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File: 1610492440230.gif (4.99 MB, 600x600, 835.gif)

♡ Shay's covid recovery ♡ Djinn-chanCountry code: GET/satan.png, country type: custom, valid:   3977

Covid timeline so far:
>started with excessive sweating, no other symptoms
>muscle soreness, which was present the entire time
>first obvious symptoms were congestion, runny nose and headache. No loss of smell yet
>bloody nose and diarrhea developed, diarrhea was temporary only lasted a day
>runny nose and congestion went away, were replaced by inflammation and burning/stinging sinuses, it was at this point i lost my ability to smell
>chest tightness, a stabbing pain developed, but went away the next day
>i became less capable of rational thought, my memory worsened and i became dizzy and disoriented when moving
>my lungs began burning, like after going for a jog outside
>heavy breathing and coughing
>current symptoms are minor pneumonia (coughing up crap), burning sinuses, no smell, major headache, and burning lungs
>ive had trouble staying asleep at night because of the headache, burning sinuses and neck muscle pain.
Notable is that my sense of taste is completely fine, but i can't smell anything, even literal rotting garbage.
One thing i have learned is that the cough is not a good metric to determine infection, i have no trouble at all with not coughing. It feels nice to cough, but i could easily spend a full day not coughing. However, i am certain there is minor pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) because when i do allow myself to cough, it sounds like there is phlegm or fluid somewhere in my respiratory system.
Also, i have been hypersensitive to touch, specifically my shirt and blankets have been bothering me a lot around my neck and chest. I googled it and sure enough it's a symptom of covid

Anonymous  3989

how have you been dealing with this so far?

Djinn-chan  4000

Taking lots of vitamins and zinc and painkillers and drinking water. It's all i can do, but it's worked so far.

Anonymous  4008

File: 1610503065212.jpg (103.91 KB, 744x1073, 8de97cb2c4b0c8e6603bd09eaacabd…)

check'd trips of (hopeful) rapid recovery

Anonymous 4030

/leftypol/er here, hope you get better soon Shay

Anonymous 4034

Official representative of leftypol.org here, we hope for your prompt recovery comrade!

Djinn-chan  4047

Thanks leftybros i love u
Thanks iwwbro *hugs u*
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 4079

File: 1610519627022.png (294 KB, 728x930, dec4v2t-874ef519-e74e-4669-bcb…)

Don't worry, Shaytan
I shall heal you with the royal touch.

Anonymous  4114

Ayyyyy, it's good that you're recovering my cute little Shay~


Djinn-chan  4119

Y-your highness... *blushing and bowing*
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 4258

How are you doing today shay? Hope you get better

t. saudi anon

Anonymous 4265

Feel better Shay

Djinn-chan  4283

I feel horrible i refused breakfast and havent taken any meds at all

Anonymous 4289

I'm sorry to hear that you're in such condition. Did you have a hot drink today at all? You need stay warm.

Djinn-chan  4294

Im just depressed

Anonymous  4299

Shit Shay, that sucks to hear, hope you'll feel better

Djinn-chan  4304

Update: bubblegum tastes worse than usual and eating lima beans yesterday made me wanna throw up
I havent lost my sense of taste but it has changed

Anonymous  4305

In what way has it changed?

Djinn-chan  4306

Dunno but when im not eating, my mouth is full of a sickly tasting mucous
Food tastes different and i have less of an appetite

Anonymous  4308

Anything you can do about the mucous?

Djinn-chan  4309

Not really. I brushed my teeth but the taste just came right back.

Anonymous  4310

Oof, I imagine that must be annoying

Djinn-chan  4316

I ate a cold slightly burnt biscuit from this morning and tuna crackers from a can and all it did was give me the strength to cry

Anonymous  4319

Well fuck, wish I could give you a cuddle Shay

Djinn-chan  4341

File: 1610581405607.jpg (210.1 KB, 720x1206, 20210113_184230.jpg)

Anonymous  4342


Djinn-chan  4365

Just learned that i need to be taking aspirin to prevent blood clotting cuz microclots are the reason my lungs be hurtin :<

Anonymous  4400

Don't die dude.

Anonymous  4466

you should see if a dehumidifier will help for your cough, especially humid air tends to make my coughing a lot worse.

Anonymous 4501

File: 1610621398045.png (99.84 KB, 295x295, 4f683f25d7335d1b82081d098e358b…)

No, you can't die yet. I haven't had the chance to fill your boi pussy with my sticky hot cum.

Anonymous 4510


Anonymous 4511

Dubs for shay's recovery

Anonymous 4532

Taking CBD really helped me with lack of appetite

Anonymous 4543

dubs bless

Djinn-chan  4554

You guys are super sweet thank u

Anonymous  4627

cum 2 leftypol wtf

ps get better i loved your shitposts on bunked

Anonymous  4629

Do your lungs still hurt shay?

Djinn-chan  4652

Ive been posting a little on leftypol.org/b/
Yeah i think im in the recovering stage but theres deffo some damage down there

Anonymous  4653

>Yeah i think im in the recovering stage
Ayyy that's good to hear Shay

>but there's deffo some damage down there

Hopefully it won't be permanent

Djinn-chan  4732

Update: i can't taste the subtle flavor of peppers like jalapeño or cumin. I can taste spice, but i just had chili and it had no subtle flavor to it. I might try a bell pepper to confirm this suspicion.

Anonymous  4997

Don't worry it took me 2 months to fully recover my senses of taste and smell after I had COVID. For some reason the taste of chocolate was the last thing to come back.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 5040

That's because the spices aren't a taste, lol

Anonymous  5067

Need one more 6 for Shay.

Anonymous 5156

Caught it around the same time as you, OP. (around jan 10). I only felt a bit more tired, a burning sensation in my sinus/nasal cavity, and maybe a mild fever. I managed to not lose my sense of smell though. Surprising that I got away with a such a mild case considering I have asthma.

Take it easy and I wish a speedy recovery for you.

Djinn-chan  5975

-.- i still have a cough and i shouldve recovered by now
Quarantine over in a few days omgggggg why my lungs still suck

Anonymous  5978

I'm glad you made it shay. Hopefully your lungs will get better in a few days/

Anonymous 5995

File: 1611228281466.jpg (68.49 KB, 634x1127, goodnight sweet prince.jpg)

Is this the bunkerchan bugchasing forum?

Anonymous  6003

No this is patrick.

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