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Funny people cursing in your language/dialect/accent AnonymousCountry code: mx, country type: geoip, valid:   805

Post videos of people swearing in your language or language variety, whether they're angry or not, but preferably angry. Include context and/or translation if you want.
Actually I'm making this thread to find more videos of angry Argentinians swearing because Argentinian is my favorite Spanish variety since it sounds pretty funny when they're angry

Like this:
Que animal es este banda'¿
(For context, it's a guy asking his followers about the species of the bird he found, and being bitten by it.)

Anonymous  807

I would have said that it is a young moorhen but they don't live in Argentina. He deserved that bite, should have left poor bird alone.

Anonymous  808

Would you prefer literal translations or trying to give back the same meaning in English? I guess literal would be more interesting.

Anonymous  811

No no, he's Mexican. I wanted Argentinians to post videos from their country.
>young moorhen
Apparently that's what people said in the comments as well.
"Too literal" translations are funny, but if the video's really funny knowing the meaning might be better, so whichever you prefer.

Anonymous  812

For Mexico I vote for a juvenile American coot.

Anonymous  959

Elment a villamos
Translation: No! No! No! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! You whore!

Anonymous  975

i got nothing to add, pretty much self explaining Depressed doorbell commits suicide

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