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File: 1609007794892.png (1.89 MB, 1121x1405, el rapids.png)

Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 250

Whats up /GET/, I'm just chilling in Cedar Rapids

Anonymous Comrade 270

I have information that will lead to OP's arrest.

foggy 285

no way

4 realz?

Anonymous Comrade 290

peoples' champions, you know what to do

Anonymous Comrade 369

i don't get it, what's cedar rapids?

Anonymous Comrade 424

ISn't it a town?

Anonymous Comrade 460

City in Michigan, USA

Anonymous Comrade 462

what's a cirno plush doing there?

Anonymous Comrade 467

Anonymous Comrade 499

File: 1609054111254.png (2.01 MB, 1410x1406, Cirno and Friend.png)

Just hanging out with my bud!

Anonymous Comrade  518

Im just C H I L L I N in Comet ping pong pizza.
Im just C H I L L I N on epsteins island.
"Bill, I cant believe you cheated on me with another adult"

Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18479

File: 1617767475289.jpg (121.8 KB, 1200x1800, EusOUWhXAAktjEx.jpg)

I was informed that there was a fumo thread going on here.
I require more pictures of fumos.

Slightly Mentally Impaired  18545

File: 1617821358328.jpg (97.53 KB, 1080x1421, EyRrcmyXMAESocQ.jpg)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  18546

File: 1617821369538.jpg (156.22 KB, 1080x1346, EyRrcyEW8AEZryI.jpg)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  18547

File: 1617821380470.jpg (162.93 KB, 809x1297, EyRrc-zWQAAqnYl.jpg)

Slightly Mentally Impaired  18548

File: 1617821391491.jpg (210.35 KB, 1080x1521, EyRrdLrXAAEOOEL.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade 18551

I'm crying thanks for posting the full story

bear 18632

Very cute story. I love the wet to dry vibes from this

Anonymous Comrade 18670

File: 1617847169825.png (1.36 MB, 1019x766, reimu dripped.png)

Anonymous Comrade 18679

File: 1617849305425.jpg (65.85 KB, 255x300, cirnopancakes.jpg)

Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18688

File: 1617851758332.png (98.38 KB, 457x712, d9940d9d691aef5e2175236e5127f0…)


bear 18700

File: 1617855234534.jpg (117.83 KB, 850x1063, 4348B8B7-AD0A-44A9-B988-A3F659…)

I wanna tan cirno, but they sooooooo expensive

Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18701

File: 1617856338999.png (48.7 KB, 442x496, d62ab4444082f40b08d9788289d9fa…)

I bought one when they were first released.

bear 18702

Wow really! How many ya got?

Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18703

File: 1617857941669.jpg (57.22 KB, 1080x1080, 8cb8aa0754134324a9e129deffc860…)

Have 10 fumos right at the moment. Would like to get more, but they've become a bit more of a pain to buy.

bear 18705

Very nice. Got any pics?

Neppy!DESU/dTf9A 18706

File: 1617860570801.jpg (2.62 MB, 3264x2448, plushies.jpg)

I've never taken a picture of all of them together, but here are some of them.

Anonymous Comrade 18711

Very cute.

Anonymous Comrade  18738

i wish i had a fumo of my waifu
maybe that will be a thing soon

Anonymous Comrade 18935

File: 1617959770215.jpg (77.73 KB, 1200x900, index.jpeg)

It exists in 2 dimensional format

Anonymous Comrade  18957

File: 1617976318046.png (333.2 KB, 700x486, EDYny9RVUAAHu8C.png)

tomoko is not my waifu, she's my spirit animal

Anonymous Comrade 19991

what the fuck is that first character supposed to be? は?

Anonymous Comrade  19995

looks like it, but also not
no idea what else it could be though

Anonymous Comrade 20792

Are these bootleg fumos?

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