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File: 1610475419304.jpg (505.9 KB, 900x900, 0_1659d7_51695d48_orig_full.jp…)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   261[Last 50 Posts]

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  282

File: 1610562237292.jpg (120.4 KB, 1000x987, b8b249ad64c5c5170b06590e5ef941…)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  283

File: 1610570630518.jpg (871.45 KB, 2060x1236, prdkYXv.jpg)

This gang of scummy imperialists rides into your comfy Soviet utopia and slaps your подруга's ass. What do you do?

Anonymous  285

File: 1610594820049.jpg (43.62 KB, 250x353, f23d95f3-701c-a81a-2765-553d2d…)

"эй ботаник, время твоих ежедневных избиений"

Anonymous  286

cute clothes

Anonymous  287

Good morning.

Anonymous  290

File: 1610648560132.jpg (126.15 KB, 990x1191, C6B36A46-FFB9-4D14-8CCC-B6CB43…)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  291

Good morning!

sauce on those pics plz

Anonymous  294

No sauce, just drip

Anonymous  296

Good morning I wish to go back to sleep.

PB  298

Good morning /ref/
ok drip then?
saem, awaiting siesta.

Anonymous  300

File: 1610734203173.jpg (186.31 KB, 966x1000, fghjkuytrfgh.jpg)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  302

Got it off the web, which just linked back to Pinterest but I found a site with a collection of pics

Anonymous  304

File: 1610822503683.jpg (173.02 KB, 988x1000, Soviet+Fashion+of+the+1960s+an…)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  307

Hello, what's the plan for today?

Anonymous  308

Not much. Go to work and then afterwards shitpost for a bit before going to sleep

Anonymous  309

You have to work on the weekend? That must be awful.

Anonymous  310

Yeah. If anything comes up on weekends, I most likely can’t do it

PB  313


PB  314

this fashion era does it for me.

Anonymous  316

Good morning. Sunday morning.

Anonymous  317

File: 1610907147477.jpg (246.31 KB, 1000x997, Soviet+Fashion+of+the+1960s+an…)

good morning /ref/

PB  319

buenos dias /ref/!

PB  320

teh cutest clothes

Anonymous  321

We should get someone to draw Tania in a set of them. Would be very cute

PB  323

amazing business idea.

Anonymous  324

these 70s clothes were always a bit cringe
for me its early 80s / first half of 80s

Anonymous  325

Got any examples

Anonymous  330

File: 1610992977273.jpg (230.37 KB, 986x1000, Soviet Fashion of the 1960s an…)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  334

File: 1611040812379.png (303.08 KB, 500x715, 0ed810d2c47f1a23a5e99b11f81a1c…)

Good morning.

Anonymous  335

What are you going to be up to today?

Anonymous  336

Work. I have a pretty late meeting so after work I will most likely be in zombie mode and just stare out of my head without being able to form any coherent thought.

Anonymous  337

File: 1611080177757.jpg (248.24 KB, 990x1000, D89533A6-F239-41CE-91AF-317906…)

good morning /ref/
Hopefully you don’t go full zombie mode

Anonymous  341

File: 1611169608474.jpg (245.83 KB, 1000x918, Soviet Fashion of the 1960s an…)

good morning /ref/

PB  349

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  354

File: 1611253032912.jpg (189.66 KB, 768x1009, 19EB9E94-D65E-4C98-B08C-21A398…)

mornin’ /ref/

Anonymous  359

File: 1611339765544.jpg (254.01 KB, 1190x774, 221AAFDB-EB05-4C6E-BF78-9F8E26…)

morning /ref/

Anonymous  364

File: 1611429486469.jpg (218.81 KB, 1096x789, D0F49F6A-8794-4D46-83CF-E4DDB2…)

good morning /ref/

Anonymous  368

File: 1611511692050.jpg (231.02 KB, 1200x776, 29712C66-5711-4009-AEB1-D8E0C5…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  370

damn she has earpods?

Anonymous  373

File: 1611598696631.jpg (156.55 KB, 1144x794, F3B23CDD-DB3E-4726-83EF-A0FED5…)

Buenos Dias /ref/
Soviets were ahead of their time

PB  374


seeing these reminds me of old pictures of my grandmother. She and my grandfather wore such stylish clothes.

Anonymous  381

File: 1611685426730.jpg (670.91 KB, 1500x1940, 1AE8E8A2-4452-4EBB-9193-FE1969…)

Mornin’ /ref/!

Anonymous  384

File: 1611772260529.jpg (313.86 KB, 1500x988, 8526DEB9-10BF-4233-BABE-8248F0…)

Good morning /ref/

Anonymous  386

File: 1611858614584.jpg (74.43 KB, 500x640, 53DEE586-8870-4534-835A-2BA597…)

Good morning /ref/!

PB  391


what are you up to?

Anonymous  394

File: 1611943639254.jpg (484.16 KB, 1280x916, 1AA6A6E8-A6D4-4876-8795-8CE22D…)

Good Morning /ref/
Not much. Just playing vidya

Anonymous  400

File: 1612033773615.jpg (362.46 KB, 1268x903, 5E90C4F2-196C-49D8-A205-D01AB9…)

What’s poppin /ref/

Anonymous  401

File: 1612038142721.jpg (7.06 KB, 250x250, download.jpeg)

too western

i must say these can of mags were created mostly for westaboo "uppermiddleclass" (that didn't exist in SU but anyway)

there were more "proper" clothes in shops but for the reason i said you will likely wont find them in this mags or catalogues

t. born in SU

Anonymous  402

this kind of mags*

Anonymous  403

Hmm, what would you say people would normally wear in the Soviet Union?

Anonymous  410

usually just more crude and more simple everyday wear. i wont say it was all crude and utilitarian, but in general yea it was more simplistic with less elements and with far more "rugged" fabric and look. for many SU associated with crude overall feel (not exactly bad)

i wasn't able to find a picture where american woman with kids visited moscow around that time, she had rather plain clothes (maybe bit fancy) by western standards, but in moscow of that time that already looked just somewhat over the top lol, not like something average

also it is still a thing in some parts of eastern europe, for instance workwear or even usual wear from belarus is crude as fuck (esp. fabric), and they even have memes inside belarus about that (and i know because i had few items too and well it is in the shops, you can find something, it looks like they wanted to make an utility bag instead of clothes at times...)

Anonymous  413

File: 1612116808829.png (1.02 MB, 930x660, 2D08787D-D705-44AA-B823-43BBA2…)

Good Morning /ref/
Pretty interesting. Another question: iirc Russia used to have more of an Asian style to it before Peter the Great westernized it. Did the Soviet Union ever bring back those more Asian elements or did they just stick to the western style. I would assume the latter but you never know

Anonymous  418

File: 1612203822928.png (986.51 KB, 930x627, 5DA0CFBD-E385-4472-BF26-37F638…)

Morning /ref/. Did you eat anything this morning?

PB  421

good morning.

yeah ate some bread and cofi.
How about you?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  425

originally in russia, people wore various clothes, but they were largely influenced by eastern styles, from Byzantium, that some meme that russia is/was a successor (this is somewhat true, at least in architecture), to anything of Turks/Turkey/Iran these were large cuntries and they were powerhouses of that time, our southern rivers/waterways go exactly there so the trade was always natural and presented, as the result, most of "tranditional" russian names for clothes unironically borrowed from turkic languages.
we don't really have that strong connection with east tho, because it is still as far as europe basically.
soviet clothes... MAYBE. because they often tried to emulate """traditional""" costumes or elements of peoples that lived all around SU, so that's more than likely. many of the soviet clothes are some national clothes of some close nation i believe.

classic example are hats:

you could buy this in SU, probably mass produced

Anonymous  426

File: 1612290296158.jpg (113.47 KB, 500x592, 612611D5-01DA-4634-BA5E-039ADC…)

Good morning /ref/
I also ate bread, but with milk instead
>"tranditional" russian names for clothes unironically borrowed from turkic languages.
Lmao, that’s pretty odd. Still interesting to know they had some influence

Anonymous  438

File: 1612375334271.jpg (102.42 KB, 500x646, D5CF3A45-D314-4878-94CB-8998A8…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  446

File: 1612424362648.jpg (581.2 KB, 1500x1631, bfcef31c1d557f974ae27712f63c10…)

Good morning /ref/

Anonymous  447

How many euros are in /ref/ currently? I only see activity in burger hours.

