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File: 1608955712406.png (85.31 KB, 1368x743, Screenshot_2020-12-25_20-07-25…)

Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/lunachan.png, country type: custom, valid:   34

Everyone say "Bye Bunkerchan!"

Anonymous Comrade 35

Hopefully we were able to inform everyone we could about the long march before it’s was all said in done

Anonymous Comrade 39

That was one of the goals of the two stickies I made on the Bunkerchan boards.

Anonymous Comrade 41

may it rot in shit
dollar is already in damage control mode, spreading false news about space having left the management, effectively not a change since he remains side owner and installed his puppets, and desperately begging leftypol.org to come back
glad we got off that sinking ship in time and you set up a really neat looking GETchan

Anonymous Comrade 42

File: 1608958397699.png (139.22 KB, 303x283, 7WDO3MC.png)

I admit I sorta stopped paying attention to the global stuff after the meeting, since it didn't really apply to us that much, but I thought I remember him being much less involved, if not leaving entirely.
>and desperately begging leftypol.org to come back
Yeah, not surprising lmao

Anonymous Comrade 43

Also I confess that while I was willing to listen to the poll results if it turned out that people wanted to go with leftypol.org or something like that, but I had pretty much already made up my mind and had already bought this server a day before the poll ended.

Anonymous Comrade 110

File: 1608972764220.png (488.37 KB, 990x810, sakurako AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)

Nooo we lost the /saku/ thread!

Anonymous Comrade 113


Anonymous Comrade 126

thought /leftypol/ had a backup that included cesspitGET (and /ref/) but i can't seem to find it

Anonymous Comrade 127

File: 1608975667834.png (25.2 KB, 300x100, 1608527103484.png)

Anonymous Comrade 128


Anonymous Comrade 129

i don't know what thread that was in but i need that image of that yugo post screencap where he talks about his swiss roll crumbling in the bath tub and there's a crying rodina below it
i loved that post but i managed to lose it

Anonymous Comrade 130

File: 1608976782791.png (1.1 MB, 2480x3010, 1608527210836-0.png)

Anonymous Comrade 134

thank you very much

Anonymous Comrade 135

Is this a fresh start or the threads are gonna be moved?

Anonymous Comrade  139


Anonymous Comrade 140

Anonymous Comrade  141

Kek, what?

Anonymous Comrade 157

S to spit

Anonymous Comrade 158

Anonymous Comrade 163

File: 1608995835435.jpg (79.88 KB, 1280x720, ewfwefewrf.jpeg)

Britstache 166

Anonymous Comrade 197

File: 1609005679366.png (599.52 KB, 1265x676, Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 12.5…)


Anonymous Comrade 246

IIRC I saved the images in the old banner thread on Bunkerchan

foggy 284

Anonymous Comrade  512

File: 1609073481252.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, JUST.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  513

Anonymous Comrade 530

Hello from a leftypoler.
Thanks for the Christmas card and it's good to see you here.
Love y'all. Long live /GET/Chan!

Anonymous Comrade 1371

Same. Solidarity!

Anonymous Comrade  1715

File: 1609484384388.jpg (45.27 KB, 239x360, 408e0496b723a46f6bc156b56b00b2…)

im new trash from bunkercuck show me around

Anonymous Comrade 1721

File: 1609488265502.gif (59.09 KB, 294x359, 0.gif)

You got /GET/, which is numbers, and you have /ref/ which is flags (even though currently we have no flags) and /test/ is for
Any questions?

Anonymous Comrade 1945

Bye, Bunkerchan!

Anonymous Comrade 1946

File: 1609624356103.png (190.02 KB, 536x519, TRIPLE SUCC.png)

Man, I'm so glad that Bunkerchan has finally disintegrated. The new leftypol is looking fantastic, and GET's got some cool features too. I've never used an imageboard that had files expand when you move the cursor over them before. Shit's comfy af.

Kolosin  5916

Imagus my dude, best extension ever.

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