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File: 1608953553166.jpg (11.86 KB, 200x182, Leftytrash.jpg)

/leftytrash/ Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2[Last 50 Posts]

Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

Anonymous Comrade 30172

Hehehe I see a lot of really tomboyish girls (usually lesbians too) and transboys like that in Mexico. They're almost always wearing a cap, short hair, a T-shirt or undershirt, and shorts, and probably bind their chest.

bear 30173

File: 1623457026699.png (268.05 KB, 900x636, 58B7A63C-2E7C-4390-B8E6-5F0E4A…)

Apparently, the latest topic on bird app is people getting mad that they have to face the truth that the Soviets won WW2

Akko 30174

File: 1623457352087.jpg (35.94 KB, 512x512, akkochuckle.jpg)

we love to see it. screencap deliciously mad liberals for us!

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30175

Nooooo not my heckin mythology merka number one!!1

Anonymous Comrade 30176

File: 1623459793119.jpg (414.45 KB, 840x836, Penny continues to seethe over…)

Ban all soyjaks

Anonymous Comrade 30177

I'm more likely to see very feminine men, which I will restrain myself from outright calling trans or crossdressers since I don't know how much people here, even LGBT people know about those concepts (probably more than I do tbh), it's weirdly not frowned upon here, like, kind of badly seen, but most people don't seem to care. I've only heard my own cousin and a professor in middle school be straight up homophobic.

Anonymous Comrade 30178

I wanted to ask, do you know Spanish?

Anonymous Comrade 30179

why at this exact moment of the year?

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30180

>that whole thread seething over you

Anonymous Comrade 30181

File: 1623460115436.jpg (121.73 KB, 1280x715, What the everloving fuck am I …)

Not in the slightest

I'm just curious where these idiots get the idea I'm fat from. I've only ever posted a selfie. Also the guy who keeps posting those same four soyjaks at me is really fucking pathetic and probably mentally ill or something.

Anonymous Comrade 30182

>Not in the slightest

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30183

I almost wonder if he was some kind of a bot, what with only ever quoting other posts.

Anonymous Comrade 30184

File: 1623460908461.png (677.01 KB, 1024x1148, Why yes, I do indeed enjoy lef…)

Nope, just a guy who's incessantly following me around and anybody that he thinks is me. I know for a fact that its a person because he's complained about his soyjak spam being removed by the peoples' champions and assumes that I'm a jannie.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30185

Also please tell me what general area this is.

Anonymous Comrade  30186

Kek, what?

PB 30187


Slightly Mentally Impaired  30188

Got back from work at 10 at night ._.

PB 30189

poor babby
what was the job?

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30190

Groundskeeper at a fancy beach.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30191

Ok depending on your gender, I now may or may not visualize you as looking like groundskeeper willie.

Anonymous Comrade  30192


groundskeeping job at a beach sounds comfy. is it?

PB 30193

Did you have to cut a lot of grass?
how you doin baka?

Mein  30194

File: 1623465090872.png (316.27 KB, 534x674, Yui378.png)

I finally got my interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters!

bear 30195

That’s cool, you nervous?

PB 30196

what are you getting interviewed for?

Anonymous Comrade  30197

File: 1623465575585.jpg (1.71 MB, 3600x3210, Rf59823049f9f756cd1035cdba478a…)

Doin good. Found out a promotional shrek glass from mcdonalds ive been drinking out of, for a decade is toxic.

Anonymous Comrade 30198

File: 1623465606461.png (563.68 KB, 802x1024, sj.png)

Fuck I'm laughing too much from this stupid shit

Anonymous Comrade 30200

File: 1623465724976.png (215.08 KB, 744x536, sj2.png)

Well, of the sequence of three of course

Anonymous Comrade 30201

File: 1623465737596.jpg (61.11 KB, 800x450, sj3.jpg)

And the cherry on top

Mein  30202


It's a youth mentoring thing.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30203

We need to go deeper.

PB 30204

lol wat.
yikes dude
Ahh, that sounds neat. What will you mentor them in, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous Comrade  30205

File: 1623466472160.jpg (55.79 KB, 600x600, dd23281fdebff9e1eb1175926ce217…)

yeah, i stumbled upon a old articles about it.


also they say, that the puss and boots one, tested for the most cadmium, i had one of those but i accidentally broke it a year ago. i still have the donkey and shrek ones.

bear 30206

Uncle Ted was right.
Rooting for ya to nail it
Show the glass

Anonymous Comrade  30207

File: 1623467504000.png (13.13 MB, 3273x2871, 284892911.png)

i thought i had the shrek one, but that probably got broke some time ago, heres the two AMONG others, i frequently use.

Anonymous Comrade 30208

You break my heart, with >>30205 I thought that it was a green vase modeled inside Shreck head

PB 30209


Anonymous Comrade  30210

yeah i never actually, payed attention to what kitchenware i aquire. its all just a mixmatch of plastic and glass cups, collected over the years.

PB 30211

I shoud probably look into the stuff I have in my kitchen since all the cups and mugs and and cutlery and stuff are so old.

I'm talking like over 50years old. Everything here is old as shit and probably has some sus chemicals from back in the day where they didn't give a shit.

Anonymous Comrade 30212

I think I remember these. My aunt had one I believe
That would be a dope glass
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30213

File: 1623474465056.jpg (92.29 KB, 1920x1080, mug.jpg)

i had the most amazing dream that i woke up from a couple times but i went back to sleep and kept dreaming it
and now i woke up and i don't remember a thing
i feel betrayed

Anonymous Comrade  30215

File: 1623479211407.jpg (76.54 KB, 1008x720, 1579824557724.jpg)

good morning /GET/
Just translated a chapter of the Communist Manifesto to my language for definitely the first time in history. It feels very strange to be the one doing this
I don't really remember anything unless I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep

PB 30216

blessed. Are you gonna keep doing it until all of it is translated?
business aidia: dream journal.

Anonymous Comrade  30217

File: 1623479923594.png (320.67 KB, 1897x884, ކޮމުނިސްޓު މެނިފެސްޓޯގެ 4 ވަނަ…)

Yeah, and some more works of Marx, Engels etc. after that is done.
I'll have to release these anonymously online though, since neither the government nor the reactionary religious extremists here would like it.

Anonymous Comrade 30218

bear 30219

That’s cool, pretty awesome of you to do that. What pseudonym you thinkin’ of going by?

Anonymous Comrade  30220

that script looks really cool, very confusing but cool
how long does it take for you to translate the whole manifesto?
i would rather not have written down some of the dreams i have

Anonymous Comrade 30222

Think I'm gonna try to go back to college online, either through the state university, or, barring that, the local community college
I'm terrified I won't be able to handle it, I didn't do too well the first time even though I was first of my class in high school

Anonymous Comrade  30223

>I didn't do too well the first time even though I was first of my class in high school
was everyone else just that bad or are you being down on yourself?

Anonymous Comrade 30224

Honestly I just stopped caring senior year of high school and it only got worse from there
Living on my own in college I just lost all motivation to actually do the coursework and just spent all my time on 4chan and playing video games
Plus I suppose I had some mental health issues but I don't know how much that really played a role in things
I just never really had to work at it in high school so when I actually was challenged I just fell apart

Anonymous Comrade  30225

File: 1623481611867.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, 34827923.png)

Preamble is complete, Chapter 4 is complete, Chapter 1 is halfway done. Haven't started 2 and 3 yet.
At the current pace I can finish this probably some time next month.
I haven't thought of one actually.

PB 30226

be wary tho, wouldn't want you to get in trouble.
>i would rather not have written down some of the dreams i have
Why not?
Even writing down nightmares and other fucked up stuff brings clarity once you read them later on and help you form clearer dreams and have somewhat of a picture of your subcon.
You should really thinik about it, specially if you will have to pay for it. remember that depending on the field you choose it can go long.
Maybe now that you are out of that young fresh out of HS delusion phase you mioght do better and be more serious about keeping up.

Also remember that after being aways from academics for so long you will need to regain certain skills and disciplines, but if you don't you will have a hard time.
t. enrolled in post-grad courses and gave up like 2 weeks in.

Anonymous Comrade 30227

Thank you
Yeah I'm aware of the cost and everything, I've saved up quite a bit of cash working and living at home so that shouldn't be a problem
I mean it's been 11 years since high school but my last college course I took was in 2018 so it hasn't been extremely long... but I'm still worried because I haven't had much motivation to do things recently
But if I wait that just means I have to work my shit job even longer
Of course maybe if I moved out my job would be more bearable, though I'd also have more responsibilities so who knows
I just feel like a fool being almost 30 and not having my degree yet, though maybe even more of a fool for still living at home
I don't know I guess I'll have to think about it more maybe

Anonymous Comrade  30228

File: 1623482820301.jpg (98.23 KB, 1280x720, Watamote - 10 - Large 01.jpg)

i'd just be worried about anyone reading it
ah, now i get it
different environment and all
would be nice if you could do with like a trial version then, to see if it's better now, but i guess that's not a thing

Anonymous Comrade 30229

Well I'm only planning on going part-time so I'll probably only take one course to start which I guess would give me a good opportunity to test the waters

Anonymous Comrade  30230

File: 1623483820418.png (622.97 KB, 1000x1209, 4146053 01.png)

>be wary tho
I have been doing that for several years.
Pretending to follow the state religion (mandatory for all citizens), pretending to not be communist, pretending to not be bi. It is tiring, but I still go on.
There are people here who were at best imprisoned or at worst brutally murdered by reactionaries, just for advocating mild secular liberalism. I don't intend to find out what they do to someone like me.

Anonymous Comrade  30231

File: 1623483989969.jpg (10.41 KB, 313x313, xBsUlajg_400x400.jpeg)

no chance for you to leave that place or are you feeling tied to it despite all those negatives?

Anonymous Comrade  30232

File: 1623484637572.jpg (28.45 KB, 1008x720, 1380394083619.jpg)

There is no chance for me to leave the Maldives on my own any time soon.
Don't know exactly when I will be able to.
I want to help in some way to remove these negatives but I also can't keep living like this forever.

