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File: 1609000547311.jpg (373.29 KB, 777x500, his.jpg)

REF HISPANOCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 39[View All]

La imagen solo representa a lo que se teorizó como Indoamerica, pero los hermanos de España son tambien parte de esta comunidad.
Al final, el internacionalismo es eso, internacional.
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Anonymous Refugee  1380

Ahorita no

Anonymous Refugee  1394

File: 1621211580252.png (48.56 KB, 1510x820, 6F7C6AFB-EA96-41A6-869E-E9D891…)

8.9% contado

PB  1395

eesh, ojala que los resultados cambien drasticamente a lo que el porcentaje sube.

Anonymous Refugee  1397

File: 1621212814442.png (50.12 KB, 1509x820, B4078ECD-69D4-4263-B220-240C85…)

>32% contado
Horita estan bien. Eso es porque las izquierdistas necesitan 2/3 del voto para que la derecha no obstruir sus reformas
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  1398

al parecer va bien porque ya he visto a par de chilenos loorando de que su pais va a ser destruido y se va a convertir en benesuela v2

Anonymous Refugee  1410

File: 1621231719152.jpg (21.77 KB, 158x178, 5D7BA5D0-A334-4C13-9D82-1A00D8…)

Anonymous Refugee  1421

File: 1621279971637.jpg (276.96 KB, 1557x1965, B1F7C1AA-BD10-4F17-A13A-602322…)

Viva Chile! Viva El Pueblo!

PB  1424

absolutamente basao

Anonymous Refugee  1432

Anonymous Refugee  1525

File: 1622099897153.png (73.46 KB, 750x349, Golpista BTFO.png)

Interesting development: apparently one of the golpistas who did some horrible things during the coup regime in Bolivia was arrested in money laundering. Which is hilarious as he went to the US to avoid facing his consequences

Anonymous Refugee  1566

PB  1576

lol que paso? quiero detalles.

Anonymous Refugee  1590

Castillo no logro noquear a Keiko, pero ella tampoco lo logro noquear a el.
Solo que fue aburridisimo, pero al menos creo que si la estrategia del equipo de Castillo era mostrarse como el que no rompe ni un cristal lo ha hecho bien.
Podria compararlo como los tipos vestidos de espuma que pelean con perros policia.
Castillo aguanto las mordeduras de Keiko y ella quedo como la rabiosa que es, ansiosa de poder prometiendo el cielo por un voto.
Lo mejor es que al caminar un rato y oir a alguien hablar de politica tambien señalo eso. ¿De donde va a sacar ella la plata?¡Ni que cayera del cielo!

Anonymous Refugee  1591

Amazing, how corrupt should you be that not even the gringos would accept your presence?
The bolivian coup members surprise me to this day.

Anonymous Refugee  1646

File: 1622937519820.png (68.4 KB, 750x524, Peru final poll.png)

Final polls before the election tommorow in Peru. Honestly don’t know who’s gonna win, the poll seems like it can be either one. I have heard that they are undercounting Castillos’ rural support but idk. Any peru anons got any insight?

Anonymous Refugee  1648

if you nationalize ur lithium I'm joining a samsung death squad

Anonymous Refugee  1652

File: 1623024773128.png (31.15 KB, 1226x672, 2ECA7987-4066-4F73-A41A-43EC7C…)

Exit polls, not looking good for our pal Castillo. Still within the margin of error but I’m less optimistic since Ecuador
Shut up nerd

Anonymous Refugee  1654

The technical tie is real lol
The socdem I posted the other day is doing a livestream cheering up people
SÍ SE PUEDE - No más ricos (en un país pobre)

Anonymous Refugee  1655

File: 1623037568382.png (676.95 KB, 918x563, Screenshot (465).png)

Yooooooo, the tables could turn but still a technical tie
The salsa guy?

PB  1656

crossing me fingers

Anonymous Refugee  1657

Yup, compared to his youth (he was part of the socialist party of an old socdem) he looks more liberal now. But he still a leftist and the streams has talked about the hard militancy in the peruvian left.
At least he bashes the more liberal left from time to time.

