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File: 1608956677585.webm (35.04 KB, 370x300, comfortable.webm)

Issue reporting thread Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/lunachan.png, country type: custom, valid:   36Sticky

If you run into any issues with the site's operation, post them here.
This post was edited by a moderator on .

Anonymous Comrade 38

Also it doesn't appear to be saving your flag choice. I'm looking into this as well, though I think I know what might be causing that part.

Anonymous Comrade 86

is this the feedback thread then?

Anonymous Comrade 87

Basically, yeah. I just edited the OP to make that clear.

Anonymous Comrade  90

sweet, and even the flag picking is here already
you're quick, very appreciated
got one minor report, i think

says under Formatting & Hotkeys
>Cross--thread linking is done as such: >>>/test/1
i think it's meant to say cross--board linking, as that's what the example shows
thanks for the hard work!

Anonymous Comrade  96

File: 1608966565572.png (23.86 KB, 500x400, WAT.png)

Either I'm going insane or I'm just really tired, because I'm 99% sure I hadn't even changed anything related to flags on the public server (I was working on a local development copy)

To be honest, I copied most of the OP from another site I moderate, but I can fix that part.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade 98

>Anon it's time for your annual board migration
>Yes daddy

i miss the 8ch/leftypol/
why did it have to be like this?

Anonymous Comrade 123

>thinking 8chan was any more stable
honestly the /leftpol/ split was far more disastrous than this seeing as both boards got overran by fascists with hardly 200 some people posting on /leftypol/ by the end.

Slightly Mentally Impaired 160

This is GETchan, not leftypol, we were never on 8chan let alone split. We just moved to a new domain.

Anonymous Comrade 168

Yeah, it has actually been about 2 years since we moved from here to Bunkerchan.

Anonymous Comrade 193

there seems to be something off about the flags on /ref/
picking "local flag" gives me a rather random one

Anonymous Comrade  223

Are you using a proxy?

Anonymous Comrade 249

not that i'm aware of, no

Anonymous Comrade 275

File: 1609008691100.png (89.5 KB, 1009x423, flirtemulo.png)

Can Esperanto flag be added to /ref/?

Anonymous Comrade  287

Sure, do you have a template?

Anonymous Comrade  288

Actually, this should go in a /ref/ thread, not here

Anonymous Comrade 471

Can EPUBS be posted on this site?

Anonymous Comrade  496

Are the other themes to be added again?

Anonymous Comrade  637

Not at the moment, but I can add the functionality to post them.


Anonymous Comrade  656

As of 4:11 PM Pacific time, I apologize if you're getting errors and/or warnings, I'm doing an update.

Your last posted flag should now (hypothetically) be correctly stored and loaded.

Anonymous Comrade  740

you lost the sticky, i think this should be stickied though, unless you don't want it and it was on purpose, but maybe it was accidental, so i'm letting you know

Anonymous Comrade 840

File: 1609155562257.webm (2.58 MB, 640x360, 7041268fed095c153a574c4f9d0026…)

Would it be possible to raise the file size limit to 10 MB or so? Maybe also mp4 support?

Anonymous Comrade 845

Why does this board has a half naked loli for a thumbnail on nsfw posts? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Anonymous Comrade 869

haha you must be new here

Anonymous Comrade 906

Half naked is a warning sign before you see the full naked, duh

Anonymous Comrade 908

Why doesn’t it bump threads?

Anonymous Comrade  909

I think you can change that in settings.

Anonymous Comrade 915

Where did the thread watcher go?

Anonymous Comrade  943

It doesn't show up on the top bar until you click "Watch" to the right of a thread OP.

Anonymous Comrade  949

Thank you for adding my flag Zeke :)

Anonymous Comrade 1201

File: 1609273073939.jpg (912.9 KB, 1200x1200, 647b2f25f15a64180ad41035e1605a…)

There are two threads that appear on both the first and second page.

Anonymous Comrade  1227

I've noticed that TinyBoard does that, but I'm not sure why. For some reason, the bottom two threads on a given page also appear at the top of the next page.

Anonymous Comrade 1263

I think that's a feature not a bug, it happens on some forums too inside threads. It's to give more visibility to the thread that's on the bottom of a given page.

Anonymous Comrade 1344

I keep getting banned for spam when I haven't been spamming. Why is that?? Is there a bot or something?

Anonymous Comrade 1386

File: 1609320663614.png (970.02 KB, 1200x1100, sakushrug.png)

It does not happen on /ref/.

Anonymous Comrade 1392

/leftytrash/ thread not bumping.


I think that's how cyclic threads work for some reason

Anonymous Comrade  1477

check the bump limit. this happened to us. It wasn't that cyclicals couldn't bump, but that the bump limit was set below 500 and cyclicals didn't override that setting


Oh, that explains it. I guess I just assumed that cyclical threads are treated separately with bumping.

Anonymous Comrade  2253

Bless you for including this Geocities theme

t. 31 year old "the internet used to be good" millenoomer

Anonymous Comrade  2259

the 8ch /leftypol/ i remember was a tanquis salt mine. icepick threads everyday, but but any thread pointing out how batshit bonkers mao was would get immediately anchored.

not only that, discussing any kind of sexism in AES was impossible (muh idpol) since the menfolk can't see gender as a class relation.

Anonymous Comrade  2416

File: 1609781514270.png (150.95 KB, 625x479, sip3.png)

I was never on GeoCities for some reason, but yeah, I miss the olden days, when Flash was king *boomer sip*
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  2669


Anonymous Comrade  2702

Anonymous Comrade 2798

If it's not too much trouble, /r/inging a redstarOS, install gentoo, GNU, or Tux flag (just one). Gotta show the world we're commie hackers ova here.

