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File: 1618229664996.png (49.75 KB, 1500x750, GETchan EN RU CN.png)

/yt/ - GETchan YouTube Channel AnonymousCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 1050Sticky[View]

Hello all, I run the GETchan YouTube channel and have recently increased my output of videos there. I have decided to restart the thread I used to have here to accompany the channel. Any discussion related to the channel or its contents can go itt.
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Anonymous 1327

Yes, many times, actually. That's actually where I found "Los Barbudos" and the rock version of "Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons", among others, I believe.

File: 1611301382416.png (433.88 KB, 860x929, moe_leninpng.png)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   358Sticky[View]

Was going to remake the thread, but since we can't upload more than one pic, I decided too instead take the thread King made and just make a pdf out of it, so that its better to preserve. If anything seems off, please comment down so I can try and fix it. Anyways, enjoy.
Link to PDF: http://libgen.li/item/index.php?md5=898E2F3E23970FA3ECC1086AF7433B16

Here's a link to the preset materials:

File: 1610475419304.jpg (505.9 KB, 900x900, 0_1659d7_51695d48_orig_full.jp…)

AnonymousCountry code: ref/california.png, country type: custom, valid:   261[View][Last 50 Posts]

good morning /ref/
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Anonymous  1342

With malk?
nice time GET lol
>whole damn week
Sounds draining. Like a day yeah but a week. Hopefully the food is good at the least

Anonymous  1343

>3:33:33 AM
thats impressive and i'm jealous

PB  1344

ohio /ref/
Well, I hope all those days are filled with good food and no family angry typing.
no, with qwafi

File: 1609000547311.jpg (373.29 KB, 777x500, his.jpg)

REF HISPANOCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 39[View][Last 50 Posts]

La imagen solo representa a lo que se teorizó como Indoamerica, pero los hermanos de España son tambien parte de esta comunidad.
Al final, el internacionalismo es eso, internacional.
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Anonymous  1292

File: 1620433271344.png (720.67 KB, 2100x1546, peter castles.png)

Holy Crap lois, I'm Pedro Castillo

Anonymous  1293

>Hey Louis, remember when I lead a teachers strike that brought down a cabinet and challenged the other communist party?

Anonymous  1333

File: 1620733313166.mp4 (42.5 KB, 448x448, amlo.mp4)

>López Obrador se comprometió a crear 10 parques industriales en el Istmo de Oaxaca para generar empleos y disminuir la necesidad de las personas de emigrar.

>Cabe apuntar que el Corredor Transístmico del Istmo de Tehuantepec pretende unir los océanos Pacífico y Atlántico con la construcción de un tren que está en etapa de consulta con los pueblos indígenas de la región.


Un social demócrata? Haciendo algo útil?

File: 1619953828626.jpg (153.29 KB, 640x966, laura-ockel-RoZWxeFL27k-unspla…)

All AMD Processors Since Phenom II Have BadBIOS Circuitry That Leaks to the Military AnonymousCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   1234[View]

Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet.

American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.

Anonymous  1313

tell me more, especially sourced shit

Anonymous  1331

File: 1620712397354.jpg (19.81 KB, 480x360, 139E9977-29EC-4CE7-8121-D10ED0…)

Ey yo, Q?

File: 1609152946191.png (Spoiler Image, 535.65 KB, 970x568, 1609109443600.png)

中华 ・ 无聊贴 !!YLq/NB+UUzCountry code: ref/redflag.png, country type: custom, valid:   82[View]

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Anonymous  1330

File: 1620712202088.jpg (98.03 KB, 648x1036, 6EDDC22D-6D0E-4D34-93E3-58828E…)

/ref/ and /GET/ archives Anonymous ## AdminCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   1105[View]

Just so you guys know, Leftypol has an archive of old /ref/ copied from the Bunkerchan server here and one of /GET/ here.
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Anonymous  1240

I disagree, they should be deleted. We really shouldn't have another board in control of our archives. Even if we feel like we can trust the /leftypol/ staff now, we never know what could happen in the future.

Anonymous  1314

Is there a way of taking the archives and putting them over here? I mean didn’t leftypol do that during the split

Anonymous  1326

I don't really see why we should even bother. All threads get deleted at some point, why should these threads be any different just because they were around at the time Space_ tried to launch his stupid coup? They're not really anything worth archiving.

File: 1610143565330.jpg (208.13 KB, 1200x1200, D3EDE855-FA68-4977-9B07-EF84B4…)

AnonymousCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   233[View]

What are some nicknames you’re given for common name. An example in the states is Dick for Richard
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Anonymous  1284

What, is it because you think it sounds like "peepee" or like Pepe as in Pepe the Frog?

Anonymous  1285

Lola's sometimes are called Loli

Anonymous  1311

The name Bhatt is usually written Butt here

File: 1608978747723.jpg (28.65 KB, 632x416, brot.jpg)

Deutsch Anonymous ComradeCountry code: gb, country type: geoip, valid:   34[View]

Sagt einfach mal "Hallo"
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File: 1614930401874.png (828.41 KB, 2048x1447, Yoshgermany.png)

Anonymous  1089

File: 1618548357919.jpg (117.34 KB, 746x318, Thälmann-1.jpg)

Zu Teddies Geburtstag ein wenig Musik
German Communist Medley

Anonymous  1306

Tag der Befreiung vom Hitlerfaschismus.
Na Glückwunsch.

File: 1619164550850.png (95.35 KB, 1000x1000, F924F1B8-DA5D-485F-85E0-ED6F19…)

/bantz/Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   1146[View]

Diss the country above you. Let’s start off easy
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Anonymous  1231

you will never be european

Anonymous  1255

Go eat some weisswurst, you quasi-Austrian, lederhosen-wearing fuck.

Anonymous  1303

i dunno, something something capital flight to texas ha haa

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