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  30234

File: 1623489452469.jpg (40.25 KB, 500x703, fbd.jpg)

I'm not usually a violent person but rn more than anything I feel like I want to strangle whoever the person or group responsible for the CP spam is. Shit like this is just giving me unnecessary stress when I already have other more pressing things to worry about both within and outside the internet for fuck's sake.

Anonymous Comrade  30235

File: 1623489932437.jpg (526.72 KB, 1374x1923, screens.jpg)

I have started uploading videos from the GETchan channel to this (unofficial) archive account in order of file size. Will upload several per day but the process will slow down as file size increases:

Anonymous Comrade  30236

File: 1623490350220.png (71.8 KB, 240x240, tumblr_inline_nphfmwqjzG1sftfv…)

at least you guys are quick at dealing with it so thanks for that
i wonder how 4chan managed to seemingly have completely gotten rid of any of that

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30237

Pain peko

Anonymous Comrade  30238

File: 1623496579549.png (329.72 KB, 633x571, 3599.PNG)

i can feel that post

Anonymous Comrade  30239

It really does hurt. A lot.

Anonymous Comrade  30240


Anonymous Comrade  30241

File: 1623498484480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.8 KB, 1467x1000, 91773354ee641d2e69d7fd4bec2194…)

don't wanna get out of bed

Anonymous Comrade  30242

off by one

Anonymous Comrade  30243

an attempt was made

Anonymous Comrade 30244

Sorry, went to sleep. I live in Nuevo León

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30245


Ah, I see.

Anonymous Comrade 30246

transgirl is about to fuck your pussy unprotected with her 9 inch cock flowing with cum and she swears it won't get you pregnant cuz HRT, wyd

also is it possible for some trans people to have such enormous cocks that even HRT won't make them smaller?

Anonymous Comrade  30247

File: 1623502607204.png (2 KB, 253x22, i did the time GET thing.PNG)

sad self check
mine is still as big as ever

Djinn-chan  30248

File: 1623503463103.jpg (90.48 KB, 720x505, 20210522_223125.jpg)

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30250

Isn't the number of months on HRT a deciding factor there?
Also I thought that cocks avoid shrinkage if they're used heavily.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30251

File: 1623504084045.png (863.64 KB, 1064x1500, 71589771_p0.png)

kind of doubt that, size stays the same
i'd show but i'm shy

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30252

Huh, I thought only frequent fapping or fucking would counter potential shrinkage.
I take it you don't feel dysphoric about yours? Just asking for future reference, since I just know girldick is gonna be a common topic around here.

Anonymous Comrade 30253

pls show pp

Anonymous Comrade  30255

i'd rather do without, never liked having it
but still i can brag about how big i am since i wont get rid of it anyways

Anonymous Comrade 30256

Fuck I hate Finnish politics, some idiot made a graph showing where he thinks our political parties go on the political compass and everyone just rolls with it being accurate even though it's the most obvious bullshit ever. Basically it was:
>ackchyually there is no right-wing, the most farthest to the right party is ackchyually just centrist XD
>ackchyually the party the LibErALs call far-right is ackchyually the most left-wing party we have XD
Far-right conservative misinformants like this should unironically belong in some mental institution, and even more so the people who buy their shit uncritically because they're the actually dangerous ones.

bear 30258

Who do you think are the people making the graph? Like obviously a far right trying to cover for the far right party but could it also be a centrist trying to make Finland look like “super happy fun land” and nothing bad happens. Also Do you have the graph?

Anonymous Comrade 30260

>Who do you think are the people making the graph?
IIRC it was some "pro-freedom pro" or whatever, in other words almost certainly a fascist.
>could it also be a centrist trying to make Finland look like “super happy fun land” and nothing bad happens
Nah, the implication (or I guess explication since he literally just asking questions'ed) was "do we need a right wing?" since according to him we don't have one.
>Do you have the graph?
I didn't save it, and after reporting it, looks like I can't find the tweet anymore. Sorry. Finnish Twitter is a goldmine for cringe, though, since it's an unmoderated cesspool of far-right ethnonationalist circlejerks. Not that it's only Finnish Twitter that's like that, I'm pretty sure any non-English side of Twitter is similar, but that doesn't make it suck any less...

Anonymous Comrade  30262

File: 1623514139245.png (4.64 MB, 3826x3090, TNOSiberianAnarchistCollapse.p…)

Anarchism finally got Nerfed in TNO.
Instead of the regular Siberian workers revolt it seems once you unify CentralSib+FarEast the entire Free territory explodes into a giant Heydrich Germany style cold civil war where you have to woo people to your side.

Anonymous Comrade 30264

Does anyone know a way to get Google Maps to show all search hits on the map instead of picking and choosing an awfully small number of them, because this is pissing me off immensely.

Akko 30265

File: 1623519081882.jpg (8.97 KB, 236x208, sparcle.jpg)

if i had a pussy and could potentially get pregnant.............


Anonymous Comrade  30266

they're probably purposefully selective and it's deliberate that you can't pick for yourself

having a little tea-light with oils is really nice
it smells good and makes me calm
either it's that or the painkiller and sedative
wait, i probably shouldn't have mixed those, uuuuh...

Akko 30267

substances - dosage - time?

Anonymous Comrade  30268

File: 1623520928692.jpg (145.35 KB, 958x1093, 71328515_p3_master1200.jpg)

ibuprofen 600mg and lorazepam 0,5mg
shouldn't be too bad, max day dosage for ibu is 2400 a day and lorazepam is usually given in 1 mg

Anonymous Comrade  30269

oh yeah that ibu was like noon and lorazepam early evening, so that should be fine too, even assuming that the dosage would be a problem

Akko 30270

File: 1623521081002.jpg (12.38 KB, 500x288, tenten.jpg)

oh, i don't think there's any problem with NSAIDs.

bear 30271

I kinda wish we had a standard time, as you can’t really see a Time GET unless your in said time zone or someone screenshots it. Until then, I guess they’ll be hard to catch on
Think of a cool name
Is there a way to automate the removal? Since it’s spam, you could simply enter the phrase or image and counter said spam bot with an anti spam bot

Anonymous Comrade  30272

i wonder if there's like a drug mixing website that tells you if it's ok to take
minutes and seconds should be the same at least

Anonymous Comrade 30273

Has no one come up with a browser extension or something for this? Because the limit on search hits Google Maps enforces is absurd, it's like 20 tops and it's extremely fickle about which ones they disappear.

Akko 30274

probably. but these kinds of references rarely mention something like ibuprofen for obvious reasons

Anonymous Comrade  30275

Eh, looks like the collapse is a possible outcome to me tbh

Anonymous Comrade  30276

it doesn't interact much i guess?
i only know it's bad for your stomach and liver iirc

bear 30277

True. I suppose that’s how we should constitute from now on

Anonymous Comrade  30279

File: 1623530763618.jpg (69.33 KB, 1280x720, 45255251.jpg)

Since I will be releasing it as an Anonymous Comrade, it would be appropriate to adopt the name of (رفيق مجهول/ ރަފީޤް މަޖްހޫލް) meaning "Anonymous Comrade".

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30280

Hey wut happen?

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30281

...Do you mean "I would do" or "I want (to) die"?
Not sure what IWD means.

Anonymous Comrade 30282

either way he wants some cum in his pussy, that's for sure

Anonymous Comrade  30283

I never thought anyone would ask, but I can say it's nothing serious. I'm just not good at being there for others or myself.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30284

we miss you.

Anonymous Comrade  30285

Am I really worth anyone's time.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30286

Yes. You have value and people respect you.

Anonymous Comrade  30287

File: 1623534622426.jpg (456.73 KB, 900x1200, 37527015_p0_master1200.jpg)

i'm wary of saying this anymore since i accidentally misjuged before, but you seem like an alright poster that's nice to have around
anyone who doesn't go around fucking with people seems worth to be given some time at least

Anonymous Comrade  30288

You see that's the problem. They really had hopes for me, but I managed to fail my expectations and whatever hope they had. The burning question is for how long will they keep up with me, if I no longer want to keep myself around them.
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30289

No you didn't fail them. Just because unfortunate stuff happened doesn't mean people are gonna see you as less of a person.

Anonymous Comrade  30290

Almost two years now and I haven't seen light like I ever saw it before. You shouldn't have any trust for me.
I should've been doing better by now but nothing changed. Thanks for caring though. I haven't cried in a while and I thought I'd forget that feeling too

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30291

It's OK to feel sad about stuff but you shouldn't judge yourself by other people's standards,

Anonymous Comrade  30292

i like anyone who doesn't talk shit behind my back or goes around policing people over their own moralizing
i don't think you'd do anything like that, you seem nice
obviously i don't know anything about your offline life but if you're chill like that then i'd think you'd be cool
so, i guess i hope the best for you, that things turn out alright
if you have some struggle and depend on peoples help, then it's more a question of their character than yours

Anonymous Comrade  30293

I must explain that light here is the joy of living your life. I do go outside often. I do not however have any passion for anything I've ever had any interest in. I always had some reasons to stay committed to certain tasks, responsibilities, and relationships, no longer do I find the enthusiasm to do so.

Anonymous Comrade  30294

I didn't do my part. I didn't do anything in fact. Makes me ask how long will I stay like this, unable to shift a single block in his life. Poor ak. He could've started that dumb project he had on mind , or maybe read on the skills he wanted to build, but no he hasn't done a thing and he won't for a while.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30295

that sounds like depression, and while i guess you can work on it, slowly, it's nothing to blame yourself for when you are suffering from it
though i have no idea how you could manage a depression, i somehow manage to still have mine around despite things turning out better despite lots of stuff stagnating or getting worse
but it's something you shouldn't have to deal with by yourself

Anonymous Comrade  30296

Why should anyone bother?

Anonymous Comrade  30297

dunno, some people are just that nice
i got some help and people i can rely on and i surely don't "deserve" it
and i feel guilty for being such a burdon on them
but i'm not gonna become better thinking negatively about myself instead of appreciating that they are still there for me

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30298

I mean who doesn't love cum?