Anonymous  448

mornin just had some shakshuka with tea you?

Anonymous  449

I had one of these sausage rolls and now I'm mentally preparing for work. It's going to be a long day.

Anonymous  450

Good luck. Come back safe will ya?

PB  452

Good morning /ref/

PB  453

there are some
What's a shakshuka?

Anonymous  457

File: 1612464232809.jpg (136.68 KB, 582x800, 959F18FD-EA71-449A-9D3C-7D44AB…)

Good morning /ref/
There’s a couple euro posters if I recall
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  465

Eggs with tomatoes and about everything you can add to it. Everyone spices it their own unique way.

That was a quick deduction
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  467

Good morning /ref/
How are things in bear flag land?
Ohh, thats sounds p good. Coincidentally I am having similar to that, bread with egg and tomato (plus cheese).
Literally just figured it out because I saw the post you made about djinns lol

Anonymous  469

File: 1612550574509.jpg (75.92 KB, 500x533, FC5037BA-BE85-489D-B79E-306BAC…)

Idk to be honest. They seem to be trying to reopen stuff

PB  471

I read in the news about a hubub with supermarket workers protesting due to the fact that some supermarket chains wanted to close locations and their reasoning for it is that the city is imposing a 4$/h hazard pay and the store is making the excuse its too much and thats why they will close.

Anonymous  472

File: 1612638831384.jpg (89.14 KB, 500x689, CBEE196C-CAC2-4D79-84E7-76ADB2…)

Good Morning /ref/
Is it the workers of the closed location or all workers of the store chains?

PB  474

Buenos dias /ref/
it's the ones of the locations. Also a union that represents those workers is also on it.

Anonymous  475

I should've not done that.
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  476

Yeah, be careful dude, tho I doubt a lot of eyes with malicious intent are on this bard, but you never know, best to be wary.

What are you up to today?

Anonymous  477

Staying up late last night ruined my mood today, but I have to get going I guess. Had my daily walk, read some books, and currently back at home having some comfy time.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  478

a saudi flag? how rare and unexpected

Anonymous  479

Been here for some time. Still sad that the food thread was left behind.

Anonymous  480

oh i think i remember
also shakshuka was posted there too iirc?
sad thing is seeing all these rather easy to do recepies but being still too lazy to make any for myself

PB  481

How far is your daily walk?
What kept you up last night?
>Still sad that the food thread was left behind.
It's sad but it's part of the charm tbh. So many things have been lost in the various iterations of the camp. But it makes me happy it happened not sad that it ended.
>sad thing is seeing all these rather easy to do recepies but being still too lazy to make any for myself
the hardest part is always starting to do it lol.

You could always make a new intl food thread.

Anonymous  482

I walk nothing less than a km a day. As for why I didn't sleep. I had some papers to submit last night and I didn't get back home until it was 8PM or something, therefore I had to stay up to finish that.
This post is giving me some kira yoshikage vibes
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  483

would do but i don't know what to type up to make a good OP, my OPs suck ass

PB  484

I see. That sounds harsh.
who is that? why is that?
Just write International Food thread and then Post food from u're country and other you like
and then you post a pic of food.
it;s not that complicated. OPs don't require a long ass effortpost.

Anonymous  486

got no idea for food pic lmao

Anonymous  487

Just post some sausage

Anonymous  492

File: 1612723240475.jpg (123.27 KB, 500x637, 9A7C6663-5B54-4AC5-A9F3-A2A93B…)

Mornin’ /ref/
Does anyone else think this girl looks like Britney Spears?

Anonymous  493

there may be some similarity

PB  496

Don't really see it tbh

Anonymous  498


Anonymous  502


Anonymous  504

Looks like I'm not the only one allowed to speak in curves here.
لا تتحداني

Anonymous  508

File: 1612809922378.jpg (536.05 KB, 1500x1968, 795906D4-4F5F-43A0-9360-C0EBF1…)

Good Morning

PB  511

Good morning /ref/
ohio to you too.
>لا تتحداني
is that how you write salami alley cum
good morning!
how are you?

Anonymous  512

No. Here's how to:
سلام عليكم
Alley cum Salam
Why cum? First time I've seen someone romanize it that way.

Anonymous  514

File: 1612898839772.jpg (183.45 KB, 1189x784, 12694C5A-C424-4E79-89CF-334896…)

Good Morning fellow /ref/s
I’m doing good. You?
Morning Saudi anon

PB  519

Mood Gorning /ref/
im doing good. Drinking some cofi atm.
Ahh, I see.
I dunno, I've seen it used as a maymay like that multiple times

Anonymous  523

File: 1612986826319.jpg (221.26 KB, 1326x918, 085C5301-3D60-46E1-9827-8FA990…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  529

Mornin /ref/. Having some tea with baql ama

PB  530

what are you up to?
what is baql?

Anonymous  531

Dried laban. Aka jameed in levant.

PB  535

interesting. Never heard about that.

Anonymous  537

File: 1613068686507.jpg (429.62 KB, 1500x989, A010AE11-ADF5-4E8B-9A04-DA4946…)

Good morning /ref/
Morning. What kind of tea?
Not much. You?

Anonymous  538

Black most of the time with mint occasionally

Anonymous  540

Sounds neat

PB  548

Good morning /ref/
same. eating some mallorca bread.

Anonymous  549

Morning P B. How's your weekend?

PB  550

It's just starting so I dunno yet. But I have plans.
How about you?

Anonymous  552

File: 1613153842330.jpg (349.9 KB, 1500x985, F63E2346-3DC5-4D7A-B317-041778…)

Morning /ref/. Enjoy this fashion straight out of a 80s McDonalds play place
>mallorca bread
What kind of bread is that?

PB  555

>What kind of bread is that?
they are sweet rolls, dusted with powdered sugar, very buttery, perfect to eat with aigs and cheese with cofi in the morning.

Anonymous  557

File: 1613251739338.jpg (227.23 KB, 1200x851, 81472D43-D9FA-4C98-BCAE-3A03E9…)

Good afternoon /ref/
Nice 5s. Also sounds tasty, might try some of I ever come across

Anonymous  559

Camp residents I'm here to announce that I'm awake and that I indeed had some black coffee with sweets this morning to help for the worst day of my week

Anonymous  560

Does Garfield hate Sundays in Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous  561

He probably does.

Anonymous  563

File: 1613328103913.jpg (409.96 KB, 1500x1073, F09C5AE2-0590-4950-9B22-665846…)

Morning /ref/
Good morning. May I ask why you aren’t fond of Sunday Saudi anon

Anonymous  564

It's already 11PM now. Let me say that unlike burger land our week starts on sunday not monday,

Anonymous  565

Forgot to turn off my mullvad. Apologies.

Anonymous  566

Well, that’s really how it’s like officially, but I guess it’s cause of the work week that we think of Monday as the start
>Uses Sweden for VPN
Oh no, those 1 hour /pol/ documentary were right! This is the end of western civilization

Anonymous  567

Just doing my part in destroying western civilization just like papa marx told me.

