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File: 1609839956484.jpg (52.46 KB, 426x542, 3147e26770ec5334db339cdfb8c006…)

Video games AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2576

>It's Game time! as a tagline
>no vidya thread
Why dont we fix that?

So what have you been playing /GET/? Something new coming out you have been exited about? Any controversial gaming opinions on your mind? Share them here!

Anonymous  2580

HoI IV, finally finished my SLP England run at long fucking last, now I'm taking a little break from TNO and playing Red World for a bit

Anonymous  2590

i checked out world of warcraft again
feeling rather disappointed
you can play it up to level 20 for free
if you compare it to the earliest experiences, there is very little left of that
you rush through the levels now and when you thought the dungeon browser made things simple, now the skills and attacks you have are mindumbingly dumbed down
i guess they went from appealing to friendless neets and social rejects that gave up on school that would spend hours each day just finetuning their character and exploring the world towards the busy and working casuals that just want to drop in and drop out of the game without missing out on anything
something that happens to a lot of games and i don't like it, even when i've never been really good in those games that required you to delve into how to do it right to master it
i'll rather be a casual filth ranked player in a game that has lots of opportunity to figure it out

PB 2608

File: 1609864953955.jpg (45.96 KB, 1128x396, issues.JPG)

I wanna be judged by my decisions. And I still have not finished it yet.

Anonymous 2613

as log as you pirated it before donating neetbux everything is aight. Also we can't discuss that game without sharing hardware spec

Anonymous 2615

File: 1609870384049.jpg (113.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Because I bought my laptop in 2013, and even then it was on the low end, I cant play any newer games. Mostly strategies, like Victoria II, Tropico, Settlers II. Recently I got into h-games. I made f95zone account. There are thousands of games there, but I still struggle with finding any good ones. Japanese ones have the pure garbage gameplay, and every single one of them is full of rape to the point where it is genuinely disturbing. Western games mostly use 3D models that occupy the very bottom of uncanny valley. So the good ones are almost exclusively 2D western games. However, they are all stuck at something like 0.34 version, and it is more likely that they will be abandoned than finished.

(]: SaintSlice 2619

I've been playing cod cw, it's fairly enjoyable, especially the zombies mode. It's nice they didn't just redo blops 3 zombs, granted though the new point system is still pretty terrible though.

It's alright you're fine, I'm more interested how you put 153 hours into the game, maybe I'm just "grown up" or somthn, but 150+ hours in a game would probably instantly burn me out **unless it's majoras mask**

Anonymous 2626

I have a crippling doom addons addiction, playing a shit ton of doom addons lately
I've also started playing Touhou. Playing IN rn wish me luck.

filter fucked up my post.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 2627

peoples' champions

Anonymous 2632

I would like to play with some GETers, here's a list of games I have or play:

- HOI IV (no dlcs so I only play multiplayer with someone who has some)
- Toribash
- Hyperrogue (cause math and games are amazing)
- Left 4 dead 2 (grabbed it while it was on sale)
- No more room in hell
- Hand simulator: survival (for the memes, not an actual game)

Anonymous 2648

I do not have any of those games, and considering GETchans low population, it would be problematic to get enough players anyway. Maybe getchan could start a gaming group for either free to play games or games you can simply pirate and play through hamachi/garena. I would also like to try Among Us, mobile version is free.

Anonymous 2652

>not enough players
I could literally play DOOM with one other person. You can grab freedoom files and get to playing
>among us
Over rated shit. Gameplay is shit and repetitive. No reason to play it at all.
>pirate games
Absolutely, what would you like to play though? I wouldn't pirate multiplayer games cause most of the time only windows version is pirated; so I have to either boot windows or use wine.

