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File: 1610475419304.jpg (505.9 KB, 900x900, 0_1659d7_51695d48_orig_full.jp…)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   261[View All]

good morning /ref/
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PB  1268

It's hot, as it is all year round.

It's raining much more frequently tho, and its much more humid.

Are you going to the beach or any other body of water this year?

Anonymous  1270

File: 1620341714683.png (2.66 MB, 1000x1415, 224D71F7-250F-4573-97FF-586269…)

Best bet would be a pool, but it’s not as nice as going somewhere more outdoor. Maybe a lake, that would be wonderful. And how have you been enjoying the beaches this time of the year? Have the tourist come back yet?

PB  1271

I haven't been to beaches lately really. The tourists are rowdy and the copz are being pigs.

But 2 days ago I went diving for fish and stuff ways off the shore. It was nice.

Anonymous  1272

unexpectedly there is an entire wiki article on this greeting, and it's pretty good
it's still april weather, going back and forth between too hot for the time and cold, but not enough rain

PB  1273

Ohh interesting. We use this (in spanish) as a parting or when greeting older family members, they say this after you ask for their blessing.

Anonymous  1274

Find any booty?
>not enough rain
You a rain person?
> therefore often receives a sarcastic response from Northern (and thus mainly Protestant) Germans such as "If I see Him"
That made me chuckle

PB  1275

not really. Got gobs of lobster tho.

Anonymous  1277

i heard that response so often that it lost its charm to me
for a while i tried to drop this greeting but it was just so commonly used and ingrained that i couldn't force myself to consciously remember every time when trying to be polite
>rain person?
i do like rain, it takes away the worries that come from draught and heat
luckily i am from one of the more humid areas, just could do with less of the thunderstorms

Anonymous  1283

What was yo biggest lobster
I would assume so.
> consciously remember every time when trying to be polite
How is it impolite, I say it has its charm

Anonymous  1286

File: 1620398752174.jpg (50.14 KB, 600x400, 50A0EF6F-13AA-4DC2-B87C-365022…)

Ohayō Gozaimasu /ref/

Anonymous  1287

Ohayu calinon.

Anonymous  1288

How goes it!

PB  1289


Anonymous  1290

Aloha PB

Anonymous  1294

Good morning /ref/
Tired; Couldn't sleep last night

Anonymous  1295

Why was that?

Anonymous  1296

Maybe it's family just being loud or anxiety. I just couldn't get my head to rest and now I'm dizzy.

Anonymous  1297

> now I'm dizzy
Hmmm, did you eat enough before fasting again?

Anonymous  1298

I did. I make sure I do. Still It's 10AM and I'm already starving. At least I only have to fast just for a few more days

Anonymous  1299

File: 1620457461818.jpg (63.31 KB, 450x311, 4A77416D-D397-4E5E-A07C-ED9216…)

Do you guys throw a feast at the end of Ramadan? I probably would, being able to finally eat regularly

Anonymous  1300

Yeah we call that breakfast celebration or Eid Al fitr. Yes It's a religious tradition. We will be gathering the whole damn family, I'm talking hundreds of people to celebrate. Not feeling enthusiastic about it but I'll cheer up.

Anonymous  1301

>We will be gathering the whole damn family, I'm talking hundreds of people to celebrate
That’s a big family! Also, it seems your no longer spending Ramadan by yourself, which is good, you seemed a bit down by it

Anonymous  1302

Oh yeah I sure love having dinner with my parents and siblings. Also uni's cafeteria good was shit. Eid and large gatherimgs are a different story. I never got myself to know all my relatives and their names, so visiting them feels awkward to me. I don't feel connected to them at all but I'm stil obliged to spend some time with them.

Anonymous  1304

File: 1620486547761.jpg (426.27 KB, 1300x1981, 460E490C-BEA7-48C8-991F-11F1C3…)

Good Morning /ref/!
I get you, you see familiar faces at these gatherings but in reality you don’t know too many of them. Though I am curious, where do you guys have gatherings? Cause idk if one house can fit in 100 people

PB  1305

How does it feel to have such a big family?

we have a big one but it isn't that big. And we rarely gather except for births, deaths, weddings and other special occasions.

Anonymous  1312

File: 1620588062409.jpg (420.64 KB, 600x917, 7F964A60-C88F-4433-8C27-76E6D3…)

Morning/Afternoon /ref/

PB  1315

evening bear flag.


Anonymous  1316

the sky
But really, nothing much. Just been doing math

PB  1317

Are you outside?

Why you doin maths?

Anonymous  1318

Nah, it was just a dumb joke. Also to study

PB  1319

Ahh I see.

Did you celebrate mother day?

Anonymous  1320

File: 1620609981318.jpg (91.14 KB, 568x425, C19F6E7A-8879-4C49-8A6A-B3C274…)

I didn’t see my mom for most of the day sadly. But we got her flowers, which she seemed to like

PB  1321

That's nice.
I wish I could have given my mom flowers too

Anonymous  1322

File: 1620629060824.jpg (222.28 KB, 1280x720, cirno-math.jpg)

Why do you study maths? Are you a student?

Anonymous  1323

File: 1620630079082.png (219.43 KB, 988x799, 1619554938968.png)

Did you see her today?

PB  1324

no ((((((((( ((

Anonymous  1325

You at least give her a call telling her hap mamas day?

Anonymous  1328

File: 1620661520473.jpg (34.3 KB, 462x378, C8Dct1sVUAESxpP.jpg)

That's awesome, study is cool.

Anonymous  1329

File: 1620667619012.jpg (422.41 KB, 600x906, 0383B6EB-FCB9-4587-9607-2C27DD…)

Morning /ref/!

Anonymous  1332

Guten Morgen

PB  1334

If I were able to do that the world would change.

Anonymous  1335

File: 1620744130916.jpg (366.39 KB, 600x782, 2E79A03B-2238-4AC4-8DA8-04C08B…)

Morning /ref/!
Anything to eat yet?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  1336

A couple hours before morning but Good time to be here /ref/. How is all going? Today is the last day of ramadan. I'll be able to eat breakfast in the morning again.
Eating my last suhur tonight

PB  1338

I ate bread
nice. What will the first meal be?

Anonymous  1339

Epic. Got any plans on what you want to eat or just eat whatever?
What type? A nice pan dulce

PB  1340

just regular bread (pan de agua)

Anonymous  1341

Of course we have plans damn it. I wish I didn't have to go to eid but it's not like I can let my family down. Basically we'll be gathering for breakfast, launch and dinner for the whole damn week. First day's dinner is gonna be on my family.

Anonymous  1342

With malk?
nice time GET lol
>whole damn week
Sounds draining. Like a day yeah but a week. Hopefully the food is good at the least

Anonymous  1343

>3:33:33 AM
thats impressive and i'm jealous

PB  1344

ohio /ref/
Well, I hope all those days are filled with good food and no family angry typing.
no, with qwafi

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