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File: 1610161716949.jpg (157.54 KB, 1280x1024, AB259744-0B07-4FD2-AAC9-9655A2…)

4chan might be zucced Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/anarcho-lolicon.png, country type: custom, valid:   3308

Heard that 4chan is getting taken down. Do you think we might be able to convince some refugees to come here?
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Anonymous Comrade 3344

>4chan getting taken down

Anonymous Comrade  3356

Big, if true.

Anonymous Comrade 3372

File: 1610173709090.png (1002.3 KB, 994x988, mike.png)

if 4chan goes down this place will be reigned in eventually hopefully it doesn't happen

Anonymous Comrade 3426

and be flooded by the /pol/ crowd?

Not that I believe 4Chan is going anywhere anyway. The only bit of it that seems likely to be in any trouble is /pol/ and they're big enough to just split off somewhere else if necessary.

Anonymous Comrade 3494

I visited 4chan the first time in over two years and see it's all alt-right now. Why are its users wanted if this is how they are?

Anonymous Comrade 3501

We should try to get moot to post on GETchan or leftypol

Anonymous Comrade 3553

This is years overdue. 4chan should've been turned into a memory over a decade ago. People have been complaining about 4chan being indistinguishable from reddit for just as long, but at this point it genuinely has become anathema to what it was back in the day.
I mean for fucks sake: the /pol/ face thing was exactly what we used to do to gaia, deviantart, and assorted furry sites. Except now it's 4anons taking the bait. Tragic.

Anonymous Comrade 3573

Apparently they aren’t, though judging by Trumps ban on almost all social media, it’s not insane they might

Anonymous Comrade  3575

Even if CloudFlare and other caching/anti-DoS services ban 4chan, they can still switch to something like onion routing.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade 3579

Could, but wouldn't. 4chan has been a financial project for ages. Switching away from the clearnet is not something the current regime would want.

Anonymous Comrade 3590

They could just get rid of /pol/ to please the elders of the Internet.

Anonymous Comrade 3659

If 8chan is still kicking somehow I'm sure Hiro can find a way.

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