PB  568

damn. Are things that bad?
morn. sup?
>Using proxies.
Ahh, you're unknowingly taking part in an ancient /ref/ugee tradition.

Anonymous  571

>damn. Are things that bad?
It could be worse but Sunday will always be the worst day of the week until I change my schedule. I wake up every morning at 6 AM only to listen to religious goons complain about how le ebil communists destroyed mosques.
>/ref/ugee tradition
I'm glad to uphold the ways of the camp masters before me.

PB  574

ohh right, I overlooked for a minute where you live where that's something that occurs. Do they completely ignore rona restrictions?

Anonymous  575

We still have restrictions and they vary regionally. I'm a college student and we continued studying online for this term as well. Shopping malls and large stores now require you to use a government-linked tracking app called Tawakalna. Tawakalna's website: https://ta.sdaia.gov.sa/en/index
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  576

Ahh, so mosque requires you to use that?
It is so much more than what my ''country'' is doing ie fuckall.

Anonymous  577

No, but it's not like they can. People have to go there 5 times a day, and no body is gonna stand at the gate of every mosque there is. There's about one mosque for each 10 people in this country anyways. I live in a district with no more than 50 houses and there's 5 mosques in 3 km radius, two of which are Large mosques aka jamei (These are mosques which hold friday prayers and they can usually hold more than 200 people). Regulating mosques is a tough job without a full lockdown. Full lockdown has been lifted since June at least for most regions. Education has been fully transferred to online platforms for all levels. Roaming is no longer restricted to certain times for most regions.

PB  579

interesting What happens if you don't go?

Anonymous  581

Nothing. Just social pressure. Your family complains about not seeing in the mosque, neighbors will stop seeing at the mosque. In extreme cases your neighbors may report that you aren't present in the mosque to family, friends, co-workers, or even the CPVPV which would issue a warning and might send you an invitation to correct your beliefs (similar to how a therapy could lead to suggestion to watch prageru). So nothing serious unless people around you are goons as well.

PB  582

Have you ever thought about leaving your country? or have any current plans like that?

Anonymous  583

I thought about that, but honestly I enjoy my time here. Other friends I know not so much, although I don't feel like I'm clinged to a country at all. if the ones I care about would love to move then I would surely follow. My biggest concern is that I'll feel alone out there if I ever decide to leave. If you ask that because I can't be an activist here without risking my life, let me tell you I'm no pussy. I just don't know where to start. If I don't leave for other reasons then I'm gonna probably appear on some news agency as the last communist or some shit or maybe I'll join the leftists in kuwait and bahrain.
وفاة "الشيوعي الأخير" في الرياض
Saudis usually have large families, due to the fact it's likely that every family has one or more members who work for different government agencies. This varies depending in class of course. You'll always find princes and higher ups holding the important positions, while the common people get filtered out of any higher position in government unless they have some connections.

Anonymous  584

File: 1613418151609.jpg (195.86 KB, 1500x970, D477FD05-F911-4B41-BD24-7AA918…)

Buenos Dias /ref/
How are you doing this morning PB

Anonymous  592

File: 1613504766808.jpg (289.84 KB, 1186x792, A84C0B2E-94DC-4EDE-B76F-7997A1…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  595

Morning California anon. I was pretty sure I had my alarm on 6AM today, yet it only rang at 7AM. Thankfully I'm not late on anything today.

PB  597

Good morning /ref/
pretty good. It's raining and cool so its a comf morning. How are you?
Maybe you hit snooze unconsciously?

Anonymous  598

File: 1613586425143.jpg (176.97 KB, 768x1017, 4CB50F03-E17E-4098-AAE7-774061…)

Morning /ref/
Did you have another alarm at 7am?
>It's raining and cool so its a comf morning
That’s nice.
>How are you?
Life’s treating me good

Anonymous  600

>Life’s treating me good
Tell us your secrets. How do I achieve this?

Anonymous  602

File: 1613672439823.jpg (227.62 KB, 768x1004, 82952CD4-372E-4668-9A57-289B46…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  612

Lies and deception. Tell us the secrets ir face the consequences.
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  618

Weno dias /ref/
sup bro?
lucid dreaming
it's special water.

Anonymous  621


PB  622

wenas q ace

Anonymous  623

File: 1613758291454.jpg (112.89 KB, 768x1009, 1575DC79-C791-4E35-90F9-0D1530…)

Morning /ref/! Does anyone have any idea about the ‘Lympics. Have they cancelled it yet?
Ok fine. It’s a lot of water
Ohayo Gozaimasu

PB  627

They say its due this year but I doubt they will be able to move forward with it.

Anonymous  628

I hope they cancel it for good and permanently.

Anonymous  629

Good afternoon /ref/
> lot of water
I must investigate this water secret.

Anonymous  631

File: 1613824839735.webm (6.61 MB, 640x360, drink-mo-wata.webm)

PB  632

mornin. what are you up to?
i love that video

Anonymous  633

Trying to brighten up my day somehow. Last month was really busy and I'm already burned out and have no idea what the next week will bring.

Anonymous  636

File: 1613849780744.jpg (90.24 KB, 768x493, 1CB4BD44-C81E-41DB-8D50-69A503…)

Morning /ref/
If that’s the case, then I feel bad for the city. So much money wasted on nothing
Hope you have a good day

Anonymous  638

Damn it's Sunday again.
Thanks anon.

Anonymous  641

time flies
if only it was for good reasons

Anonymous  642

File: 1613934296630.jpg (108.09 KB, 768x486, 5F4A138B-066D-4411-B188-987F57…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  643

morning california

PB  645

Good morning /ref/
What are you up to?

PB  646

really vibin to these.

Anonymous  647

File: 1614021375966.jpg (89.79 KB, 768x522, 3CC13026-740C-4799-AB5D-1A90BB…)

Morning /ref/
Mornin’ Germany
Nothing much

Anonymous  649

File: 1614105384147.jpg (123.81 KB, 768x501, E4C51115-28F0-474E-B0EE-18D73C…)

Mornin’ /ref/

Anonymous  650


Anonymous  655

File: 1614200424263.jpg (106.58 KB, 768x554, 850EFD21-25F2-496E-8E24-C4F34E…)

Good Afternoon /ref/

Anonymous  659

File: 1614278110517.jpg (193.75 KB, 768x1036, 57779D9C-9D41-46BC-B6E5-E84428…)

Morning /ref/

PB  671

Buenos dias /ref/?
good morning
how are you?

Anonymous  673

Not good

Anonymous  677

File: 1614364000156.jpg (84.79 KB, 768x509, 4647123F-2847-4D30-BABF-297B9C…)

Morning /ref/
I’m doing fine, had breakfast already
Why’s that?

Anonymous  679

Weeks have passed with no progress what so ever. How could I be alive for this long and do absolutely nothing.

Anonymous  680

What did you want to do?

Anonymous  687

File: 1614451848455.jpg (187.67 KB, 768x1000, A50B96F9-FB2C-43E9-A239-299E0A…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  688

Good evening /ref/
how is it going :D

Anonymous  689

It’s going well. Thinking about cheese

Anonymous  691

what kind of cheese

PB  694

Good morning!
Buenos dias!
Como estas?

Anonymous  695

Cotija right now, cause it’s the closest one I can get my hands on, but thinking about what other people’s cheese taste like as well

Anonymous  696

Bastante bien, acabo de cenar y aqui relajandome mientras escucho musica
> thinking about what other people’s cheese taste like as well
for some reason it sounds like you are talking about the "foreskin cheese" XD

PB  697

Que bien
que cenaste? que escuchas?

