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File: 1609005578405.png (616.73 KB, 1865x1410, ref logo.png)

/ref/ logo Anonymous ComradeCountry code: ref/redflag.png, country type: custom, valid:   43

Post some funny faces on the /ref/ logo. Heres an example of the original and a template

Anonymous Comrade  44

File: 1609005595921.png (189.46 KB, 478x398, ref_flag copy.png)

Anonymous Comrade  46

File: 1609006692214.png (651.8 KB, 1865x1410, le ref face.png)

Anonymous Comrade  47

File: 1609007199872.png (782.67 KB, 1865x1410, yaranaika ref.png)

Anonymous Comrade  49

File: 1609007582848.png (682.29 KB, 1865x1410, aheago ref face.png)

Anonymous Comrade  65

File: 1609053820428.png (642.38 KB, 1865x1410, refpepe.png)

bruh   85

File: 1609174066127.png (651.97 KB, 1865x1410, bruh face.png)


Anonymous  86

File: 1609175859526.png (71.12 KB, 229x268, xiao ping.png)

Anonymous  89

File: 1609187064152.png (592.53 KB, 1865x1410, badly drawn ref ahegao.png)

I tried...

Anonymous  96

File: 1609216317231.png (578.81 KB, 1865x1410, pol pot.png)

I heard your boardtan wears glasses

Anonymous  372

File: 1611560401116.jpg (881.55 KB, 1865x1410, mr_douchebag.jpg)

Anonymous  408

File: 1612067439056.png (1.08 MB, 1865x1410, liveref.png)

Anonymous  409

File: 1612067499372.png (664.47 KB, 1865x1410, trollref.png)

Anonymous  624

File: 1613762407962.png (944.01 KB, 1865x1410, ref sus.png)


Anonymous  625

File: 1613762429395.png (519.73 KB, 1865x1410, scary sus.png)


Anonymous  640

File: 1613893713544.png (1.02 MB, 1865x1410, ref papiez.png)

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