Anonymous Comrade  30299


Akko 30301

File: 1623539322897.gif (1.98 MB, 498x498, cirnofumo.gif)

>i would do
probably very sad or boring people i guess

Anonymous Comrade 30302

File: 1623539501382.jpg (42.79 KB, 894x894, Penny once again doesn't quite…)

I feel meh. I wanna do something, but at the same time kinda sleepy, and I'm holding off on the beer for a while. Wat do

Akko 30303

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Official Video) [HD REMASTERED] listem to a song
30303 GET!
This post was edited by its author on .

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30306

Write down stupid ideas for fanfics but only develop them later.

Anonymous Comrade 30308

File: 1623540129533.png (358.32 KB, 1024x732, Listening to Chug Jug on loop …)

Nice numbers friendo, but dont really feel like listening to music

But I already HAVE a fanfic I'm supposed to be working on that I keep procrastinating on.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30309

If I get 50 subcribers on this twitch stream I will peg someone.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30310

Why not work on it then, even if slowly?

Anonymous Comrade 30311

Anonymous Comrade 30312

File: 1623540326011.jpg (62.38 KB, 444x440, How horrifying.jpg)

Peg me

Eh I suppose I coooouuuuuulllllld, gimme some time to meditate and open it and then stare at it.


Get meme'd

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30313

>glance at leftypol
>get reminded that according to 21st century anglo marxists I'm a member of the gaygeoise and attacking women is in my class interest

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30314

Leftypol has just become like any other /pol/ infested chan at this point.

Akko 30315

the movement can't grow, the workers will not accept communism unless we all immediately adopt the "smiling blonde family in wheatfield poster" dress code and convert to Shia Islam with traditional Russian Orthodox characteristics

Anonymous Comrade  30316

File: 1623540699435.jpg (314.42 KB, 800x800, 1549895818962.jpg)

sounds like leftypol
welp, considering that they created their /b/ as a competing board to GET that was also an idpol breeding ground, maybe that old GETchan politics board could be revived and actual leftists could just come here while watermelon can have his good faith discussions with self described "reactionary socialists"

Anonymous Comrade 30317

File: 1623540940019.png (793.81 KB, 1024x732, Finally I can return to 4chan …)

I am literally always attacking women, it's a disease

;-; why tho

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30318

It's Jim. I have no evidence for this claim, but it's Jim.

Anonymous Comrade 30319

File: 1623542092065.png (1.73 MB, 800x800, Subdued chanting of 'Attica At…)

Speaking of which, that dude is STILL at it, following me around to post the same four soyjaks, over and over and over and over again. For all time. One day, perhaps he will get tired of it.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30320

You know what you must do.
Post anon soyjaks at him 69 times per day.

Anonymous Comrade 30321

File: 1623542402264.png (234.58 KB, 685x474, Portraying Obama's grandfather…)

Unlike him I actually have a life. Granted, it's not much of a life when Yugo wont peg you, but a life nonetheless. Plus I think if I did that, it would be the final push needed to turn /b/ into an endless hell of eternal soyjaks soyjaking at soyjaks. And nobody deserves that.

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30322

Posting a soyjak takes moments, assert your dominance.

Anonymous Comrade 30323

File: 1623542673065.png (479.52 KB, 906x980, Aurora Borealis, at this time …)

Soyjaks are too mainstream, thus it stands to reason that the real flex is NOT posting them, czech and m8

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30324

No sad oki?

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30325

You're such a contrarian >:^[
At least telepathically beam soyjaks to their brain.

Anonymous Comrade 30326

File: 1623542928425.png (231.27 KB, 1000x1000, My displeasure is eternal, eve…)

I will telepathically beam my ass into everyone's face, forcing you to eat it

Anonymous Comrade 30327

I could swear I savd a link to a Twitter thread where some guy showed the source of muh uyghur genocide is some bullshit propaganda outlet or other. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30328

Don't threaten me with a good time ;^]

bear 30329

File: 1623543032933.jpg (189.64 KB, 1200x1037, B9924A6D-105E-4CB9-9483-59C775…)

Reject Soyjak
Embrace Smug Anime Girls

Anonymous Comrade  30330

File: 1623543035019.jpg (215.5 KB, 800x640, 81451709_p3.jpg)

but i'm not sad
you said the same thing, in short form, just without the retaded idea

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30331

You know what's a retarded idea? You being sad lol.

Anonymous Comrade 30332

File: 1623543115053.png (224.08 KB, 628x542, You'll be sorry once I find th…)

Bitch I might

Reject anime entirely, return to western cartoons

Anonymous Comrade  30333

I found a sleeping raccoon on my safari adventure

Anonymous Comrade 30334

File: 1623543136839.png (797.75 KB, 1024x1149, Approximation of the mental gy…)


Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30335

Hear me out:

Soyjak anime girls

Anonymous Comrade 30336

File: 1623543171830.png (1.1 MB, 1365x768, Presented without context.png)


Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30337

Anonymous Comrade  30338

File: 1623543232899.png (11.3 MB, 4032x1860, image.png)

cat of protection gooo

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30339

No, you didn't. I can prove it.

Anonymous Comrade  30340

i guess me being retarded and sad makes all the more sense then, maybe i should be sad

Anonymous Comrade 30341

File: 1623543302037.jpg (414.45 KB, 840x836, Penny continues to seethe over…)

I am going to eat that cat you fucker

Anonymous Comrade  30342

yeah you are right I was too busy
fucking your ass
why be sad when you can be fuckin gay lmao
you cannot, for it is a hidey cat
you can never catch it
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30343

No. That's stupid. And you're not stupid. Just a little subby slut.
Wow that's rood. Like your face.

Anonymous Comrade 30344

File: 1623543526138.jpg (44.66 KB, 500x500, 317615.jpg)

Dont get sad, get GLAD!

Too late, I have already eaten it. The 33333 get is as good as mine

Anonymous Comrade 30345

Anonymous Comrade  30346

when was the last time i did something right and not just dumb
the only thing i will give me credit for is cutting out some toxic people

bear 30347

No, never, burn it in a fire
No, I do not
Ah, nature’s ninjas

Anonymous Comrade 30348

File: 1623543715789.jpg (15.74 KB, 400x400, Tell me about the rabbits, Gum…)

Anyways, tell us about the raccoon

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30349

Embrace the future.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30350

Ur just a dummi who needs some luv

Anonymous Comrade 30351

File: 1623544235382.jpg (22.44 KB, 345x470, Stone Cold Steve Austin, I am …)

Blegh, still feeling like meh

Anybody else got any more tips on how to be less meh? I'm going to like melt into grey putty at this point.

Anonymous Comrade  30352

it was sleeping over near the creek, not far from the abandoned stone bridge where the bats usually hang out
there was like a little rock outcrop he was sleeping under.
drink water and go for a walk, it helps stimulate the mind

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30353

More like it was up your butt cause ur gay lol

Anonymous Comrade  30354

Listen to some music, maybe?

Anonymous Comrade 30355

File: 1623544506225.png (170.21 KB, 444x364, When the overdose doesn't work…)

I already exercised tho. I went on a bike ride for a few hours.

That does sound like a cute raccoon tho. I wish to pet it.

Eh, tried, not really helping. I guess I'm more depressed if anything now.

Anonymous Comrade  30356

oh lmao then you probably just need some rest then

Anonymous Comrade 30357

File: 1623544637960.png (369.66 KB, 1024x1024, I sure hope Gumball senpai not…)

If I sleep then I'll just have more nightmares about my inadequacies and failures and anxieties. Besides, sleeping is pretty much a formality for me, since it doesn't actually help me very much.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30358


Anonymous Comrade 30359

File: 1623544920212.jpg (98.55 KB, 1280x720, Blank as my soul.jpg)

Dude it's like almost 9 pm at night, no fucking way am I getting coffee.

Anonymous Comrade  30360

A game of HoI IV perhaps?

Anonymous Comrade  30361

maybe something nice to eat

Anonymous Comrade 30362

File: 1623545218519.png (176.79 KB, 540x432, Uncomfortable and slightly ner…)

Eh, bored of that

I already ate and I'm already fat and disgusting enough, eating more wont help me. If anything I need to go on a fast or some shit.

Akko 30363

you gotta listen to a relaxing asmr audio on youtube. for most based results, type "m4m"

Anonymous Comrade 30364

File: 1623545713096.png (479.52 KB, 906x980, Aurora Borealis, at this time …)

This seems like some kind of tricky trick. Like if I look that up, a ghost is gonna jump out and scare me.

Anonymous Comrade  30365

Hmm, funny animal videos then

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30366

Oh right, most people don't do that.
I actually get drowsy or relaxed from coffee, so I'll have it at like 10pm sometimes.

Anonymous Comrade  30367

>I actually get drowsy or relaxed from coffee
Kek, how?

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30368

No idea, but my mom is that same way so maybe genetics?

bear 30369

You ever use that to pull a prank
Drink water

Anonymous Comrade 30370

File: 1623546724804.png (2.24 MB, 1826x1497, Everybody was Aztec fightiiiii…)

I'm not drunk if that's what your insinuating. Otherwise I'd be having a good time.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30371

I mean besides just weirding people out?

Akko 30372

m4m is just short for male for male. it refers to asmr audios where the guy pretends to be your gay boyfriend who wants to give you cuddles and it's really no wonder that i'm addicted to that shit

Anonymous Comrade 30375

File: 1623548915543.jpg (95.08 KB, 900x660, Grumpy hoodie.jpg)

That would just result in me being said because I know for a fact I'll die alone and that shit just kinda rubs it in

Akko 30376

wow don't be a bummer or anything.... besides i'm pretty sure everybody here thinks you're a friggin cuter and deserve love

Anonymous Comrade 30378

File: 1623549891012.png (793.81 KB, 1024x732, Finally I can return to 4chan …)

Wait never mind, apparently I live in someone's head so rent free he went and compiled a list of filenames I use and then made a soyjak about it. The knowledge that my existence triggers someone this much has revitalized me.