Anonymous  698

Lmao, I prefer my cheese circumcised thank you

Anonymous  699

Currently this El Pony Pisador - Tot és part de ser un pirata (VIDEOCLEEB UPHEECYAL)
yeah I also cut the skin of the cheese and give it to my doge :D

PB  700

lol que es esto. Me gusta un monton.

Anonymous  701

es una canción sobre ser un pirata lmao

Anonymous  705

File: 1614537105125.jpg (116.89 KB, 768x500, 20AD976D-3FB0-4376-A505-2B5E3F…)

Good Morning /ref/

PB  706

Good morning!
What are you up to today?

Anonymous  715

File: 1614619675845.png (624.55 KB, 720x480, image_03_2.png)

Good night again.

Anonymous  716

File: 1614623060283.jpg (114.3 KB, 768x528, E3E243A0-E634-4DAF-84A9-9D604F…)

Buenos Dias /ref/
Well, spring is coming so I’m probably going to do some spring cleaning

P A  718

File: 1614677235990.mp4 (1009.63 KB, 720x708, DDLVID.COM-1350965081031520256…)

Good morning, /ref/.

Anonymous  720

File: 1614684812525.mp4 (631.58 KB, 854x480, belly go fat.mp4)

Good morning, /ref/

Anonymous  721

File: 1614691529931.png (1014.79 KB, 694x600, 20210225_082613.png)

Anonymous  723

File: 1614708472407.jpg (62.42 KB, 543x400, 1DA6F19A-BE26-413A-B461-7E354B…)

Morning /ref/
Morning fellas

Anonymous  729

File: 1614755820650.jpg (93.11 KB, 1280x720, rise and shine.jpg)

Anonymous  730

File: 1614795825742.jpg (48.14 KB, 402x600, 6ABF0B3D-1241-46F6-9F30-8442E7…)

Morning /ref/
Hell yeah

Anonymous  732

Anonymous  737

File: 1614881328774.jpg (29.13 KB, 236x350, 868B1DB3-1F85-4B2C-AE61-252971…)

Morning /ref/
The beginning sure woke me up lmao

PB  741

Good Morning /ref/
how are you

Anonymous  743

File: 1614968493039.jpg (18.38 KB, 236x309, A2A9927A-F2F8-464A-BE1D-7817AA…)

Morning /ref/
I’m doing good, drinking water and all. You?

PB  746

How do you drink your wata?

me, not so good tbh.

Anonymous  748

File: 1615005446260.jpg (86.3 KB, 610x357, F59C8548-3C96-47E3-A2D2-9FA232…)

I like it shaken, not stirred.
>me, not so good tbh.
what’s wrong?

PB  749

hard or soft?
>what’s wrong?

Anonymous  750

Tough choice really
What kinda pain? Physical? Emotional?

PB  752

physical well, mostly. I pushed myself a bit too hard and so my barely healed hands are now in a lot of pain.

Anonymous  756

File: 1615054834806.jpg (24.48 KB, 300x180, 37DB7DB8-5FD3-49F7-AD6C-4E7FC7…)

Buenos Dias /ref/
What were you doing?

PB  757

Good evening /ref/!

Anonymous  758

Worked out so hard you almost broke your arms again lmao

PB  759

Im too fat and im desperate to regain muscle or at least reduce gut fat

Anonymous  761

File: 1615112560444.jpg (150.14 KB, 1080x1080, working out.jpg)

Take care PB and good luck with your goals.

Anonymous  762

File: 1615140317127.png (418.47 KB, 493x540, 176CAFF3-1A28-41EE-87C9-E5C33F…)

Morning /ref/
Ah I see. Well we’re rooting for you, but easy on the hands, you don’t want to undo all that healing

P A  764

File: 1615183131151.gif (398.31 KB, 64x71, videotogif_2020.08.30_16.34.01…)

Gm, /ref/
Don't overwork yourself and gl on your goals

PB  766

Buongiorno /ref/!
thx for the good words!

Anonymous  769

File: 1615223108561.jpg (155.92 KB, 800x593, 39B23B1B-6223-4F69-A011-379380…)

Good Morning /ref/
Morning gents
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  775

What are you up to today?

Anonymous  778

Working on a project about the influenza. You?

P A  785

Gm /ref/
Morning sir

Anonymous  787

File: 1615310422252.jpg (49.27 KB, 490x380, B9576F3D-4926-4291-8750-4DECD2…)

Good Morning /ref/
How’s it going PA?

P A  790

doing fine man, taking an all-nighter t'night cause of exams though which is pain

Anonymous  791

File: 1615325770790.png (22.2 KB, 209x147, Approval.png)

Good luck!

PB  798

Good noon /ref/!
What do you study? Also all pakis i've met either online or in IRL life are like super smart (one of them is literally a nuclear expert). I'm I lucky or is that a thing that is known??

Anonymous  802

File: 1615402527446.jpg (196.78 KB, 851x1280, 9281D9A4-C148-4642-A7BE-93A25C…)

Good Morning /ref/
Good noon to you PB. See any beautiful sunsets?

Anonymous  806

File: 1615490955460.jpg (57.73 KB, 530x356, FBED83D5-5BB3-472B-B4E3-512336…)

Ohio /ref/

PB  810

Good afternoon /ref/!
not really. I slept all afternoon yesterday lole.
What's up?

Anonymous  813

Nothing much
> I slept all afternoon yesterday lole
Any dreams?

PB  817

Good morning /ref/!
>Any dreams?
Dreamt of the game I was playing before I went to sleep.

Anonymous  818

File: 1615577077022.jpg (49.96 KB, 402x600, A51C9594-9B4E-47AA-B272-D853A4…)

Morning /ref/
Were you in the game, like the main character

PB  819

no it was like me in real life playing the game but in a dream.
why are gymnasts so cute

Anonymous  821

You really wanted to continue that vidya
Idk maybe it’s the ponytail mixed with the leotard

PB  822

>You really wanted to continue that vidya
not really. It got stuck to my head tho.
>Idk maybe it’s the ponytail mixed with the leotard
might be.
not really into ponytails tho

Anonymous  823

File: 1615663313343.jpg (80 KB, 625x629, DCE89DE1-4E25-4044-89D0-A03C3B…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  825

File: 1615743845120.jpg (45.69 KB, 620x388, EC0E3151-44B3-4331-BF7D-ED7502…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  827

Are you a gymnast?

Anonymous  828

No, but I do have a friend who was a gymnast that admires how good the soviets were at gymnastics

PB  830

Good evening /ref/!
seen these pics make me wish the USSR was still around.

hot take Anonymous  831

Before archiving became more prevalent, was the passing of imageboard lore a form similar to oral storytelling?

PB  833

Ehh, sort of but not really. As far as my experience, usually when an imageboard shut down for one reason or another, many things happened, either its refugees integrate into another imageboard and so the ''lore'' was shared and took root in there once again, or, if some of the users congregated into some sort of chat (usually IRC or something like that), some curious historian of sorts would come and ask questions to the users who were present at the time, and usually put the findings in a blog or something like that, where usually many people learned about it. Also there was if, say, some imageboard had a relationship (either friendly or hostile) if one of them went down the other would keep the stories (albeit distorted depending on how friendly/unfriendly they were).

Anonymous  835

File: 1615828619614.jpg (27.31 KB, 240x326, 06A9D600-326B-4FBA-A51E-D7AFD1…)

Good Morning /ref/
Hmm, idk, I would assume the way they would do it would be via art

Anonymous  836

File: 1615917267229.jpg (38.82 KB, 486x750, 4A854117-6330-4E08-A855-CE49B2…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  837

File: 1615965423399.jpg (1.41 MB, 1343x1900, 146849a6cc1574e177c2f42129ebd1…)

Anonymous  840

Howdy Pardner.

