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File: 1609274314111.jpg (54.04 KB, 800x450, jpg.jpeg)

/lang/ Anonymous RefugeeCountry code: ref/redflag.png, country type: custom, valid:   111

A general for learning all the languages of the world! Post all your questions, resources, guides and tips to help one another learn!

PB  114

File: 1609289760904.png (14.65 KB, 1140x359, score.PNG)

What language will (You) strive to learn in 2021?

Anonymous Refugee  115

File: 1609294352098.png (291.23 KB, 1224x1584, hiragana-chart2x-8.png)

i started with japanese, but i wish i could take proper classes, i suck at taking care of it myself and the free available online material is not enough

Anonymous Refugee  116

File: 1609294365524.png (269.08 KB, 577x768, katakana chart.PNG)

Anonymous Refugee  119

>tfw losing motivation to keep trying to learn languages and everything else
I've been trying to learn Japanese for over a decade and haven't really gotten anywhere... I just fail to learn new vocabulary and grammar, then forget what little vocabulary and grammar I do learn. At this point I kinda imagine how I perceive Japanese is like how someone with dementia perceives their own language, they know they've heard it all before and should be able to understand but it just won't process in their brain.

Let's hope you won't fall into this same pit of eternal suffering! Good luck on your quest to learn Japanese, however you go about it!

Anonymous Refugee 121

File: 1609320392045.jpg (219.58 KB, 1600x992, 1577549438850.jpg)

Mi daŭrigos mian batalon kontraŭ eterna komencanteco.

7ko  131

Could K. Marx and F. Engels really speak over 10 languages?

Japanese continued, while practicing some others.
It's somewhat difficult when there's no one to practice the speaking part with, though.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  136

> According to most accounts, he spoke English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, as well as his native German and, interestingly, Irish Gaelic and even the Milanese dialect
Now I want to hear Engels speaking Spanish lmao

Anonymous Refugee  236

File: 1610217003750.jpg (22.52 KB, 360x360, 41063AF0-2F68-43FB-9ABD-0002BC…)

What do you think the hardest/easiest language to learn is?

Anonymous Refugee  240

Hardest is Chinese
Easiest is Spanish

Anonymous Refugee  258

File: 1610416660883.jpg (51.62 KB, 420x566, 9c5d2a8d3019cffa6dbb6e27e10348…)

>Easiest is Spanish
then why am I still shit at it

Anonymous Refugee  311

File: 1610834176723.jpg (50.19 KB, 547x285, BCFDA99E-4966-4D1D-956D-60D5EC…)

Are apps like Duolingo actually good for learning?

PB  312

Well, even if it doesn't help you with learning the language at a very deep level, it does help you build the discipline to keep practicing and learning it daily.
So yes.

Anonymous Refugee  315

It's good for the exercises but not enough on its own. Most of the exercises are about translating things, too. It can be useful but make sure that it is not the only thing you learn from.

Anonymous Refugee  329

I think Duo is good for learning the basics of how to read in a language, but it's really weak for writing/speaking.

Anonymous Refugee  331

How do you feel about learning in a language other than your native one? I'm always afraid that using English materials to learn will make me sound like some usonian in the target language.

Anonymous Refugee  360

Do French people really say “super cool” all the time or is that considered old fashioned slang

Anonymous Refugee  363

Probably depends on what you're learning. If you're learning pronunciation based on some approximations to English pronunciation, then you should probably not do that, but other than that, I can't think of any downsides to it. Like, I use pretty much only English-language materials for every language I'm trying to learn since A) Finnish materials tend to be shit tier and B) there are so many more materials in English for any language than in Finnish.

It's kinda frustrating or funny at times, though, since for example Turkic languages have grammar that's so much closer to Finnish grammar than English grammar, so I'll struggle with something and then later realise "wait what, isn't this actually the same as it is in Finnish?" and it's the same with some things in Japanese. Still, English is waaaaay more expressive than Finnish with ways to convey nuances, which is similar to the nuances that at least Turkic languages and Japanese encode grammatically, so in that way it's much better to use English as a kind of "stepping stone". Often Finnish has similar things, but the way they're handled and more importantly conceptualised is so different from Turkic languages and Japanese that it'd only be more confusing if they were explained in Finnish than how they're explained in English... not to mention that no one actually uses like half of Finnish grammar anymore, so we'd have to look up our own grammar to understand the comparisons lol.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  419

File: 1612204178933.jpg (756.52 KB, 2046x1283, BF4CE386-767E-495E-B673-F3E2E1…)

Look at this specimen of a chart

Anonymous Refugee  422

>when you just go yes and no on everything

Anonymous Refugee  427

And I think this isn’t even the full image lmao

Anonymous Refugee  429

Wait hold up. Was Japanese derived from Chinese? Iirc, I remember seeing that in a video. If that was really the case, could you technically put it under Chinese or do you think it’s evolved past whatever roots it might have had

Anonymous Refugee  432

I think only the kanji has a Chinese origin but I don't know much about Japanese.