PB 2656

I didn't I got the game at release.
>Also we can't discuss that game without sharing hardware spec
2070S with a i7-4790k
It runs ''fine''.
What game is that in the screenshot?
>It's alright you're fine, I'm more interested how you put 153 hours into the game, maybe I'm just "grown up" or somthn, but 150+ hours in a game would probably instantly burn me out **unless it's majoras mask**
I like to immerse myself in the world so I take my tiem with games. Even simple games you can do in like 20h I can easily spend twice that looking and designs and shit. Open world games specially take a good chunk of time since I wanna get fucking everything. Also I wanted to be hardcore so I'm playing the game in the hardest difficulty so much of that time is spent getting killed, and replaying whole sections because let's say I got spotted in a part I didn't want to get spotted at
I don't play online most times because ppl make me anxious even online.
There can probably be a group to set up game. I've played games with people in even smaller communities than this one and we have done it. It just have to be either a) a very accessible game or b) one game everyone already has for some reason.
Good luck. I've played the all and I've never finished them, not a single one.

Anonymous 2670

>Absolutely, what would you like to play though?
I was thinking some RTSs, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires/Mythology. Or Counter Strike 1.6. Flatout 2 for racing. You know, the kind of games really popular in eastern block countries.

Anonymous 2673

I actually never played any of those except for counter strike.... Anyhow I'm really more into fps games. Gonna grab some of those from steamunlocked

PB 2675

Funny, i've played all BUT CS.

Anonymous 2716

When will /GET/ begin making their own M.O.D.S. and video games?

Anonymous 2748

I still remember the first time I played a silent hill, it was origins on the ps2. Full of puzzles and mazes. The game scare the shit out of me without the use of jump scares. Was a good game too bad PT was canceled.

I feel you pb, we'll do fine. I also agree, whatever game we play should be at everyone's disposal. DOOM is only a few clicks away https://www.zdoom.org/downloads https://freedoom.github.io/ https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDL

>>2673 (me)
So I finished downloading flatout 2 and warcraft 3, will come back once I get familiar with those.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  2752

we should make a WarThunder clan

Anonymous 2755

File: 1609917528278.png (2.62 KB, 256x21, 06،01،2021-10:15:42.png)

I uninstalled steam for a reason. If only publishers knew how to repack their shit.

Anonymous  2758

thought you can play it without steam

Anonymous  2764

Currently enjoying Death Stranding and Cruelty Squad (possibly /agdg/-adjacent E.Y.E.-like lo-fi FPS), both very nice in their own ways.

Autism games like Cities:Skylines and Transport Fever 2 are legitimately bad for me and I have recently sworn off of them. However, I secretly hope that there will come a perfect building autism game that has like wetland management and erosion and variable lane highways

I was on an RTS bender for a while after playing Deserts of Kharak, but it petered out as soon as I had to grapple the research management in SupCom. Also I think Homeworld 3 will be good. At worst it will have nice graphics and cool new spaceship designs to make gijinka porn of.

i am up for drawing anime girls to inject into serious business games

Anonymous 2787

File: 1609934500870.png (387.83 KB, 637x1024, bnCzQrH-637x1024.png)

>What game is that in the screenshot?
Corruption of Champions. Text based RPG. One of the rare good games in h genre. Hope you like futas and furries, cuz there is a lot of those. The original developer left it sort of unfinished, but there are peoples' champions that expand and polish the game. The one I played is Revamped, which I believe is the most popular one. But the one I recommend you play is /hgg/s othercocanons mod. It is expansion upon revamped, adds more contend, some options for customizing gameplay, and more extreme fetishes, but you can turn those off in settings. You can download it here, it even has version for androids. https://mega.nz/folder/St0HiaTC#oNQs48SWTDvmDBLHWZuHHA

Also CoC2 is currently in development, havent tried it yet.

PB 2983

File: 1610023231324.jpg (54.19 KB, 1446x382, ds.JPG)

I mean, we already do skribbl rooms sometimes and those work well for a minute.
Nice, I played Death Stranding not long ago too. Pretty good and very comfy.
>Autism games like Cities:Skylines and Transport Fever 2 are legitimately bad for me and I have recently sworn off of them.
Why? I've played the shit out of C:S.
Ohh, I think I might have played that long ago. I remember more recently playing one similar to it but it was more sci-fi, but I don't recall the name.

