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Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 37

Anonymous Comrade  48

File: 1609007377571.jpg (39.7 KB, 360x270, Asukka13.jpg)

not an officially recorded song, but god if I don't love it
Gospel Solidarity Forever

Anonymous Comrade 56

yes i like these live records too
mostly for the sound and alternations

Welle:Erdball -Tanzmusik für Roboter- 07.03.2014 Reithalle Dresden

Anonymous Comrade  62

very true very true

Anonymous Refugee  95

File: 1609215480685.png (250.28 KB, 2000x1143, j773wfjckko21.png)

Anonymous Refugee  97

check out the videos "festival of the political song", it was a thing throughout the years in the DDR celebrating international socialist music

2. Festival des politischen Liedes - Wer, wenn nicht wir - 1971

Anonymous Refugee  98

Anonymous Refugee  99

File: 1609218543764.jpg (133.57 KB, 933x1244, IMG_1022.JPG)

so it was like woodstock but for socialist music? sounds sweet

Anonymous Refugee 100

sort of, yes
tbh they give off real nerdy vibes
all very tidy and neat good boys and girls

Anonymous Refugee  156

unironically better than krautrock

this can be considered avantgarde (thus somewhat communist) music, these two releases

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Wormhole (1998 - VRS001LP)
No U Turn's Torque - The Ed Rush Live Mix

Anonymous Refugee  157

*avantgarde classic

Anonymous Refugee  158

Anonymous Refugee  221

basically (demo)scene music is very socialist at its heart, even if it does sound "capitalistic"

AceMan - Friendship
AceMan - Realize the truth
CHIPTUNE - Traymuss - spirytual.xm - KEYGEN CRACK MUSIC
Chaser - 60 seconds for Mr. Light

PB  224

this is pretty good.

Anonymous Refugee  356

File: 1611262223698.webm (5.68 MB, 125x116, jack_capture.webm)


Anonymous Refugee  387

CHIPTUNE - Shyz - borntro.mix.xm - KEYGEN CRACK MUSIC

say it with me:

madame president

Biosphere - Startoucher


PB  389

i like this one.

Anonymous Refugee  430

PB  466

That first one is so nice but the crackles of the vinyl recordings kill it for me.

Anonymous Refugee  522

Anonymous Refugee  588

It seems to have been deleted

Anonymous Refugee  630

yes, the author deleted his channel i believe (and his other site on blogspot (TRACKER BASE))

i will add hardware Unreal playing, by the same author as of "aquaphobia" here: >>376
Arduino Music Player on Teensy 3.6

Anonymous Refugee  801

Anonymous Refugee  1551

Anonymous Refugee  1553

Anonymous Refugee  1554

Do you know more folk songs from these people? I can't find actual songs, most youtube videos are about presenting it but there's barely any actual songs.
Dong Folk Songs - Three Selections.

Anonymous Refugee  1638

Anonymous Refugee  1699

Maxus - Wyprawa
ahh very eastern european music if you ask me

in online tracker:

also just found teh angry typing about trackerbase/tracker ninja channel,
it is here:

tldr theres some archive:
(see МОDs section)

>you can't insert #peoples' champions
>you can't insert _m_o_d_s_
This post was edited by its author on .

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