Anonymous Refugee  1658

At least he is giving away a pair of AirCastillo.
People in Tacabamba are partiying lol
A cholo in Pizarro's chair! And more importantly, one that has the backing of a marxist party-.

Anonymous Refugee  1659

File: 1623038611984.jpg (505.96 KB, 2096x1167, 3EB40E9D-7726-4CBD-9D46-381534…)

You can only get so much from a socdem but hey it’s something lol
How’s the Fuji side of peru web?
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous Refugee  1660

From what I've seen, the meltdown continues.
People are taking beer in the streets and police have gone there to kick them out.

Anonymous Refugee  1661

> People are taking beer in the streets
> police have gone there to kick them out.
Cringe, nerd cops

Anonymous Refugee  1662


Anonymous Refugee  1666

Conteo irresponsable - Acepta, Keiko
Livestream and almost celebration.

Anonymous Refugee  1667

The best phrase until now is:
"How you can claim fraud when there are only 7 irregularities! When there is an election in the federated student center only to take a dazibao down Red Fatherland commits 8 irregularities
Fuck, Red Fatherland Steps up and their are already robbing votes"
"Any left wing union election has 7 irregularities per minute and here you have 7 irregularities in total"
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  1668

nice numbers.

also the absolute amount of cope.

Anonymous Refugee  1669

To mantain it as archive
La sangre del pueblo tiene rico perfume
La sangre del pueblo tiene rico perfume
Huele a jazmines violetas, geranios y margaritas
A polvora y dinamita
Huele a jazmines violetas, geranios y margaritas
A polvora y dinamita
This post was edited by its author on .

PB  1670

thats pretty nice

El Lapiz- Hermanos Rosario
tema lol

Anonymous Refugee  1672

This is great, I especially love the guitar

cuck  1674

File: 1623208512870.jpg (59.42 KB, 876x960, 94491398_3064188546970573_2910…)

Yo voté desafortunadamente

Anonymous Refugee  1675

File: 1623211683731.jpg (15.38 KB, 186x241, 98E147B9-5D3B-468A-BBFE-D7C101…)

> Yo voté
Que partido? Morena?

Anonymous Refugee  1676

Anonymous Refugee  1677

What’s the vote lead, I heard Castillo was up more than 100k

Anonymous Refugee  1678

More votes from the expats have come, it has shrinked to 87K

Anonymous Refugee  1679

Not enough to make Fuji take the lead?

Anonymous Refugee  1680

No, but looks like they are going to try fighting it until the end

Anonymous Refugee  1681

File: 1623213823296.jpg (202.46 KB, 1280x720, FB9CE7FE-A726-465C-95C2-1CAA59…)

Stop the Steal 2.0 I see

PB  1687

first time in my life i've seen so much peruvian butthurt on the internet.

Anonymous Refugee  1694

Mi familia quería que votara por ellos, yo no quería ir, pero al final voté por AAAAAAAA y Alpha Kenny Body como independientes :/

Anonymous Refugee  1698

File: 1623435745645.jpg (99.61 KB, 960x540, 25A18A6B-F8F3-4BBC-8EFD-B9B668…)

>Alpha Kenny Body
Hola, Based Department

Anonymous Refugee  1703

Anonymous Refugee  1715

File: 1623556965876.jpg (55.64 KB, 370x344, unnamed (1).jpg)

Creo que acabo de comer tacos de perro al pastor porque eso me supo raro

Anonymous Refugee  1716

File: 1623597244946.jpg (66.9 KB, 500x376, E8A15C2D-B420-4658-8D73-3B3D66…)


PB  1719

yo una vez comi pinchos de iguana.

Anonymous Refugee  1733

Anonymous Refugee  1734

Si vas a la costa de Ica, en Chincha en la fiesta de Santa Efigenia o curruñao puedes comoer seco de Gato.
Cañete: realizan polémico Festival del Curruñau
Si vas a la selva puedes comer Tortuga, la sopa de Tortuga es un manjar, oí que su carne es deliciosa.

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