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File: 1608978747723.jpg (28.65 KB, 632x416, brot.jpg)

Deutsch Anonymous ComradeCountry code: gb, country type: geoip, valid:   34

Sagt einfach mal "Hallo"

Anonymous Refugee  80

Anonymous Refugee  101

File: 1609225093047.jpg (6.07 KB, 230x345, 398345-killroy-was-here-0-230-…)

I remember reading in a European history book that the Green Party brought like a tree into parliament, but I can't seem to find any mention. Is that true or is the book just retarded

Anonymous Refugee 103

I've never heart of that or seen any footage, which would exist for sure, so this might be fake.

Anonymous Refugee  110

m'kay, thanks

Anonymous Refugee  227

>be germany
>2 weeks after the christmas
>corona record numbers
nobody expected this to happen after our politicians, against all advice, thought that christmas is too special to tell people not to go travel for it

Anonymous Refugee  232

Wait, even Merkel?

Anonymous Refugee  234

not sure about merkel, she acts tougher but doesn't follow through, mostly because it has to be delegated to prime ministers of the states

Anonymous Refugee  235

Which region has been heavily hit the most?

Anonymous Refugee  239

File: 1610232456518.png (82.37 KB, 460x394, rki germany.PNG)

surprisingly that's east germany rather than the more densely populated area in the west by the rhine

Anonymous Refugee  241

And my guess is because they probably have more conservative regional governments

Anonymous Refugee  246

i saw some maps that matched areas with higher AfD voter turnout with also higher covid transmission
bavaria, after initially having the first socdem leadership, has always been in the hands of the conservatives, but seems to do relatively ok

Anonymous Refugee  284

File: 1610579628874.png (99.81 KB, 546x436, 2.PNG)

maybe i will post irregular updates on how things progress on this map and see how that goes

Anonymous Refugee  292

>rightoids livestream founding their new "freedom party" in an illegally opened bar
>police goes in, lets them have it, eventually tells them to fuck off because illegal
>all the media attention and free advertisement for those oh so brave rebels
i'm so damn tired of everything

Anonymous Refugee  293

Was the AfD too liberal for them or something?

Anonymous Refugee  305

File: 1610824048055.png (91.46 KB, 495x429, 3.PNG)

it's always just a grift and to get attention for their own little sects, someone with an urge to be a leader
no real thought behind any of that
the money is already backing AfD as a more reactionary market radical party, so it's just ego stroking and attention whoring for their brand of ideological retardation

cases are currently going down, but at a still too slow rate
at least deaths are stagnating, at over 800 on average a day, so maybe we have peaked at that
gonna wait and see how they're gonna fuck it up and ruin it all again

Anonymous Refugee  306

i wish i wasn't retarded and knew how to center it right and have it the same size so it's easier to compare

Anonymous Refugee  326

File: 1610967977729.png (87.66 KB, 454x432, 4.PNG)

there's a sudden steep drop in reported cases and i don't know what to make of it
the last weeks had problems with consistent reporting because of the holidays, but it was supposed to be back to normal from this week on, but it looks even more like outliners than previously, with christmas not having reports being the big exception

Anonymous Refugee  328

>bavaria found new variant in an outbreak in hospital

Anonymous Refugee  343

Is it like the UK one where it mutated?

Anonymous Refugee  352

no news on that front yet but they said there's no reason to worry yet

Anonymous Refugee  366

Since Corona in germany, the far too late enforced and half arsed lockdown measures and the vaccination campaign, are such a clown show of incompetence, Spahn, "health" minister, a fucking banker and realtor, doesn't want people to go around and put blame on anyone.
Apparently politicians and population are both to the same degree responsible and "nobody saw this coming", according to him.

Scientists warned of the second wave, exactly as it happened, already in spring last year and people were calling for harder and proper lockdown measures when the first rise in numbers early fall was noticable. A majority of them according to all polls.
And through all this bullshit they keep pulling there wont be any consequences and people will vote them back into office coming elections, if not even worse morons to take their place from a further right wing party.
It's exhausting having to eat this much shit and just knowing that there wont anythong be done about it and you just have to swallow your rage.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  367

Are you sure you are talking about Germany and not Hungary?

Anonymous Refugee  378

File: 1611654016693.jpg (24.64 KB, 330x401, merkel.jpg)

would you fuck her mussi?

Anonymous Refugee  382


Anonymous Refugee  435

Watched "Die Anstalt". I knew things were bad but having it illustrated like that was really depressing. They're surprisingly "leftist".

Anonymous Refugee  436

Wont be able to quote more than 160 characters of script without the coming uploadfilter striking down. Sweet.

Anonymous Refugee  439

File: 1612375601502.jpg (308.43 KB, 1200x1200, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg 2.jpg)

Is it like Spitting Image, where they make fun of both sides of the political spectrum, and makes fun of the center left for always being a lite version of the right wing party

Anonymous Refugee  441

pretty much, though our socdems now, according to recent polling, aren't even second largest party anymore but third, between greens and "die linke", and usually their only mention is to mock them for dying and being a useless mini partner in the great coalition and useful idiots for the conservative party
they mostly focus on corruption though and explain where the money goes
it's not so much about the parties and more about their donors
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  443

I just want to go back to worrying about all the dumb little shit i was worried over before. Now every day is just another load of news of doom. Pharma shoveling millions, purposeful delay of measures and vaccination, mutations that already evade immune response and reinfect as well as make vaccination near pointless, politicians going back and forth and lying their asses off despite previously acknowledging the situation, now claiming that children supposedly are "less infectious" when that has been debunked repeatedly now and has been shared by them, just because of political pressure to open up the economy.
Everything is going more and more mad and the few little hopes that were left get crushed one after another. And "fellow leftists" of certain types are joining the right on going into full denial mode about viruses even existing.
This wont ever end, or at least not well. I wish i lived in China, one of the last places left that shows any amount of sanity in all of this.

