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Welcome to GETchan, the nominally leftist imageboard that refuses to die! We have two public boards as of right now, each with their own unique purpose.
Enjoy your stay, however long it may be!

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  1. The posting of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material is okay as long as it is in a thread with a [#mature] tag. NSFW falls within the boundaries of - Display of sexual organs, excessive blood and gore, and anything that might be considered overly saucy, such as panty shots that put emphasis on the genital area. Use your common sense, if you have any. This also applies to any URL that may be considered NSFW. Label the link 'NSFW' within the same post. When posting an image containing material that may not be legal in all countries, such as lolicon or shotacon material, you should ideally say so in your post, and spoiler it, even within a mature thread.The posting of female breasts without tags is allowed if they are not being depicted in an overly sexualized manner in the content in question.

  2. Spoiler tags are used for one thing and one thing only, and that is to hide any possible spoilers from any television show/video game/whatever the fuck you do in your free time within 24 hours of its release, be it in picture or text form. Though I know you're going to use the spoiler tags for everything but this, so I don't even know why this rule is here.

  3. Don't do anything that violates United States laws. Unless it's some stupid shit like wearing a fake moustache that causes laughter in church. Then fuck the police. This includes CP (Child Pornography) as defined by Nevada law. Don't post it. Seriously. I'll fucking cut you.

  4. Reactionary propaganda will be met with an instant one-year-long ban to give the poster more than enough time to read a fucking book that isn't Mein Kampf. This includes unironic NazBols. This isn't /pol/. We don't care about your cries for 'free speech'. Grow the hell up. In addition, do not feed the trolls (reactionary or sectarian). If you do, you may be given a warning, and if you continue, a short ban to cool off, at a staff member's discretion. You should know better than to do that.

  5. Remember to check every 5 GET you see here. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Site Staff Standards

Moderators will always seek to understand a situation fully before issuing any ban.

Moderators are required to be in communication with their fellow staff members and will always seek a second opinion when unsure of an action.

Any moderator that acts outside of the established rules to deal with disruptive behavior will consult with other members of staff, and a mod post will be made explaining why action was taken. These actions will be reviewed with the admins, the rules amended, and changes announced if necessary.

Bans that range from one second to one hour are considered warning bans, meant to discourage certain behavior and give an explicit warning that users are unable to ignore when rules or the spirit of said rules are being broke.

Bans that are longer than an hour are meant to block bad behavior from the site. These can be appealed if the user demonstrates they are aware of why they are banned. Bans can be re-applied or extended if behavior is not adjusted after the ban or during the appeal process.

Bans can be appealed and will be reviewed by members of the staff. In the event there's any confusion or concern over an appeal then more than one moderator will review it before a decision is made.

Site Usage

There is no signup; you can enter any name you like (or no name, bearing in mind it can sometimes be confusing to chat with Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous rather than Alice, Carol and Bob).

You may use a tripcode like Bob#putasecretpasswordhere to consistently identify yourself as that Bob!wVf.9l8o4E — this works on most similar *chan imageboards. Programs like Tripcode Explorer and MTY are available to search for tripcodes which form attractive patterns or words. You can test making posts on our /test/ board.

This site has several features that other *chan sites often require separate userscripts for, like a Quick Reply dialog for posting and auto-updating threads. You can configure the site with the settings button at the top-right corner of the page. Different themes are also available for you to use to view the site. For more info on the site's features and options, check out >>>/site/3063.

The site employs a tagging system for adult content threads, rather than using a checkbox on individual posts. By default, all tagged mature content is hidden from view. You will not see it unless you choose to unhide it through your "Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page. To post a thread for such content, on the above mentioned boards you will find a checkbox for it. Checking this and posting your thread as normal will automatically hide it from those who do not wish to see it. This tag covers mature themed content appropriate for the specific board, but does not include any underage depictions, real actual depictions of hard gore or content deemed extreme. At the staff's discretion they will prune such material. Deliberately posting content that would be covered by the tag without using it may result in bans.


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