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File: 1608956677585.webm (35.04 KB, 370x300, comfortable.webm)

Issue reporting thread Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/lunachan.png, country type: custom, valid:   36Sticky[View]

If you run into any issues with the site's operation, post them here.
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Anonymous Comrade  30583

also sometimes these spam posts stay in the catalog for some time with their images and links despite being deleted from page view
which is a bit concerning when you consider the type of content that is spammed

File: 1608930636216.png (81.96 KB, 248x250, GETchan-emblem.png)

Anonymous Comrade ## AdminCountry code: GET/lunachan.png, country type: custom, valid:   1StickyLocked[View]

Welcome to GETchan! This sticky will cover the majority of frequently asked questions as well as provide important information for using the site. Click each box for info.

● Formatting & Hotkeys
While browsing:
  • Q brings up the Quick Reply - if you have it enabled in the Settings.
  • Ctrl+b will make highlighted text bold
  • Ctrl+i will put it in italics
  • Ctrl+s will spoiler your text
  • Ctrl+h will hide your text, creating a [Show] button for people to reveal
  • Ctrl+u will underline it
  • Ctrl + r is for strikethrough
  • [cs][/cs] will create Comic Sans text
  • [tt][/tt] will create Typeface font
  • [shy][/shy] will create smaller text
  • [rcv][/rcv] will create larger text and activate the royal canterlot voice wordfilter
  • Red bold headings are obtained by placing two equal signs (==) on each side of ==your text== (On one line only)
  • [url] function - you can make hyperlinks in the following manner: [url=http://google.com]Click here[/url]
  • If need-be, you can edit your posts or threads. Click the checkbox of the post you want to edit and click the [Edit] button in the bottom right corner of the page to edit it.
  • You can use an automated "dice" by entering [XdY], X being the number of dice and Y the number of sides each dice has. For example [2d6] will throw two 6-faced dice.
  • You can also make additions or subtractions, useful for roleplaying functions. For example [1d20-5]
  • Thread watching: There is a 'Watch' link at the bottom right of every OP. When it's clicked, a 'Watcher' menu will appear near the Settings tab. You will be alerted of new messages in watched threads.
  • Cross--thread linking is done as such: >>>/test/1
  • Catalog: each board has a "Catalog" which will show you all the threads currently on every page of each board. For example: catalog for /GET/. The catalog will show you a preview of each thread's OP text, the OP image as well as the number of replies in each thread.
● Settings
GETchan has a Settings button on the right of its navbar. Here are some of the features it provides:
  • The "style" field allows you to use different themes.
  • Show mature content threads: Will reveal the automatically hidden mature threads on certain boards. Off by default.
  • Treat mature images as spoilers: Spoilers images in mature threads, when threads are unhidden.
  • Reveal Spoilers will bypass the Spoilers system (Images and text)
  • Navbar stays at the top: "Sticks" the navbar to the top of the page. It is off by default: the navbar scrolls down with you.
  • Use QR for posting: Highly recommended, the Quick Reply allows you to post in a thread without scrolling to the top every time. Q brings it up.
  • Show "You" on links to your posts: Will put the text (You) after a reply directed to a post you have made.
  • Reply notifier sound: A sound alert is played when someone replies to you in a thread- if you have the thread opened.
  • Filtered Names and Filtered Tripcodes: Prevents post made with those names or tripcodes from being seen
● Hash-tags
GETchan allows you to create hash-tags, which are a tagging feature.
You create a #Tag of your choice like so: [#Text of your choice].This is important for some boards like /rp/ and /anon/: it is also how you mark a thread as mature. On mature boards, a button is available when making the OP to add this tag automatically. The special tag [#Anon] removes the ability for replies to have names.

Note: Any NSFW image posted in a non-Mature thread is a rule violation and will be treated as such. Please tag your threads properly for the benefit of all users
If need-be, you can use the /test/ board for getting yourself accustomed to the differences between TinyBoard and Lynxchan/Kusaba X.

File: 1623005284045.png (168.85 KB, 233x372, scared.png)

Anonymous ComradeCountry code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   29350[View]

Communism? Didn't GETchan used to be about MLP and numbers?
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Anonymous Comrade  30676

Yes, we killed the plague. This was always the purpose.

Cockulous!nBKZsHWwU6 30725

File: 1623799090616.gif (2.07 MB, 498x376, roll.gif)


Anonymous Comrade  30767

File: 1623852122971.png (469.62 KB, 620x387, laughs in juche.png)

>You can't handle the truth buried under the red

File: 1617136227455.png (306.3 KB, 1130x696, alunya and friends.png)

Official /leftypol/ Embassy Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/n8.png, country type: custom, valid:   17433[View][Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone, i hope you've been all settling in alright on your new (sorta) site?