Though no, I'm pretty sure I'm not cute

Akko 30379

File: 1623549992787.png (340.5 KB, 430x482, akkodelet.png)

>not cute

Anonymous Comrade 30380

yeah bro I could make my life better, yeah sure, aha, yeah, uh, yeah

but I'm just gonna fantasize about having a better life and do nothing about my current life, ha fuck you retard, hehe, yeah, huh huh, yeah

Anonymous Comrade 30381

File: 1623551928965.gif (681.29 KB, 1460x1080, Today's furaffinity porn is es…)

I'm in this post and I dont like it

am not cute
these are lies

anyways feeling a little better, had some beer so I got a nice buzz going and I'm just gonna relax and play some vidya

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30382

Honestly just shave a bit and you look pretty cute then and there.

Akko 30383

you do realize you're describing something literally everybody has done since the beginning of written language right?
>surfin' tha web
these things lead to a great deal of unproductive time spent, yeah. people must do it for a reason though, and it's not like you can stop them. and yeah you can both improve yourself and entertain yourself

Anonymous Comrade 30384

It pains me to know I wasn't born with a sister I could talk with everyday

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30385

File: 1623552862577.png (Spoiler Image, 784.14 KB, 1244x1537, EnZx0pkVoAAd73x.png)


Horny tiem.

bear 30386

Which vidya?
Eh, it’s alright, I would say they are a mix bag
Their trainer ain’t gonna be happy
This post was edited by its author on .

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30387

File: 1623553216761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.64 KB, 850x1057, 1509d48222f74cd00fd9bf8f31eb2c…)

Their trainer is probably gay.

Anonymous Comrade 30388

File: 1623553336101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 636.91 KB, 2121x2121, saltapotamus.jpeg)

If you insist.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30389

Furry/Scalies are good too.

bear 30390

Hell yeah

PB 30391

Meanwhile I wish I had a brother.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30392

File: 1623556730515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.44 KB, 1024x619, 7ee4039d015b940b782ba74e9491d9…)

Anonymous Comrade 30393

File: 1623557652451.jpg (227.01 KB, 1128x1048, wojak_stirner.jpg)

>Why should anyone bother?
Because I choose to.
I can relate AK-anon, I too no longer have any passion to do things in life. Well maybe some passion, but it's greatly decreased. There's no shame in simply living if that's all you have the energy to do. Just try to do even small things that you enjoy, or at least used to enjoy, and you'll soon have your passion, however slowly, restored.

Anonymous Comrade  30394

File: 1623557794497.jpg (65.65 KB, 600x800, f7320f9b4ca13881c8978f12dce4b2…)

Running in 95 degree weather, makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30395

File: 1623558073599.png (539.65 KB, 556x548, poor people.png)

Just went for a nice bike ride along the lake. Beautiful sunny day, 18°C.

PB 30396

no breeze?

bear 30397

File: 1623558235358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.54 KB, 2047x1038, 07E6B5D1-EA8D-4CC2-954C-79D273…)

Who’s the one to the right?
Damn, for how long?

Anonymous Comrade  30398

File: 1623558300506.png (226.58 KB, 2000x2000, xDwYtzK.png)

no breeeze

hmm maybe about an hour

Djinn-chan  30399

Why is this spoilered if its just a beautiful healthy natural pregnant bod

Anonymous Comrade  30400

File: 1623558371090.jpg (145.66 KB, 600x631, e61.jpg)

The post above me, GET's a 99

Djinn-chan  30401

File: 1623558873514.gif (2.17 MB, 498x373, tenor(12).gif)

Sorry about the 9's cirno, but they are upside-down 6's...

Anonymous Comrade  30402

File: 1623559441641.png (732.68 KB, 1029x1200, 96.png)

not from this pov

bear 30403

In 95 degree weather. That must’ve felt like a long run
Was very lewd, had to censor for the children, think of the children, what if implications, thoughts, pure angels, very pure, only good thoughts, no bad thoughts, if not censored, bad thoughts, children unpure, go to hell, must keep them safe, think, think of the children, the children, pure, must keep pure, must uphold morality, morals, society, moral society, children society,

Anonymous Comrade  30404

oh yeah, i literal waterfall on my forehead

Gomrad Spurdo!n8NYIfg87I  30405

File: 1623574418930.png (108.15 KB, 300x300, d56.png)

>95 degrees
Do you people live close-by to the Gates of Tartarus or something?

Anonymous Comrade 30406

File: 1623574534635.jpg (27.52 KB, 722x349, wojak_nightmare_vision.jpg)

So apparently my township is trying to turn itself into a fascist dictatorship now (though to be fair it may be legally void)
I have jinxed the world yet again it seems

PB 30407

I have lost a significant amount of muscle and fat these past few days. it feels weird.
95 degrees in american

Anonymous Comrade 30408

Well maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but they passed a ridiculous far-right "election integrity" resolution back in May that among other things outlaws mail-in ballots, punishable with a $15,000 fine and 7 years in jail
You see not too long ago some local petite-bourgeois nutcase was running and he seemed to have this weird sense of nationalism for the township, and so I though, "Huh, wouldn't it be funny if you had some sort of township-level fascist regime?" and well here we are
Oh and the resolution also reaffirms their commitment to the Second Amendment, which strikes me as a little foreboding
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30409

Anonymous Comrade 30410

The tomboys/transboys I see are often either zoomers or those who hang out with rough men in the streets.

Anonymous Comrade  30413

File: 1623588404126.png (328.47 KB, 857x767, guess I am in charge now.png)

Anonymous Comrade 30414

File: 1623589460051.jpg (61.79 KB, 1024x594, two catgirls.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  30415

Anonymous Comrade  30416

something not working right or is that just me?

Anonymous Comrade  30417

ugh, everything seems alright?

Anonymous Comrade  30418

yeah loading times have increased drastically for me too but that seems to have stopped now.

Anonymous Comrade  30419

site didn't load earlier for me but it seems back to normal
glad it's back to working then

Anonymous Comrade  30421

File: 1623594626552.gif (73.07 KB, 157x90, get in here stalker.gif)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30423

heh, bottom.

Anonymous Comrade 30424

File: 1623596602471.jpg (41.01 KB, 709x800, Forever lost in the pink dimen…)

Ah nuuu cheeki breeki

Anonymous Comrade  30426


Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30428

How would you stop a small child from growing up to be a reactionary?

Anonymous Comrade  30429

Depends on what the child is into. What are the hobbies they have? That's how they usually find reactionary fucks

Anonymous Comrade  30431

not sure if you can do much about that when they're still small, other than teaching some good fundamental ideals, like comradery and solidarity
how comes you ask? are you raising one?

bear 30432

Teach them to not be dicks and to respect others. If you teach them that, they might grow up more sympathetic to others causes, thereby having a very low chance of becoming a reactionary

Anonymous Comrade 30433

File: 1623602112485.png (678.84 KB, 1024x916, I dont even have a witty filen…)

Making sure they learn empathy is probably the biggest part of it. Realizing that other people around you, even if they look different, are humans just like you, is a great way to dispel reactionary spooks.

Anonymous Comrade  30434

Anonymous Comrade  30435

File: 1623606282269.png (212.47 KB, 669x470, 1539981315573.png)

i wish all these mangas i was following would get updated
need distraction before i end up checking up on leftypol and its retardation again

bear 30436

File: 1623608680911.gif (95.16 KB, 266x292, 958C15BB-4586-4723-AA9B-550A7F…)

Just had a tasty orange, what have you eaten recent /GET/
What kinda manga do you read?

Anonymous Comrade  30437

slice of life, usually with loli nowadays
like that one about general myao
cute things to make life a little happier

PB 30438

PB 30439

i missed the Microthesda presentation.
what did they announce?

Anonymous Comrade  30440

oh yeah, food
i had a schnitzel
it was rather good for a premade one, though i'm not happy about eating cheap meat
wanted to reduce meat to the weekends, which it is, but in turn only buy more expensive ones
what's microthesda?

PB 30441

Is meat very expensive?
All i've been eating is flavored hot water with maybe vegetable or cheese. I tried to eat chiken and bread but I couldn't.
>what's microthesda?

Anonymous Comrade  30442

there is cheap meat and expensive ones
that schnitzel was rather cheap
but it's still cheaper to not buy meat
i don't really know about quality, it's just dead animal for the most, i don't think they're going to pet a cow to death that has lived on wide and open meadow if you pay extra

Anonymous Comrade  30443

I just made a ham club

bear 30444

Those are nice. I should read more manga but I can never find the time to
You feelin better bud?

PB 30445

File: 1623612608967.jpg (174.52 KB, 1920x1080, cry (2).jpg)

I just got pranked
you made a club out of ham? or made ham in a club?
Yeah, at the end it's just different types of dead flesh.
not really.
nice numbers btw

Anonymous Comrade  30446

File: 1623612670612.jpg (462.07 KB, 1900x1267, proxy-image.jpg)

a club is like a type of grilled meat sandwich

Anonymous Comrade  30447

which genres are you most interested in?
seeing a blond anime loli got my hopes up for a split second, thought this was someone else posting
>different types of dead flesh
and i'd give up on it if it wasn't for that b12 and whatever
i'm too dumb to know how to eat properly, figuring out what to do if i want to go without meat, and it's just there
also my mom wouldn't want to go vegetarian either and keeps bringing over meat
maybe i'm too phlegmatic about this but ... eh

Anonymous Comrade 30448

File: 1623612897427.png (1.29 MB, 1364x768, Aside from some third degree b…)

How have you been pranked little one

PB 30449

i know I was just joking.
what did you put in it?
I also miss usa.
>and i'd give up on it if it wasn't for that b12 and whatever
Not me I like dead flesh too much sadly.

I was told a bunch of games got announced and found out they weren't.
I was very excited for a Dishonored 3
Also got told Fallout: San Francisco was announced and it was all fake (((((((

Anonymous Comrade  30450

some nice wheat bread a friend traded some of my eggs for
it was ham and bacon with swiss cheese, lettuce, and horseradish

Anonymous Comrade 30451

File: 1623613397224.png (988.87 KB, 1024x732, Having a surprisingly good tim…)

oof, that sucks friendo

join me and have a snack

bear 30452

At least you can eat something, that’s a positive
I like da yuri. Especially the cute variety, always cool
Do you think they’d ever go back to California, given the first two were set there?