Anonymous Refugee  442

Physical dictionaries or digital dictionaries?

How do you all practice speaking languages that are being self taught, by the way?

There is a lot of vocabulary in Japanese, at least, that is derived from Chinese.

Anonymous Refugee  515

Finnish doesn't use <å>, though. It's only used in Swedish names, it's like saying English has <ñ> because some Spanish names have it.
No, Japanese isn't at all related to Chinese¹. Japanese is a Japonic language² while Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language³. Like others said, kanji⁴ came from China and there are tons of Chinese loanwords in Japanese⁵, but grammatically they have very little in common. Anyone who claims Japanese is "derived from Chinese" has no clue what they're talking about. If what they said is that Proto-Japonic may have been spoken in what's now China, that's possible I guess?

¹ Unless you believe Sino-Tibetan and Japonic are related, but I've never heard that suggested and they have so little in common the only way I could imagine it is at the deepest level of Sino-Austric (a macrofamily of Sino-Tibetan and Austric; Austric itself is hypothetical and usually doesn't even include Japonic), so unknown thousands of years ago.
² Also includes Ryukyuan languages. In the past there were also some Japonic languages on the Korean peninsula, but those have long since gone extinct.
³ Well, languages; there isn't one Chinese language, but rather several Sinitic languages that are mutually unintelligible.
⁴ Well, technically kana also evolved from Chinese characters but they're simplified to the point where it's not obvious and are used so differently that it's just nitpicking to mention.
⁵ Technically not just loanwords since the characters and their pronunciations were imported systematically, so there are also a lot of "Chinese words" coined in Japan.
I prefer physical dictionaries myself, but for a lot of languages digital dictionaries are more convenient and easily available. Specifically with Japanese, I use both equally.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  751

File: 1615022298332.png (612.59 KB, 750x411, Whatever in Mandarin.png)

Interesting find. Found a vtuber who teaches you how to say words in Mandarin. Bad news: she’s has only like three videos and hasn’t uploaded in like a year. Still, if you want to improve your Mandarin slightly via cute anime girl, here ya go
How to say Awesome/Great in Chinese? Learn with the Chinese/English Vtuber 棒棒哒中文 EP1

Anonymous Refugee  804

I want to set up Anki for learning Kanji, but I don't even know where to start. Specifically I'm learning Japanese from romance/porn games, websites, some manga... in addition to the basic Japanese skills I learnt in a Japanese course I took.
I don't know how to use Anki, but I'm aware there's a version for Android or something like that. I use Firefox but I hear that the Rikaichan extension (or whatever it was called) which worked with Anki is now obsolete.

Anonymous Refugee  809

Here's a book/manual thing that I liked: https://files.catbox.moe/68hx6a.pdf

Anonymous Refugee  852

I had this corrected by my English teacher. Is it really that bad? This is the original paragraph that I wrote
>So named after the “delivery” of revolutionary Vicente Guerrero to federal troops in 1831, which took place on this shore, La Entrega has a statue of the Mexican general at its entrance. Every year around February 14, municipal authorities commemorate the death of Guerrero with a ceremony, after which soccer and volleyball tournaments, as well as various other events are held on the beach ⁠— tourists are more than welcome to join and enjoy these celebrations.
Which parts could be improved to sound more natural and which are absolutely wrong? My prof corrected practically every sentence.

>100+ pages
Holy crap, well, it looks very in-depth and easy to understand actually, thanks a lot anon!
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  855

>Every year around February 14, municipal authorities commemorate the death of Guerrero with a ceremony, after which soccer and volleyball tournaments, as well as various other events are held on the beach ⁠— tourists are more than welcome to join and enjoy these celebrations.
I would say split this into two sentences, it seems like a very long run off sentence

Anonymous Refugee  858

I can't comment on the English used, but the first sentence is pretty hard to parse and reads more like a puzzle than something meant to inform. I had to read it a few times to fully connect the dots.