Anonymous  3005

Not playing much these days, but today I played some tf2 and yesterday I actually tried out vrchat, and I actually liked, met some nice people in there

Anonymous  3006

I also bought Doom, the first one I mean, nice game, good way to spend your time if you are bored

Anonymous 3031

File: 1610044889373.jpg (52.95 KB, 750x715, a75.jpeg)

>Ohh, I think I might have played that long ago. I remember more recently playing one similar to it but it was more sci-fi, but I don't recall the name.
Trials in Tainted Space? It is by the same developer. I did not like it though. For one, I find space setting less appealing than fantasy, and it is way too casual about its erotic aspects. Everyone you speak to is trying to slob on your knob with no input on your part, which I feel is not good game design. There need to be some obstacles for you to overcome, otherwise you might as well just read a smutty fanfic.

Anonymous 3061

>bought doom
I can send the IWADs here if you want. Meh it's only 5$. Grab the wad files you got and run it with a modern source port like PrBoom+ and play some good maps like Eviternity

We should do so more often.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 3065

hit 700 hours in animal crossing today

Anonymous 3086

do you know how to make peoples' champions?
I know how to program and have made some lua scripts for Gmod. I want to make a serious Minecraft mod but can’t figure out how to get started for the life of me. the Forge documentation is extremely vague and assumes some kind of background knowledge that I just don’t have.

Anonymous 3106

I've dabbled in modding various Paradox games, nothing serious though

Anonymous 3122

Stellaris. I'm having a jolly old time with a friendly race of robots who exist to make sure that the galaxy is a friendly place for their creators, and pampered them into senility. I'd like to think they're all landwhales like the humans from Wall-E.

Anonymous 3123

Same. I've got a couple on Stellaris, nothing big though. I think there are 15 of them on my game right now.

Anonymous 3155

Anonymous 3202

File: 1610118717897.jpg (482.16 KB, 1920x1080, ss_694e5f324b51f68eec86d8a50e3…)

Ranking Paradox games I played by their position on left-right political spectrum.

>Crusader Kings 2 – far right

CK is perfectly aligned with right-wing worldview. The sexual anxieties, violent tendencies, paranoia, authoritarianism, absence of morality or rationality, are all present. It is the most id driven gaming experience. The whole purpose of it is to literally spread your seed. Its portrait of humanity is utterly cynical, everyone is scheming to stab you in the face and steal your wife and property. So, in order to prevent that from happening, you have to be as brutal as they are. Selfishness and violence are natural and therefore virtues, and should be instilled into future generations. There are no people, no social or economical forces, history is driven purely by actions of Great men, who shape the world through their sheer will and strength.

>Hearts of Iron – slightly less far right

Great men are no longer sole actors of history, now they have to share the spotlight with state. Not state as in people in government, but state as a pure abstraction. It is a beast with a will of its own, driven to expand and dominate. The people are at best to be considered cells, they exist to be expended to further state interest. Every scientific or cultural achievement, industries, ideologies and philosophies matters only as so far as it can be utilized in war. War is where the history is made, where state finds its destiny. Peace is merely a preparation for conflict.

Anonymous 3203

File: 1610118761019.jpg (109.01 KB, 650x405, d64hg6sh4sg64hg.jpg)

>Europa Universalis – liberal
We have finally done away with great men. They have been reduced to mere managers of the system. Every parts of the system are disconnected from broader context. Every problem can simply be fixed by spending your sword/paper/bird points, generated by the manager. System itself is perfect, if it fails it is a failure of leadership.

>Stellaris – left wing

Only civilizations that advance past commodity production are able to enter galactic stage. Markets or money do not exist, production and allocation of resources is managed through central planning.