Anonymous  845

File: 1616002911203.jpg (139.96 KB, 640x831, 286BDB0A-80B3-4D36-A6A2-D5DAB4…)

Good Morning /ref/
How’s it hanging?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  850

> How’s it hanging?
In Hungarian we say this as "hogy ityeg a fityeg?"

Anonymous  851

File: 1616023392054.png (38.03 KB, 750x594, hogy ityeg a fitye.png)

I forgot to add the last letter and it came up with this

Anonymous  854

Don't you believe me? Foreskin is fityma, gtranslate is just being useless as usual.

Anonymous  857

Oh yeah I do, I just wanted to see what the literal translation was and happened to fall upon this beauty of a sentence
> gtranslate is just being useless as usual
When is not

PB  860

Good afternoon /ref/!

Anonymous  861

File: 1616087002612.png (99.06 KB, 395x473, C839FB47-D565-4D40-BABB-617D29…)

Good Morning /ref/
Afternoon! How did you spend the first half of your day?

PB  863

poor 3rd place getting left with her hand out.

And you?

Anonymous  870

It's snowing today.

Anonymous  871

File: 1616171948197.jpg (107.58 KB, 602x411, 82AB68E2-A37C-4716-AFB7-B32652…)

Good Morning /ref/
Not much, though it was raining, so it felt a bit more chill
Did you build a snowman?

Anonymous  872

It did not snow that much and it all melted in less than an hour after it stopped.

Any plans for the weekend?

Anonymous  873

Not much, just work really

Anonymous  880

File: 1616264574309.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 27BF2328-0233-49A5-9B4A-7EF818…)

Good Morning /ref/!

PB  882

Good afternoon /ref/!
sup bro.

Anonymous  884

What you up to? I’m just eating a raspado

PB  885

What's a raspado?
I've been prayin gaem.

Anonymous  886

It’s like a snowcone, but in a cup and usually sold by someone in a cart

Anonymous  888

A Morning with trips. Good moring /ref/. Sorry for not posting here as often.

Anonymous  892

File: 1616346639212.jpg (142.18 KB, 1296x729, 6DA6CF83-ABD0-46AF-83CA-CA42AB…)

Good Morning /ref/
You gotta triple 8, which is good because 8 represents fortune in China. So maybe you’ll have good luck this Sunday

Anonymous  896

File: 1616401008867.jpg (63.28 KB, 596x600, 1616052159434.jpg)

Good morning.

Anonymous  897

Good noon by now for voros. I missed the morning today. Last night was a bit loud and I couldn't sleep because of that.

Anonymous  899

File: 1616432839774.jpg (100.69 KB, 570x400, F5C97423-2E4D-438E-BB37-3FEC52…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  900

Pretty fine. I'm gonna continue learning in /lang/ now that I finished my midterms and such.

Anonymous  901

What are you planning on learning?

Anonymous  902

Japanese, along Spanish if I can. As of now I'm actually reading in Arabic language in depth to solidify my knowledge there.

Anonymous  903

eh... forgot to get my head out of the tunnel.

Anonymous  905

> actually reading in Arabic language
Wait, do you not know Arabic already? Or is Arabic not the language of saudi

Anonymous  906

I do, it is my mother tongue after all. I'm just not that knowledgeable on Arabic literature as I should be, thus I began reading some classical Arabic works and poetry.

Anonymous  908

Oh ok. Sounds interesting, is it stuff from like the Islamic golden age?

Anonymous  909

Not particularly. When it comes to literature, we don't quite call the golden golden. As there are many well known authors in poets from all ages. Arabic literature is separated into eras. You will find readers who claim poets from a specific era are better than others, but Arabic literature haven't degraded over time. Many remarkable authors are modern such as ahmad shawqi. Heck there are popular works from pre-islamic eras which haven't been written until centuries after the fact, that were saved orally, described in poems. An example of that would be basus war.

bear  910

>An example of that would be basus war.
I looked it up and it says that it started because of a camel? Is this really true?

Anonymous  911

Good morning /ref/. I need to get me some breakfast
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  912

>I need to get me some breakfast
What are you thinking about?

Anonymous  915

File: 1616516418711.png (1.85 MB, 1360x933, 35D59C6C-2647-473A-BD7A-0DB8A8…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  916

I had some salad with feta cheese leftover from last night and a cup of Ceylon tea.
Morning California anon. I hope you're doing well.

Anonymous  918

Sounds nice and thank you. I hope you do as well

PB  921

Good evening /ref/!
I have not had breakfast in like 4 days ((

Anonymous  925

I missed the morning and breakfast. Now I feel terrible. I hope you don't feel the same. Get a breakfast P B.

PB  926

I woke up early today and had breakfast, and not only a cuppa.

Anonymous  927

File: 1616606323855.jpg (302.46 KB, 1360x893, 4ABA7B20-C1DB-4BCF-AE09-59040D…)

Good Morning /ref/
Como vas?

PB  931

Estoy bien. Tuve una revelacion hoy
Y tu?

Anonymous  933

>revelacion hoy
Que paso?

PB  934

>Que paso?
mezcle huevos con mariscos.

Anonymous  936

Nunca escuche alguien haciendo eso, esta bueno?

Anonymous  938

File: 1616701254034.jpg (255.49 KB, 1360x879, 246820DD-2FDC-4CD9-B369-BB4101…)

Good Afternoon /ref/

Anonymous  940

File: 1616785810357.png (165.08 KB, 630x364, 07FBEECD-44DC-44FA-B784-B3E538…)

Good Morning /ref/

PB  943

Good morning /ref/!
Whatcha up to.
si, muy bueno.

Anonymous  945

File: 1616865173381.jpg (205.92 KB, 350x339, EE943359-18DB-4C5C-AAD5-0BB5C2…)

Good Morning /ref/
Lookin’ for breakfast

Anonymous  953

File: 1616954357505.jpg (136.93 KB, 500x504, 7922FC7B-1ED0-4219-9486-F7ED25…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  955

File: 1617000505115.gif (389.69 KB, 500x408, 1612950763934.gif)

Good mornyan.

PB  957

gu molnin! ha gual yu gais??

Anonymous  958

File: 1617039306840.png (246.54 KB, 512x270, 925556FC-2EC2-4D9E-AEC8-3609DB…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  962

File: 1617125574776.jpg (381.06 KB, 900x1351, E7D713C5-10C3-4131-83B3-FC0CF5…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  965

Guten Morgen /ref/

PB  966

Buongiorno /ref/!
What are you dudebros up to today?

Anonymous  968

File: 1617214005370.jpg (42.26 KB, 405x594, B6CAD3D4-E4C0-4006-B250-B4F189…)

Morning /ref/
Not much, just had breakfast. Hopefully today is productive

PB  970

what did you eat?

Anonymous  971

Breakfast burrito. Pretty good

Anonymous  972

File: 1617297157795.jpg (681.91 KB, 1920x1080, DDBA5764-9699-4D08-9399-0E19AD…)

Buenos Dias /ref/

PB  974

Good evening /ref/!

Anonymous  976

File: 1617381073195.jpg (39.59 KB, 600x400, E2EA179B-811C-49E3-A81E-521A4B…)

Good Morning /ref/
hogy ityeg a fityeg

Anonymous  977

File: 1617470873076.jpg (3.07 MB, 3537x3543, 16962688-F56E-4F08-88A4-AFB691…)

Good Morning /ref/

PB  979

Good morning /ref/
you what?