Anonymous Refugee  869

File: 1616144367568.png (74.72 KB, 287x411, okay.PNG)

>time to look at katakana!
>katakana: シツソンノ

Anonymous Refugee  874

File: 1616210907411.jpg (103.31 KB, 384x313, old man shrug.jpeg)

idk if it's because I autistically copied all kana I enountered in karaoke anime EDs in middle school but I don't think it's that hard to tell 'em apart, although maybe ン and ソ are the hardest because you'll rarely see ソ. I love reading katakana.

Ok anons, thank you, I admit I also felt like the first sentence was way too long and maybe overly complicated when I was writing it, but I really wanted to use "so called".
For the other sentence, I didn't notice how long it was, thanks for pointing that out, I should've put a period in there somewhere, and change the structure a little bit.
Is "municipal authorities" and "tourists" fine, then? My teacher changed those to "local government" and "visitors" respectively because "you don't say that in English". Although maybe those alternatives do sound more direct while sacrificing details that were implicit in the original. Is "commemorate the death of" also a normal thing to say in English? He changed it to "Guerrero's pass away" or something like that.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  875

i was raised with the attitude "if you're not immediately good at something you will never be good enough so give up before you even start"
now every obstacle is just a reason for me to give up because frustration is a sign of inherent and immutable inadequacy

Anonymous Refugee  876

It honestly sounds fine, but if there must be modifications perhaps some portions could be less ambiguous.
>So named after the “delivery” of revolutionary Vicente Guerrero to federal troops which took place on this shore in 1831, La Entrega has a statue of the said Mexican general at its entrance.
Perhaps your teacher is correct to replace certain words from the sentence to make it sound less stilted, but otherwise those edits come off as mostly superfluous. "Commemorate" could have an overly upbeat connotation, though, so perhaps a word like "mark" is more suitable?

One wonders if this could be because of the font used to render those characters on a computer, because some of them are more readable when handwritten.

Anonymous Refugee  877

File: 1616239242408.jpg (1.54 MB, 2255x2855, ebffbe0e1b7c3726d72442b380164a…)

Anonymous Refugee  887

I see that quite some here are learning Japanese, and I just began learning. I'm always reminded that unlike arabic, you're not taught how the characters sound in a word when you read the pronunciation. The way other languages I've learned deal with vowels and consonants is not as intuitive as how it is in arabic.

Anonymous Refugee  919

That kind of mindset sucks the joy out of learning new things, man. Everybody "sucks" when they're beginners. You gotta have fun with each of your achievements, however small they may be. For example, being able to read character's names in katakana, or write your own, can be very rewarding and fun.
As a (mostly) self-taught Japanese learner, I learned katakana first, so I struggled to read hiragana even though the latter is more important than the former. This was different from most people that took Japanese classes, who could read hiragana effortlessly, but not katakana. Not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same order.
And also, just like learning your mother tongue, you'll learn the very basics first, and as you read more and more and look up new words in a dictionary, you'll expand your vocabulary (in this case, kanji). We're all like babies when we're starting to learn a new language. If you could do it once you can do it again.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  941

File: 1616819419181.jpg (141.56 KB, 698x882, a blonde anime girl with many …)

Is Arabic literally impossible or am I just incredibly stupid? I've been trying to figure out how to say "[verb]ing each other" with a feminine subject for literally three hours and I've learned four things:
>no matter what you google in Arabic containing any of the gazillion words that apparently mean "each other", you get tons of porn and not much else
>no site uses romanisations of any kind except Wiktionary, which is clearly severaly lacking in vocabulary because every other site has more terms but half of them don't even include Arabic diacritics
>trying to deduce the pronunciations from Arabic diacritics is even less likely to lead to me getting the correct pronunciation than just guessing
>there's more about dialects than Fusha when you try to look for information about specific grammar things
I've tried with like a dozen verbs and a dozen nouns, and none of the ways to say "[verb]ing each other" with a feminine subject that I can try to piece together using the Arabic resources I have have any results on Google, except sometimes porn sites and/or one or two forum posts or whatever. It's so weird.
>inb4 the reason I keep failing at even getting the absolute basics of Arabic more than other languages is that I'm a hedonistic hypocrite fence-sitter like "I believe in the Abrahamic God and stuff but fuck all the rules of all the Abrahamic religions! I know I'm going to hell anyway when I die, so might as well enjoy life lol" and Arabic is actually a special language of The True Faith™ after all
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  942

I suggest you use almaany. It's a very good dictionary for arabic and it quotes many well known dictionaries as well.