PB 30453

I thought they would expand on what they showed about the city on 2.
but no (((
I cant even eat (((((((((((( ((
Sounds good.
Do you have lots of chickens?

Anonymous Comrade  30454

28? I think it is 28. Kinda lost count.

Anonymous Comrade  30455

rude, why would people do that
go on the internet and lie?
there is some good loli yuri, i especially like the pairing in Wataten because one girl is a bit tomboyish and dense and the other one a bit more girlish and dreaming about being a couple
it's very cute
there was also a manga, "I Favorthe Villainess" where a girl gets isekai'd into her favourite dating sim but instead of going for the 3 male targets she tries to hit on the female antagonist and rival
liked that quite a bit, and it's not even loli

PB 30456

>go on the internet and lie?
it wasn't on the internet. It was my own blood that betrayed me
That's nice. I used to have chickens but someone stole them all one day (((((

Anonymous Comrade  30458

>own blood
that's rough, but at least you can get back at them

Anonymous Comrade  30459

how tf do you steal chickens

bear 30460

Maybe one day, but it doesn’t seem like today will be the day
I’ll check them out, hopefully
How did they take them without making a scene?

PB 30461

I shall one day.
they took them from their coop one morning.
like they went thru the woods behind my house and climbed the fence.

It was after the hurricanes when ppl were desperate.

>How did they take them without making a scene?
I have no clue.

Djinn-chan  30462

Cheese and Lettuce Under Bacon

Anonymous Comrade  30464

File: 1623620414783.mp4 (539.3 KB, 460x460, meandtheboys_1.mp4)

bear 30465

So what’s the news with E3. What’s the big thing so far

Anonymous Comrade  30466

from my friends Elden Ring and also STALKER 2

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30467

I dunno what it is but something about that trailer tells me it's gonna be bad. Maybe it's just the fact it looks too clean and there's no way a slavic game doesn't have poor animations and tons of bugs.

bear 30468

Nice dubs. They look interesting to say the least

C?  30469

File: 1623628536967.jpg (30.89 KB, 477x349, Ev5i77TWYAAxMwZ.jpg)

Work sucks ass my dudes, between having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn (2:30 am to be exact) to be on time, to having to deal with my boss and coworkers shit.
On top of that, I have to work with no day off until the 20th, because of some dumb bullshit.

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30470

Solidarity, friend. In a similar situation. Though I wake up at 3 AM.

Anonymous Comrade  30471

C?  30473

Thanks comrade

Anonymous Comrade  30474

havent seen this old skit in a long time. back when youtube was fun.

Google Maps (Part I of "The Googling")

PB 30475

i tried to eat some spaghetti and i've been vomiting for the past 3 h.
I should go to a doc.
is it physically intensive work? thats brutal.
thx. Already have it tho it seems.

puke 30476


Anonymous Comrade  30477

hm, i had sphagett yesterday. you sick or something?

PB 30478

Final Fantasy??

PB 30479

i miss old internet, everything seemed exciting and there were so many places to go. I miss flash stuff too.
what kind of sketti did you eat?
I dunno, maybe. I've been unable to eat for several days now.

Anonymous Comrade 30480

File: 1623636140704.png (1.7 MB, 3000x3000, And I like to make myself beli…)

Everyone's so fucking mean on the internet, it aint right

Let's all balance things out by saying nice things about random people we meet online

Anonymous Comrade  30481

sphaGET with red sauce and ground turkey meat.

PB 30482

sounds like a good business idea
i c

puke 30483

File: 1623637652819.png (175.72 KB, 640x505, saymandowman.png)

I pretty much only say nice things to people i meet online, though.

PB 30485

what is this picture

Anonymous Comrade  30486

File: 1623639288080.mp4 (256.73 KB, 368x656, yNoaNyC5Z13wLXja.mp4)

would u like some holo-chicken

Anonymous Comrade 30487

File: 1623639523170.gif (732.65 KB, 225x350, the dance of solitude.gif)

Indeed it is!

That's what I try to do as well. I mean, it makes no sense to be rude when you can be nice, right? Plus it just makes the atmosphere of the site more inviting.

bear 30488


Anonymous Comrade  30489

File: 1623643415105.jpg (35.95 KB, 613x463, ލެއިން ކޮންޕިއުޓަރު.jpg)

Does it give holo-nutrition

Anonymous Comrade  30490

if that is short for no nutritional value whatsoever then yes

Akko 30491

let me start by saying that you are a breddy ebic poster, Penny, and your smug Pennyfaces always make me smile when you bulli the soyboys

Anonymous Comrade 30492

File: 1623644298831.jpg (89.5 KB, 1024x732, Solid Snake makes this look wa…)

I think you're epic too! Also there are a couple people losing their shit over me to the point of impersonating me and it feels weird yo

Akko 30493

i think you may have developed some kind of personality cult. could you... lead it somehow?

Anonymous Comrade 30494

File: 1623644527369.jpg (62.38 KB, 444x440, How horrifying.jpg)

It's more of a detractor-cult if anything

Anonymous Comrade  30495

File: 1623644614004.jpg (39.86 KB, 311x315, ލެއިން ސްމަގް ތިންވަނަ.jpg)

The reverse cult of personality of the avatarfag

bear 30496

I would say rent free is an understatement at this point

Anonymous Comrade 30497

How are you all doing today? I'm feeling a bit energized after feeling passionless for a while there, might actually go through with applying to college. But you probably don't want to hear about my boring-ass life so how are things with you?

Anonymous Comrade 30498

File: 1623645355532.png (358.32 KB, 1024x732, Listening to Chug Jug on loop …)

It's more like they're actively paying me to live in their heads at this point. In effect, they've solved the housing crisis

The baffling part about it is that I've not even DONE anything wrong, or particularly out of the ordinary. I'm not weird or rude or anything like that, hell I'm pretty nice to everyone, if a little snarky. I dont see what it is about me that pisses some people off so much. Maybe I'm just too wholesome for them.

bear 30499

Is the college decent for what degree you wanted? PoliSci if I’m not wrong?
Also I have been doing fine today, wish I had more time to just chill but oh well

Anonymous Comrade 30500

I mean it's online but it's through an actual university and not some shady institution so I figure it should be worth it, but yeah maybe I could investigate that a little more. But yeah I plan to go for Poli Sci.
Glad to hear that. Hopefully though you have more chance to chill tomorrow!
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30502

File: 1623651430934.gif (3.82 MB, 250x250, 27818191.gif)

i know how that works, its like a optical illusion.

you can make a smaller low tech version of that.

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram | 4K

Anonymous Comrade  30503

File: 1623651527298.jpg (124.96 KB, 800x800, 1538609547828.jpg)

the waiting game begins again

Anonymous Comrade  30504

well my life is also pretty boring, but im well.

Anonymous Comrade  30505

File: 1623652006312.png (57.97 KB, 1480x1480, 1555699520522.png)

please do tell of the boring life
i'm doing pretty fine, and even better once the yugo raises her butt out of bed again
i had a dream about a ticks going around and sucking people out, once they grew big enough and you tried to remove them they started screeching and crying
was a bit odd

Anonymous Comrade  30506

File: 1623652642072.jpg (34.98 KB, 456x396, 20210614_013647.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  30507

where is this meme from? i saw a clip and it seems to be just some lame american super hero cartoon
every edit of it is better than that clip

Anonymous Comrade  30508

its from the cartoon invincible, its sort of like a dark portrayal of superheroes like the boys.

Invincible 1x08 Omni Man vs his son Mark. Final Scene Episode

Anonymous Comrade 30509

File: 1623653465844.jpg (156.51 KB, 1384x539, protect.jpeg)

>nakani made yet another onee/otouto doujin

Hey, me too. I don't know if it was because I was starving or of the extra stuff I put in or I in fact just like basic-ass store brand tomato sauce but it was better than expected.

Anonymous Comrade 30510

File: 1623653689819.jpg (53.45 KB, 1600x900, wojak.jpg)

Perhaps but you exercise which is better than what I do, which is just sitting in front of the computer all the time.
But I'm glad you're doing well!
Eh all I really do is work, eat, sleep, and fill the gaps by being anxious. I'm sure you do much more exciting things than I, I barely even play vidya anymore. I only have energy now because local political shit has lit a fire under me, though I'm probably just a silly liberal for caring about it.
Glad to hear you're well though! That honestly sounds like a terrifying dream.
>tfw you will never make leftist superhero media

Anonymous Comrade  30511

File: 1623654589388.png (725.18 KB, 977x846, 49835.PNG)

i don't like american hero stuff and this too seems weird to me
also cartoon style... i guess it's the eyes
i don't work, the rest sounds pretty much the same
only reason i do play vidya is because i want to kill the time
i should instead invest all this wasted time into drawing practice, "but"...
life has been nothing but disappointments for anything i try and when i get frustrated with progress i get migraines
so... gotta wait for one of these rare enthusiastic moments where i feel motivation and can sit down for an hour to make the smallest progress imaginable and be happy about it regardless, before it all comes crashing down again

>That honestly sounds like a terrifying dream.

i like bugs, i just don't want them around, crawling over me
watching them go about their day with some distance is fine, but sadly they wont just stick to that and stay where they belong, which is the outsides, and instead invade my home

PB 30514

what are you waiting for?
Yes please.

Anonymous Comrade  30515

File: 1623658690852.png (150.71 KB, 639x833, 348943fh9.PNG)

that i stop dreaming my life and start living the dream

Anonymous Comrade 30516

File: 1623658724079.jpg (116.84 KB, 668x636, 1622298178637.jpg)

very cool
>tfw can't afford plate armour harness to have a melee with the boys

Anonymous Comrade 30517

I can kinda relate, it can be hard taking up an artistic endeavor, and things don't always turn out as planned. I guess that's why it's best to just find joy in the process itself, only way to make it I guess.