>Victoria 2 – actually Marxist

With other game the political alignment is just something you have to read into, Vicky has Marxist concept explicitly baked into its game design. There are not rulers, no abstract entities, only the people, separated into groups based on their economic role. There is a Consciousness mechanic that shows how much are these groups aware of their collective interests. Wars do not happen of some natural need for conquest, but out of need to acquire resources and labour. Historical change proceeds dialectically, through spiral of revolution and reaction.

Anonymous 3206

thinking of getting dead cells unless there's a better roguelike anyone knows of.
I don't play any roguelikes but I play a lot of dark souls

PB 3296

dead cells is one of the best imo. Hades is good too.

Anonymous 3444

File: 1610213941277.jpg (274.86 KB, 1400x1050, frostpunk.jpeg)

I've started playing a bit of frostpunk. Someone on the bunker said that it was the perfect tankie simulator to get an idea of what's going through their heads, and I can kind of see what he means. When it's already -40 below and a blizzard is coming in two days, there's not enough coal to feed the furnace or food to feed the people, and hope is already at rock bottom, there's not much you can do but send the children out to work scavenging coal in the bitter cold despite the frostbite claiming their limbs and put sawdust in the cabbage soup to try and stretch it a little farther, and just hope you can ride out the coming rebellion when the people get a little peeved.

It's stressful but in a good way.

Anonymous 3549

File: 1610270795431.png (1.33 MB, 1522x1100, 2 Oblivion.png)

Games I would play:
TES IV Oblivion
Warcraft 3 custom games
Dwarf Fortress
Mount & Blade: Warband
LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II
SCP Secret Laboratory
ss13 (space station 13)
COD World at War (nazi zombies)
Ages of Empires
Stronghold 2
zoo tycoon
Any Civilization
left4dead 1 & 2
Pandemic 2 flash game

I dislike Paradox games & grand strategy.
But I am okay w/ RTS games.

Anonymous 3556

If you're into RTS games, you owe it to yourself to check out Mental Omega: http://mentalomega.com/
There are detailed instructions under "Getting Started" on what files from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge you need to successfully launch MO. All you need to do is (((acquire))) them.
It's a big download but DO NOT skip on the music files: the soundtrack is fantastic.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is a way better starting point. Heck, PCB is better than IN too, though nowhere near as good as EoSD. Most games in that series are pretty weak to be honest. The ones worth a damn are 5, 6, 7, 11, and 15. (Haven't played 16 or 17.)

>crippling doom addons addiction

Try my pk3s, coward.

Check out Blue Wish Revolution Plus. It's free:
www.vector.co.jp/download/file/winnt/game/fh452584.html (The big green button.)

>/agdg/-adjacent E.Y.E.-like lo-fi FPS
This gave me mega cancer of the eyeballs. Stop.

TiTS' conflict comes from whatever the socio-political situation is on the planet you're on. Its story is less about sucking and fucking (though there is plenty of that to be had), and more going around like a space desperado and unfucking the universe.

Anonymous 3560

File: 1610284002188.jpg (149.98 KB, 1920x1080, Darkwood_08.jpg)

I really like games where I get to discover a really weird and mysterious world. Sunless Sea, Planescape Torment, Darkwood, Dark Souls, exploratory stage of Stellaris. I am particularly fan of cosmic horror elements. Does anyone know any more games like that? Genre does not matter, I just want to explore something unusual.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 3565

Used to play these all the time and have a big list of them, but lost it. Top of my head:
RPGmaker games are what you are looking for. Yume Nikki, .flow, LCDdem, Answered Prayers, Middens, Gingiva, Where They Cremate The Roadkill, Space Funeral, Earth Birth, Ib, Remnants (by June Flower), Labyrinth (by June Flower), OFF (sic), Jimmy and the pulsating mass, Solitude, Someday, FILAMENT.
Escaped Chasm and Dweller's Empty Path by Undertale luminary Temmie Chang are quaint, though might be too vanilla. Penpals is widely hated, but I thought it was alright. Personally didn't like Wadanohara, though I have admit it looks pretty, but you might enjoy it. OneShot (by Future Cat) is very cute and also recommended. Toilet in Wonderland is a more whimsical take on the YN format, but I love it.
There are more, but I can't recall all of them. vgperson has been translating Japanese RPGmaker games since forever, and you can find a ton of interesting ones o'er there: https://vgperson.com/games/
Hylics and Hylics 2 are in the same vein. You might enjoy Mason Lindroths other games too.

