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File: 1609750628750.png (461.24 KB, 1108x857, hololive.png)

Vtubers AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2370[View All]

Post your favs, share clips, memes and news
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Anonymous  11963

Cheers m8

Holy shit you weren't exaggerating when you said "Matsuri discussing her favorite lolis on stream is something" lmao, dude there is no way in hell that this would be allowed to happen from the English speaking VTubers lmao
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  12358

This is a thing btw:

Chewy!MUSIC.FbVY 12412

Anonymous  12413


Chewy 12419

Anonymous  12506

nothing someone like nyanners has to say can be interesting
unless she's announcing suicide on livestream lmao

Chewy 12523

ow the edge

Anonymous 12538

Flat is justice.

Anonymous 12657

⭐ 👍 ❤️

Anonymous  13176

Rushia took forever to beat undyne

Anonymous  13178

She's gonna fight mettaton.

Anonymous  13181

Anonymous  13407

korone being relatable
this is me, every day
Korone Life Advice

Anonymous  14760

this thread is basically my favourite list to look back to way later
This isn't a beach, this is a bathtub

Anonymous  14775

<yugo eating in the bathtub

Anonymous  15479

that's what i teased him with when i showed him, lmao

Watamiko FAQtory 【角巻わため × さくらみこ】

Anonymous  15658

anyone knows or cares about the new rules they got for hololive and the new restrictions the girls are under?

Anonymous 15666

New restrictions? Masha'allah. The beginning of the end of Big Vtuber.

Anonymous  15675

File: 1615973096393.png (541.64 KB, 500x548, restrictions.png)

New rules to comply with japan's restrictive policy when it comes to content. The vision of cover is after all to be family friendly, so it doesn't surprise me much that they are putting new restrictions after questionable stuff the girls did in their streams. Hololive isn't the only place affected by japan's standards. Here are some examples:

Anonymous  15679

but why do they care about families, it's not a family program
this is what memeing youths and depressed adults watch to find an escape from the same old shit scripted entertainment boomers put on TV and advertisement forces regular streamers into

HardKoba 15691

File: 1615991041893.jpg (2.21 MB, 1941x1941, kocco_crop_censor.jpg)

guess mine

Djinn-chan  15694

Mommies? Milk?
Im into that shit too homie

Anonymous 15786

File: 1616061653969.gif (Spoiler Image, 359.08 KB, 450x359, 1606034818561.gif)

bear 15827

File: 1616110063609.jpg (683.62 KB, 2480x2480, 54618D28-6CA1-4C1A-871E-376B52…)

Anonymous 15947

Don't be surprised if soon they will start talking about how much they want to be mothers and how all their spectators should have lots of 100% purebred Japanese kids.

Anonymous  15984

but matsuri is a big lesbian
she should get to decide if she wants to go pregnancy route... i hope she finds a partner for life and gets to be happy

Anonymous  16357

Anonymous 16589

File: 1616697088333.png (817.33 KB, 908x1047, 1322412338.png)

jtubers are fine but i really dont like en vtubers

Anonymous  16656

whats a jtuber?

Anonymous  16686

japanese vtubers

Anonymous  16689

i don't understand japanese
but i do like the translated clips and songs
so having it in english with a nice group like holo en i am happy they exist

Anonymous  17160

bear 17354

Why do the Hololive jvtubers do these skits but the envtubers don’t? Did I miss something?

Anonymous  18265

maybe they don't know how to write for english or something

Amane Kanata - Souran Bushi Dance in 3D

Anonymous 18266

Overseas branches don't get 3D models.

Anonymous  18267

but why not? they cute too

Anonymous  18268

They would need a studio to make that, and cover doesn't have overseas studios to accommodate for them. Only chance is that they travel to Japan.

Anonymous 18283

Well, Calli is in Japan and so was Kiara until recently, but it probably wouldn't seem fair to give one or two of the girls 3D models and not all of them.

Anonymous  19609

Anonymous  23621

Anonymous  23812

the english girls are getting new outfits
Calli Reveals her dope NEW OUTFIT!【Mori Calliope / HololiveEN】
the chicken looks a bit meh but i actually like callis, her hairstyle with the cap is unexpectedly cute
i don't even like her much but so far her new outfit is the best
actually it reminds me of towa
curious what gura will get
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  23970

File: 1620348512582.png (295.17 KB, 493x538, 1.PNG)

over 170.000 views at peak for guras outfit reveal
this image isn't it, spoiler in next one
was worried i might not like it, because cat ears on a shark seem a little too much
but it works
i liked this submission a lot too though, it is very moe loli

Anonymous  23971

File: 1620348524180.png (Spoiler Image, 304.25 KB, 369x705, 2.PNG)

actual outfit

Anonymous 23974

File: 1620349865886.jpg (155.34 KB, 750x1518, Euq3SNCVIAE3SQy.jpg)

Anonymous 24115

Why was the post making fun of her dress deleted?

Anonymous  24131

i don't know, maybe the poster realized that it was super rude and not true at all and not even funny

bear 24134

What was the joke?

Anonymous 24148

That Gura's new outfit looks like a garbage can costume

Anonymous  24153

ame really can't sing well
but it's still fun

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