Anonymous Comrade  30518

yeah but would you still just get run over by a charging horse?
that seems a bit extreme
drawing and learning how to do it is lots of fun, and i did make some improvements back then too
i can do it, only thing in the way is the same issues i always have with working on anything

C?  30520

>is it physically intensive work?
Funny thing is, the actual part of the work is not the problem but the shit surrouding it (waking up so early, being tired as shit, barely any time for one's self because gotta go to sleep to wake up early and work related bickering + bosse's shit) make the job unbearable.
Like the job is not half bad when you aren't dealing with puke or diarhea of course.

PB 30521

I told you about dream journals.
That sounds like hell. How much leisure time are you able to get during the day without sacrificing?

Anonymous Comrade  30522

File: 1623660359556.png (65.97 KB, 640x188, woah289.PNG)

if i start posting about them here every day that will have the same purpose

C?  30523

>How much leisure time are you able to get during the day without sacrificing
Something around 5, maybe.
Like 1 hour when I come home, and 4 or so when I wake up (that's kinda why I have to wake up at 2:30 if I wanna have some me time).
Is funny how my past construction work was less stressful, less time consuming and with a fixed day off on sundays.

PB 30524

You will omit things. With a journal you have to write everything. Also it should be a physical thing you write seconds after waking up before you lose memory of the dream.
That sounds horrible.

C?  30525

>That sounds horrible.
It is, I'll be pestering my boss to change me to another store more closer to my home some time close to the end of the month/contract, so I don't have to do this dance anymore.

Anonymous Comrade  30526

i can't omit stuff? i would've done that even when writing it for me in private
there is dreams when i get my skull smashed in by some asshole running after me with a rock, and worse things
and the lewd dreams are a bit embarassing
not something i really want to write down in any case

Anonymous Comrade  30527

Completely fucked up at work today. I'll just pretend it was sabotage to make myself feel better about it.

Anonymous Comrade  30528

sabocat flag, how rare
what happen?

PB 30529

I see. How far is your commute to work?
No, the purpose is to record everything.
I have all sort of fucked up dreams recorded in those notebooks, but it is part of figuring out how your dreams work and potentially being able to control it.
lol what did you do?

C?  30530

>How far is your commute to work?
About an hour - hour and a half depeding on the day.

Anonymous Comrade  30531

Just kinda didn't do something and now the company emails don't work because the server they were hosted apparently has been destroyed.

C?  30532

File: 1623665055954.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, a6e5e607059d54cde94bf964b186b5…)

Well, time to go back to the grinder.

Anonymous Comrade  30533

File: 1623665712700.png (116.54 KB, 515x458, dude wat.PNG)

thats actually kinda epic

Anonymous Comrade  30537

File: 1623667135110.png (85.76 KB, 2396x1918, ލޭން ފޯނު.png)

30 videos uploaded
290 more to go

Anonymous Comrade  30542

you're being rather productive online huh

Anonymous Comrade  30543

It really surprises me how much nk anon organizes in this community. He restorted the booru and manages it, he's also working the manifesto, as well as archiving the get channel. Thanks very much for all you've done.

Anonymous Comrade  30544

File: 1623669123348.gif (2 MB, 600x376, ލޭން ކީބޯޑު.gif)

The Youtube copyright nonsense doesn't end.
This archive will allow the videos from GETchan channel to remain publicly accessible even if a certain video or the channel itself is taken down.

Anonymous Comrade  30552

if the OP of it is alright with it, maybe adding it into the OP over on the /ref/ thread would be nice, or they could even add it on their channel info if that doesn't cause any problems

Anonymous Comrade  30553

Watching this Infrared video where its basically him spending 25 minutes giving a reading list of every author of the 20th century you need to read to "properly understand Marxism" (In which he unironically includes NICK LAND as "One of the most important Marxist authors of the entire 20th and by the looks of it 21st century") with people like Deluze and Heidegger and Zizek and fisher etc

Just read Lenin and then "Economic problems of the soviet union" and "foundations of Leninism" and watch some Cockshot vids lmao.

The "economic calculation problem" has been proven false.
We have the technology. we have the ability to do what needs to be done.
We dont need to spend 500 hours racking our brains and grilling ourselves over "what it means to be human" or "what culture is"
If you want to spend your free time thinking about the "art" of Marxism all day thats fine. but either submit to the five year plans or get out of the way.

Anonymous Comrade  30554

the only books i would be interested in reading currently would be textbooks and educational material from the DDR to see practical application of socialism
french, brits and some sniffing balkan child that snickers at nationalism are the least interesting people to tell me about something that has already been done and was proven to work
all they have to offer is abstracts
i just want access to a library of all books by experienced socialists that are relevant to where i live

Anonymous Comrade  30555

>Yunnan province China BANS bitcoin orders all Bitcoin mining operations to shutter within two weeks or face legal consequences.
>The Provincial government claimed that it had linked abnormal amounts of electricity use to bitcoin mining operations and that it was putting a strain on the poor, mountainous rural provinces electricity grid in some of their poorest towns.

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30556

Good morning.

Anonymous Comrade  30557

Anonymous Comrade  30558

Nice numbers
Feel like doing more stuff today, how about you?
So cute. Don't mind if I loop this?

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30559

Will have to listen to this later.

I'm looking at running errands and only then being a prancing lala homo, like any responsible adult.

Anonymous Comrade  30560

File: 1623675468458.jpg (110.77 KB, 750x1000, ލޭން ސްލޯޕޯކް.jpg)

happy to help
And about the booru, please don't just lurk. If anyone here has any relevant images worth saving which are not on there, please upload them from time to time.
Good idea. Although OP has not replied in that thread for a while. Hopefully they return to it soon.

Anonymous Comrade  30561

Paths for Russian Empire in Hoi4 - Red flood.

Russian Empire wins the Summer coup war
>Kolchak Alive.
>Kolchak alive - Pick decision that results in Kolchak being couped after the war.
Mikhail Diterikhs (Reactionary / Black hundred's) Basically the worst one
>Kolchak dead.
Either the reactionary or despotic Romanov second cousin or whoever the fuck they are.

Novorossyia wins the summer coup war.
>Mikhail Drozdovsky
despotic Russian ultra-nationalist.
>Mladrossi coup.
Anastasia l T H E - R E G E NT - E N D U R E S

Anonymous Comrade  30564

<< Hey uh, Trigger? >>
<< Why is the sky speaking Latin? >>

Anonymous Comrade  30565

is there a way to prevent duplicates?

Anonymous Comrade  30568

File: 1623682321931.png (302.17 KB, 600x450, ޑުޕްލިކޭޓު.png)

If you try to upload a 100% exact duplicate of an existing image it will be automatically blocked.
However anything less than an exact duplicate will go through as an upload. These cases will have to be reported for deletion depending on which version of the image is of superior quality.

bear 30572

Question: how did you get in position to be the admin of leftybooru?

Anonymous Comrade  30573

File: 1623688797539.jpg (141.27 KB, 712x1123, watamote__kuroki_tomoko_by_kai…)

it was a battle royale that decided

Anonymous Comrade  30574

he posted the best lefty meme

no you can't see it

Anonymous Comrade  30575

threw up again from brushing my teeth
ask ama me anything

Anonymous Comrade  30576

have you tried charcoal toothpaste

Anonymous Comrade  30577

File: 1623690251442.png (477.83 KB, 1922x2163, leftybooruemblem.png)

The original admin who created leftybooru in 2015 abandoned it for years.
In early 2020 the site admins of booru.org locked it for having no admin or moderation. Anonymous posting was disabled and creation of new accounts was also disabled.
Fortunately I happened to make an account there before this happened (and was apparently the only one who bothered to log in and make posts afterwards). So I requested control of the booru in the booru.org forum and the site admins handed the login details to me in August 2020.
After this I announced my control of the booru to the board which led to the phasing out of the temporary replacement, leftypics.booru.org.
Then I gradually changed the css, personally carried out a long operation to standardize and fix the tags, added aliases, added front page emblem (edited from USSC logo), added political catgirl counters, and so on.

bear 30578

Boooooo, show me
What was it that made you vomit?

Anonymous Comrade  30579

sounds like it would just make my teeth look black
does it help against vomiting reflex?
i don't even know, but it keeps happening while brushing
which is kind of annoying, i don't want to neglect my teeth more than i already do

Anonymous Comrade  30580

its supposed to be better for people who are chemically sensitive, I dunno if it'll help if you just have a strong gag reflex or something

Anonymous Comrade  30581

i don't think its chemicals
recently i get all kinds of weird reactions and it all seems to be stress related

Anonymous Comrade  30582

huh, like the stress is exagurating your gag reflex or something?

bear 30584

Firstly, check them
Secondly, that pretty neat. It’s pretty cool you not only were able to get access many thought was dead, but cleaned it up so that people could use it more effectively. A+ from me
Is it a gag thing?

Anonymous Comrade  30585

i didn't have that problem before, when i reach the further back teeth it just makes me puke
other times it is completely fine
i got no explanation for this shit

Anonymous Comrade 30586

the bunkerchan/leftypol/getchan logo whatever always looked more like a grave than a bunker to me, kind of ominous, and funny in retrospective

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30589

Why do my fillings fall out despite brushing them nightly?

Anonymous Comrade  30590

lel, I kinda see it now
it was that /leftypol/ just has one bunker, bunkerchan had 3

Anonymous Comrade  30591

you brush too hard

Anonymous Comrade 30595

niggas only gotta brush their teeth two times a day, in the morning and before sleeping

that way you don't fuck your emanel

Anonymous Comrade  30602

i don't want to fuck macron, he's an asshole

Anonymous Comrade 30603

fuck i always fuck up the word enamel

Anonymous Comrade  30604

i didn't even intend to mock you for getting it wrong, i just have plain no idea what it means, never heard it before

bear 30605

2 brushes a day keeps Macron away

Anonymous Comrade  30606

brushing your teeth is antiimperialist resistance against the macron regime

Anonymous Comrade 30612

oh, it's the coating of your teeth, the white thing, if you wear it out through bad dental care it starts to disappear, then your teeth fall out or some shit, scary shit all the same

Anonymous Comrade  30620

File: 1623703805307.mp4 (195.78 KB, 480x364, video0(4).mp4)

Anonymous Comrade 30621

tiny dick tiem

Anonymous Comrade  30622

Anonymous Comrade 30623

How can one do a leftist superhero when the image of the masked vigilante is one that goes beyond society only to fight alone in some petty struggle instead of the one that shatters us all?
Maybe I just hate Superheroes, nah, they are just meh

Anonymous Comrade 30624

Nice numbers and based china, as 70% of the time as always.
hahaha Reminds me of Put Em Down - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Anonymous Comrade 30625

Thoughts on the new Prime Minister of Israel?