LSD Simulator is recommended and a big influence on a lot of these games. In that family you should take a look at Soup09 and Garmoniums. Parasomnia and singmetosleep (sic) are particularly awesome.
Similar but different games include Crypt Worlds, Bernband, Dujanah (by Sluggish Morss creator Jack Spinoza), OK/NORMAL, and PANORAMICAL. Kitty Horrorshow gets a special mention and you should absolutely not sleep on their many releases.
There was also a very interesting PS1 Japan only game that is the best Twin Peaks inspired game ever made ( definitely better than D3), but I can't recall what it was called. Maybe someone knows what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 3566

>>3565 (cont'd)
For platformers, STRAWBERRY CUBES is worth your time, as are most of Loren Schmidt's games. Sluggish Morss and its many sequels are classic. Bowler is fun too, though light on the exploration. Dreaming Mary and Dreaming Sarah are all about exploration though, as is Strange Telephone. Neftelia and its sequel run like shit, but are interesting when they do.

More intense games are Tripgate, I Want To Blow My Brains Out (sic), Funny Sick Baby Killers, and GAME.EXE (good luck finding that one). In order of fuckedupness.

For mainstream games, you should take a look at Planescapes sequel, Numenera, as well as Morrowind. That genre is called "New Weird", by the way. Pathologic qualifies too, though personally I feel Pathologic HD takes away some of the personality from the original, clunky release.

There are also tons and tons of user created worlds in now-forgotten apps like worlds.com, second life, and JamesVR. Although these worlds have been archived, you will need an external program to view 'em and that can be tricky. I am not going to help you with that.

Anonymous 3567

>>3566 (final)
If I were to stretch your request a lil, I'd also recommend alienmelons games: https://alienmelon.itch.io/
Battle Garegga, Ibara, Ikaruga, Hellsinker, and Blue Revolution are worth your attention too. Horzies tend to be more high concept and so have more interesting worlds if they do, but I am not as familiar because I play shmups to self-flagellate.

There is much, much more out there. Back in my day (the good ol' times *hic*) this stuff was easy to keep track off, as we'd get maybe one interesting games a year if we were lucky. Nowadays there is just too much to keep track off, unfolding in all directions and at constantly increasing speeds.
Here's a taste of what you'd be contending with: https://itch.io/c/164787/trippy-games

WoW Respecter 3582

>Plays 20 levels
>It bad
Yea, ofc it will be bad. I guess to some extent that is one of the larger flaws now - the game is completely fucked in terms of scaling outside the new content which can give off a bad feel for new / returning players. When I tried out Classic it made me appreciate the more drawned out leveling experiance, but it was also awful when it came to gameplay.
The current class design is basically on-purpose broken up until you get all your tools. It will obvioualy be shit on level twenty when you miss you lack your mastery, cooldowns, core spells etc. However when you reach the endgame, the rotations and spells are more complex than ever, well, at least as long as you don't play the intentional newbie specs like bm hunter or arcane mage.
Perhaps minmaxing was cut down a bit, but bis lists are still alive as ever. Also I'd recommend checking out various recent world first mythic races, which no longer are neckbeards raiding their brains out, but fucking Formula 1 races where the different guilds start having their personal coaches and an out-of-game raidleader who only shouts out commands.

Anonymous 3591

File: 1610299693521.jpg (2.1 MB, 2271x1473, zeno clash collage.jpg)

Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2 are some of the weirdest worlds I've seen. The first game is a strictly linear series of small tight stages but they do feel like a journey despite that, while Zeno Clash 2 is more of a pseudo open world RPG-lite that lets you properly explore a much bigger and expanded place.

