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File: 1609038200041.jpg (742.25 KB, 1323x904, LikbezShorkasy.jpg)

/GET/ Reading Group Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 469

This is the new home of the /GET/ reading group continuing on from where we started. We meet once a week on Saturdays 7PM GMT on the /trashpile/
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Anonymous Comrade 472

File: 1609038820126.jpg (177.78 KB, 850x1328, sample_2638fae611c535a36689be3…)

This week are we doing two works by Lenin: The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky & A Brief Biographical Sketch With an Exposition of Marxism .



Anonymous Comrade  529

Can cancernewfag participate or is it more invitation club thing?

Anonymous Comrade 533

I'd love to read with you but I don't care about Lenin at all.

Anonymous Comrade 597

File: 1609106892078.png (59.44 KB, 1280x720, 1.png)

I didn't expect anyone to be interested in this book club but this is the link: https://matrix.to/#/!bvZhLhbbUCZbgvGrNi:matrix.org?via=matrix.org . Anyone is welcome to join.

There's a new group called /تلميذ/ ( https://matrix.to/#/+leftyread:matrix.org / https://leftyread.neocities.org/ ) Those guys are starting some time in the future with the basics of Marx & Engels.

If you didn't know, originally, there was only the /GET/ reading group until we got an influx of new posters several months ago. We recommended those guys to start their own /read/-ing group. /read/ has since gained enough members to split into the relatively older group ( /sniff/ ) and into a group for beginners ( /تلميذ/) . The newest group is still deciding their own reading list so maybe you want to join in and offer your suggestions? I'm sure they won't mind
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Anonymous Comrade 598

File: 1609107755262.png (151.31 KB, 1566x652, reading list.png)

For anyone curious, this is the /GET/ reading list. Not in the picture but books/articles we've read in the past are: Capital Vol 1, TANS, #Accelerate Manifesto, Class Power On Zero Hours, On Contradiction, On Practice, Combat Liberalism, The Principal Contradiction, and People's Republic of Walmart. We read whatever in our interest
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Anonymous 648


Anonymous 776

ive updated some threads on leftypol.org
can someone update the site?

Anonymous 863

Anonymous 2439

File: 1609794633752.jpg (244.43 KB, 1080x810, 4er4h0ggj7y51.jpg)

Anonymous 3613

File: 1610314295012.png (524.17 KB, 828x1000, 2c8ur6i48l961.png)

This week we do Debord's Society of the Spectacle & his Comments on the Society of the Spectacle. We'll discuss this on Wednesday.

Then on Saturday, we'll discuss Christopher Lasch's Culture of Narcissism


Anonymous 3620

How are you going forward this quick? While keeping up the pace? Is it possible to learn this power?

Anonymous 3681

File: 1610360359124.jpg (270.52 KB, 1499x1800, 1by5elr5raa61.jpg)

Consistency and patience . It helps to discuss it in a group setting
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Anonymous 3683

How do you read that fast?

Anonymous 3685

File: 1610367480388.jpg (233.92 KB, 1920x1200, 915e69e26e08cfb124139b5109a8d6…)

I don't think I'm understanding the question. There's no special technique or trick that I use to read. The process is simply 1) Open the book 2) Stare at it or "read" 3) Flip the page 4) Take quotations and notes as necessary when they make useful points for the argument. Repeat until the book is over. When a book is unfamiliar to me, this process takes much longer because I need to get used to the language, rhythm and flow of the argument. A book, depending on its quality and clarity of argument, can make this process easier or harder.

Because this is a Marxist reading group and all the books that we read are in the Marxist vein, these books adopt the language of Marx so it's familiar to me. Debord's Society of the Spectacle liberally quotes from Capital Vol 1. (The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret thereof ). His book builds and uses the same argument as Marx did which we already read last year. In a way, by reading one book, you can "cheat" by knowing the arguments of many other books which speeds the reading process. You go, "Ok, I've seen someone else made this point before - I can move on". Other writers like Hegel or Nick Land are abnormally obtuse and pull deep references from a body of prior philosophers.

Anonymous 3686

For some reason, there's a word limit so this had to be divided into two posts.

Also, the book itself is not that long. It's only 30,000 words which is less than the normal novel length. We started this book club back in late May, so we've adapted ourselves to the demands of reading theory which means we've been practicing reading for awhile now. That and because we all get along as friends, we have high enthusiasm united together with a passion for learning. Reading "fast" depends on how familiar you are with the field and language, prior practice, quality of the book, length of book, and your motivation/enthusiasm. We've been wanting to read Debord for a long time now so we're all excited to do so.

One of the members of the club told me "How to Read a Book" by Adler & Van Doren helped him when he hasn't read many books. And there's a new reading group that's going to start next week with Principles of Communism by Engels >>597 Check it out if you're interested
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Anonymous 3704

File: 1610384114285.jpg (71.38 KB, 561x546, 6b0efbe3ca5318ffd32226e4748ab0…)

I've read SotS like three times and still don't understand it. I had to admit to myself that I'm simply too dumb for it.

moo  3810

You just do it. But like anything it involves breaking down the problem into achievable chunks. It helps if you're genuinely interested in it also

Anonymous 7283

File: 1611613774148.jpg (137.86 KB, 942x528, 1984712981.jpg)

Anonymous 10067

File: 1612809746403.jpg (141.24 KB, 1280x1280, gREHUQAAY.jpg)

Last week, we did Civilization and Its Discontents by Freud.

This week we do Huey Newton's Revolutionary Suicide.


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