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La imagen solo representa a lo que se teorizó como Indoamerica, pero los hermanos de España son tambien parte de esta comunidad.
Al final, el internacionalismo es eso, internacional.
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good morning /ref/
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/ref/ logo Post some funny faces on the /ref/ logo. Heres an example of the original and a template
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中华 ・ 无聊贴 长征版
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Deutsch Sagt einfach mal "Hallo"
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/lang/ A general for learning all the languages of the world! Post all your questions, resources, guides and tips to help one another learn!
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Was going to remake the thread, but since we can't upload more than one pic, I decided too instead take the thread King made and just make a pdf out of it, so that its better to preserve. If anything seems off, please comment down so I can try and fix it. Anyways, enjoy.
Link to PDF: http://libgen.li/item/index.php?md5=898E2F3E23970FA3ECC1086AF7433B16

Here's a link to the preset materials:
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middle east griefing thread lol go
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/ref/ mascot Post all your Tania pictures ITT.
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/mämmi/ Sauna Edition #Politics
Kaikki Suomen kontekstiin liittyvä keskustelu tähän lankaan.
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What are some nicknames you’re given for common name. An example in the states is Dick for Richard
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What up Jack, you ready to return to normalcy?
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Cost of Living How much do (You) pay for basic necessities and utilities per month in your country and area? Things such as:
>Electric service
>Water and Sewage service
>Internet (home)
>Transport (either gasoline or bus/train fare, whichever apply)
>Rent (if applicable)
>Medical (if insurance, or the average cost of a regular visit to a doctor)

How big is the percentage of your income spent in those things?
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Fixing the flag issue I'm currently working on fixing the issue causing inaccurate country codes for some of you, and I think I have a solution. Please go here and let me know if the country code shown is inaccurate.
Should be fixed now.
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Happy new year, /ref/!
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Happy new years to all /ref/ugees across the globe!
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CLAY WAR - Euro Edition Copying most from the OP of the thread on bunker/ref/

>come up with a country
>have autistic relations with other countries
>stealing clay is allowed (but not recommended in the early stages)

>the level of technology allowed is that of the current year, because it is the current year for all practical purposes
>the history of the world is different from real-life history, although there may be varying degrees of correspondence; it's not important why things are different or the same, but assume a blank slate outside your country

Post the following:
>updated map with your country
>flag (using FlagMaker is recommended)
>name of the country
>political system
>head of state
>capital city
>ethnic and religious composition
>military capabilities
>economy (how industrialised it is, etc.)
>foreign policy (immigration, etc.)
>future goals of the government
>what life is like for the average citizen

I decided to limit this to just Europe so that its more compact, which would mean more interactions with other players and because there won't be as much players as lets say on /int/, the entire world would be too spacious. Not only that, but Europe is just made for border disputes, wars, and tension. Also because you can only post one image at a time, so post your flag onto the map to identify who you are
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Opinion circlejerk (with map autism) ITT we circlejerk about which countries are the best, have the most attractive people, whatever. Obviously /pol/ tier "muh haplogroups" should fuck off, though.

If you have (or make) other template maps (or charts) or whatever to fill with ratings or whatever, post them.
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Bienvenido al refugio migratorio /hisp/ANO Edición Egoista.

HIlo dedicado a la discusión de eventos recientes en territorios de habla hispana, intercambio cultural y shitposting. Anglosajones, chicanos y otros extranjeros son cordialmente bienvenidos para presentar sus dudas o simplemente platicar.
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Presidente Chavo
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/based/ Post based happenings around the world
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Migration feedback/issue reporting thread Welcome to the camp!
post issues and give feedback in this thread.
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Rare flag get

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California Flag Bear California Flag Bear

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