Anonymous  3604

they should make some other trail version then if the experience for people coming back is that off from what they do have to offer

i played a little longer after i got a month playtime gifted and it's still kind of fun, but i am a huge fan of games that allow you to go at a slow pace and don't offer you many shortcuts, i always enjoyed the travels to the scarlet monestary or finding people fighting through the quests by the defias mine to group up with them, getting to know them, helping each other out and then going in to take out the leader hiding on his pirate ship
now i click on the dungeon browser, get teleported into some place i have never heard of, with a story going on that i have no context for and people just rushing through because they grinded high end gear for low level characters and i can't possibly deliver enough heal for the rest of the group who just sit there and don't even make an attempt at evading the area effects

the start of the journey is just a total disconnect from any community efforts, i just don't feel like i am playing with anyone else or am part of the faction

but still, there's enough to enjoy, i'm just really nostalgic for another way of how things used to be
the pet fights are pretty cute and i might get hooked on that

Anonymous 3608

File: 1610312382233.png (1.56 MB, 1600x871, late_game_cultist_sim.png)

If you like Sunless games, then I recommend Cultist Simulator, as its writer is the same. The whole game is you, having no knowledge about what is going on in the setting apart from that it seems to be the 1930's, slowly discovering its occult mysteries through various books that give only small details, but interlock together.

Anonymous 3616

When looking at that picture this one quote from Zero Punctuation came to my mind:
>It reminds me of video games that simulate card games like rendering the actual cards getting dealt and flipped all over the place. The cards were only there because they were the best we had to visualize the epic dragon fights the original game was trying to represent. Video games now have better ways to visualize epic dragon fights!

Anonymous 3664

Wasn't /GET/ working on a VN back on Bunkerchan? Whatever happened to that?

Anonymous 3666

File: 1610349040593.png (1.09 MB, 2100x1500, Catgirl_Test.png)

Wondering the same thing. Though we'd have to ask some one on the team, you could probably get spurdo to say

Anonymous 3894

File: 1610468184308.jpg (189.29 KB, 1280x720, crying-suns-epic-games.jpg)

Crying Suns is currently free on Epic Store.
>Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. In this story rich experience inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will uncover the truth about the Empire... and yourself as well.

Anonymous 3976

Anyone here ever played NeoTokyo? It's a cyberpunk half-life mod and it's free to play. Servers are mostly empty but we play every Friday evening as well as some random days of the week.


We are also hosting a tournament commencing on the 14th January which will be streamed on Twitch.


Anonymous 3998

You have a discord group or anything where I can sign up for those games?

bear 4086

How do tournaments work??

Anonymous 4121

It's too late to sign up for the tournaments I'm afraid. I was just advertising the game itself as well as the upcoming tourney streams. We would really like more people playing the game since it's an absolute gem. Maybe we could get a server for Getchan to play on?

Here's a review of the game: Neotokyo° Review

Also check out the OST, it's fucking GODTIER:

Check out the discord: https://discord.gg/aZ9dnfge
There's also a steam group I recommend you join for announcements since the servers are empty most of the time: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ANPA

Anonymous 4123

File: 1610551148824.jpg (46.45 KB, 465x587, 1601937596817.jpg)

We play every Friday 20:00 CET time. Come join us! NeoTokyo is quite strategic but also has bhopping so it's a weird mixture of a tactical and arcade shooter. The game has fantastic map design as well imo, but they can be an obstacle to new players. Once you learn the maps, however, it's smooth sailing from thereon.

Anonymous 4125

>Friday 20:00 CET time
Gotta getup before dawn on Saturday, so no cybershooting for me.
Also, post the server IP so people can join directly.