Anonymous  980

It’s how you say “how’s it hanging” in Hungarian
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  981

> not speaking Hungarian

PB  982

it sounds fun to say
it's just I got confused and learned the language they speak when they decide to take your flag and rotate it 90°!

Anonymous  983

File: 1617559349943.png (1.01 MB, 980x552, 0FF772D5-9CD0-42A5-9279-94C117…)

Good Morning /ref/!

Anonymous  985

File: 1617645668270.jpg (141.59 KB, 550x364, A303D55D-05B9-42C6-B984-2929C6…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  986

Someone threatened to kill me if I don't post here. Please I have family.

Anonymous  987

Please don't kill me

Anonymous  988

this is bullying

Anonymous  992

buenos dias ref

PB  993

Buenos dias /ref/!
wut what happened?!

Anonymous  995

File: 1617728614705.jpg (103.35 KB, 600x340, 17FFB500-3A32-4679-BB33-12567D…)

Good Morning /ref/
Threats of violence

Anonymous  997

File: 1617778416494.jpg (227.07 KB, 1280x720, b5133f9c10c8c745714febaf0dca54…)

Sleepy but have to work

PB  998

ohio /ref/!

Anonymous  999

GET maybe the number board but they'll never beat these nines.
So basically alive?
Hi PB, wat's poppin?

PB  1000

or these zeroes!

PB  1001

>Hi PB, wat's poppin?
Just woke up. Have a doctor appointment today and I am dreading that.

How about you??

Anonymous  1002

Finished my schoolday and preparing for today's quiz and the near end of this semester.

Anonymous  1003

File: 1617808671777.png (720.86 KB, 1000x1400, 6a963204af6d4c19a83be18a781407…)

Nice numbers!

Anonymous  1004

File: 1617811477532.jpg (3.07 MB, 3537x3543, 903A061E-7C66-4C96-BD6F-096649…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1009

File: 1617862181722.png (565.06 KB, 609x869, 3ee6849b12c604d52d332f13e066fa…)

It's snowing really heavily I don't think it's supposed to do this in April

Anonymous  1010

It’s not a storm is it? Either way, stay warm bud

Anonymous  1011

It's just snowing. But in April? Some trees already flowered and the others were just beginning to bud. I hope not too many birds laid their eggs yet because those probably froze.

Anonymous  1012

Has it been relatively colder or have you had mainly warmer, hotter days? Cause if it’s the latter, that’s some freaky shit

Anonymous  1014

It's some cold wave (I'm not sure about the terminology in English?) that went through Europe. It was warm before but a few days ago got pretty cold.

Now the snowing stopped and the sun is shining again.

Anonymous  1015

I'm late to the morning /ref/. It's noon already.
I'm actually surprised by the number of people we have who share timezones or are pretty close in terms of time in GETchan.
We have some finnish, iraqis, and Saudis all at UTC+3 and even hungarians who are only an hour behind.
Same goes for people from the americas. Canadians, burgers, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Venezuelans and other anons from Latin countries. Which means there are really no time where GETchan ever slows down.
Wonder if we have people from east asia as well.

We actually have a name for the sudden "cold wave" that comes after winter have finished and just before summer settles in.
It has a short story behind it. We call it "بياع الخبل عباته" which means "the idiot sold his clothes" ie his winter garments.
Due to how this short season of cold weather strikes, some people would've already sold their winter clothes just before the last blizzard. Thinking that winter has already took its last breath.

Anonymous  1016

File: 1617903832049.jpg (91.43 KB, 630x354, 635E1CFC-178D-4C16-AC4D-252C97…)

Good Morning /ref/
How much snow did y’all get? More than last time?
I wonder what would be the most optimal time for the all posters? I assume when the most post occur at a time would be the time

Anonymous  1019

File: 1617990010445.jpg (24.74 KB, 250x209, 24D8814A-52D3-4305-911A-23F0A1…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1020

nice pic. morning calinon

Anonymous  1021

What time is it in Arabia? Afternoon?

Anonymous  1022

rn it's 10 PM

Anonymous  1023

File: 1617999358901.png (276.16 KB, 600x561, oyasumi.png)

Anonymous  1024

I love listening to denial unraveling at 6 AM in the morning. Good morning /ref/
Sorry to disappoint you but I actually didn't get enough sleep. Still your post reminded me that I should.

PB  1025

>denial unraveling
what is that?

Anonymous  1026

And it has come full circle, lmao. Morning!

Anonymous  1027

a track from everywhere at the end of time. I think it was sampled from "You are the song".

PB  1028

This is pretty neat. Gives me the same feeling that Digital Love gives me in my dreams

Anonymous  1030

File: 1618079474408.jpg (42.26 KB, 405x594, 2083E827-7251-4F43-AC6A-DCA980…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1032

Yep, all a psyop

PB  1036

>about my underdeveloped body?
what do you mean under developed?

Anonymous  1039

No flag no reply.

Anonymous  1041

File: 1618161693337.png (184.18 KB, 269x403, 4D46FA94-34EB-4352-B177-6365D0…)

Good Morning /ref/
Wait, the no flag disappeared?

Anonymous  1042

huh? They deleted their posts......

Anonymous  1043

Or they got got

Anonymous  1053

File: 1618253938660.jpg (83.56 KB, 370x497, 197EDD55-7694-4E36-849F-93F0BC…)

Good Morning /ref/

PB  1055

mornin /ref/!
what's up?

Anonymous  1056

Just around family currently, you?

Anonymous  1057

File: 1618334669849.jpg (346.48 KB, 528x940, A0870695-5E25-42D2-9566-4AEC4F…)

Good Morning /ref/


File: 1618422243363.jpg (118.48 KB, 389x574, E2BD9327-6A4A-48AB-8EA3-B3D515…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1065

morning is to you calinon


Yello! How goes it?

Anonymous  1067

Too disoriented to answer, but I think it's going good. possibly.


Hopefully. You have dinner yet?

Anonymous  1070

We have breakfast at sunset nowadays.


Wat ya eat?

Anonymous  1072

dates and sambosa


I know of dates, but not sure of sambosa. What’s it made of?

Anonymous  1074

fried/baked pastry filled with anything. Can be sweet, sour, salty. Everyone makes it differently. usually comes in triangular shape. We filled it with chicken breasts today.


File: 1618431696806.jpg (123.21 KB, 680x907, 10FE3B6F-960A-4D93-ACFD-0930DC…)

I’ve looked it up and I think I might have had it before, or at least something similar


File: 1618513910050.png (406.21 KB, 594x457, 5D50006B-51F1-4AD6-94AF-9816F8…)

Good Afternoon /ref/

PB  1080

Good evening /ref/!
nice dubs bud.

Anonymous  1086


Anonymous  1091

File: 1618592503706.jpg (578.31 KB, 2048x1408, 2DA8D1BB-8CEC-4283-B323-39FDFA…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1092

File: 1618678888261.jpg (56.26 KB, 450x373, 6829B9D9-D1F3-42EB-8839-171BF6…)

Good Morning /ref/!

Anonymous  1097

Wish I had as many mornings. How has life treated you calinon?

Anonymous  1099

File: 1618764684850.png (643.64 KB, 1000x750, CBD104D0-B601-498F-834F-E96778…)

Good Morning /ref/
Very so-so. How about you?

Anonymous  1100

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Anonymous  1101

Having some alone time for the next two weeks

Anonymous  1102

You don’t got the rona, do you bud?

Anonymous  1103

Nah. Just gonna be alone in the uni dorms until I'm done with finals

Anonymous  1104

Oh, I see. Well I’ll be root in’ for you to pass

Anonymous  1107

Good morning /ref/, may our comrades enjoy such a beautiful view.

PB  1109

good morning /ref/!
>may our comrades enjoy such a beautiful view.
what view?