Anonymous Comrade  30626

basically the same thing as before, but at least the right is cannibalizing each other now. hopefully Israel's politics are just perpetually unstable now.

Anonymous Comrade 30627


bear 30628

The current one is a lot more right than Bibi, but because of the coalition being “anyone but Netanyahu” I don’t think they’ll do anything, as anything controversial will most likely nuke the government

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30629

Not an improvement but at least he's not as blatant about being a genocidal bastard who wipes his ass with the skin of Palestinian children.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30631

File: 1623716940269.jpg (35.86 KB, 480x360, Pomf.jpg)

Djinn-chan  30632

File: 1623717001957.webm (5.65 MB, 640x360, pomfpomfpomf.webm)

Anonymous Comrade 30633

File: 1623717004643.jpg (49.69 KB, 640x433, The results of 5 minutes of a …)


People around here only want a quick fuck, never anything meaningful or even a date. If you expect me to let you sneak into my house for a quickie, the least you could do is go to dinner with me first.

PB 30634

I went to the doctor today due to my eating problems and they are now sending me to a psychiatrist

not going tho.
they just wanna use you.

bear 30635

Lol. But sounds like a rough scene
Do they think you have an eating problem? Because that’s the only reason I could think as to why they’d send you there

PB 30636

Don't know.
Well, I actually know without them telling me. I just won't tell em. I'll figure it out myself.

Anonymous Comrade  30637

What happened?

Hope you'll be ok my dude

Anonymous Comrade 30638

File: 1623718755371.png (243.24 KB, 630x545, Enthusiasm status is curbed.pn…)

Dating aps are a fuck. I'm trying to use Grindr again, but even after lowering my standards, the people that respond to me tend to be absolute fucknuggets. They'll never tell me anything about themselves, they'll want to meet me right away or get pissy, they want our relationship to be "private" or whatever, or they'll ask you to spend 200 dollars on them right off the bat before they consider going on a date with you. One bitch literally tried to sell herself with "I give anonymous blowjobs, leave the door unlocked and make sure your blindfolded when I come by". Like come on, do you really think I'm that fucking stupid?

Anonymous Comrade  30639

>they'll ask you to spend 200 dollars on them right off the bat before they consider going on a date with you.
>One bitch literally tried to sell herself with "I give anonymous blowjobs, leave the door unlocked and make sure your blindfolded when I come by"
What the fuck, there's no way in hell that either of those fucking work lmao

Anonymous Comrade 30640

File: 1623719358522.png (170.21 KB, 444x364, When the overdose doesn't work…)

The culture around here pretty much mandates that guys be desperate enough to go along with it, and also mandates girls make prospective dates jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops and psychological tests, lest the girl be seen as a "slut" by her peers.

Anonymous Comrade  30641

>The culture around here pretty much mandates that guys be desperate enough to go along with it,
Yeah, but having to spend $200 just so that someone considers going out on a date with you?

If I was that desperate, I'd just spend the $200 on a hooker instead lmao

>and also mandates girls make prospective dates jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops and psychological tests, lest the girl be seen as a "slut" by her peers.

Mhmm, that is also kinda fucked

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30642


Anonymous Comrade  30643

File: 1623720202593.jpg (145.32 KB, 1015x1015, zero_suit_dark_samus.jpg)

whoops! all phazon

Anonymous Comrade 30644

I have the feeling this is going like Hungary, when the socialdemocrats and liberals united and then just stalled, allowing Fidez into power again.
Well, time will tell

Anonymous Comrade 30645

File: 1623720518084.png (2.24 MB, 1826x1497, Everybody was Aztec fightiiiii…)

It's me, I'm trains

Hookers around here I think cost a lot more. I just want to find a nice date, but apparently that's too much to ask.

bear 30646

Yes, I agree, full heartedly
Slimy goopy gal
Well, he only needs like 2 seats to be in power again, so anything is possible

Anonymous Comrade  30647

>Hookers around here I think cost a lot more

>I just want to find a nice date, but apparently that's too much to ask.

What about different dating apps?

PB 30648

that's pretty grim
txh m8

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30649

File: 1623723799895.jpg (122.08 KB, 1019x412, 7 (4)~2.jpg)

PB 30650

why is he saying rawr

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30651

You'd have to be some kind of faggot to not want to try that.

Anonymous Comrade 30652

File: 1623725174221.jpg (22.44 KB, 345x470, Stone Cold Steve Austin, I am …)

Other dating apps have pretty much the same sort of abuse. I'll be honest, I think I'm just going to be alone forever.

Yeah, people around here are pretty terrible and my prospects for a relationship will pretty much always be zero.

tfw too fat for that

puke 30653

File: 1623725261617.gif (1.34 MB, 472x470, sad.gif)

PB 30654

if I see this Aloy looking ass bitch again imma be angery.
Maybe that's just the kind of people dating apps attract.

Anonymous Comrade 30655

Kek, yeah one is better getting out of the pit before it turns deeper.

Anonymous Comrade 30656

File: 1623727539258.png (170.21 KB, 444x364, When the overdose doesn't work…)

No, I'm pretty sure I'm just hideous and unappealing and there's just something inherently wrong with me being alive.

Anonymous Comrade 30657

File: 1623727653549.jpg (122.39 KB, 633x758, wojak_dried.jpg)

>When you realize even the fictional women you love wouldn't love you
They become a symbol of resistance, encouraging others to join the fight against slavery and exploitation, and fighting petty crime and corrupt police officers in the meantime
Don't say such things Pennyposter, there's certainly nothing wrong with you being alive, you're not some sort of abomination
This post was edited by its author on .

bear 30658

Where’s the zillion layers of irony I’m used to!!
Why so?

Anonymous Comrade 30659

>Why so?
I just happen to be pathetic that's all

Anonymous Comrade 30660

File: 1623729499542.png (369.66 KB, 1024x1024, I sure hope Gumball senpai not…)

I cant help it, there's just some innate instinctive feeling in my chest that something is horribly wrong with me just being here, and that I'm just going to suffer more by being here and alive. I cant get rid of it and it's keeping me from doing anything.

PB 30661

i think u're cute and don't say that plx

Anonymous Comrade 30662

File: 1623731786651.jpg (85.17 KB, 1024x732, Penny's habit of supporting an…)

I'm sorry, I genuinely think I have some kind of bipolar depression. The swings come and go but they're really powerful when they hit and it feels like there's nothing I can do to really stop them save sleep.

Anonymous Comrade  30669

File: 1623736193635.png (6.6 MB, 1536x2048, NeoChinaarrivesfromthefutre.pn…)


They built a fucking canopy over shanghai that can do light-shows at night and blare advertisement's at you from the sky.

PB 30670

That's pretty cool. You can't even see the stars in that city might as well use the space.

Anonymous Comrade 30671

Yeah that sucks, I'm sorry
You just gotta remember that it isn't true
Wish I could be of more help
Well I could list a lot of reasons but the fact is that despite my extreme narcissism and self-importance I don't matter at all and people largely ignore me
I doubt it would be much different in this situation

PB 30673

File: 1623752428013.jpg (107.39 KB, 724x1024, asu cup3.jpg)

tiem 4 cofi

Anonymous Comrade  30677

File: 1623761641774.jpg (21.78 KB, 288x513, 1551775019197.jpg)

the first hot day of the year and i have enough of summer
only good thing is a little less of the covid

PB 30678

how hot is it?
nice dubs btw

Anonymous Comrade  30679

25 ° C or warmer
i'm not built for this
will go outside though, have to move my fat ass a little

PB 30680

25 sounds p nice ngl.

try 32 and only because its raining.
it's like sauna.

Anonymous Comrade  30681

i'd rather have below 0 with a nice warm blanket and nice black tea

Anonymous Comrade  30682

>32 degrees with rain, therefore, high moisture
Fuck that lmao

Anonymous Comrade  30683

>"Explain 'X' political theory to me"
<The virgin "Ok so you should probably read "A" for a primer then "B" then if you really want to get in deep consider reading "CDFEGHIJKLMN"
>The Chad "Ok so lets say you have two cows"

Anonymous Comrade  30684

File: 1623765515501.jpg (2.8 MB, 3444x2438, spec.jpg)

I'm just happy there is wildflowers I can pick for my gf

Djinn-chan  30685

File: 1623766462010.jpg (70.66 KB, 768x480, haruhi-character.jpg)

I hate summer so much
Theres kids playing outside and they wont stop stomping around its so fucking annoying
Why cant they go play at a creek somewhere or the community pool stupid kids... i hate kids so much -.-
And i cant boymode in a jacket anymore either because its so fucking hot so i have to wear a binder, but its been like that since spring

PB 30686

that's too cold.
id rather have 20 with cofi.
pretty ebin weather.
that sounds so cute.
but u would be sweaty! do your nipples show thru tshirts now?

Djinn-chan  30687

Yeah they do. At least i can still pass it off as like, gynecomastia or something

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30688


Anonymous Comrade  30689


Anonymous Comrade  30690

File: 1623769809853.jpg (245.85 KB, 1000x672, 1560850056707.jpg)

kids are alright, them playing around makes things feel more alive
what i hate is teens
they're awful
went to a local bathing lake, kids running around, screaming, doing kid stuff without a care
it's nice
teens show up, talking stupid shit, playing obnoxious music, just lingering around in a group

Anonymous Comrade  30691

Imma level with you NCR recruiter man. I am NOT dying in the Mojave just so a Brahmin Barons son can restore another rolls royce...

