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File: 1611269862680.jpg (757.74 KB, 1650x1152, 728f76449e51376eb1225bb42c8a3c…)

Alunya Thread Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 6050

Post your Alunya and Friends memes, art, and whatever here. The last getchan had a really big one.

Anonymous Comrade  6067

File: 1611275863746.jpg (29.11 KB, 390x500, 2cbb6be200b80e9747457e9b707d25…)

I got most of these from that thread.

Anonymous Comrade  6069

File: 1611275874399.png (478.9 KB, 898x725, 3d93ab79b0255db9c1f6000e5694b9…)

Anonymous Comrade  6070

File: 1611275885225.png (565.06 KB, 609x869, 8ecf25ceebb647ca9dca65677badfc…)

Anonymous Comrade  6071

File: 1611275895642.png (153.71 KB, 1626x1438, 9a2.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6072

File: 1611275905961.png (104 KB, 600x600, 21b60c281b2c5cd250d00c1564ac81…)

Anonymous Comrade  6073

File: 1611275917219.png (137.19 KB, 944x765, 32d12f814c8180df3226be035fc2dd…)

Anonymous Comrade  6074

File: 1611275929400.png (159.52 KB, 481x600, 48fbd7c8499d7654c832bcd614c0d0…)

Anonymous Comrade  6075

File: 1611275941513.gif (264.72 KB, 512x512, 53f990929cd209800296c12da29da5…)

Anonymous Comrade  6076

File: 1611275952752.png (81.25 KB, 512x512, 53ff6135fb7794c3a98d20ce930300…)

Anonymous Comrade  6077

File: 1611275965368.png (1.85 MB, 4012x2480, 064e05a30df31aa78b099a5f82b3f4…)

Anonymous Comrade  6078

File: 1611275978789.png (601.98 KB, 1046x1131, 359ffece8f5515572cff4b590768a6…)

Anonymous Comrade  6079

File: 1611275989446.png (593.52 KB, 2468x2468, 657d5be9e17dc9fadf3f14e317896c…)

Anonymous Comrade  6080

File: 1611276000893.jpg (91.22 KB, 850x1191, 1919f433d716d2c23f3a5034481402…)

Anonymous Comrade  6081

File: 1611276012159.png (15.18 KB, 501x534, 42573a5df3df57b6e6f7a27e737a6a…)

Anonymous Comrade  6082

File: 1611276023594.png (359.37 KB, 2393x2137, 94760368e55cc6c2986f5dbcd08872…)

Anonymous Comrade  6083

File: 1611276035334.png (86.95 KB, 500x500, Alunya1.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6084

File: 1611276046231.jpg (6.79 KB, 250x246, Alunya2.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  6085

File: 1611276056854.png (338.2 KB, 1173x715, Alunya3.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6086

File: 1611276068193.png (76.93 KB, 440x500, angry alunya.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6087

File: 1611276078478.jpg (56.37 KB, 720x720, be15c0b0d3a002a4fc91e53720b712…)

Anonymous Comrade  6088

File: 1611276089713.png (19.77 KB, 144x330, bf77930d9a18bc4a460eb89986332b…)

Anonymous Comrade  6089

File: 1611276100969.jpg (29.98 KB, 440x500, C8P1b49XYAA3ky-.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  6090

File: 1611276112795.png (527.37 KB, 870x1081, ccb7b7738d933cf7f5f064932d7dd1…)

Anonymous Comrade  6091

File: 1611276123448.png (249.52 KB, 1800x1800, d2589788fbe94f69f4decb79c8caac…)

Anonymous Comrade  6092

File: 1611276136266.png (12.18 KB, 507x686, dbfdd8e3b665c2d8e0ba41f0a4ddb7…)

Anonymous Comrade  6093

File: 1611276148156.png (738.63 KB, 1598x2480, ea35eb32e125784b47b396c909491c…)

Anonymous Comrade  6094

File: 1611276159028.png (489.08 KB, 1806x2622, f0c328b26e27455534430b4c444334…)

Anonymous Comrade  6095

File: 1611276170890.png (866.22 KB, 2056x3000, f570d730e4cb49e54d86bd264ca2e5…)

Anonymous Comrade  6096

File: 1611276181471.jpg (28.97 KB, 301x301, RsH1QyCV_400x400.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  6101

File: 1611278163492.png (782.79 KB, 1059x1017, fuck off.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6102

File: 1611278261836.png (Spoiler Image, 7.53 MB, 3500x3000, Alunya and Rodina Yuri by Lumi…)


Anonymous Comrade  6107

File: 1611278657595.png (Spoiler Image, 774.52 KB, 1440x1081, 150617 oc rodina alunya clothe…)

there is a whole set of these but you can only have this one

Anonymous Comrade  6108

File: 1611279022634.png (234.6 KB, 638x923, Alunya and Rodina Lap Pillow b…)

Anonymous Comrade  6109

File: 1611279037363.png (140.09 KB, 449x401, Alunya and Rodina Laughing.png)

Anonymous Comrade  6110

File: 1611279062360.png (93.69 KB, 636x747, Alunya and Rodina Panel by Pap…)

Anonymous Comrade 6204

File: 1611290782408.png (143.24 KB, 568x649, Alunya.png)

Alunya is like our pepe.

Anonymous Comrade  6232

File: 1611324514781.png (Spoiler Image, 653.74 KB, 981x800, AlunyaRodinaPeace.png)

Archive of the catgirl thread:

Anonymous Comrade 6525


Anonymous Comrade  6636

File: 1611403829207.png (4.51 KB, 315x76, 2021،01،23-14:58:38.png)

ISP is keeping me from running shit. There's at least one other person who has it and they got it from this link. I might upload it somewhere later.

Anonymous Comrade 6644

Yeah the magnet isn't working for me.

Anonymous Comrade 7152

Based, thank you anon. Also, nice gets.

Anonymous Comrade 10992

File: 1613294994634.png (34.02 KB, 677x702, 7326624.png)

Anonymous Comrade  29049

File: 1622807625444.png (210 KB, 2500x2500, ALUNYA B OK colorized.png)

Anonymous Comrade  29050

File: 1622807653703.png (808.85 KB, 1982x3061, calunyap2.png)

Anonymous Comrade  29051

File: 1622807703384.jpg (1.31 MB, 3000x3000, f4820c9e6e139d361feabf0d4b1034…)

Anonymous Comrade  29052

File: 1622807713350.png (165.94 KB, 1024x1024, hmmmmmmmm.png)

Anonymous Comrade  29053

File: 1622807734758.png (47.86 KB, 675x677, imddage.png)

Anonymous Comrade  29054

File: 1622807749710.png (411.48 KB, 670x870, 1610082617843.png)

Anonymous Comrade 29603

File: 1623139487937.png (1.22 MB, 2200x1800, One Struggle.png)

Anonymous Comrade 29604

File: 1623139503146.png (530.71 KB, 1200x1824, Alunya flipped transparent.png)

Anonymous Comrade 29605

File: 1623139513056.png (615.16 KB, 1200x1824, Alunya pic transparent.png)

bear 29647

Major Visual Novel energy, I love it

Anonymous Comrade 29649

I really like the style of this artist.

Anonymous Comrade 29719

Me too but Grace won't tell who it is

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