Anonymous  1110

Morning is a wonderful sight.

Anonymous  1113

File: 1618852181327.png (228.51 KB, 1071x602, F12228F9-0877-4163-8E0D-A233C4…)

Good Morning /ref/
Morning fellas

Anonymous  1114

Good morning calinon.

Anonymous  1116

How’s your day so far?

Anonymous  1118

A bit dull. I'm getting myself accustomed to spending Ramadan alone, which is a pretty new to me. Ramadan has always been around family or friends gathering to have breakfast. For the two weeks ahead it's just gonna be me, this room, this laptop, and GETchan. I'm gonna be fine..

Anonymous  1119

Oh, that sounds tough. Hmmm, well since GETchan is going to be around you, maybe we can set it up where we all eat around the same time

PB  1120

that sounds like an amazing Business Idea.

Anonymous  1125

File: 1618940567023.jpg (48.24 KB, 370x540, 5BAEECAB-7619-4E3A-89DF-78809F…)

доброе утро /ref/

Anonymous  1133

File: 1619026181729.jpg (302.59 KB, 900x1350, EBFC0152-2F31-40A3-8FE8-EC8337…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1140

File: 1619119184161.jpg (34.49 KB, 340x521, 82BCADD3-053D-49E6-AE53-A3BBAC…)

Good Afternoon /ref/

PB  1148

Good morning /ref/!
nice dububs bro.

Anonymous  1150

File: 1619201319851.jpg (57.26 KB, 411x640, BD440F8F-10E7-42BC-AEC6-C54F58…)

Good Morning /ref/

PB  1152

what are you up to?

Anonymous  1153

Was workin’

PB  1154

what is your work?

Anonymous  1155


Anonymous  1156

File: 1619254170894.jpg (203.32 KB, 900x1376, 1619250681631.jpg)

PB  1157

nice dububs
who is this? is this also a love live idol?

Anonymous  1159

File: 1619287153983.jpg (53.83 KB, 510x736, 7A11942C-318A-40A8-BC9B-2C6E3D…)

Morning /ref/
Smug but cute

Anonymous  1161

File: 1619372081683.jpg (29.46 KB, 236x367, BD8DAC2A-C5A9-4A00-BC54-64286D…)

Buenos Dias /ref/

PB  1162

Good morning /ref/!
sup dude?

Anonymous  1163


Anonymous  1164

File: 1619417954489.png (4.87 MB, 3600x4000, 89352351_p0.png)

Good morning.

Just some original character of the artist.

Anonymous  1165

File: 1619420729117.jpg (588.51 KB, 1450x1750, 1996106B-2BF1-47B8-80AE-E4AE4D…)


Anonymous  1168

File: 1619456684004.jpg (22.37 KB, 236x314, 0A3FFA3E-B00F-449C-9D3D-2EE100…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1169

File: 1619457419653.png (482.37 KB, 725x720, im finno ugric.png)

Good morning.

Anonymous  1170

How’s it rollin’

Anonymous  1171

Too much work. What about you?

Anonymous  1172

Currently eating lunch. What kinda work?

Anonymous  1173

My job title says "software engineer". I had a pretty busy last week and hoped this will be calmer but no, everyone always needs my help.

What's for lunch?

Anonymous  1174

A burger, was ok
>everyone needs help
It be like that
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  1175

I swear i've seen her somewhere before.
good night bearflag.
what's up?
why sad?

Anonymous  1176

Just playin’ vidya

PB  1177

watcha playin?

Anonymous  1178

Lucky dubs. The block game

PB  1179

which block game? there are many

Anonymous  1180


PB  1181

Ahh, I see.

Anonymous  1182

It's a soothing morning out there /ref/. I hope you're doing well

Anonymous  1183

You doing anything?
You too. Had breakfast yet?

Anonymous  1184

We don't have breakfast until the sun sets. albeit I can sneak a bag of chips into my room, I don't feel like doing that today.

PB  1185

u too.
how is ram a dame treating you?
also prayin gaem.

Anonymous  1186

pretty much like trash and I don't get to visit or talk to anyone.

Anonymous  1187

So how’s the studying?
What game??

PB  1188

do you follow it strictly? in a videogame of course.

Anonymous  1189

a few days left just a few more tests and I'm done
fasting all day? no not really, I try to get me a snack before the main meal or drink a cup of water at least.

Anonymous  1191

File: 1619545915023.jpg (32.25 KB, 236x334, C9047676-2E19-43DF-9938-745F17…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1199

File: 1619631660940.jpg (118.55 KB, 570x800, 3C68F717-5CBD-4109-8E7F-8BFE19…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1200


PB  1201

good evening /ref/!
nice numbers bro.
what are you up to?

Anonymous  1208

File: 1619716091889.jpg (48.65 KB, 398x500, E2B128E0-8391-46E5-A5B6-D096BE…)

Good Moring /ref/
Drinkin’ Water

Anonymous  1209

Finally done with them finals.
I think it would be good afternoon for you by now calinon. Keep hydrating.

Tell the dubs that I check'em

Anonymous  1210

Did you pass them?

Anonymous  1211

I literally just got out of the exam hall mate. No way in hell they would grade those papers at midnight.

Anonymous  1212

Will do!
> Finally done with them finals
What were they on?

Anonymous  1213

Still in my freshmen year so I had general science courses.

Anonymous  1214

Late, but still a great morning /ref/

Anonymous  1215

How do you feel about it?

Anonymous  1216

I'm content with what I've done in the finals.

Anonymous  1217

File: 1619799325939.jpg (40.2 KB, 351x500, B74E31C8-0387-4D1E-A299-11FAD6…)

Good Morning /ref/! Also a PSA, fuck Jimmy Kimmel

PB  1218

good noon!
>Also a PSA, fuck Jimmy Kimmel
explain who and why?


File: 1619800635935.png (56.96 KB, 400x400, 49E132D4-4386-4C7D-BD00-5EA013…)

Basically one of those night time comedians. And basically what he did was rate the worst Olympic mascots. And he goes down the list and the one he rates the worst was Misha, the bear. And his argument was like “they only took a picture of a teddy bear and put a belt on him” using this picture. Which pisses me off because he’s berating one of the better mascots, and the only reason is because of the whole Russia shit liberals care so much about

Anonymous  1222

But it is a cute bear, what is there to not like?

PB  1223

what a fucking tasteless asshole.

Anonymous  1224

File: 1619859828305.jpg (633.03 KB, 1501x1981, 137_2010_CCCR.jpg)

Happy international worker's day!

Anonymous  1226

File: 1619892714991.jpg (1.78 MB, 1246x1754, C12B868F-4C8D-4482-AD61-3FE6DF…)

Good Morning /ref/
Happy May Day to you too

Anonymous  1235

File: 1619980340588.jpg (517.48 KB, 1200x818, 2858D6B8-0A54-4467-9BA3-77E58C…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1236

I hope you will have a nice Sunday. It's almost time to go to sleep here.

Anonymous  1237

Well, I wish you a good dreams when you go to bed

Anonymous  1239

File: 1619994584984.png (18.5 KB, 126x100, peko.png)


Anonymous  1241


Anonymous  1242

File: 1620025652666.jpg (50.51 KB, 680x672, 57355268-6F72-482A-8316-707FAA…)

PB  1243

File: 1620047242764.jpg (30.92 KB, 1116x628, italia.jpg)

buongiorno /ref/!