>each other brings up porn sites

I really don't know how that could be. I'm right now thinking of synonyms and possible translations. The most plausible translation would be "بَعْضنا" or "بَعْضنا البَعْض" (I don't put diacritics on the ض cause it'll change depending on the word's position in a sentence), but even that isn't remotely related to sex.
It's really hard to decode this. I'm not sure if you know this already so I'll say it. Arabic verbs only come in three tenses: past, present and order (as in order someone to do something).
>feminine subject
I assume you are adding a feminizing ن to the verb as in "يعرف" to "يعرفن". An example of what I think you're trying would be: "يَعْرِفْنَ بَعْضَهُن" They(feminine) know each other.
Don't search those. I haven't bothered understanding half of the dialects in the gulf let alone in the wider Arabic sphere.
>diacritics doesn't help in pronunciation
It should help. Once you get familiar how the alphabet is spelled. You should be able to read words that have all the diacritics written out.

Anonymous Refugee  944

>I suggest you use almaany
That's one of the sites I use, but romanisations are (still) necessary for me, unfortunately, and it doesn't have them.
>بَعْضنا البَعْض
Hmm, not "بعضهن البعض" even if it's feminine? Because that's what I mostly was trying with, and there's porn, especially with some verbs like "يأكلن بعضهن البعض" it's literally mostly porn spam. I can kinda understand it because at least also in English "eat" is used with a sexual meaning, but still weird how it's most. There isn't porn for eg. "يقتلن بعضهن البعض" but there are very few results, so is it not grammatically correct?
>I'm not sure if you know this already
Yeah, but I read that the present is used for present progressive as well.
>يَعْرِفْنَ بَعْضَهُن
So the reduplication isn't necessary even if it's literary-style text, and just بعض with personal suffixes is usable? Or the feminine suffix isn't used when it's reduplicated?
>Don't search those
I haven't, but it's funny because most people I know who have an interst in Arabic are fixated on learning particular dialects. Well, they want to learn it for practical purposes and I don't, so...
>Once you get familiar how the alphabet is spelled.
My biggest problem is probably that I can't get the grammar to stick, so I have to compare the diacritics with the vowels of inflections and then I'm confused because there are several forms that are identical so I don't know which to memorise as "the one" if that makes sense. It probably doesn't, but... I'm stupid.

This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee 1018

some large collection of language pdfs i found from 4chan

P A  1029

File: 1618062358810.jpg (19.31 KB, 492x496, Erq0mIXVEAEkvXt.jpg)

Duolingo launched its yiddish course
which I have been waiting for for like a year or two

Anonymous Refugee  1033

For anyone interested: below is a magnet link for the complete torrent of the Michel Thomas language courses (including the ones not by the man himself). If you're not familiar with this, it's a very notable method for actually learning a language. More information can be found on https://lukesmith.xyz/articles/michel-thomas which explains it pretty well.


Anonymous Refugee  1034

Both Hiragana and Katakana derived from Chinese calligraphy

Anonymous Refugee  1035

As someone whose a month into Mandarin, the only thing you need to be cautious about is pronouncing your tones correctly. That's pretty much it.

Anonymous Refugee  1106

File: 1618795375784.jpg (466.15 KB, 2048x1536, hola.jpg)

Hola /ref/!

Some leftypol regulars and I have had the idea to host a language-learning group for us all to learn together.

The language we are all interested in is Spanish, and we'll be using the Micheal Thomas course (>>1033) to learn it.

Here is the plan:

We each listen to one CD of Micheal Thomas every week.
Then on every Friday we discuss what we learned and practice it by trying to make new sentences with what we've learned as best we can.

Then, after we have completed the 'Foundations' part of said course we all switch to speaking Spanish only to keep practising what we've learned and to practice fluency.

This will all start this coming week.

These will be hosted on Element, if you want to join use this link:

Anonymous Refugee  1111

Buenas (re-)tardes! I'm too antisocial to participate but still wanted to say thank you for pointing out this (late) Michel Thomas fellow to me. His recordings seem quite interesting.

Anonymous Refugee  1112

File: 1618851903010.jpg (360.54 KB, 1920x1080, worldwide.jpg)

Checked. You might want to check out Language Transfer, I was told it is like Michael Thomas but maybe even better: https://www.languagetransfer.org/

Anonymous Refugee  1115

Sounds interesting. I might do it, but idk if I’ll be able to make the meetings on Friday

P A  1117

i'd be down, but can't for these four or so weeks.

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