Djinn-chan  30693

Yeah but the only reason these kids play outside my house so much is because theyre being neglected and their parents dont want to deal with them

Anonymous Comrade  30694

File: 1623771804047.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x678, 167062.JPG)

considering you're a satanic transhumanist you should obviously groom them and manipulate them into believing they are trans to join our ideology and then do all the bad things to them that we talked about in our secret transhumanist clubhouse we planned to take over the world

Anonymous Comrade  30696

>"ThE LeGiOn WiLl CoLlApSe WhEn CaEsAr DiEs!"
No as we see in game in that occurrence Lanius takes over. This alone debunks basically 90% of the ingame arguments made against the Legion ("It will collapse the second Caesar dies!" t. Ulysses / Marcus / House etc)
>"WeLl WHaT AbOuT WhEn / If He DiEs???"
Probably Lucius or Vulpes takes over.
>"BuT PeOplE wOuLdNt SuPpOrT tHeM ThEy OnLy LiKe CaEsAR tHeY wOrShIp HiM!"
Caesar himself says ingame he restored the roman pantheon so people didn't worship him so this eventuality didn't occur
The idea that Caesar who (even if you think he is a pseud) is an intelligent man would not have a game plan for his INEVITABLE death is ridiculous, Him not wanting to literally die prematurely from a brain tumour when said death is preventable is not the same as "Megalomaniacally thinking you will never die and not planning ahead"

Face it NCRsoys and AnCraps your arguments grow weaker by the day

bear 30697

>just ate his rilakkuma
That’s just rood. But I like the video, reminds me of that show that was on Netflix
I’m mad that I didn’t take up an offer to go to the lake with my family because I had something to do earlier. Now I would kill go go to one

Anonymous Comrade  30698

i didn't want to go but thought maybe instead of lying around and avoiding to move to not have my back hurt i might have to try do the opposite
already feels better
felt really weird after this last year to see that many people enjoying summer again

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30699

That sounds like the name of a terrible consumer item lol

Anonymous Comrade  30700

File: 1623779525855.png (74.09 KB, 343x298, 437e53b10557baefc8c49ef63019ef…)


Anonymous Comrade 30701

I realized this a while ago when I read the diagnosis for self-defeating personality disorder

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30702

Hey hey hey

Anonymous Comrade 30703


Anonymous Comrade  30704

File: 1623790923088.jpg (100.06 KB, 1250x939, E378thaXIAIGcJA.jpg large.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade 30706

it happened god damn they announced botw 2 and now i actually kind of want a switch

only kind of tho

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30707

File: 1623791555572.jpg (82.66 KB, 1080x1055, EwSKd07VkAYnqLO.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  30708

File: 1623791616154.png (265.72 KB, 644x658, 14916.PNG)

Anonymous Comrade  30709

>Not joining unless he sucks your dick

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30710

sit on my lap.

Anonymous Comrade  30711

File: 1623791969076.png (109.61 KB, 703x469, pffft heh.PNG)

you're just gonna try to slide your dick in

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30712

no. Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up.

Anonymous Comrade  30713

File: 1623792107664.png (68.11 KB, 738x336, 769684787.PNG)

that would be your dick

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30714

bear 30715

File: 1623792272906.jpg (169.62 KB, 2048x1295, E0698639-DC57-499D-9A46-F3270B…)

Anonymous Comrade  30716

File: 1623793533248.jpg (41.98 KB, 1061x761, now an app.jpg)

big progress being made

Anonymous Comrade  30717

you jest but that is the most lithuania has made since the fall of the USSR

Anonymous Comrade  30718

File: 1623794106393.jpg (74.17 KB, 640x626, lithuania.jpg)

t.buthurt pole

Anonymous Comrade  30719

i don't get it

Anonymous Comrade 30720

congrats on the app bros the government in México is currently spending billions to create our own app, it seems like we are going to drop it very soon, much like we dropped the nuclear research project

Anonymous Comrade  30721

File: 1623794299135.jpg (72.85 KB, 720x471, estonia lithuania.jpg)

Lithuania number one yes best country

Akko 30722

File: 1623794308234.jpg (15.84 KB, 380x423, akkoeyes.jpg)

honetly mane i know exactly whow yu feel. i just dropped a fat shit

Slightly Mentally Impaired  30723

File: 1623795798594.jpg (84.94 KB, 1200x720, 4096.jpg)

>"Hey um could you apologize for the hundreds of kids you murdered"
>"We have the bodies and everything bro you can't just shrug this off"
<"We endorsed the holocaust and never apologized, you think this is our first rodeo kid?"

bear 30724

Damn, he do be kinda t h i c c
>don’t worry about it! It’s an old catholic tradition

Anonymous Comrade 30726

What communist figure in history would be the most fitting for the following line:

She's a prick teaser.

Anonymous Comrade 30727

File: 1623803762349.png (308.53 KB, 1024x732, Just give me five more hours.p…)

No thots, head empty

Anonymous Comrade  30728

Big Bill Haywood

Anonymous Comrade  30729

>No thots
>head empty
not so good. What's up?

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30730


Anonymous Comrade 30731

File: 1623804620626.png (361.41 KB, 1024x732, That post gave me cancer.png)

I still feel like I'm in kind of a slump, ya know. No beer around either so I cant exactly stave off my depression. And to top it off, I keep trying dating apps only for things to go nowhere. Like fuck, why do people match me if they never say anything or want to do anything?

Anonymous Comrade  30732

>I still feel like I'm in kind of a slump, ya know.

>why do people match me if they never say anything or want to do anything?

No idea, in all the datings apps I used, I can barely count the people I've been able to chat with on one hand

Anonymous Comrade 30733

So they just become better PR for a humanist attorney office?

Anonymous Comrade 30734

File: 1623806001021.png (234.58 KB, 685x474, Portraying Obama's grandfather…)

I'll tell you hwat though, it gives me an angery in my pangery

Maybe I'll play TNO, see if that helps me out

Anonymous Comrade  30735

>I'll tell you hwat though, it gives me an angery in my pangery

>Maybe I'll play TNO, see if that helps me out

Mhmm, good good

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30736

Try other apps or sites?

bear 30737

File: 1623812974444.jpg (272.36 KB, 2048x1152, 2507BD31-E93A-45E7-87F0-C2F52D…)

I wanna eat a watermelon

Anonymous Comrade  30740

File: 1623816322602.jpg (71.3 KB, 750x751, 20210615_001206.jpg)

here we go again

Anonymous Comrade 30741

File: 1623816726209.png (793.81 KB, 1024x732, Finally I can return to 4chan …)

Consider these things NOTICED

Anonymous Comrade  30742

File: 1623817690323.png (424.85 KB, 1254x1080, Moxxie14.png)


Anonymous Comrade 30743

File: 1623818114121.png (277.92 KB, 622x577, I'm confused yet slightly arou…)

Bruh you were in the brony community as long as I have, dont tell me you dont remember ye old Barneyfag, the schizoposter of the ages

bear 30744

They can’t seem to catch a break lmao

Anonymous Comrade  30745

File: 1623821749037.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Moxxie6.png)

It sounds very vaguely familiar, maybe I just forgot

Anonymous Comrade  30746

PB 30747

even I have come across that weirdo. And I've never been involved in that community.

PB 30748

Anonymous Comrade  30749

File: 1623823591146.png (734.67 KB, 1920x1080, Moxxie86.png)

Keep in mind, my memory is legendarily bad, so it's entirely possible that I've simply forgotten him.

PB 30750

Well, all you have to know is he is increidibly annoying and schizo.

Anonymous Comrade  30754

File: 1623841877108.png (56.28 KB, 2000x1111, 016c4eddf88c014c90b95f2231e854…)


Anonymous Comrade 30755

very black thing to say but ok

Anonymous Comrade 30756

Would fuck that ngl.

Anonymous Comrade  30757

the VR Chat baby?

Anonymous Comrade 30758

No further comment.

Anonymous Comrade  30759

oh shit what happened

Anonymous Comrade 30760

The Texas power grid failure affected me all the way here in fucking Mexico so I hope it doesn't fuck up again.

Anonymous Comrade  30761

File: 1623844882561.png (451.85 KB, 944x1144, sEXwORK.jpg)

Step 1 : Turn on twitter.
Step 2 : .............

PB 30762

File: 1623849108313.jpg (106.3 KB, 640x480, cofi2.jpg)

tiem 4 cofi
ay diomio
Se te fue la luz?
stop using the bird site.

Anonymous Comrade  30763

i got a watermelon lying around for a while now
might just cut me some later and eat it while tanning my belly
yeah, that sounds good
wish i had actually considered that more
was offered some money and if i had figured things out better i could have done some proper camwhoring
but also, doing that stuff in the countryside isn't that easy, another reason why i didn't really bother with that idea

Macaroni (Mobile) !RevGiOKgRo  30764

I want to get off of Mr. Porky's Wild Ride.

Anonymous Comrade 30765

yeah, it was pretty cold in Mexico too so it wasn't very comfy with no electricity and candles everywhere

Anonymous Comrade  30766

File: 1623851648195.jpg (50.51 KB, 360x450, VenomComic.jpg)

I managed to intercept a whole pallet of about 4000 vials of Covid-19 vaccine from the first shipment arriving in my country. I've kept them in a freezer in my garage and have been injecting myself daily (sometimes multiple shots a day if i can handle it). The symptoms for the first few days were unbearable. i was curled up on the floor for most of the day wailing and contorted like that painting "The scream". But now i somehow feel stronger and most of the worst symptoms have subsided. I've been "VaxMaxxing" as i've dubbed it for 4 months now and if its believable i feel as if i am becoming something MORE then human. I try to inject the vaccines in the same arm everytime unless the nerve and muscle pain becomes unbearable. I have also begun regimenting and upping the doses at regular intervals to accustom me to taking as much as possible at once.

Anonymous Comrade  30768

File: 1623852135332.png (905.72 KB, 749x630, wednesday.png)

Anonymous Comrade  30769

You know there's actually a conspiracy theory in the comic book community that the actual guy who came up with TinTin was the leader of the Waffen-SS Wallon in WW2 and his friend published it in his own name after WW2 because by that point he was in exile in francos spain

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