Anonymous Refugee  455

what about North Korea?

Anonymous Refugee  456

Anonymous Refugee  459

Sounds good too, but they probably have worse internet connection and i'm kind of an addict to being online.

Anonymous Refugee  461

satellite internet should work everywhere

and with this new Starlink it should be even easier, but Starlink is in beta-test

Anonymous Refugee  462

How accurate is the linked article about the situation over there.

Anonymous Refugee  470

is there a text version of this? i don't see anything, sorry
soon the internet will be swarmed by DPRK posters condemning western imperialism, glorious

Anonymous Refugee  489

File: 1612717931036.png (326.8 KB, 1344x854, EteyyUTXEAYQyAJ.png)

what we could have

Anonymous Refugee  490

File: 1612717947190.png (373.84 KB, 1324x850, EteyvdaXUAEi6ET.png)

what we'll get

Anonymous Refugee  521

one more month of lockdown*!

*except for cruisers with 1000 people on it
*and travels into south africa with ski tours in the alps afterwards
*also schools will open
*also hair salons
*maybe some other exceptions and extras

what can go wrong?

Anonymous Refugee  524

File: 1612998144903.png (1.61 MB, 1463x669, german paper.PNG)

>Corona Hell in Portugal
>When one bed becomes free we get the next patient for it right away
>Chancellor remains careful
>Well, when are you going to relax (restrictions), Mrs Merkel?
Next to each other on the same page.

Anonymous Refugee  536

How do they not get a whiplash from that shift

Anonymous Refugee  556

german delivery services now can open your packages and letters "on suspicion"
privacy of letters no longer exists, article 10 of the "constitution" is now officially dead thanks to a coalition of conservatives and socdems

Anonymous Refugee  562

File: 1613325653642.png (15.17 KB, 577x137, fascism.PNG)

>it was conservatives like churchill that stood against hitler
>nothing is further from fascism
remind me, which party was it that went into coalition with the nazis?

PB  572

damn. is lole legal in germany?

Anonymous Refugee  578

from what i looked up, yes, i confirmed it when asking on amazon after i found explicit dakimakuras and they said it's allowed

Anonymous Refugee  596

I thought Germans were big on privacy, what was the excuse this time? People mailing coronavirus to their enemies?

Anonymous Refugee  601

money and drug deliveries

Anonymous Refugee  607

File: 1613691848152.png (171.47 KB, 319x409, 39e1110cdf2fcd5e48ab8e4bb268e6…)

>University Hamburg
>Physic professor writes some bullshit claiming virus escaped a Wuhan laboratory
>cites youtube videos and random internet articles as sources
>University publishes it anyways, saying it's "not highly scientific"
>tabloids and far right conspiracy theories collectively nut despite it clearly being bullshit but it has the "University Hamburg" label on it

Anonymous Refugee  609

>University publishes it anyways, saying it's "not highly scientific"
How dumb can one be?? Like I can see them reasoning it by saying ‘Well, we don’t want to be accused of censorship’ but like, now you’ve just gave way more legistamcy to it than if you told the guy to fuck off

Anonymous Refugee  611

from what else i gathered by comments on it, whoever is in charge was siding with him and all he wanted out of it was political reactions
basically going
>look how retarded we are lmao

Anonymous Refugee  626

Anonymous Refugee  635

>all he wanted out of it was political reactions basically going
Well, they certainly did it

Anonymous Refugee  658

and here are the irregular german news
parliamentarian from the conservative party lost immunity for criminal deals and enriching himself when ordering masks from germany
german police was raided by... german police, over selling stolen bikes

Anonymous Refugee  670

Anonymous Refugee  719

if the greens, that are currently catching a lot of the votes, go inevitably into coalition with the conservatives, then maybe its idiotic young naive voter base will realize how shit they are, and maybe, in like another 4 years we get 3 % more for the social democratic "left" party
and that's the most progress to hope for

Anonymous Refugee  722

Would they ever form a red-red-green coalition?

Anonymous Refugee  724

the left has caved on core issues before and bend the knee, their state level coalitions show th at they're eager to get in power for powers sake and get their hands on that lobby money
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  727

There once was a red-green coalition it was the worst government of all they started the first aggressive war after WW2

Anonymous Refugee  728

So basically Tony Blair’s Labour Party but for Germany


File: 1614930401874.png (828.41 KB, 2048x1447, Yoshgermany.png)

Anonymous Refugee  1089

File: 1618548357919.jpg (117.34 KB, 746x318, Thälmann-1.jpg)

Zu Teddies Geburtstag ein wenig Musik
German Communist Medley

Anonymous Refugee  1306

Tag der Befreiung vom Hitlerfaschismus.
Na Glückwunsch.

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