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File: 1610143565330.jpg (208.13 KB, 1200x1200, D3EDE855-FA68-4977-9B07-EF84B4…)

AnonymousCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   233

What are some nicknames you’re given for common name. An example in the states is Dick for Richard

Anonymous  237

Most names have some nickname form, e.g.,
- Júlia - Juli
- Erzsébet - Erzsi
- Pál - Pali
- Péter - Peti
There are some that are not that apparent (András - Bandi, István - Pista or Pisti, etc.). For maximum effect you can also apply the endearing suffix (idk what the proper term is), -ka/-ke, like: Julika, Petike, Pistike but never "Pistaka". This can also be applied to other things like animals (like tehén (cow) - tehénke) but in that case it can also just mean "little". But I don't know any funny like Richard - Dick.

Actually my examples were not that good because Júlia can also become Julcsi and Erzsébet Bözsi... It's complicated... I found this list if you are interested: http://corpus.nytud.hu/utonevportal/html/bec.html

Anonymous  255

few names have 'nicknames' like 'dick'

but mostly all names have shorter variants
Pavel - Pasha - Pashka - Pavlik - Pavlusha - Pavlushechka ... etc

Anonymous  270

Where did you get Jezza from Jeremy? I ask this because I recall thats what some called Corbyn when they referred to him
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PB  273

there's a fuckton of them
for Ricardo (ie spanish Richard) we have: Caldo, Calo, Yayo, Ricky, and so on.

Basically try saying every name like a toddler would and there you have it, auto-nickname for your name in Spanish.

Anonymous 275

sorry but im not english

Anonymous  276

Using some sorta VPN/proxy??
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Anonymous 277


Anonymous  278

where are you from then, my good chum

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