anonymous  13783

File: 1614906891941.mp4 (607.04 KB, 1280x720, Jason Unruhe celebrating.mp4)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13784

File: 1614908369528.png (54.5 KB, 421x240, c0d9c439-b070-4269-b342-508f3a…)

This is a stickup: hand over all your testosterone and nobody gets hurt. I don't want it or anything I just wanna burn it.

C?  13785

File: 1614909758493.png (43.69 KB, 932x940, Alunyas motivation.png)

r8 my Alunya /GET/

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13786

Wuts Loomis?

Djinn-chan  13787

I think loomis is an e-girl or a vtuber

Anonymous  13788

the chest size and shoulder width seems off tbh and the face is surprising levels of feline

C?  13789

An art book with anathomy and stuff.
I have only read a few pages, I should acually sit down and read it

>shoulder width seems off
How so?
>the face is surprising levels of feline
Putting enfasis on the cat portion of cat-girl mreow

bear 13790

Why does it look like she’s pointing a gun at me. Also very nya~ face

C?  13791

File: 1614910348624.jpg (31.39 KB, 509x625, sand.jpg)

Because I suck at foreshortening limbs/fingers

Anonymous  13792

just looks rather masculine, might just be my impression since i prefer feminine shapes
also, y'know, lolis and shotas, they got bigger heads so i'm more used to different proportion from head to shoulder with drawing

C?  13793

File: 1614910626156.png (41.55 KB, 932x940, Alunyas motivation.png)

No, you were right it did looked a bit off, I corrected it a bit.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13794

File: 1614910657715.jpg (59.82 KB, 630x638, FB_IMG_1555735827778.jpg)

Anonymous  13795

>Tomokoposter when she and Yugoposter see each other again

Anonymous  13796

File: 1614911709212.webm (296.08 KB, 1280x720, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.webm)

>That feline looking face

Anonymous 13797

How is 4chan not the biggest hugbox of all

Anonymous  13798

because they have preformative infighting so it superficially don't look like they do

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13799

Cause /pol/ was created in 2012.

Anonymous 13800

It's just insufferable watching them complain about "transhumanists" and "leftists" (i.e. Twitter libs) all the damn time. I just wanted to talk about video games.
Also I hate these rightoids who think that everyone else except for them is some kinda braindead NPC moron with no independent thought and that they're totally 100% rational when it's quite clear the opposite is true.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13801

First time?

Anonymous 13802

Nah I just started visiting 4chan again after several years and it's clearly only gotten worse
Thank God I found /leftypol/ when I did

bear 13803

Cause Q

bear 13804

File: 1614913162446.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1214, O-Oop.png)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13805

File: 1614913398768.webm (834.85 KB, 562x360, 1613253372274.webm)

It's been like this since 2012-14ish.

Anonymous 13806

Yeah that's probably when it all started going downhill, at least with threads like /gsg/
Though I swear even just a few years ago I could browse /agdg/ without having to see these morons whine about stupid shit people said on Twitter

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13807

The last boards to fall were probably /tg/ and and um /o/. /tg/ cause it was so fucking crusty and salty that /pol/ had a hard time getting a grip on it but since 2016-17 there's almost no drawfags, writefags, or questhreads and generally no creativity cause all the oldfags somehow left and the /pol/ generation slipped in. And /o/..... well /pol/ can't drive stick lol.

C?  13808

File: 1614914501506.png (40.95 KB, 928x936, Alunyas motivation.png)

I finish my Alunya.
Now I'll go back working on my OC's

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13809

Is she holding a lighter or pointing a makarov with an oversized silencer at me?

C?  13810

Is suppose to be her finger

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13811

um wut.

Anonymous  13812

i actually don't understand how you and that other poster didn't recognize that it's her just pointing her finger at the viewer
it's very easily identifyable to me

C?  13813

She's suppose to be pointing at you, but I'm bad at foreshortening

Anonymous  13814

i think the finger wouldn't be that "round", maybe that's it

C?  13815

File: 1614915275753.png (42.56 KB, 928x936, Alunyas motivation1.png)

I completly frogot that the images was suppose to have a caption on in

I guess, althought I think I might have made the finger a tad bit small.

Anonymous  13816

i struggle just drawing an open hand so i'm just grasping a straw really
to me it already looked good, just wondering what it could be that gets that silly person confused about it

also that's like a perfect OP image for a "motivational thread"

C?  13817

>that's like a perfect OP image for a "motivational thread"
Thank you, I made it with /hobby/'s draw thread in mind.

Anonymous  13818

what a waste, oh well

C?  13819

What's wrong with /hobby/?

Anonymous  13820

it's on leftypol, lmao
i hate that place, about as unbearable as 4chan

C?  13821

Yeah, I guess it can be annoying with all the angry typing and weird polyps crossing over.
I barely post on there other than on /hobby/ or /games/.

Anonymous  13822

File: 1614915908966.png (368.58 KB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

weed robot
weed robot

Djinn-chan  13823

File: 1614917224144.jpg (332.21 KB, 1532x2048, Evq60UwVoAE6chh.jpg)

Boredom is all i feel

bear 13825

File: 1614918389298.gif (26.08 KB, 112x109, 0E131E69-E82F-4DFC-9700-C3AC5E…)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13827

luv u

Anonymous  13828

File: 1614920015023.jpg (204.42 KB, 500x700, Cross-Over.full.2113817.jpg)

tiem for sum choccy milk

Slightly Mentally Impaired  13829

File: 1614920345002.mp4 (131.3 KB, 640x640, video0_55.mp4)

Anonymous  13830

Anonymous  13833

File: 1614922264990.jpg (838.39 KB, 1200x1050, EhfIs2IUYAAhqyM.jpg)

Comfy tip: lighting candles can drastically alter the mood and atmosphere of a room, especially one with a good scent that you like.

also stay hydrated

Anonymous  13834

So i just learnt today that "Gypsie's" in the UK and Ireland are not Indo-Aryans / Romani like 'Actual' Gypsies.
But are just like...Irish people...that speak like this slightly different version of Irish?
Anyone else know about this shit?

bear 13836

File: 1614928200761.jpg (58.59 KB, 628x628, 739291F2-7C85-4206-9AC2-A67066…)

What kinda scent do you like personally?

Anonymous 13837

File: 1614928693816.jpg (63.9 KB, 1920x615, munition basket hilt.jpg)

These 17th century munition swords in Royal Armouries are lighter than I expected, like consistently below 1 kg. Maybe it's partly due to blade erosion but I don't imagine them being much heavier in the end. This basket hilt is listed at 900 grams. The "proto-mortuary/walloon" types weigh even less, some at ~700 g. Seems to mirror late 18th century and 19th century military swords.


Anonymous  13838

i like food smelling stuff like pumpkin spice brownies or fruity scents and pine.

Anonymous  13839

well swords are usually p thin and shit, I wouldn't see why they would be very heavy.

bear 13840

Very nice. I like the ones that smell like the ocean

Anonymous 13841

File: 1614930393403.jpg (23.4 KB, 879x331, hawkins2.jpeg)

cool and nice

Anonymous 13842

File: 1614930435138.png (34.44 KB, 1456x1563, EvmeRuIWgAEXz1u.png)

>This chick walks into your canteen and slaps your nut


Anonymous  13843

I wait like a couple of minutes because by her depictions she will get in a promiscuous situation in no time flat

Anonymous  13844

has there ever been a lesbian jucika?

Anonymous  13845

oh I'm sure

Anonymous  13846

can I get aaauauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh

loving and emotionally fulfilling camaraderie with the people I live around in a communist society

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