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AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 3440

I'm disappoint anon. Y'all are the ones that brought down PSN, brought down mastercard, defaced government websites, but we can't bring down a few websites hosted by persona non grata with no institutional backing?

Look up layer 7, look up slow loris, are we really gonna let them have their safe spaces to plan the next insurrection attempt? What the fuck happened to "we are legion, expect us"?

Anonymous 3441

To add to this, look up privoxy and tor

Anonymous 3442

Instead y'all are too busy DOS'ing eachother, wtf.

Anonymous 3443

To spell it out:
Why is thedonald.win still online?
Why is Parler still online?
Why is donjr.com still online?
Why is Am1.news still online?
Why is breitbart still online?

Anonymous 3446

Imagine the lulz when these chuds run out of places to organize. Think of the despair and victimization they'll feel. This'll be fun.

Anonymous 3455

So we play cat and mouse, I don't get your point.

Anonymous 3456

besides the critical time to fuck with them is between now and inauguration day

Anonymous  3469

So you shutdown parler (which is already gonna gradually die if its permanently off the app store/google play anyway) for like a day. Then what?

Anonymous  3479

OP is almost certainly either a borderline psycho or a deliberate wrecker. I saged the thread, and I think it's best that we have nothing to do with the OP and their intentions.

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