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File: 1618229664996.png (49.75 KB, 1500x750, GETchan EN RU CN.png)

/yt/ - GETchan YouTube Channel AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 1050Sticky

Hello all, I run the GETchan YouTube channel and have recently increased my output of videos there. I have decided to restart the thread I used to have here to accompany the channel. Any discussion related to the channel or its contents can go itt.

Anonymous 1051

As usual, going to shill that I need speakers of the following uncommon languages for help with translating songs:
>Crimean Tatar

Anonymous  1054

Yo, good stuff. Question: what’s changed that allowed you to upload more songs recently?

Anonymous  1058

Was happy to see the recent uploads and cool that you're back here.
Do you have something like an FAQ?
Where do you get your songs from and what criterias do you have for uploads? Like, based on what do you pick the songs?

Anonymous 1078

Life stopped kicking my ass for a second, so I figured I might as well try to get back into it before it starts kicking my ass again.
>Do you have something like an FAQ?
Used to in video form, but I took it down when it became too out of date.
>Where do you get your songs from
The descriptions of my newer videos almost always list a source. Most are digitised by me from vinyl records, the Tajik and Bulgarian songs I just posted are good examples of that. More rarely, they might come from old YouTube videos that have since been deleted like the Bolivian song I recently posted as well, or from some far off corner of the internet like the Cuban song I posted about an hour ago.
>and what criterias do you have for uploads? Like, based on what do you pick the songs?
Just whatever I find and can get translated. I don't really like posting things that are easily accessible on YouTube. I'm not going to post the State Anthem of the Soviet Union or the Red Army Choir version of Katyusha for the millionth time, I'm entirely in it for bringing new and interesting things to the public.

PB  1079

man, that Los Barbudos video is so cool. I love that song.

Anonymous  1090

Anonymous  1096

File: 1618723805832.png (39.62 KB, 1024x1076, 1024px-National_Committee_for_…)

why was the wirmer flag picked for the antifascist music video?
One Hour of German Anti-Fascist Resistance (Der Widerstand) Music
i think you probably do know the origin, but it is just such a contrast to the socialist songs, makes it honestly weird, and after initial use by conservatives in the 50s by now it's really just used by the far right

pic related would've been pretty based and confused everyone who doesn't know details of history, sadly the NKFD is not that well known
Manifest des NKFD · 1943
those guys were really cool

Anonymous 1124

Glad you liked it, jefe.
The Albanian page is actually quite interesting, thanks.
You can rest assured that I hate all my old videos too, don't worry. I don't think there's actually a single one from like 3+ years ago that I wouldn't want to remake. The older ones are even worse. I know so much more now, not just about leftist movements all over the world, but about languages and editing as well.

Anonymous  1129

>I don't think there's actually a single one from like 3+ years ago that I wouldn't want to remake. The older ones are even worse.
how so?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  1137

File: 1619054426765.mp4 (2.91 MB, 640x360, polcope2.mp4)

Hey GET, someone on leftypol recommended I send this for you or the Leftypol videos channel. It's a compilation of /pol/ seethe on Chauvin

dynam  1225

Yo OP I love you (first half of the post is @ >>>/GET/23153 )

I was just wondering if there's a possibility to access these songs you're uploading in a more direct form, like a torrent, because I'm having a hard time finding some of the songs, specifically the ones in:
10h of Chinese Communist Music ( https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=QEsN-kAvMno ) and
One Hour of Music - International Workers' Day ( https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=1K_J2i5S7xY ) which you uploaded today.
Both compilations I've listened to multiple times already.
The Chinese, Philippine and Turkish may day songs are incredible! Never heard those before.

Anonymous  1227

Where can I find the recording of the Marseillaise you used in the French revolutionary music compilation?

Anonymous  1230

haven't heard that version of Roter Wedding before, nice

Anonymous 1238

As I mentioned, I know a lot more about video making, editing, audio cleaning, and socialism in general. Most of the older videos look pretty trash and I would like to be able to remake them with all the new things I know.
Not really a fit for the GETchan channel, as it's about music. The /leftypol/ channel would be a better fit for something like that.
It's very unlikely I'll remember where I got each and every song from, especially when it comes to videos that old. Both videos are 5 years old at this point (the May Day one is a reupload due to YouTube muting the last one for unknown reasons). Most things can be found on YouTube. For Chinese songs you may need to BiliBili instead. I recommend searching by the title in the original language rather than the English translation if you aren't already. I hope this helps.
YouTube, just search for the full version.
It's the original lyrics that talk about the First of May, iirc. Good stuff.

Anonymous  1263

Ever try looking into russian pirate music sites? I've found some unique songs of the communist variety from there, a lot of like hometown orchestra versions of the popular stuff.

Anonymous 1327

Yes, many times, actually. That's actually where I found "Los Barbudos" and the rock version of "Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons", among others, I believe.

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