Anonymous Comrade 3062

Please add an ak-47 flag.
Here's the one from leftypol:

Anonymous Comrade  3100

How does one input a password into the quick reply dialog?

PB ## Mod 3194

What do you mean a password? as in a tripcode?

Anonymous Comrade  3209

I'll work on getting those done


I think you have to uncheck Quick Reply at the top, make a post in the static box with whatever password you want, and then recheck the QR check box

Anonymous Comrade  3212

Holy moly, you went above and beyond! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous Comrade  3213

Unfortunately I can't really get the GNU Project logo to look decent scaled down that much, it just looks like a tiny white pixelated blob.

Anonymous Comrade  3214

What are the dimensions? Might have the opportunity to make one from scratch.

Anonymous Comrade  3215

The width varies a little bit but all of the heights are 11 px.

Anonymous Comrade  3216

Ooh, does this codebase dynamically scale width on flags?

Anonymous Comrade  3217

No, the resolution isn't stored in the HTML tag

Anonymous Comrade  3619

Hello Zeke
Your frontpage and catalog are not in bump order. I don't know what order they are in.

Anonymous Comrade 3692

File: 1610373934473.png (264.86 KB, 550x369, 5bcnj4i3qk961.png)

Can multiple file uploads be added?

Anonymous Comrade  3824

It's going by the posts, not the thread they're in.

Not without rewriting a lot of the code.

Anonymous Comrade 3875

>It's going by the posts, not the thread they're in.
I don't follow. This thread for example is always at the bottom of the catalog. That can't be right.

Anonymous Comrade 4271

I think video should not loop by default but play once, who wants their video to loop?

Anonymous Comrade  4279

Oh, I see what you mean. I think it has something to do with cyclic threads or something. I know that also gives the thread watcher some trouble.

I can do that, but you'll have to give me a bit, because the frontend development setup is kinda fucky.

Anonymous Comrade  4500

thank you zeke

Anonymous Comrade 4504

I don't know which one is the ak flag, although I know for sure it's there.

Anonymous Comrade  4523

Alright, now it's fixed. I'm not sure what happened to it before

Anonymous Comrade  4628

Thank you

Anonymous Comrade  5079

business idea: rename "name badge" to "tofu on fire"

Anonymous Comrade  5238

I don't mean to whine but pls fix catalog.

Anonymous Comrade 5506

Can you upload pdfs on here?

Anonymous Comrade  5851

Taking a closer look at the board catalog, it looks like it actually is in bump order, but doesn't take stickied threads into consideration.

Not right now, but it would be relatively trivial to add it.

Anonymous Comrade  7036

File: 1611532136404.png (620.27 KB, 1410x1082, why i ban.png)

why i got perma banned?

Anonymous Comrade  7203

File: 1611597264734.png (172.22 KB, 304x793, RinAppalled.png)

That's really bizarre. That's not even the right IP address. It's really similar and literally one off (it ends in .16 instead of .15), but looking at the banned poster's post history, it doesn't even look like spam. I dunno what I was thinking. So maybe I was high or something? But while I'm very wary of posts from IPs with little to no other post history when the post in question is just a URL and nothing else, the URL is pretty innocuous.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  7206

Hang on, go here and report this post with what it says your IP is. Something fucky is going on.
Go home TinyBoard, you're drunk.

Anonymous Comrade  7298


Anonymous Comrade  9359

Are archive.is/vn/fo and archive.org blocked from archiving getchan.net or should I be able to use them? And also give me some do's and dont's if you want to point out how not to abuse archiving getchan.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  9586

I don't think they're blocked
>And also give me some do's and dont's if you want to point out how not to abuse archiving getchan.
What do you mean?

Anonymous Comrade  9799

File: 1612686153288.png (71.68 KB, 1012x595, Wishyouachristmas2.png)

Stupid question you can ignore it.

Banner is picking up non-existent pictures.

Anonymous Comrade  10179

Oh, there was a typo in the configuration file. But it's not Christmastime anymore, so I just commented out the lines referencing the Christmas banners, until next year.

Anonymous Comrade  12208

Been getting some 502's lately and image preview stopped working.

Anonymous Comrade  12461

Is this still happening?

Anonymous Comrade  12494

It stopped. Image previews now work consistently and I have not gotten any 502 errors since yesterday. Thanks

Anonymous Comrade 14918

With default settings
Every time I play a video and click on it instead of clicking on the stop button, the video closes, but the sound keeps playing, and every time I open the video and do the same thing over agains, the audio keeps playing too, so it results in multiple, hilarious layers of audio that only go away when I close or reload the page
Am I just doing something wrong?

Anonymous Comrade  19677

Another non-existent image used in the banner:

bear 20088

It simply says error

Anonymous Comrade  20151

Yes because it doesn't exist bear. This still might be picked up as a banner due to it being in the config. I think zeke already removed it though, so no longer an issue.

Anonymous Comrade  20793

Yeah, I removed it.

Anonymous Comrade 21240

GET report center?

I'd like to report this big ass bussy

Anonymous Comrade  21241

Yes. Where is the bussy you're reporting?

Anonymous Comrade  27266

how do I hide threads from the catalog

Anonymous Comrade  27308

It isn't possible to hide threads from the catalog, just from the board page.

Anonymous Comrade 28190

requesting cyclical on furry thread
possible to raise image limit per post?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  28300

>requesting cyclical on furry thread
>possible to raise image limit per post?
That isn't a configured limit
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Comrade  30512

Would it be possible to implement an automatic detection filter for the bot spam since it appears to post similar images every time

Anonymous Comrade  30583

also sometimes these spam posts stay in the catalog for some time with their images and links despite being deleted from page view
which is a bit concerning when you consider the type of content that is spammed

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