I thought it might be nice to reach out and re-establish board relations, plus, well, I kinda need something. Yes, I know, not very polite, we should have rung just to chat more, but hey.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here knew anyone with the permissions to edit the /leftypol/ entry on KnowYourMeme? We are getting bad SEO right now so it's important that sites like that which come up in the first page of Google are updated with our current link. I sent a request for editorship on KYM (Barxist) if like I said anyone is an editor.

But overall, hope you're having a nice day, come and visit sometime!
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Anonymous Comrade  23200

TCH, too, too late again.

Anonymous Comrade 23292

Anonymous Comrade  30752

File: 1623833216527.png (74.17 KB, 635x179, GET got.png)


File: 1608953553166.jpg (11.86 KB, 200x182, Leftytrash.jpg)

/leftytrash/ Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 2[View][Last 50 Posts]

Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc.
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Anonymous Comrade  30766

File: 1623851648195.jpg (50.51 KB, 360x450, VenomComic.jpg)

I managed to intercept a whole pallet of about 4000 vials of Covid-19 vaccine from the first shipment arriving in my country. I've kept them in a freezer in my garage and have been injecting myself daily (sometimes multiple shots a day if i can handle it). The symptoms for the first few days were unbearable. i was curled up on the floor for most of the day wailing and contorted like that painting "The scream". But now i somehow feel stronger and most of the worst symptoms have subsided. I've been "VaxMaxxing" as i've dubbed it for 4 months now and if its believable i feel as if i am becoming something MORE then human. I try to inject the vaccines in the same arm everytime unless the nerve and muscle pain becomes unbearable. I have also begun regimenting and upping the doses at regular intervals to accustom me to taking as much as possible at once.

Anonymous Comrade  30768

File: 1623852135332.png (905.72 KB, 749x630, wednesday.png)

Anonymous Comrade  30769

You know there's actually a conspiracy theory in the comic book community that the actual guy who came up with TinTin was the leader of the Waffen-SS Wallon in WW2 and his friend published it in his own name after WW2 because by that point he was in exile in francos spain

File: 1609009527804.gif (314.17 KB, 410x491, 1454782747069.gif)

Music thread Anonymous ComradeCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 291[View][Last 50 Posts]

post choonz to untz to.

A Brighter Day -Full Version-
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Slightly Mentally Impaired  30422

Anonymous Comrade  30463

File: 1613154751139.jpg (205.64 KB, 1920x1080, [YuiSubs] Non Non Biyori Nonst…)

Anime thread? Chewy!MUSIC.FbVYCountry code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 10684[View]

Hadn't watched an anime series in like two or three years but just found out Non Non Biyori got a new season so I had to get back into that because I loved the first two.
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Anonymous Comrade 26427

File: 1621542451958.jpg (59.05 KB, 828x575, 1618768422656.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade 26517

Nani sore? Okashi?

Anonymous Comrade  30692

surprisingly i really like the 2 slime animes
That time i got reincarnated as a slime
I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
it's still isekai but they're both rather chill and cute
first one reminds a little bit of Overlord, butwith the MC being an actually pretty nice guy
second one has cute loli slime ghosts that are really adorbs, what else do you need?

File: 1612647316923.jpg (96.94 KB, 756x1056, tomoko_kuroki_and_the_grumpy_b…)

cats Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/tomoko.png, country type: custom, valid:   9719[View][Last 50 Posts]

here's an idea
other animals are welcome, but this thread is cats
Cat and bread
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Anonymous Comrade  29915

File: 1623324579403.png (466.84 KB, 570x577, 9606b34b0091836716ed06157543c1…)

My cat folder is very big
Too bad multiple images can't be posted in this site software

Akko 29993

File: 1623362022822.jpg (71.11 KB, 736x1044, catkko.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade  30571

File: 1623687964580.jpg (150.54 KB, 1080x1350, cat bananas.jpg)

File: 1622704061563.png (1.63 MB, 1711x1208, couchgame.png)

/GET/ movie nights Anonymous ComradeCountry code: GET/ak-47.png, country type: custom, valid:   28892[View]

Post here to call people to watch movies together, cytube streams, twitch streams or anything.

We'll be watching serial experiments lain on friday's night at about 16 UTC. I'll post a link tomorrow.
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Anonymous Comrade  30567

>he doesn't know who mewtini is

Anonymous Comrade  30569

someone make a tv.getchan.net thing

Anonymous Comrade 30570

File: 1623687308402.png (1.73 MB, 800x800, Subdued chanting of 'Attica At…)

Get cracked, shellfag

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