Anonymous  1245

File: 1620064762649.jpg (20.04 KB, 236x474, 9D866816-6F42-4997-9D3F-98BCE6…)

Good Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1246

File: 1620147853772.jpg (48.8 KB, 450x450, 14FE4C86-6B21-4E19-B8F7-B440AF…)

Good Morning /ref/


File: 1620237660137.jpg (53.03 KB, 289x419, 283C8E6F-5D3C-42C7-92A0-A847AA…)

Morning /ref/

Anonymous  1250

i saw this kimmel guy before, i am not surprised he would say something this retarded
and i don't understand how this show passes as "comedy"
shows how empty and soulless liberals are
the last time i thought a liberal was somewhat entertaining was jon stewart, and thats still a pretty low bar

Anonymous  1259

File: 1620324411451.jpg (200 KB, 600x389, 1BBA0831-3A8F-49B4-9F13-7A00A6…)

Morning /ref/!

Anonymous  1264

Grüß Gott Californien!

PB  1265

Good afternoon /ref/!
what does this mean?

Anonymous  1266

How’s the weather like? It’s getting closer to summer, so it’s been hot a lot lately

Anonymous  1267

File: 1620340627149.gif (849.69 KB, 500x500, 829EC63D-E931-4E9D-9E6F-2CB23A…)

Also was was gonna delete to add the gif, but it’s a dub and I don’t wanna disrespect. He’s the gif I was gonna use

PB  1268

It's hot, as it is all year round.

It's raining much more frequently tho, and its much more humid.

Are you going to the beach or any other body of water this year?

Anonymous  1270

File: 1620341714683.png (2.66 MB, 1000x1415, 224D71F7-250F-4573-97FF-586269…)

Best bet would be a pool, but it’s not as nice as going somewhere more outdoor. Maybe a lake, that would be wonderful. And how have you been enjoying the beaches this time of the year? Have the tourist come back yet?

PB  1271

I haven't been to beaches lately really. The tourists are rowdy and the copz are being pigs.

But 2 days ago I went diving for fish and stuff ways off the shore. It was nice.

Anonymous  1272

unexpectedly there is an entire wiki article on this greeting, and it's pretty good
it's still april weather, going back and forth between too hot for the time and cold, but not enough rain

PB  1273

Ohh interesting. We use this (in spanish) as a parting or when greeting older family members, they say this after you ask for their blessing.

Anonymous  1274

Find any booty?
>not enough rain
You a rain person?
> therefore often receives a sarcastic response from Northern (and thus mainly Protestant) Germans such as "If I see Him"
That made me chuckle

PB  1275

not really. Got gobs of lobster tho.

Anonymous  1277

i heard that response so often that it lost its charm to me
for a while i tried to drop this greeting but it was just so commonly used and ingrained that i couldn't force myself to consciously remember every time when trying to be polite
>rain person?
i do like rain, it takes away the worries that come from draught and heat
luckily i am from one of the more humid areas, just could do with less of the thunderstorms

Anonymous  1283

What was yo biggest lobster
I would assume so.
> consciously remember every time when trying to be polite
How is it impolite, I say it has its charm

Anonymous  1286

File: 1620398752174.jpg (50.14 KB, 600x400, 50A0EF6F-13AA-4DC2-B87C-365022…)

Ohayō Gozaimasu /ref/

Anonymous  1287

Ohayu calinon.

Anonymous  1288

How goes it!

PB  1289


Anonymous  1290

Aloha PB

Anonymous  1294

Good morning /ref/
Tired; Couldn't sleep last night

Anonymous  1295

Why was that?

Anonymous  1296

Maybe it's family just being loud or anxiety. I just couldn't get my head to rest and now I'm dizzy.

Anonymous  1297

> now I'm dizzy
Hmmm, did you eat enough before fasting again?

Anonymous  1298

I did. I make sure I do. Still It's 10AM and I'm already starving. At least I only have to fast just for a few more days

Anonymous  1299

File: 1620457461818.jpg (63.31 KB, 450x311, 4A77416D-D397-4E5E-A07C-ED9216…)

Do you guys throw a feast at the end of Ramadan? I probably would, being able to finally eat regularly

Anonymous  1300

Yeah we call that breakfast celebration or Eid Al fitr. Yes It's a religious tradition. We will be gathering the whole damn family, I'm talking hundreds of people to celebrate. Not feeling enthusiastic about it but I'll cheer up.

Anonymous  1301

>We will be gathering the whole damn family, I'm talking hundreds of people to celebrate
That’s a big family! Also, it seems your no longer spending Ramadan by yourself, which is good, you seemed a bit down by it

Anonymous  1302

Oh yeah I sure love having dinner with my parents and siblings. Also uni's cafeteria good was shit. Eid and large gatherimgs are a different story. I never got myself to know all my relatives and their names, so visiting them feels awkward to me. I don't feel connected to them at all but I'm stil obliged to spend some time with them.

Anonymous  1304

File: 1620486547761.jpg (426.27 KB, 1300x1981, 460E490C-BEA7-48C8-991F-11F1C3…)

Good Morning /ref/!
I get you, you see familiar faces at these gatherings but in reality you don’t know too many of them. Though I am curious, where do you guys have gatherings? Cause idk if one house can fit in 100 people

PB  1305

How does it feel to have such a big family?

we have a big one but it isn't that big. And we rarely gather except for births, deaths, weddings and other special occasions.

Anonymous  1312

File: 1620588062409.jpg (420.64 KB, 600x917, 7F964A60-C88F-4433-8C27-76E6D3…)

Morning/Afternoon /ref/

PB  1315

evening bear flag.


Anonymous  1316

the sky
But really, nothing much. Just been doing math

PB  1317

Are you outside?

Why you doin maths?

Anonymous  1318

Nah, it was just a dumb joke. Also to study

PB  1319

Ahh I see.

Did you celebrate mother day?

Anonymous  1320

File: 1620609981318.jpg (91.14 KB, 568x425, C19F6E7A-8879-4C49-8A6A-B3C274…)

I didn’t see my mom for most of the day sadly. But we got her flowers, which she seemed to like

PB  1321

That's nice.
I wish I could have given my mom flowers too

Anonymous  1322

File: 1620629060824.jpg (222.28 KB, 1280x720, cirno-math.jpg)

Why do you study maths? Are you a student?

Anonymous  1323

File: 1620630079082.png (219.43 KB, 988x799, 1619554938968.png)

Did you see her today?

PB  1324

no ((((((((( ((

Anonymous  1325

You at least give her a call telling her hap mamas day?

Anonymous  1328

File: 1620661520473.jpg (34.3 KB, 462x378, C8Dct1sVUAESxpP.jpg)

That's awesome, study is cool.

Anonymous  1329

File: 1620667619012.jpg (422.41 KB, 600x906, 0383B6EB-FCB9-4587-9607-2C27DD…)

Morning /ref/!

Anonymous  1332

Guten Morgen

PB  1334

If I were able to do that the world would change.

Anonymous  1335

File: 1620744130916.jpg (366.39 KB, 600x782, 2E79A03B-2238-4AC4-8DA8-04C08B…)

Morning /ref/!
Anything to eat yet?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous  1336

A couple hours before morning but Good time to be here /ref/. How is all going? Today is the last day of ramadan. I'll be able to eat breakfast in the morning again.
Eating my last suhur tonight

PB  1338

I ate bread
nice. What will the first meal be?

Anonymous  1339

Epic. Got any plans on what you want to eat or just eat whatever?
What type? A nice pan dulce

PB  1340

just regular bread (pan de agua)

Anonymous  1341

Of course we have plans damn it. I wish I didn't have to go to eid but it's not like I can let my family down. Basically we'll be gathering for breakfast, launch and dinner for the whole damn week. First day's dinner is gonna be on my family.

Anonymous  1342

With malk?
nice time GET lol
>whole damn week
Sounds draining. Like a day yeah but a week. Hopefully the food is good at the least

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