Anonymous 4177

>most games in that series are pretty weak
I'm not sure if I can say the same tbh. I haven't been able to beat IN yet, although I play on 1 life to make the game painful


oh how lovely

Anonymous 4194

With "weak" I mean subpar. If you want some truly excellent vertical shooting, check out DoDonPachi. IN is the easiest in the series, by the way.

bear 4196

File: 1610557235904.jpg (43.13 KB, 749x743, 62f688fa03ec90b0545f4975570a52…)

I got a good seed on minecraft but I fucked it all up

Anonymous  4206

remember to try The Frontier for Fallout NV when it comes out
probably the last hurrah of NV modding, the last big mod to come out for it

Anonymous 4229

I soured up on these fan-made expansions after playing the most endorsed one on Nexus at the time, that turned up to be complete garbage.

Anonymous 4237

Nexus staff is notoriously shit. You only go there to grab peoples' champions people not on that site recommend.

Anonymous 4257

File: 1610561656330.jpg (60.78 KB, 760x428, alpha-protocol-review-1.jpg)

Anyone here played Alpha Protocol? Criminally underrated game. Spy RPG made by Obsidian. Mission Impossible plot, James Bond characters and Archer protagonist. Not much replayability due to linear missions, but 100% worth it for that one playthrough. For some reason no longer available on Steam, so to get it you have to sail the open seas.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 4325

Ok. Just so you know some people join roughly 20 minutes before the official start time.

Anonymous  4561

don't forget to cross-post with /games/ over on leftypol.org now and again

and if you want to talk about a game session you had as a narrative experience try this thread

Anonymous 4655

File: 1610724200854.gif (679.14 KB, 500x542, 1603890039351.gif)

NeoTokyo Friday in 4 hours!

Anonymous 4659

Actually, I just remembered. If you want to experiance something more akin to OG WoW in retail, I recommend you check out wow Ironman challange, or its easier versions such as tinman or greenman.

bear 4663

Sadly I don’t have any good set up for it, but the it’s peaked my interest, so I might check out the livestream

Anonymous 4667

That's ok! the livestream is at 9pm GMT, so like 90 minutes from now

Anonymous 4714

File: 1610757998100.jpg (187 KB, 1280x1000, nt_map_yokocho_wide.jpg)

Well I joined the NeoTokyo game, it was fun, probably will attend them regularly. I feel like some maps are unbalanced though. The cleaner ones, like the one with hangar, are all right, but the street maps are so visually busy it makes spotting cloaked enemies impossible. Plus if they have verticality to them, it puts support class in serious disadvantage.

Anonymous 4938

Thanks for dropping by! We play other days too, but it's random and planned on the spot. Check out the discord to know when people are playing: https://discord.gg/ED8JKknx

Cloaked enemies are difficult to pick up if they're stationary and have no visible injuries on them (blood stains show on cloak). cloaked enemies can be seen moving with motion vision (Assault class only). If the recons (the fast class) get to a place before you and camp there, you actually do have a chance because recons have weaker weapons which gives you time to locate where they are shooting from. Recons might even unload most of their mag on you before killing you giving them no choice but to move away. They die very quickly if shot at. Also, make use of your ears, it helps in locating enemies.

Anonymous  4976

File: 1610837974054.jpg (136.99 KB, 736x984, d99715dc4c68cedc30b773403ed6f1…)

replaying Fallout New Vegas, it's way better than I remembered

Anonymous  4977

People still play that game? I never got into it but the soundtrack is some of the best electronic music of all time

Anonymous 5025

Do you play with any m.o.d.s?
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Anonymous  5322

no because I'm playing it on console atm, if I ever get a job and a PC I'll definitely try The Frontier since it just dropped, and a bunch of graphics peoples' champions too.

Anonymous 6189

beat Bloodborne this week. gonna do it again.

Anonymous 6191

Speed run it

Anonymous 6200

that would filter me instantly.

Anonymous  7121

File: 1611554930672.jpg (373.67 KB, 1920x1080, 20210125023848_1.jpg)

2nd American Civil War, more like 2nd American Revolution

For those who don't know, Kaiserreich is a mod for a WW2 sim game where Germany won WW1. In the mod, USA collapses into 2-4 sided civil war in February, 1937; and as you can see, I managed to topple them in 3 months with Blitzkrieg.

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